tagMind ControlA Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park


It has been thirty years since I was violated against my will by six strangers, and although I am ok to talk about it I have never taken the time to write the experience down. A friend suggested it a few years ago, saying it could be therapeutic but I had not gotten around to it until now. If you find this a little disturbing you can imagine how it must have been for me and perhaps by reading this you can appreciate what women go through during a rape.

It was actually 40 years ago when it happened. I was in my late teens and all was well with my world. I was dancing at a club downtown and lived about a twenty minute walk from our condo to my office. My daily ritual was pretty structured. I walked to the gym (about 10 minutes away) and did a rigorous aerobic routine for about 30 minutes. The irony is that I still do the same routine religiously every weekday. I am very vain and somewhat shallow and need the reassurance of knowing that I can still turn heads.

I had my breasts enlarged for my career and they were a full 34DD (they were actually a D, but my thin stature made them look a lot bigger). My sexual promiscuity has, unfortunately, got me into trouble on more than one occasion and I think it is really unfair that men cannot stop thinking with their dicks. Sure I could dress like a nun, but hey, that is just not me.

So, back to the day in question. We had just had a time change and it was getting dark early again. My route from home to work took me through a park. I could bypass the area, but that took 15 minutes longer so I never did. I had been cautioned by my boss not to walk through the park and I finally told him that I didn't anymore. I was tired of the nagging.

On this particular day I was in the lobby of the building where I lived when a delivery came. The courier, a tall, quite muscular black man with a goatee walked in and handed me a package. I noticed him staring at my chest, which I always find flattering. I was wearing a blue sweat top because I changed into my dance costume at the club.

I looked at the package and I realized it was the wrong address. The courier looked at it, grunted and more or less left without saying much. I continued with my day and never thought any more about it. I left the building and began my walk to the club.

I had just entered the park, the way I always do and walked briskly, as the fall air was getting quite chilly. I thought I saw some movement ahead, but it was dark so I could not be sure. A moment later I felt an arm around my waist and another over my mouth. I tried to scream but his powerful hand cupped my mouth. Suddenly I felt two hands on my ankles and I was swooped up and carried through the darkness. They set me down and I felt tape of some sort bind my wrists from the back. A bag was placed over my head and I heard a car door open. I was pushed in and I could feel one of the men slide in beside me. I heard the front door slam and assumed the other was driving. We drove about 45 minutes and I was quite frightened at what was happening to me.

The man beside me was uttering comments about my body. He said I had nice tits and suddenly his hand groped them. I tried to shrug away but there was no use. He also started to feel me up pulling at my panties and crudely sticking his finger inside me. It was disgusting and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. We finally came to a stop and I was dragged from the car. I was taken through what seemed a door to some sort of room and when I heard a door behind me close the bag over my head was removed.

It took me a few minutes to become accustomed to the light and I realized I was in an old house. I was staring at four men, two seated on a couch and two in chairs. They were smiling and one made the comment that 'Lionel' did well. He had a greasy smirk on his face and the thought of his filth turned my stomach. One of the men behind me grunted and I assumed he was Lionel. I turned and was shocked. It was the courier who had stopped in my building. I tried to speak, but as soon as I opened my mouth the back of his hand swung across my face. He told me to shut up. I obeyed.

The other man, who had taken me was smaller in stature than Lionel, and had funny, pointed hair and a very pointed beard. He resembled a black leprechaun. Two of the men in front of me were also quite large and very black skinned. They smiled and their teeth sparkled. One was totally bald and the other looked like Sydney Portier. The two on the couch just sat there. One was white and one was black, but they were much younger than the others. I looked around, as much as I dared and saw only blackness outside. I was told that I could scream all I wanted to because we were on a farm and no one would hear.

The man who resembled Sydney Portier seemed to be in charge. He looked me up and down and explained that all they wanted was to have a little fun. He said that Tyrone, the younger black on the couch was a virgin and I had been selected to initiate him into manhood. I shivered at the prospect and stared at Tyrone. He looked back but said nothing.

Sydney told me that they wouldn't hurt me if I obeyed. The more I struggled and opposed the worse it would be. I wasn't about to give in so quickly and when the leprechaun moved in front of me I spat on his face. I could see the flare in his eyes, but the laughter from his friends was humiliating and he slapped me across the face. He called me a bitch and hit me again. I began to cry and just stood there. He reached down and slowly pushed my track pants down.

Next I felt Lionel cut the tape which bound my hands, but he held them tightly. I could feel his strength and was not about to try and pry free. The leprechaun took out a knife and cut my hoody. Lionel again using tape bound my wrists behind me. I saw the men staring at my chest as my breasts pushed forward because of my arms tied behind my back. I also knew my nips were poking forward and wished now that I was not a large as I was.

The leprechaun sat down and the bald guy stood and walked toward me. He showed me a sharp knife and smiled as he brought his face closer. Using the knife like a surgeon he began to cut my bra straps. I was cold and scared and stood there almost nude wearing nothing but my torn bra and panties. Sydney asked the white guy if he liked what he saw and he eagerly said yes. "Maybe, if there is still some left after Tyrone is finished you can have her," he smiled as he spoke and nodded for the bald guy to continue.

He moved behind me and I felt his large hands unclasp my bra. Using his knife he cut the straps and slowly the undergarment fell to the floor. My breasts fell free and the groans and remarks from the men meant they were enjoying the sight. I did notice that Tyrone quietly looked on. "What do you think, Tyrone?" Sydney asked. "Like to see big titties?" I watched but Tyrone just nodded shyly.

A moment later I felt the bald guy pulling my panties down from behind, exposing my womanhood to the onlookers. He walked around the front and stood beside Lionel, who had moved in front of me for a better view. I was sobbing as I stood humiliated, wearing nothing. "Nice cunt," Sydney said, "But it's so hairy." Lionel walked closer to me and looked down. He reached his hand and rubbed my pubic hair. He grunted and I screamed when he took it in his hand and pulled hard. He smiled and I watched him yank a long piece of duct tape from a roll. He held it out and pushed it against my groin from just below my navel to underneath, between my legs. I screamed when I felt his fingers push the tape hard against me, especially around my vagina.

Lionel turned to the others and the white kid was the first to yell, "Do it!". The bald guy and the leprechaun nodded and Sydney smiled, motioning his hand. Lionel turned back to me and I felt his hand fumble with the bottom of the tape, far between my legs. He counted slowly... "One... Two... Three." Suddenly, all I could feel was a shattering pain riveting through my body as he quickly pulled the tape from bottom to top. I screamed an ear piercing scream and tears ran from my eyes down my face. Lionel held the tape up for me to see and all I saw was most of my pubic hair attached to the tape. I continued to cry and Lionel came closer and began to lick the tears from my face. There was now no doubt what I was in for.

The bald guy had a jar of butter in his hand and began to rub it on my vaginal area to soothe the burning pain. His hand was rough and abrasive and as he applied the butter it hurt more than soothe me. I just stood as motionless as I could. When he finished he grabbed me by my hair and pushed me down, telling me to get on my knees. I reluctantly obeyed, for I did not want to feel the wrath of this huge black man's anger. He stood before me and slowly unzipped his jeans. I knew what was coming and tried not to think about it. A moment later he pushed them down and I was confronted by a thick black penis that grew with each passing second.

The others, except Tyrone, were cheering and yelling and the bald guy told me to open my mouth as he grabbed my hair again. His member had grown to its full hardness and looked to be well over 20 cm (9 inches) in length. Obediently I opened my mouth and thought my lips were going to tear from the thickness of his cock. He pushed forward and I felt the purple head slide between my lips and into my mouth. I could hardly breathe and had to do so through my nose. He continued to push and I thought there was no end. He started sliding it back and forth and I began to gag when his head touched the back of my throat.

Fortunately it was not long until the bald guy reached his peak. His hand tightly grasped my hair and with every thrust forward of his buttocks my head was forced toward him. I had difficulty breathing and gagged several times. Suddenly, without warning, he came and I felt his load of sperm fire from his stiff cock, against my throat and down the opening. He continued to force his member in my mouth and I could feel my stomach reject his semen.

After what seemed an eternity, he stopped and slowly pulled his less hard penis from my mouth. I could feel my stomach reject his cum and it, along with vomit spewed from my mouth. The bald guy smiled and everyone else applauded. How sick these pigs were, I thought, as I sat squatted on my knees not wearing any clothes and my chest covered in vomit.

The white guy, at the direction of Sydney grabbed paper towel and walked toward me. He began to wipe the vomit from my chest, being quite rough and laughing as I grimaced from the pain. He massaged my breasts hard and squeezed with all his might. It hurt immensely and I could not help screaming. "I think she is ready," Sydney said, from his seat in the chair and he looked at the leprechaun.

I glanced around and saw the short black man lower his trousers and fondle his cock. He smiled as he looked at the young white boy. "Get her ready," he ordered. Not exactly sure what he meant, I felt whitey pull on my breasts to the point where I had no choice but to stand. He pulled me toward a dining table and pushed me over it. I could feel the coldness of the wood against my chest but I had little choice. He held his hand on my neck, keeping me from moving much.

A moment later I felt a sharp, piercing pain in my bum. The leprechaun, from behind me, pushed his finger deep into my poop hole. He asked me how I liked butter in my ass and I began to cry, knowing what was in store for me. Whitey held my head secure and I tried to prepare for what was coming. Then I felt it. The head of his cock pushed against my opening. Involuntarily I tightened my muscles, which increased the pain as he pushed his cock into me.

He was not as large as the bald buy, but it felt huge in the tiny opening of my anus. With each thrust he pushed harder and I could feel my stomach cramping as he violated my bum. He pushed and pushed and I knew his member was all the way in. He reached around and grabbed my boobs, which were pushed against the table. "Scream, bitch," he yelled as he grabbed my breasts and squeezed as hard as he could. I did not need encouragement and yelled loudly. Tears were streaming from my face and I looked up at Whitey only to see him laughing.

I thought I was going to pass out when the leprechaun pulled as hard as he could on my breasts, at the same time pushing his cock as deep as he could into my bum hole. He moaned and then grunted and I felt his cum shoot inside me, to what felt like my stomach. A moment later he relaxed and pulled out. He walked around and grabbed my hair and pulled my head lower, forcing me to suck him. "Clean it, cunt," he commanded. "Lick your shit of my cock."

Everyone else was laughing, except Tyrone, who sat silently watching. Lionel said he was next and as I turned I saw he was ready. He had removed all of his clothes. His muscular chest shone from sweat and his penis, although thin, was quite long. What was it with these black guys, I thought? "On your knees, bitch," Lionel ordered. I moved around and put my arms out to support my weight. I assumed the dog position and waited. Lionel came behind me and knelt. I felt his penis probe against my woman hood and a minute later he forced his way inside. He too reached around to fondle my breasts as he began to fuck my vagina.

Whitey was still in front of me and started to remove his jeans. He knelt and while Lionel was fucking me he grabbed my hair and forced me to suck him. Fortunately he was smaller than the black men and being less experienced, he was eager to cum. I felt him shoot his load into my mouth as he held my hair. I swallowed it all (something I am accustomed to, working in a strip club). Fortunately it was not long until Lionel also shot his load and filled me with his sperm. I was grateful I had not stopped taking the pill.

Lionel collapsed and so did I. Sydney told Tyrone it was his turn. I felt apprehension as I looked at the younger black. Sydney stood and motioned me to the couch. "Lay down," he ordered. I did and he smiled. "Open your legs wide," he said and I did. Tyrone began to slowly remove his clothes and seemed a little embarrassed about being naked in front of everyone. He moved toward me and began to climb on top.

He was inexperienced and I remember Sydney saying that Tyrone was still a virgin. Oddly, I felt bad for him, as his first time should be love making, not just sex. I laid waiting for him to get on top and moved in a way to accept his penis. He tried to guide it in but I had to help. Finally it slid in. I was fortunate it was smaller than the others and I rode with him as he began to pump. I held my hand on the back of his head and guided his mouth to my breast. He began to suck and I actually felt myself becoming turned on.

He fucked me while he sucked my breasts and I felt his stomach muscles tighten. Suddenly he erupted and I clamped my legs around his back. Surprisingly he felt good inside me and I did not want him to stop. As I felt his love juice squirt inside me I too exploded. My groin tightened and I pushed his head hard against my breast. He sucked my nipple as he finished his orgasm unaware that I was also cumming. A few moments later our bodies slumped.

Sydney told me to get up and walk to the kitchen part of the house. He called me a dirty slut and that I was a filthy whore. He commanded me to lie in the cold tile floor and I shivered while I looked up at him. "You need to be cleaned," he said, at the same time taking his penis out of his pants and holding it over me. I felt warm urine hit my breasts before I actually saw the stream. He sprayed in an artistic manner running the stream up and down my torso, trying to hit my pussy.

A second stream appeared, this one had more force. It was the bald guy and his urine stung as it mixed with the raw skin where my pubic hair had been, only hours before. They all took turns urinating on me. The warm, putrid liquid entered my mouth several times as I felt it on my breasts, torso and vaginal area. I looked and saw Tyrone was the only one not participating in the task. Sydney was making fun of him, saying he was in love.

When they finished Sydney told me to stand and lean over the counter. I realized he was the only one of the group who had not taken me. I felt him come up behind me and as he reached his arm around my front his massive hand cupped and squeezed my breast. Then I felt him enter me. He seemed huge, much larger than even the bald guy. He began to thrust himself into me and I began to cry again. It seemed to turn him on and he verbally encouraged me to shed more tears. His other hand found my other breast and it too became a play toy for him. He squeezed hard as he fucked my aching pussy with his horse cock.

After what seemed an eternity of hard, painful thrusts he finally released his load. It shot far inside me and as he continued to pump me his cock continued to squirt. Finally he pulled out of me and walked away.

"Get this cunt out if here," he yelled. Lionel and the leprechaun grabbed my arms and dragged me outside. I realized we were in a wooded area, but had no idea where. I was terrified that they would kill me now they were finished using me. The leprechaun placed the black sack over my head and pushed me into the van. He sat beside me while Lionel again began to drive. I was shivering, as I was nude and for some reason the leprechaun showed emotion by throwing a course blanket over me. I held the blanket tight around me while I sat hunched in a fetal position.

About 40 minutes later the van stopped, the door opened and I was dragged along, what felt like grass. I was thrown to the ground and the bag removed from my head. It was dark out and could just make out two men running away. I heard the van drive off and lay still on the cold grass, sobbing as I held the blanket tight.

I am not sure how much time passed but I suddenly looked up and saw to boys on bicycles stand towering over me. I managed enough strength to ask if they could help me and they agreed. They stared at my nakedness as I tried to wrap the blanket around me. I told them where I lived and they helped me home. Fortunately it was dark and I saw no people. They left me at my front door. I immediately headed for the shower and stayed there for an hour.

As time passed the pain and trauma began to wear off. I was afraid to tell my boss and consequently never mentioned the event to anyone. A few months later a strange thing began to happen. I started to feel twinges of excitement when I relived certain aspects of the ordeal. This lead to masturbating while I fantasized and the ecstasy grew. I decided I needed help so I contacted a psychiatrist. After a few sessions he suggested I was very submissive in sex and needed to become more dominant.

In order to do this he recommended a BDSM club, where he said I could find less submissive people than myself. I attended, but unfortunately the prescription backfired. Instead of finding a more submissive person I met a woman who was extremely dominant. We hit it off and became very good friends. She satisfies a sexual need I have and we travel to the club once a month together, to fulfill our fantasies.

The ordeal from so long ago is still vivid in my mind, but instead of terrorizing my thoughts it has becomes fantasy for my sexual needs. I know I am not normal, but I assume it is a way my body and mind chose to deal with the traumatic event.

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