tagNovels and NovellasA Week In The Mountains Ch. 04

A Week In The Mountains Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIV: A Week In The Mountains

Kay dried her hair after she was finished with her shower. Surprisingly, she found that even though she'd just given herself an orgasm, she still felt a little unsettled. Even worse, she couldn't keep from thinking about her friend's son and the rush of sexual excitement she felt when she touched the young man while they were swimming earlier that morning. "Frankie has really grown up..." she mused, "...and his skin is so soft and warm! I wonder if he's still a virgin." The thought of being the woman who took Frankie's virginity sent tingles of delight rippling through her.

Embarrassed, she scolded herself. "What on earth is wrong with me?" she thought, while feelings of shame washed over her. "I'm thirty-three years old, but I'm acting like I'm a horny teen-ager. First I masturbate in the shower, and even after that, I can't keep from having these terrible thoughts about Frankie! Don't I have any self-control? I'm a married woman; I have no right to be thinking things like this! It...It would be sick of me to try to seduce my best friend's son!"

When she'd finished in the bathroom, she slipped into her bathrobe and turned to the bathroom door. She saw the door was slightly ajar and was puzzled. "I could swear I closed that door when I came in here," she thought. "How did it get open?"

A disturbing possibility occurred to her almost immediately. Frankie was still home. Had he been watching her while she was in the shower? The idea at first caused her to experience a rush of anger, but that anger was quickly swept aside by an even stronger wave of delight. "Is...is it possible? Was...was Frankie watching me while I took my shower?" she wondered. A shudder of joy race through her. "If...if he was, he...he saw what I was doing to myself..." Even as her thoughts caused her to experience an additional wave of shame, her body grew even warmer.

With her emotions churning, she left the bathroom and started walking back to her room. When she reached the door, she stopped and looked across the hall. The door to Frankie's bedroom was closed. Was he in there? She stared at the door for a long time and felt herself begin to tremble. Had the young man been spying on her while she took her shower? Was he in his room now? "Maybe he's in there jerking off," she found herself thinking. She hugged herself as a ripple of joy, triggered by the naughty thought-and the mental image it evoked-raced through her mind.

Before she realized what she was doing, she was walking across the hall to the door of Frankie's bedroom. Her heart was pounding and her shaky legs weren't working very well, but finally she was standing in front of the young man's door. She took a deep breath, then she knocked on the door softly.

"What?" Frankie called from inside his room.

Kay's heart started to pound even harder. He was in his room! "Frankie, it's Aunt Kay, can I come in? There...there's something I...I need to...to ask you," she said her voice quavering.

Frankie was sitting on his bed, wondering what Aunt Kay was up to. He was waiting to hear her come out of the bathroom and go into her bedroom to get dressed. He figured while she did that, he'd slip out to the living room and act as if he'd been there all the time. That way, she'd never suspect he'd been watching her while she was taking her shower. He hadn't heard anything for a long time and was confused. Why was she taking so long in the bathroom? When she knocked on his door, he was so startled; he almost jumped off his bed. And when she asked if she could come in, he got scared. What did she want? Could it be she knew he was watching her when she was taking her shower?

Kay entered the young man's room and found him sitting on his bed. His face was red and he looked very frightened. She walked across the room and, because she was afraid her trembling legs wouldn't hold her, she sat down on the bed near him. "Frankie, I...I have to ask you something," she said softly.

Frankie was getting more and more frightened. Had Aunt Kay seen him watching her when she was taking her shower? If so, she was probably upset with him. Would she tell his parents and her husband? He had a feeling he might be in big trouble. It upset him even more that he might have done something to spoil the relationship he had with her. "Wh...what?" he murmured.

Kay took a deep breath. "Ah...Frankie," she said. When she spoke, she realized her throat felt tight and her voice was husky. "Were...were you...were you watching...ah, me just now, when...when I...I was taking my...shower?"

The young man's face grew redder. He stared at his hands for a long time, and then he nodded very slowly. He knew what he'd done was wrong, but he cared about Aunt Kay a lot and he wasn't about to compound his error by lying to her about it. He nodded slowly and murmured, "I...I'm sorry, Aunt Kay," very softly. "I...I know I...I shouldn't have done it, but..."

Kay's heart was racing. She took a deep breath. "Frankie, what ever made you do something like that?" she asked.

Frankie was so upset he didn't know what to say. "I...I dunno," he mumbled.

Without thinking, Kay gently laid her hand on the young man's leg. He stiffened when she did, but she didn't notice his reaction. Her mind was so overwhelmed with bewildering feelings she couldn't think clearly. "You know that what...what you...did was...was wrong, Frankie," she stammered, "Don't you?"

"You don't really believe that!" The lascivious thought that suddenly flashed through her mind confounded her even more.

She felt warm skin and suddenly became aware that her hand was lying on Frankie's leg. She glanced down and realized what was happening in his cutoffs. "My God, I...I think he...he's got a-a hard-on!" she realized with a combination of fear and excitement. "Oh, God, does he ever! I...I better get out of here now, before...before..."

The orgasm she'd given herself in the shower, though nice, hadn't done enough to take the edge off Kay's need. She felt herself growing aroused again and was terribly upset by her body's strong reaction to touching the young man's bare leg. It didn't help that she knew they were alone in the house, and that none of the other people would return for hours. "What is wrong with me? Don't I have any control of my own body any more?" she wondered.

Frankie, staring straight ahead, nodded. "Yeah, I...I know what I did was wrong. I, ah, I didn't mean to upset you, Aunt Kay, I really didn't," he murmured. He sat up straighter and tugged a pillow over his lap, trying to conceal the rigid pole in his shorts from her. "I...I'm sorry, Aunt Kay. I really am!" He'd never been more terrified in his life. Why had he done what he did? His folks would really be angry if they found out, and Mr. Tobin would be angry, too. "You're mad at me," the young man said his voice quavering. "You'll tell my folks and they'll...they'll..." He couldn't talk any more and felt tears welling up in his eyes.

Kay moved her hand to the young man's shoulder and could feel him trembling. She was surprised how upset he was and felt a need to reassure him. "Frankie, dear, I'm not going to tell your parents," she said. "And I'm not going to tell my husband, either." She took another deep breath, hoping it would steady her, and continued, "Frankie, what...what ever made you...you do...something...like...like that?"

Frankie's, pale, scared face lifted and he looked at her for the first time since she had entered his room. He shrugged. "I...I don't know, Aunt Kay," he stammered. "I...I just...you know..." His face got bright red and he looked away.

Kay knew she should leave the young man's room immediately. Things were starting to happen that could very easily get out of control, at least for her. She was taking a big risk in remaining with him in his bedroom, on his bed. But, despite the alarms ringing in her mind, she didn't move. "Frankie, you...you know it isn't nice to do things like...like that, don't you?" she whispered.

The young man pulled his knees up hugged the pillow he was holding, and shrugged again. His face was red and he was breathing hard. "I...I'm sorry, Aunt Kay, I really am," he murmured. "I...I shouldn't have done what...what I...did. I...I don't know what else to...to say."

"Look at him! He wants you! Go ahead, give him what he wants!" the lustful inner voice in Kay's head sneered, keeping her off-balance. "You need it, for Christ's sake! You want it as bad as he does! Stu isn't giving you what you need, why not see if this kid can?"

"You...you think I'm perverted, don't you?" Frankie whimpered. His shoulders shook as he sobbed. "You...you think I'm...I'm some kind of sicko...a...a peep...peeping Tom."

Kay experienced another strong rush of sympathy for the sobbing young man. When she was his age, she had been teased unmercifully because she made the mistake of telling her friends she planned to stay a virgin until she got married. She had almost managed to do it, too. Stu was only the second man she ever had sex with and, once she was married she had remained faithful. Stu was the only man she'd shared a bed with in fifteen years.

Telling herself she wanted to ease the young man's pain, she put her arm around him and gently pulled him against her. She was immediately shaken by how wonderful it felt to having him in her arms, to feel his body against hers.

Frankie allowed himself to be drawn into Aunt Kay's embrace and nestled his face against her shoulder while he continued to sob. "I...I...I'm sorry, Aunt Kay," he sobbed. "I...I really am. I...I won't ever...ever do anything like that a-again. I...I promise. I...I really won't."

"It's all right, Frankie," Kay said, "There was no harm done."

"You're being stupid. The kid wants you. All you have to do is open your robe and you can have him!" the lewd voice inside her sneered. The voice was becoming very exasperating. "I bet that big hard-on he was trying to hide under the covers would give you an orgasm, probably a pretty damn good one!"

Kay shook her head, trying to rid it of thoughts that shouldn't be there.

Frankie felt her moving, leaned back, and looked at her. "Is...Is something wrong, Aunt Kay?" he asked.

Kay shook her head again. "No, Frankie, nothing's wrong," she murmured.

"Go ahead, let him fuck you!" the lecherous inner voice insisted, but she forced herself to ignore it.

She took a deep breath and tried to make herself settle down. "Frankie, you must promise me you'll never do anything like that again," she continued, trying to sound stern. The problem was, what she really wanted was to take him back into her arms again. "Never."

"I won't, Aunt Kay," Frankie said earnestly, "Honest! Just so you don't tell my folks or...or Mr. Tobin!"

Kay forced herself to release the young man, and then she stood up and smiled at him. "Good," she said. She started for the door.

"You're crazy!" the licentious voice insisted, "Why in hell are you leaving him when his cock is hard and ready to go? Think of how heavenly it would be to have it poking into you!"

She continued moving toward the door. As she did, she hugged herself and tried to force the lewd thoughts, which were so tempting, from her mind. "He's my best friend's son, for God's sake!" she thought and felt silly because she was arguing with herself. "I'm old enough to be his mother! I can't let anything like that happen, it would be sick if I did!"

"Thanks, Aunt Kay," Frankie said. "I...I really am sorry."

"You're forgiven, Frankie," Kay replied without turning around. She knew if she looked at him, it would only make things harder. She walked out into the hallway and closed the young man's bedroom door behind her, but the nagging voice wouldn't leave her alone.

"What's the matter with you?" it demanded, "Are you crazy? You're walking away from a horny teen-age boy who got turned on by watching you take a shower and is dying to fuck you!"

Shaken by the lewd thoughts she couldn't keep herself from having, Kay leaned against the wall outside the young man's bedroom door, trembling and gasping for breath.

"I bet if you go back in there, you'll catch him jerking off! What a waste that is! Why waste a perfectly good hard-on?" the voice argued.

Kay shuddered. She wished that damn voice would go stop! Then, even though she knew what she was doing was wrong, and unable to understand why she couldn't stop herself, she straightened up, turned, and put her quaking hand on Frankie's doorknob. Her insides churned wildly while she turned it and pushed the door open.

Frankie was still lying on his bed, but he was far too preoccupied to notice he had company. His eyes were squeezed shut and his hand was sliding up and down over the swollen column of flesh jutting out of his opened shorts. "Aunt Kay!" he moaned softly, but passionately. "Ohhh, Aunt Kay!"

"See, what did I tell you? He's calling your name! He wants you!" the voice sneered at Kay, who was moving stiffly across the room, her heart pounding, staring at what the young man held in his hand. Stu's was the only penis she'd seen in a long, long time. She gazed hotly at Frankie's erection and felt an overwhelming desire to touch it. Her tongue unconsciously slid out and caressed her lips and she took a deep breath as she got closer and closer to the bed.

When she finally reached the bed, her hand moved out as if drawn by some irresistible force, then it was touching the young man's engorged shaft and the next thing she knew, her fingers were wrapped around the surprisingly hard, warm column of flesh.

Frankie's eyes flew open. "Aunt Kay! Oh, God! Oh, God!" he exclaimed. Vainly, he tried to stuff his erection back into his shorts, but Aunt Kay had a firm grip on the swollen tube of flesh and kept him from doing that.

The hot, swollen shaft in Kay's hand pulsed and jerked and as it did, thrills more intense than any she'd felt in a long, long time rushed though her. All she'd done was touch his erection and she was already powerfully aroused! She could feel the wetness pouring from her, soaking her middle. "When was the last time you got that wet with your husband?" the voice inside her asked. Her hand, directed by forces beyond her control, began to slide lightly up and down the boy's swollen, veined organ, which was slippery with juices that had been seeping from the slitted tip while he caressed himself. When she began stroking him, she heard him groan and felt him trembling. She felt disconnected, as if she was watching herself do this from some place outside her body. This was wonderful; much more wonderful than going shopping!

"Uhhhh!!!" Frankie groaned. He couldn't believe what was happening! Aunt Kay was jerking him off! He never, in his wildest dreams, imagined anything like this would ever occur! He continued to moan, gasp, and tremble while the gorgeous woman kept on caressing his erection.

Kay continued to stroke the young man's rigid penis and while she did, her free hand, moving as if it had a will of its own opened the belt around the waist of her bathrobe. The part of her mind still capable of reason was screaming for her to stop, but she didn't heed those warnings; she couldn't. She'd gone directly to his room from the bathroom, which meant removing the robe would leave her completely nude. While the hand fumbled with the knot in the sash, she tried to will it to stop, but failed. Then the sash was untied. She took a deep breath, and then she shrugged her shoulders and let the robe slide down over her shoulders. She was acutely aware of the fact that Frankie was staring at her with eager, wide, adoring eyes, and his rapt attention thrilled her.

Kay still heard the faint warnings her conscience was screaming at her, but she was far beyond being able to heed them. Once the bathrobe was off, she stood up and gently helped the quivering, gasping young man remove his shorts and T-shirt. Then, when he was naked, too, she laid down on the bed, leaned over him and covered his lips with hers. When their lips touched, lightning bolts of passion arced through her. The kiss was far sweeter than she anticipated. She could feel the heat from his smooth skin as his body writhed against hers.

In some far recess of her mind warning bells continued clanging, but she barely heard them. She knew what she was about to do was horribly wrong, but she no longer cared. Now that she had begun this journey, nothing could have caused her to turn back. Her hands slid over Frankie's soft, hairless body, eventually returning to the instrument that she desperately wanted to have plunging into her. "Make love to me, Frankie!" she cried. She rolled onto her back and pulled the trembling young man on top of her. "Please, Frankie, darling! Make love to me!"

Frankie, trembling like a leaf, slid on top of her. When he did, Kay, more aroused than she could recall being in ages, slipped her hand between their quivering bodies and somehow managed to guide his erection to the excitement-dampened lips of her vagina, even though she was shaking as hard if she was experiencing an earthquake.

When the young man's erection slid into her she shuddered with ecstasy. His entry into her body felt so sublime she thought for a moment that she would have an orgasm just from having him enter her. Wild sensations, more overwhelming than anything she had experienced in ages, exploded through her. She felt as if an ocean storm of passion was breaking over her. She'd had orgasms before, most by her own hand, but a few while making love with her husband, but none of them had come close to feeling as fantastic as it did when Frankie's erection slid into her. If it felt this good to have him take her, what would her orgasm with him be like?

Frankie was having a hard time believing that all this was real and not some kind of wild dream. He felt his erection sinking into warmth and dampness and the minute it did, his hips automatically began to move, plunging into his partner rapidly. He'd never figured it would feel as good as it did to actually make love. "Oh, God, Aunt Kay!" he groaned. "I...I think I'm gonna come! I...I can't wait! It...It feels too good!"

Kay was ecstatic. Sensations more wonderful than she ever imagined were rushing through her, sensations way more intense and beautiful than any she'd ever had when she made love with her husband, Stu. She savored how astoundingly good it was to have the young man's swollen penis moving inside her. As his engorged piston of flesh slid in and out of her more and more rapidly, even more powerful thrills began to race through her. The delectable friction that resulted from their joined bodies, combined with the depravity of what they were doing, sent her skyrocketing toward heights of rapture she never believed it was possible to feel. Her body was aflame with need that kept growing stronger and stronger every second.

Frankie was rapidly losing control. "Oh! Aunt Kay!" he cried, his hips going wild. "I-I can't wait. Oh, God, Aunt Kay!! Oh, God! Ah! Ah!" Convulsions of delight wracked him and his fluids spewed from his pulsing erection. He'd never imagined making love would feel this fantastic.

When Frankie's hot fluids gushed into her, Kay was plunged into a wonderful whirlpool of joy. Like a million skyrockets bursting at once, a powerful orgasm exploded through her. It kept building and growing; her body was filled with wild, uncontrollable, breathtaking sensations, it was an experience she never dreamed existed. Powerful waves of bliss continued to sweep through her and she felt herself writhing and bucking against Frankie while an unending stream of moans and cries of joy issued from her. He was making her come, but more than that, he was making her feel better than she'd ever felt in her life! Never in the fifteen years she'd been married to Stu had she had an orgasm like this! She couldn't talk, couldn't think. Her body continued to strain against his, seeking as much joy as it could get. "Oh! Oh! Oh, Frankie!!! Oh, my darling! Oh, my darling! Oh, my darling! Yes! Yes!" she babbled while her body labored frantically against his.

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