A Vulcan's Love

byAnn Douglas©

The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures. This story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be considered a parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit will be made from the distribution of this story.

This story is set during the episode AMOK TIME.


Christine Chapel took a deep breath before she entered the Vulcan's quarters. Her heart was racing, her palms sweaty, she couldn't remember the last time she'd been this nervous. The soft folds of the light blue nurse's uniform rose with the swell of her breasts as she took a second breath and then finally entered the dimly lit room.

"Mr. Spock?" She called out in a low voice.

When no answer was heard, she took a hesitant step into the dimly lit quarters. A wave of hot air hit her as she stepped from the cool confines of the hall. It was obvious that the environmental controls had been set for "Vulcan Normal."

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the dimness and she could see the outer room of the two room quarters was empty. A slight sound from the adjourning bedroom caught her attention. Gripping the hypo in her hand ever tighter, she followed the sound.

"Oh God!" Christine exclaimed in a hushed whisper as she entered the bedroom and saw the Vulcan lying naked on the bed.

A layer of sweat covered his body, matting the thick layer of black hair that covered his chest. Moving closer, her eyes couldn't help but notice the enlarged state of his penis. If Spock had been fully human, the 10 inch length of his shaft would've been considered excessive. From her studies of Vulcan anatomy, the Nurse knew he was only average sized.

Christine jumped back as Spock moaned in his sleep. Almost afraid to wake him, Christine gently brushed his wet hair way from his eyes. In her mind she could imagine the agony he was going through.

On her first deep space assignment, Christine had responded to an emergency on a small Vulcan research station on Amin VI. There she had found one of the male Vulcans in a state very much like Spock's. In order for her to help him, one of the other Vulcans had explained the concept of Pon Farr to her. Their own healer had been killed in the accidental explosion that had brought her ship to Amin. Afterwards, she had respected their wish that she never speak of it again to any offworlder.

Yet, as a result, Christine knew more about what was wrong with the Enterprise's First Officer than Doctor McCoy did. In her hand she held a hypo with a drug that would help decrease a Vulcan's sex drive. It was an obscure medication, only used as the time of Pon Farr.

"I can't bear to see him in agony." The blonde nurse thought to herself.

How many years had she been in love with this man. A love that she knew would never be reciprocated. Yet, even knowing this, she would still make any sacrifice for him.

"Nurse Chapel?" Spock said in a low voice as he opened his eyes.

Christine didn't say a word as he sat up on the edge of the bed. His lack of clothing in no way detracted from his bearing. In fact it enhanced it, since even in his weakened state, the strength of his body was evident. His eyes drifted from her face to the medical instrument she held.

"Calnizine." She replied to his unasked question.

"Then you know?" He asked.

"I encountered it once before, a long time ago." Was the reply.

With that she raised the hypo to his shoulder and injected the drug. Spock seemed to react ever so slightly from the injection, a sign that even his famous control slipped at this time.

"Thank you...Christine." He said, the faint trace of a smile on his lips.

Hearing her name from his lips brought more joy to her heart than a declaration of love. In all the years since she had come onboard, it had never been anything but "Nurse Chapel."

About ten minutes pasted and Christine began to become worried. The medication should've begun to work by now, instead his condition seemed to be worsening. A glazed look began to come over his eyes and he began to moan once again.

"This shouldn't have happened." Christine thought. "I'd better get Doctor McCoy."

Twenty minutes later, Leonard McCoy walked out of Spock's bedroom, a worried look on his face. Christine had been waiting in the outer living quarters since summoning the CMO. She had explained Pon Farr to the Doctor upon his arrival. Much of it he had already figured out. While he couldn't exactly condone his nurse's actions, he more than understood her desire to help Spock under conditions that would preserve his dignity.

"It's that blasted human/vulcan mix in his physiology." The doctor exclaimed as he walked up to Christine. "The medication you gave him isn't having any effect on his human half."

"Then what can we do?" She asked.

"Damned if I know." McCoy said. "They didn't exactly cover this at Starfleet Medical. I'm going back to sickbay and see what I can come up with. But the bottom line is that we're still fifteen hours from Vulcan. Even though I know Jim and Scotty would burn out the warp drive trying to get him there a little faster, we may just have to face the fact that he's going to burn out before we get there."

"Should we move him to sickbay?" She asked.

"No, there nothing more that I could do for him there." McCoy said, the frustration in his voice evident. "With Spock's passion for privacy, it's better off keeping him where he is. Just stay with him and monitor the situation." A quarter of an hour passed and Spock's fever continued. Christine desperately search her mind for a solution. Then a sudden thought caused her to rethink the situation.

"We've been looking at this all wrong," She said to herself. "We've been looking at this as if it was a virus or infection. Something that wasn't normal for Spock. But what we really have here, stripped of all the alien customs and physiology, is an incredibly horny man. A genuine case of the fictitious disease that young men even in this age tried to convince women existed. It was called many things, but always came back to original name, blue balls."

Spock needed to mate. If he didn't, he'd die. It was that simple. Christine didn't know if a human female could take the place of a Vulcan during the Pon Farr, but it was worth a try. After all, Spock's mother was human.

Suddenly aware of a touch at the base of his cock, Spock snapped awake. Looking down, he instantly understood what Christine was attempting to do.

"Christine, no." He protested. "It isn't safe for you to..."

She silenced him with the touch of her fingers against his lips. Then she replaced the hand that had been stroking his cock with her mouth.

It was impossible for her to take him fully inside her mouth, but she began to suck earnestly. She could feel a reaction in his body. Running her tongue down to the base of his scrotum, she could hear his moans changed from those of pain to delight.

Spock's skin, normally warm to the touch now radiated a warmth that Christine could feel to the core of her being. She could tell that her actions were having a positive effort, but it would take more the stabilize him.

Releasing his cock, she reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her uniform, sliding it off. A few moments later, her bra and panties followed, dropping atop the blue pile.

She was now naked in front a man with sex in her heart for the first time since she had lost her fiancée Roger Korby. The thought only lasted a second before she climbed up onto the bed and straddled Spock.

Rubbing her already moist pussy against Spock's huge organ, Christine spread some of the lubricating juices over it. She was surprised when Spock reached up with both hands and began to caress her breasts. His touch was so warm, and so exciting.

Christine was now consumed by the need to have him inside her. On all of the nights she had fantasized about being Spock's lover, she had never really believed they could come true. Taking his pulsating cock in her hand, she guided him to her.

The pain of initial entry was much more than she had even felt the night she had lost her virginity. Spock's size, coupled with the long passage of time since she'd been with a man, were the two main reasons. Determined, she began to slowly slide up and down, taking more of him within her with each motion.

Spock's hands moved from her breasts to her temples and she felt a strange presence in her thoughts. The fact that Vulcan's mind melded during sex had not been part of her instruction long ago. It had been confined to the physical aspects.

Still it was a pleasant surprise, and soon she became away of what she felt like to Spock as he entered her again and again. It was like being both a man and a woman at the same time. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

The mild meld firmly established, Spock released her temples and took a firm grip on her back and shoulders, adding his immense strength to her thrusts. No, words passed between them, only short breaths escaped their lips. There was no need for words, not when they could feel each other's thoughts.

Through the mind link, Christine could feel Spock rising to orgasm, just as Spock could feel her approaching. She could feel that as much as he wanted to climax, he was using his last vestige of will to hold until she could join him.

Finally the moment approached and Spock pulled her to him and drove into her with animalistic fury. All of Christine's senses were tuned to this moment as a wave of euphoria filled her mind and body. She could feel Spock's seed fill her, the heat of it filling her pussy. The look of bliss on his face added to her ecstasy. Lowing herself onto him, she pulled herself up and kissed him for the first, and deep inside she knew, for the last time.

Totally spent, Christine lay on top of the Vulcan. She could feel the mind link dissolving as Spock drifted into a peaceful sleep. Even without a tricorder, she could tell his temperature had dropped and his breathing was more regular.

Allowing herself a few minutes to relax and just enjoy the memory, Christine then carefully lifted herself off him and slid her feet to the floor. Quickly she dressed, all the while rejoicing on the almost smile that still shone on Spock's face.

Christine knew that in less than a day, Spock would be on Vulcan, and by tomorrow night he would be in the arms of his betrothed. In fact, she had seen a brief glimpse of her in Spock's memory during the meld. Vulcan's were supposed to be beyond anything like considering a woman beautiful, but that was the word Spock's consciousness had associated with T'Pring. Despite that, she would always remember that she had been Spock's first. And for this brief moment in time, he had been hers. For the rest of her life, she would remember the hour in which she had possessed the love of a Vulcan. When Doctor McCoy checked in on Spock a half hour later, he was greatly pleased at his patient's improvement. If he suspected the reason, he was too much the southern gentleman to inquire further.


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