tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Visit To The Booths

A Visit To The Booths


I walk nervously into the booths area. My heels clacking on the floor, as I enter the darkness. I pull my dress down, as its already riding up my ass. There are a few men waiting in the first hallway, checking me out as I walk past. I smile and head into the bigger area around the corner. There are more men there waiting. It is clear one of them is anxious to get started; he immediately beckons me to him with his fingers. He pulls me into a booth and guides me to my knees in front of him. I begin to rub his pants, and feel the hard cock beneath. I was no time, pulling it free, stroking it gently watching it take its full form. As much as I want to suck it immediately I know I must be safe, so I reach into my purse and obtain a condom for it. But that doesn't take me long and in seconds I have my first cock of the night.

He starts gentle, and allows me to work it deep in my throat. He calls me a slut. I have to agree with that. I am a dirty cross dressing slut, in this place to get fucked and used, I know it, and they know it. There are a few other men standing watching. A tall black man steps forward, and lets me rub his pants as well. I pull his nice wide cock free, and I hand him a condom. Oh how I want two at once right now. Now that I have two cocks before me, I alternate attentions to them. I suck one, while stroking the other. One of them decides he wants to fuck my face harder. And he is thrusting into my throat, enjoying my gagging as he takes me.

The first decides it's time to use my pussy, and stands me up. We move into the bigger corner booth. He pulls the bench from the wall and puts me on all fours on it. Now he can fuck me standing up, and my mouth is available for the black man still. My hole is yearning for stuffing at this time. My Mistress has trained me to get pleasure from being fucked, and this time is no exception. He lifts my dress over my ass, and I feel his hands across my pantyhose encased ass. His fingers play with the hole that has been cut into them to allow access. I take a small bottle of lube from my purse and give his cock a little rub with it. And he wastes no time on plunging it into me. My other admirer returns to my face, and starts fucking my mouth again.

There is now a third and fourth guy are watching the scene. The come close, and start watching, and stroking the bulges. The guy in my ass pushes in one final time and I know he has come in my dirty hole. He pulls out and the black man at my mouth moves around to take his place. The next two men step forward, and I hand them both condoms, knowing the first one who gets it on, gets to fuck me first. My mouth is already feeling empty. The wide black cock in my hole feels great, he loves to be rough, and he begins to pound me hard. I am a good sissy for my Mistress and I love a hard pounding though, she gives them to me all the time. I am moaning with each thrust until my new friends are ready. I love cock. The men all rub their hands all over me. Feeling my boobies, and my soft silky legs and ass, I am in slut heaven. When the man in my ass comes and pulls out, one of the others takes his place. At some point the roll me onto my back so my head hangs off the bench for better mouth fucking. My legs are held in the air, and I keep them spread like a good little whore. One man comes in and doesn't even partake in the fucking. Instead he pulls his cock out, and strokes it until he is ready, then releases his load all over my breasts. They are making me so dirty and I love it. I can't wait to tell all these dirty details to my Mistress. I am doing my best to keep track of how many men wandered in, but so many cocks fucking me I was a little distracted. I did could 6 cocks that fucked both my holes, but a total of 7. With one just fucking my ass, and one just fucking my face, and 3 of them finishing with their loads on my chest.

The last two to finish smiled, said thanks and then I noticed one of them sliding a single dollar to me. I smiled, I love being a slut, but knowing I'm a cheap fucking whore is so hot too.

With the booth suddenly quiet, I pull myself together a little, straighten my cum covered dress. And hold my purse as I walk as sexily as I can back into the hallway already on the prowl again for my Mistress. I am already yearning to be fucked again, such a slut. I plead with my eyes to the men still standing in the hall. I find myself back in the booth I was fucked in and I start rubbing my body alone. Leaning over and offering my hole to anyone who walks by.

Then another man steps into the booth. I drop to my knees and begin to wrap his cock, he lets me suck his cock and his moans really encourage me to suck him nice and deep. He yanks me to my feet after a few minutes, and pushes me to the wall. I bend over feet spread, leaning against the wall, as he pushes his cock into me. It is a nice hard steady fuck. And as he grunts his final time, I am sad that he is done. But before I have a chance to turn around the next man is taking his place having already helped himself to a condom. His thrusts pushed me hard against the wall. His cock was nice and full inside of me. He lasted quite some time, before finally pulling out, and pushing me to the floor. I sat, legs beside me, looking up at him, with my mascara running down my face. He removed the condom, and started to stroke his nice cock. I ran my hands down my dress, and pushed my breasts out to him. Oh it was almost orgasmic to watch his cum shoot from his cock, and cover me. The dirty little whore on the bookstore floor. As he finished pulling his pants back on, he says "Slut, stay here for another hour, I'm sending my friends"

It took me awhile to recover from that feeling of total smuttiness. Eventually I found my feet, and began patrolling the dark corners of the booths again. One guy came up behind me, and wrapped his arms around me, feeling my breasts, and ass. He teased me though, as then he skittishly backed away and left. I took some time, to send the updates on my phone to my Mistress who loves the details as quick as she can get them, she likes to know I am living up to my expectations. When I told her about the friends, she told me I had to stay for that for sure. I was a horny slut in waiting.

When eight men came around the corner I gulped, they were here. All big and muscular, they walked right to the corner booth, and I was right there with them, as they all began dropping their pants, revealing cocks a plenty for me.

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