tagMind ControlA Visit to the Spa Pt. 03

A Visit to the Spa Pt. 03


When Samuel woke up, he was alone in the bed. That hadn't happened yet during his stay with Brandon. Usually, the older man would have his arms wrapped around Samuel, his hard cock pressed against Samuel's ass. Sometimes, Brandon would just rub his dick between Samuel's ass cheeks until he came, sometimes he had Samuel suck him off, and sometimes he'd just fuck Samuel.

He remembered Brandon waking up earlier that morning, and telling Samuel he had to leave the house to go to work and take care of some business. Samuel hadn't been awake enough to ask what kind of work or business that was, but Brandon had assured him he'd be back around one.

Samuel got out of bed, strolling to the bathroom to use the toilet. The plastic cock cage served as a reminder that he belonged to Brandon.

He took a quick shower, then went back into the bedroom to put on a clean G-string, a tight tank top and a pair of running shorts that barely covered his bubble butt. Brandon still hadn't taken him shopping for clothing, but maybe he'd do that this weekend? Tomorrow was Saturday.

Samuel tried not to think too much about what would happen on Saturday evening. It made him nervous and anxious and scared, and he didn't like feeling like that. Over the past few days, Brandon had used the piano music and the scented candles to help Samuel relax whenever he got nervous, holding him and stroking him and telling him he was a good boy, and that he'd be a good boy on Saturday.

But now Brandon wasn't here, there was no soothing music or scented candles, and Samuel still felt nervous.

He wandered around Brandon's mansion, making himself breakfast and trying not to think about tomorrow night. He drank his coffee as he looked through the kitchen window. Brandon lived outside of the city, with nothing but fields and trees around for miles. Samuel wasn't even entirely sure where Brandon lived, since he had been a little dazed after being fucked hard by five men, including Brandon.

He felt himself grow more worried as he remembered those final hours at the spa. How those big, strong men had fucked his mouth and ass, how two guys had fucked his asshole at once, how much that had hurt and how much he had wanted to please those men. They had used him and his body for their own pleasure, and it had been overwhelming.

Would tomorrow night be like that, but with more men? Would they fuck him hard? Would they fuck his mouth? Would they do whatever they wanted, without paying attention to what Samuel wanted?

But that was what he was for, right? He was there to obey and pleasure Brandon, and Brandon wanted to whore him out.

It still didn't sit well with Samuel. There was always a tiny voice inside his mind pointing out that he wasn't a whore and that Brandon couldn't do this. Usually, whenever that voice spoke up, Brandon would notice that Samuel was getting nervous and would soothe him with music or gentle touches.

But Brandon wasn't here.

Samuel put the empty coffee mug down. His mind felt a little clearer now, less slow and sluggish, and his nerves were being replaced with anger.

How dare Brandon treat him like this? How dare he put Samuel's cock in a cage?

No, he belonged to Brandon, Brandon was allowed to lock his cage up if Samuel couldn't behave.

That still didn't make it right for Brandon to want to whore him out.

But he owed Brandon money, and there wasn't a lot that Samuel could do to earn money. Sex and being a slut was what he was made for.

He groaned, starting to get a headache. He wished Brandon was here to hold him and tell him he had to be a good boy. Brandon always made him feel better just by holding him. Samuel felt safe with the older man, who was bigger and stronger and knew what was best for Samuel.

He left the kitchen, and tried to watch TV, but there was nothing that could hold his interest. He still couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow night, when he'd be fucked and used by at least ten men. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced it was wrong. Brandon couldn't use him like that. Samuel would have to find another job, something else he could do.

Or maybe he could just leave the house. Brandon wasn't here, after all.

Samuel looked up at the clock in the living room. It was noon now, and Brandon would be back around one. He looked out the windows, and he realised how hopeless it was. He had no idea where to go, or where the nearest town was. And the way he was dressed... he definitely looked like a whore. Would people even help him, or would someone else use him like Brandon was doing? Brandon was the only one with a key to his cock cage, how would he be able to free himself without Brandon?

His mind kept going round in circles, making him more nervous and more angry, and by the time he heard a car park outside, Samuel jumped up from the couch. He wanted to yell at Brandon for wanting to use him, he wanted to plead with him to let Samuel do something else, and he wanted the older man to hold him and promise that he wouldn't leave him alone this long again. If Brandon had been here, Samuel would be happy and not feel this confused and angry.

He was pacing up and down the living room when Brandon came in, dressed in a suit and carrying a couple of plastic bags, with store logos on it that Samuel didn't recognise.

"And how was your morning, Sammy?" Brandon asked him, his tone cheerful.

Samuel scowled at him. "I hate you." It was the first thing that popped into his head out of the confusing mess that were his thoughts.

Brandon put the bags down on the coffee table. "Oh dear," he said, turning to Samuel. "I forgot to put on the music in the bedroom before I left." He sighed. "Or to light the candles."

Samuel stepped back when Brandon took a few steps over to him. "You - you can't whore me out," he said. "It's wrong." He didn't want it.

"But you owe me money, boy," Brandon told him, and he kept coming closer.

Samuel kept moving back until he was backed up against the wall. Brandon smiled down at him. Samuel closed his eyes. As usual, Brandon being so close made him feel calmer. He wanted to obey and comply. "I - I can do something else!" he managed, holding onto his confusion and anger.

"Oh, boy, but you can't."

Samuel gasped when he felt Brandon gather him in his arms, stroking the back of his head. Calm washed over him. Yes, he was with Brandon now, and everything would be all right. They could talk about this. "I don't wanna be whored out," he muttered, his stomach squirming nervously. All those men... It wasn't right for Brandon to treat him like that.

"But Sammy," Brandon said, running his hands down Samuel's back until he could squeeze Samuel's ass through his shorts. "What else is there for you? Your ass was made to be fucked." He kept one hand on Samuel's ass, the other sliding up Samuel's chest until it was cupping his jaw, Brandon's thumb running over his lips. "Your mouth was made for sucking cock."

Samuel looked up at Brandon, and found himself nodding. Yes, his lips were full and he had a cute bubble butt, and he knew Brandon loved fucking him. "But I'm not a whore!" he insisted.

Brandon laughed. "But your body is made to please men. Would you rather be used as a slut? Have men fuck you without getting paid?"

He shook his head. "No. I don't - I don't wanna be fucked by strangers at all," he mumbled. "By so many men." They would all touch him, and tell him what to do, and hold him in position, and use his body for their own pleasure. They would treat him like an object.

Brandon stepped back, looking down at him. "Hmm, is that what scares you, Sammy? That you're gonna be fucked by lots of different men? You've already done it once, boy. You can take it again."

Samuel bit his lip. It was part of why it made him nervous, but not all of it. "I don't wanna be a whore. You shouldn't whore me out," he stubbornly insisted. It was difficult to remember why he'd been so angry and confused now that Brandon was back, but he clung to thatthought.

Brandon sighed. "I see we have some work to do." He put his hands on hips. "Sammy, stay here. I'll prepare some things in the bedroom, and then we'll make sure you'll get over your ridiculous fear."

He shook his head as Brandon turned and left. "I don't wanna be a whore!" he shouted, but Brandon ignored him, taking one of the shopping bags and carrying it off with him.

He stayed in the living room, staring out the window. That conversation hadn't gone well. Brandon still wanted to whore him out. He'd still get fucked by ten men tomorrow. He had to do something. He had to try talking to Brandon again.

He felt nervous as he went up the stairs to the bedroom. Brandon had told him to stay downstairs after all, but this was important.

Samuel opened the door to the bedroom, and Brandon turned to give him an annoyed look. "Brandon," he said, "I think that -"

Brandon glared at him. "What did you call me?" he asked, his tone cold.

Samuel took a deep breath. "Brandon, I don't want you to whore me out." His stomach squirmed as Brandon's face turned angrier. He knew the older man wanted Samuel to call him 'Sir' at all times.

Brandon marched over to him. "That's it, boy, I've had enough of your insolence." He grabbed Samuel's arm and pulled him over to the bed. He flung Samuel onto the bed, pushing him until Samuel lay on his stomach.

Samuel tried to squirm out of the way, but Brandon was too strong, and then his hand came down on Samuel's ass. "Ow!"

Brandon pulled his shorts down, and spanked him again and again. "What did you call me?"

"Ow, Sir! Sir, please!" Samuel gasped, still trying to roll over. One of Brandon's hands was between his shoulder blades, keeping him pushed down, and the other kept spanking his bare ass.

"I pay for your treatments," Brandon told him, and kept spanking him. "I let you live here, take care of you, and you keep disobeying, boy."

It really hurt to be spanked this hard, and Samuel winced in pain. "Sir, please, I don't wanna - don't wanna be a whore!"

"I don't care! You're mine, boy," Brandon's hand came down hard on Samuel's ass, and Brandon pushed at him to lie down on his back.

Samuel looked up at Brandon, part of him impressed and intimidated by this strong, dominant, masculine man. That part wanted to curl up and beg for forgiveness. Another part was still worried and angry about Brandon using him as a whore. "Yes, Sir, I'm yours," Samuel agreed, "but - but those other men!"

Brandon let out an annoyed grunt, and pulled on Brandon's tank top until he was able to pull it off. "You will let those other men fuck you if you know what's good for you." He pinched and twisted Samuel's right nipple until Samuel yelped and writhed. "I could let one of them take you with them for a week, you know. Some of those men are far more sadistic than I am. They love making pretty boys like you squirm and writhe in pain."

"Sir, Please, no!" The thought of some other man, some man he didn't even know taking him away from Brandon terrified him. "Don't do that!"

Brandon reached for the shopping bag, rifling through it, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs with thick, leather wrist cuffs. "Lie down with your hands over your head, wrists near the headboard."

Samuel complied, and turned his head to see Brandon cuff his left wrist, the leather soft against his skin. The older man wound the chain through the slatted headboards, and cuffed Samuel's right wrist. Samuel bit his lip. He was cuffed to the bed now for as long as Brandon wanted. "Sir, I just don't wanna be a whore."

"Too late, Sammy," Brandon told him. He got off the bed, and went over to the CD-player in the corner. The soothing pianosong started. "Tomorrow night, you're gonna be a whore whether you like it or not."

He went around the room to light the scented candles. "Now, you've been very difficult today, but I'll help you get ready for tomorrow night. Since you're worried about being fucked by many different men, I guess I'll have to train you so you know you can take it." He smirked down at Samuel. "I'll be right back, boy."

"Sir!" Samuel called out. He sighed as he lay back down, pulling on the cuffs. His ass was still sore from the spanking, but he felt calmer now. There was nice music, and the room was smelling pleasant. He found himself relaxing. Yes, Brandon would take care of him. Brandon would understand. Brandon would help him.

He wasn't sure how long Brandon was gone for, but when the man came back, he was wearing nothing but a bathrobe and was carrying a device that had Samuel worried all over again.

It was a huge metal box with a thick dildo on a stick on one end. "Sir?" he managed, as Brandon placed the box on the bed between Samuel's legs, the dildo pointing at his asshole. Brandon pulled on Samuel's shorts and G-string until he was able to take them off.

"This is a fucking machine," Brandon explained. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand, and began to oil up the dildo. His fingers brushed against Samuel's inner thighs, making Samuel squirm. "Since you're worried about getting fucked a lot, and for a long time, this machine will help you prepare."

Samuel whimpered. That dildo was gonna go up his ass? That machine would fuck him? "Sir, please, that's not what I meant. I just don't wanna -"

"Yes, yes, you don't wanna be a whore," Brandon told him, not sounding impressed. "Well, like I said, Sammy. It's too late. You are a whore. Remember that video I made of you fucking yourself on the dildo? I sent that round to the men I wanted to invite. They loved it. They've already paid the fee. They can't wait to fuck your pretty mouth or pretty butt."

Samuel bit his lip when he saw Brandon move the device so that the tip of the dildo was pressed against his ass. "How many men?"


"You said ten!" Samuel yelled.

"Yes, but then you had to go and be difficult, Sammy," Brandon told him. He pushed the tip of the dildo inside of Samuel, then pressed a button on the machine.

Samuel groaned as he felt the dildo slide deeper inside of him, filling him up, and then it slid out again. "Sir!" he moaned.

Brandon eyed him. "Hmm, we need something else..."

Samuel lay there as Brandon left the room again. He was breathing hard as the dildo continued to slide in and out of him. It was moving slowly, and it didn't feel as good as when Brandon was fucking him.

Brandon returned with a metal bar with two leather cuffs on either end. "A spreader bar," he said, pushing Samuel's knees up and apart. "Makes it easier for me to reach the controls of the machine, and less squirming from you."

Samuel shook his head as Brandon cuffed his knees, forcing them wide apart. "Sir," he whimpered. "No, fuck me yourself!"

Brandon laughed, pressing another button on the machine, and it started moving faster. "I want you to get used to getting fucked for a long time, Sammy. Not even I have the stamina for that."

Samuel whimpered as the machine kept fucking him. Brandon lay down next to him, stroking his chest and pinching his nipples again. "How - how long will this last?" he asked, gasping as the machine pushed inside again.

"Oh, a few hours at the very least," Brandon told him. "Don't worry, I'll stay right here to make sure you get fucked nice and hard, and that the music'll keep playing and the candles are lit. That's what you like, right, Sammy?" He pressed closer to Samuel, and Samuel could smell his musky, manly scent.

"Yes," he moaned. It was nice music, and he did like the smell. "But Sir, the machine..."

"Is necessary to make sure you can take a dozen cocks tomorrow night," Brandon told him. "You don't want to disappoint me, boy." He sat up, pressing a few other buttons.

Samuel moaned as the machine fucked him faster, but also deeper. His spread knees made it easy for the machine to thrust in and out. "Sir!"

"Yes, enjoy it, Sammy," Brandon said, lying down next to him. "Enjoy getting fucked nice and hard. That's what you want, isn't it? To be fucked? To feel good?"

He moaned again. Yes, he did want to feel good. "B-but... so many men!"

Brandon just laughed. "Yes, boy, a dozen men. A dozen men just like me. Doesn't that sound good? A dozen dominant real men who want to fuck you. That's what you like, right, Sammy? To be fucked by a real man?"

He like that. "Ye-es," he moaned. He did like being fucked by Brandon, after all.

"Exactly," Brandon murmured, stroking his smooth chest. "A pretty boy like you loves getting fucked and used by real men. You can't get enough of it, can you? Take a deep breath, boy. Focus on how nice everything smells."

Samuel moaned. Brandon was right. He loved getting fucked and he couldn't get enough of it. He loved having Brandon inside of him and knowing he was pleasing the older man. That what was he was for.

"Focus on how good you feel right now, Sammy," Brandon told him. "Don't you feel good getting fucked by a big fat cock?"

"Yes, Sir," he moaned, arching his back. It did feel so good. If it weren't for his cock cage, he'd be hard by now.

"Don't you want to keep feeling that good?"

"Uh huh."

Brandon smiled down at him. "That's how good you'll feel tomorrow," he said. "That's how good you'll feel servicing your first clients. That's how you'll feel getting fucked by them, and being on your knees for them as you suck their dicks. You love sucking dick, don't you, Sammy?"

"Yes, Sir," he said, nodding. He loved sucking Brandon's dick. He loved the taste of it and good it felt to have Brandon come on his face or down his throat.

"All sluts do," Brandon continued, "and whores like you love it too."

"Not a whore," he managed, and whimpered when Brandon twisted his nipple.

"Ah, you are a whore, Sammy. You're my cockhungry whore. You can't get enough of it, of being fucked and used. One man isn't enough for you. That's why I'm having a machine fuck you, so it can keep fucking you for hours like I can't."

There was something wrong with what Brandon was saying. That wasn't why he was having the machine fuck Samuel. It wasn't because Samuel needed it because Brandon wasn't enough for him. "No," he moaned, "no, that's not why."

"But it is," Brandon insisted, playing with Samuel's nipples for a bit longer. His hand drifted down to Samuel's groin. He cupped and palmed Samuel's balls and petted his caged cock. "You're insatiable, Sammy. "You're a massive slut who can't control himself. That's why I had to lock up your cock, remember?"

"Yes, Sir," Samuel replied. Yes, he'd jerked off and that was why Brandon had locked him up. He moaned as the machine kept fucking him. Ooh, it was feeling good, and now Brandon was touching his balls. He wanted to be hard, he wanted to have Brandon touch his cock and let him come. "I can't control myself."

"So I have to do it for you," Brandon told him. "You need me, Sammy. You need a real man to take care of you. What would you do on your own, boy? You'd just let any guy fuck you and use you."

"Sir," he moaned, shaking his head. No, not just any guy.

"You'd let any guy fuck your pretty ass and use your mouth. You'd let them do it for free because you're such a cockslut," Brandon told him. "Better to get paid doing what you love, right?"

He supposed that was true. "Yes, Sir."

"Better to get paid doing what your body was made for, what you're good at." Brandon kept fondling his balls.

"Ah, yes, Sir!" Samuel tried to thrust his hips forward.

"Better to get paid and be a whore," Brandon murmured. "And you're gonna be a good whore, Sammy. You're gonna love getting fucked and used. You're gonna love pleasing those men. You're gonna love doing that for me."

He moaned and nodded. His mind was filled with Brandon's words and they were all he could think about. "Yes, Sir. For you."

Brandon sat up again, and the next thing Samuel knew, the machine was fucking him even harder. Brandon moved the machine slightly, and Samuel moaned in pleasure.

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