tagIncest/TabooA Week in Paradise

A Week in Paradise


Last winter I happened into a depressed state. I was busting my balls at work, taking on jobs that were far outside my duties. The weather didn't help any, in fact it made it worse. It got dark early, it was always cold and the snowfall had been unusually merciless that year. I was bitching to my sister about all of this one day over coffee when she made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

"Peter, take a look at this. "she said, while pulling a brochure out of her bag. It was an advertisement for one of those package holidays in the Caribbean. It offered one week of fun in the sun for a single, set price.

"This is nice, "I said, throwing the brochure on the table. "but these deals are for two people. I've got no one to go with. "

My sister, Emily, picked up the packet and shoved it back at me. "Well, I've got vacation time lined up; I'll go with you. "

Like I said, I just couldn't refuse. I too had vacation time; actually I had it in excessive amounts. And nothing seemed a better cure for my blues than a week on a warm island surrounding by beautiful blue water. So, my sister arranged the whole thing and fifteen days later our plane touched down in Jamaica.

I was a little weary at first: our hotel's airport shuttle was this rusted out van driven by a man that must have had too much to drink. But after braving a dangerous car ride down narrow Jamaican roads, I was pleasantly surprised by our hotel. The Gilligan Resort and Inn was located on it's own secluded beach. It had a giant pool, filled with clear blue water, it's own nightclub and several decent bars for us to enjoy. Our package required Emily and I to share a room but boy were we happy with our accommodations. Our room was actually a huge suite with a private balcony view of the sea and a bedroom each, for my sister and me. The bathroom was a hotel room unto itself: it featured a shower that could double as a sauna and nice, if not cozy, hot tub.

Emily couldn't wait to hit the water and as soon as she got settled, threw together a beach bag and headed out the door.

"See-ya bro!" She said, walking out of our suite. I decided I wanted to enjoy our room for bit so I ordered up a Banana Daiquiri, changed into shorts and a tee-shirt and kicked up my feet on the balcony.

We had quite a nice view of the water and beach below. After sunning myself for a while, I stood up and surveyed the scene. The sand was teeming with all kinds of people, half-naked and having a good time. I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful women in slick one piece swimming suits and revealing bikinis. Deciding I wanted to get a better look, I threw on my swimming trunks, grabbed a towel and headed to beach.

I searched among the vacationers for an eternity and just when I was about to give up, I recognized my sister's bag. Emily was sunbathing face down and barely acknowledged my arrival. But honestly, I couldn't help but notice her.

It may be wrong to check out your sister but with her face covered, she'll look like your average sexy woman catching sun on the beach. Her skin had already begun to turn brown and on top of that, Emily had applied generous amounts of oil making her appear good enough to eat. I really couldn't take my eyes off of her ass: it was huge, round and it's flesh was nicely offset by the clingy white material of her bathing suit.

"Jesus Christ, man. "I said while thinking impure thoughts about my own sister.

Emily stirred a bit. "What's that? "

I turned away from her quickly. "Ah, nothing. It's the beach… it looks nice. "

"You should go into the water; it's nice and cool. "she answered. Believing that it was a good moment for some cold water, I took Emily's advice.

After that embarrassing, if not guilty, incident, the vacation went smoothly. My sister and I both developed unhealthy tans, explored the island, got some shopping done and took a nice little snorkeling adventure.

On the third night, we decided to try out our hotel's club. The Rumba Room, as it was called, was pleasant enough with a live DJ spinning a mix of club and Caribbean music. I danced a little with Emily but after a time, decided to give it a rest and take to the bar. I soon lost track of my sister but happened upon a gorgeous British woman who seemed to like me buying her drinks. We talked for a while, laughed, exchanged some flirtatious dialogue and generally had a good time. However, Lady Luck wasn't with me and the Brit eventually bid me goodnight. I looked around for Emily, couldn't find her and retired to our room.

To offset the feeling of rejection, I grabbed an overpriced bottle of champagne from the fridge, filled up the hot tub and tired to soak my worries away. Thoughts of what could have happened with the woman at the bar filled my head and I started to stroke my cock under the water. But I wasn't to get very far: I heard the door unlock.

"Emily? "I called.

"Yea, it's me. Where are you? "

"In hear! "I answered.

She popped her head around the door. "What are you doing? "

"Ahhhh, just relaxing. "

She opened the door a bit more. "What happened to that redhead you were talking to? She was cute! "

I sank into the tub. "Aw, she had to catch a plane home, I guess. "

"Well, too bad for my little brother. "She said in a baby voice. "Mind if I join you? "

"Sure. "The tub was a little small, but I didn't care.

Emily pulled off her pair of cut-off jean shorts and slipped into the water with me. She was wearing a tee-shirt that, when it got wet, became sheer enough to allow me a view of this marvelous black bikini top that squeezed her breasts together.

"Doesn't this thing have bubbles or something? "she asked.

"Yea, hold on. "I reached, pushed a button and soothing jets created bubbles in the tub.

"Hey, you weren't going to drink that by yourself, were you? ". Emily said, pointing to the glass of champagne. I held up the bottle and poured the last few drops of alcohol into the water. My sister frowned. "No more? "

"There's more in the fridge out there. "I replied. Emily got out of the tub and into the other room. As she was leaving, I caught another glimpse of her scrumptious ass: her bikini bottom had bunched itself between her cheeks and made an impromptu g-string. Emily's wet, tanned rear-end upgraded my erection from slightly aroused to painfully throbbing. I took my cock in my hands and gave it a squeeze. I desperately needed relief.

My sister came back into the bathroom, waving the bottle of champagne. "Thirty dollars a bottle? We better make this count. "She set the bottle down and slipped into the water. As if to torture me a little bit more, she peeled her soaking shirt off, revealing her luscious chest. She sank into the tub and the top of her cleavage bobbed in the water. I tried hard not to stare at her tits but the bottle of champagne had dulled my good sense to look away. Truth be told, I hadn't been that close to a pair of breasts in a long time and sister or not, Emily had me going good. But, I persevered: we both finished the champagne in no time and were totally smashed.

"Alright, Sis, "I said sarcastically. "turn around, I gotta piss bad! "

Emily laughed. "It's not like I haven't seen it before. "

Our banter had grown quite familiar as the night worn on but I really had to relieve myself. "Well, it's either in the toilet or in the tub… turn around! "

"Alright, alright. "she said while shifting around.

I stumbled out of the water and slipped a couple times on my way to the toilet but made eventually reached my destination. I checked on Emily to make sure she wasn't peeking then pulled my dick out and emptied my bladder.

My sister started to giggle and I turned around. "What? "

"I can do that. "she said.

"Do what? "

"Piss standing up! "Emily yelled.

I shook off and returned to the tub. Emily turned around, her head was barely above the water line. Her smooth skin brushed against my legs and once again, my cock stirred.

She pushed herself up. "No, I really can. It's not that hard. "

"Whatever… "

"Two bottles of champagne says I can. ". A crooked smile hung on her face.

I was quite intrigued, not to mention drunk and horny. "You're on! "I said. "But, how am I going to know you're not cheating. "

She rose out of the tub and headed for the toilet. "What do ya mean? "

"I mean, if I can't see, how do I know you're not pouring water in the toilet or something? ".

"Then watch me! "She giggled.

It was one of those things that, if I had been sober, would have had no problem putting a stop to. "I'm sorry, this is going too far. "I would have said. But no: I was too smashed to do the right thing. Grinning like an idiot and soaking wet, I joined my sister next to the toilet.

"Alright, you ready? "Emily asked.

"When you are. "I replied, eyeing her crotch like it was the last one on Earth.

She clipped her thumbs on the inside of her bikini button and started to tug them down. The wet material peeled off of her skin in the most erotic way. I nearly choked when I saw her sweet little mound covered by a manicured tuft of black hair.

Emily broke my trance. "Okay, you ready? "

"Uh-huh, sure… "I said.

She placed a hand on the top of her mound and pulled up on her skin. Her snatch opened up like a flower to reveal a bit of pink flesh. She bent her knees just a little, pushed out her stomach and released a torrent of piss into the toilet.

"Christ! "I yelled.

"What? Never seen this before? ". Emily giggled.

"It's fucking hot as shit! ". She abruptly stopped but she still stood there, hand on her crotch.

"Hot as shit, eh? "Emily quipped. Before I could answer she turned and faced me. Then, she started to piss again except this time her stream landed directly on my the front of my shorts.

"What the fuck are you doing! "I yelled. Emily squirted out the last bit of urine and started to run out the room laughing. I looked down at my trunks which, beside being wet and covered in piss, had tented out. Rather than being mad or just weird out I felt quite giddy. I playfully stormed out of the bathroom and searched loudly for Emily. I found her hiding in her bed, head peaking out over the covers. I walked up and threw the covers down.

"I'm going to get you, little girl! "I shouted it a deep voice.

"No, no! Don't hurt me big brother. "Emily responded, pouting.

I untied the drawstrings of my trunks and slipped the front down below my balls. I angled my erect cock just right and tried to force pee out.

My sister got this wide-eyed look on her face. "What the hell? ". Then when she realized what I was about to do she screamed. "No, I gotta sleep here! "

"Too late! "I said. The urine flowed up the length of my shaft and shot out into an arc over my sister. I shifted a bit and got my sister right square in the stomach.

"Motherfucker! "she yelled laughing. Emily held up a hand to block my stream. The piss reflected off of her hand and splashed out all over. She clamped her fist on the head of my dick and the last of my piss ran down the length of my member. Although the attack was now over, my sister didn't remove her hand from my cock. In fact, she pulled and squeezed on the tip.

I don't think Emily intended it to happen but I was excited and so close to orgasm that her minimal touch sent me over the edge. Forgetting temporarily that this woman was my sister, I cocked my head back and let my dick spasm. Hot loads of cum shot out of my shaft and on to Emily's hand and ran down her wrist. I looked at her through squinted eyes and her face told me she was very, very surprised. I guess the reality of having her brother jizz in her palm cut through the alcohol in her body.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry! "I gushed, pulling my slippery cock at of her hand and stuffing it back in my shorts. Emily looked at her cum covered hand, her eyes wide and jaw slack.

"Um, that's okay… I better clean this off. "she muttered.

"Yea, sure. Um, yea… okay. "I stammered as she got up and went to the bathroom.

Emily returned, threw on some fresh clothes and surveyed her room. She looked bewildered and confused. She started to strip her bed but I interrupted.

"Um, why don't you take my bed tonight. I'll sleep on the couch or something. "I told her. She nodded her head and walked away. I felt a need to say something more. "Emily, um, sorry about… "

"Hey, we had too much to drink. That's all. It's over. "she replied, not once turning around.

What had been a great vacation turned into something very bad. Yes, we were drunk and probably out of our minds for a bit but what happened was more than a product of bad judgment. My sister and I finished out the week in silence and when we got back, went our separate ways. It wasn't until much later that we talked again but that is, of course, a story for another day.

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