tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 05

A Week to Remember Ch. 05

byChris Cross©

I hadn't set my alarm, so I could sleep for as long as my body felt it needed me to. When I realised I could hear sounds from outside (birds were twittering in the tree outside my window) and opened my eyes to look at the clock, it told me that it was a quarter to eleven. Over ten hours sleep! I must have needed it. I got up and doddered in to the kitchen to make a coffee with all the grace of a George A. Romero zombie. Settling for toast instead of brains, I had breakfast and then a hot shower to wake me up. Feeling better now, I returned to my bedsit and dressed, throwing back my curtains to reveal another gorgeous summer day. It stuck me that this was most unlike the usual British summertime and I wondered when the inevitable downpours would begin.

I decided to enjoy the weather while it lasted. I briefly considered calling on Marie to see if she wanted to go into town with me for some lunch (yeah, and then what, a small voice in the back of my head asked?) but there were no signs of life from next door. No radio or TV on and I'd helped to lug both items upstairs last night. Perhaps she was out? I left it and set off into the sunshine by myself. As I ambled along I wondered how Sheila was doing. I still felt odd about what had happened between us. Fantasising about her for months, getting to have her, and then having to let her go- all in the space of a day or so. Well, I'd probably see her again. Or was I just kidding myself? Ah, blast it. I had to get on with my life in the here and now; enjoy myself before I started my new job next week. Perhaps then I'd be too busy to keep thinking about her. I had a wander in the park (there were some pleasantly distracting pretty young things sitting on benches, jiggling along with their boyfriends or in a small group) followed by lunch in the city centre and then a movie at the cinema. I window shopped and treated myself to a new CD before heading home to make myself some tea. I'd had a good, relaxing day and made myself a tasty stir-fry for tea. As I was demolishing it and listening to my CD, there was a knock on the door. Plate in hand, I went to answer it.

It was Adele. She saw I was having my tea and started to apologise for disturbing me.

"Nah, don't worry. D'you want to come in for a mo'?"

"No, no, you finish your tea. I just wanted to se if you were still coming up later on?" Whoa, I'd almost forgotten about that. It would've been a shame to miss out on it though, Adele was always good laugh.

"Sure. Eight o'clock?"


"See you later then."

"See ya!" And with that, she moved off to the stairs to her bedsit. I closed the door and sat down to finish my tea. A quarter plate of beef stir-fry, slice of lemon cake and cup of tea later I was doing the washing up. It was only 6.30pm, so I settled down to watch the news and read for a bit.

I heard the front door a couple of times as people came back in from work and noticed Marie's door open and close again at about 7.45. I remembered listening to her last night and pictured her long hair and womanly curves in my mind's eye. I imagined undressing her, visualising her naked curves and how they would feel and shift as I moved my hands over them. I didn't think for one minute that she'd be desperate for sex, But divorced and living on her own? I'd had the feeling Marie'd be highly enthusiastic with the next guy she got into bed! I'd bet she'd wear him out. Mind you, for all I knew, she could be seeing someone from work. She might have just got back in from seeing him now. I didn't really have much of an idea about her private life and 'status'. But I decided that it would be fun to try and find out.

Time ticked by and after finishing a good chapter I saw it was ten minutes to eight. I put away my book and went and brushed my teeth, not wanting to reek of stir-fry all over Adele. At a couple of minutes to eight, I left my bedsit and headed for the stairway. Mounting the narrow stairs to Adele's bedsit I could hear music on Adele's CD player. The Hives or something or the other. I didn't envy Max and Tom in having to get the furniture and utilities up these stairs, nor Adele for having to cart all her stuff up when she moved in. Still, she did have by far the largest bedsit to show for her troubles. Hm. Max. She'd looked fantastic last night. I wonder if she'd shagged Tom senseless after their night out? I know I'd have wanted to do the same to her.

At the top of the stairs, Adele had put up a few amusing posters and pictures. A new one struck me. It was a photo of Adele from Sheila's night out on Monday, in her low cut sparkly blue top. She was leaning back, breasts straining at the top (peering more closely I could just make out the buds of her nipples pressing against the material) and grinning knowingly at the camera. Adele had stuck this picture onto a piece of A4 paper and had written the caption underneath it 'Come up and see me some time, big boy!' I chuckled to myself. Reaching her door, I knocked on it. The music stopped (it was the Hives) and after a couple of seconds, the door opened.

Adele had changed into a tight pink t-shirt. I noticed where her bra pinched at the flesh of her torso and how the fabric stretched horizontally into ridges between her large breasts. A lilac skirt came midway down her thighs. I glanced down past her hands, clutching the remote for the CD player, at her shapely legs and back up to meet her eyes. Adele must have been reading or using her PC as she was wearing her glasses.

"Reporting for debriefing!" I saluted mockingly.

"If you've finished mentally undressing me, you nutjob, you can come on in." she grinned. Moving forwards I noticed she seemed a little... flushed.

"I was just finishing watching something." She said, moving back so I could enter her room. The door closed behind me with a click. Adele fixed me with a quizzical look. "Now then, tell me: you're not offended by porn, are you?"

What the...? I frowned briefly and replied

"Er, no?" in a more uncertain tone than I'd intended.

"Good! C'mon then. You'll like this, it's a good 'un." Adele moved over to her computer desk. I followed, glancing around briefly.

Adele's living area was half as big again as mine and she'd plastered the walls with posters, beermats, pictures and clippings from magazines. I thought that she was only missing a traffic cone to complete the full-on student look. In truth though, the myriad of images were carefully colour co-ordinated to run around the room in the colours of the spectrum and if you took the time to read the clippings they had a large number of interesting facts, figures, amusing sightings and speculations about life the universe and everything. I'd commented before now that Adele's room should be put on display in an art gallery, where I could probably flog it for a cool million.

The velux window set into the sloping ceiling was wide open, letting in the warm evening breeze as I moved over to where Adele was sat at her computer desk

"Oh, grab a chair. Don't stand." She gestured at a director's chair in a corner. Approaching it I found a lacy pair of knickers piled on top of a pair of jeans on the seat. "Oh, just plonk that stuff on the bed, would'ya?" I did as asked and returned with the chair, sitting next to her. Adele was fiddling with her mouse and the media player; muttering to herself. She looked up at me, all bright eyes and smile. "Tell you what; we'll watch it from the start. D'you fancy a drink? " Something Sheila had said yesterday sprang to mind and I couldn't resist.

"Yeah, I'd love one. So have you spent the five pound winnings from your bet with Sheila on booze then?" Adele laughed.

"She told you, huh? Heh. Yeah, I'm well stocked. Can't believe I won though. I was sure you two would get it on before she left." So, she didn't seem to know Sheila and I had been screwing like bunnies for hours then! I guessed it kept things simpler. Adele waved an arm at a collection of bottles on a shelf. "I've still got some vodka, whiskey, ouzo, or Southern Comfort left, or..." she slipped into the kitchen and rummaged in her fridge calling "Some cider or lager, fresh from the supermarket and purchased with my ill-gotten gains."

"Cider please."

A minute later, she returned with two glasses full of sparkling, cold cider, sat and fiddled with the mouse again. The computer faintly whirred as it retrieved several files that appeared on screen. Adele grinned at me.

"Ready for the show?" This felt a bit odd, a woman showing me her porn stash, but it was fun too so I grinned and replied

"Roll camera." Adele moved the cursor over a file, tongue poking out onto her bottom lip in concentration. Double clicking she leaned back in her chair and took a swig from her glass.

"Let the show begin..."

Two gorgeous looking women, one a tanned, petite blonde and the other a creamy skinned brunette, entered what appeared to be a hotel room, each carrying a small travel bag. Once the blonde had closed the door and they'd both put down their bags, they were all over each other like a rash, sensuously kissing and caressing each others' sizeable breasts. The blonde soon had her hand up the brunette's denim mini skirt and a minute later, they had peeled off all their clothing bar the blonde's stockings and were getting down to some serious action on the bed. I had a raging boner by now. These women were hot. Breasts were thoroughly licked before they twisted into a lip smacking 69 position. After some slurping and oozing they faced each other, legs spread and began to wank each other off, fingers slithering over shiny lips and dipping into pink entrances. Then their fingers rubbed over each others pussies in a blur. The wet fleshy noises were soon drowned out by the brunette's gasps. The blonde looked pained, almost annoyed as the brunette gasped and cried out, clamping her thighs together and arching up off the bed as her orgasm ripped through her.

I saw motion in the corner of my eye and glanced across at Adele. Her left hand was gently rubbing against her inner thigh. I thought I began to understand why she looked flushed when she opened the door! Then a giggle from the film caught my attention and I looked across to see the brunette say

"I win" to the blonde, who scowled playfully and then hopped off the bed, picking up and opening the bag she'd brought with her. She tipped out its contents onto the bed; handcuffs, a blindfold and two candles. The candles were placed in two crystal holders on a bedside unit and lit, as the brunette dutifully clipped the handcuff onto her wrist. She was swiftly handcuffed to the metal frame at the head of the bed, her long curvy form stretched out. She was grinning happily as the blindfold was put in place. Next, Blondie tipped out the contents of the other bag which appeared to be vibrators of several sizes, some lubricant, a feather duster and a large, tremendously thick strap-on.

The brunette was slowly tickled pink with the feather duster; I mean that literally. Her skin glowed with arousal. Blondie paused only to fit herself into the strap-on, then seized the smallest of the vibrators, activated it with a practised twist of the wrist and used the angrily buzzing chrome shape to mercilessly tease the brunette's clitoris. Her gasps sounded nearly painful as she soon climaxed again; muscles defined in her arms as her body went taut against the restraints as she came. But there was no rest as Blondie threw aside the narrow chrome tool and seized the next largest vibrator. Realistically sculpted in pink and of modest size it slid effortlessly up to the hilt into the brunette, who groaned and moaned, wincing and pulling at the cuffs.

I shifted in my seat, my throbbing boner making me a little uncomfortable. I tore my eyes away from the screen to glance at Adele again. Her hand was gently caressing the flesh of her inner thigh. The skirt had ridden up some as she'd sat down and I had a good view of her legs. But a moan from the brunette drew my attention back to the screen. Blondie was now gently sliding the pink length in and out at a slow pace and the brunette had seemed to relax a little. Then the pace sped up and slowed down, sped up and slowed back down. She wriggled, gasping, as the pace became constant and steady again. Blondie activated the vibrator and the brunette pursed her lips, humping with her hips at the added sensation. With her free hand, the blonde seized the third and final vibrator, a glittery red one that I thought looked much larger than myself, whilst still being far smaller than the purple strap on standing proud in front of her hips. With a deft movement, the pink tool slid out of the brunette to be replaced by the red one; Blondie didn't upset the rhythm of the thrusts.

The brunette gasped more loudly, moaning,

"Fuck, yes. Fuck!" Blondie tossed aside the pink vibe and picked up the plastic bottle of lubricant with her free hand. She popped open the flip top with her thumb and lowered the neck of the bottle to the purple strap on, squeezing a line of lubricant up and down its length. Some ran down the curvature of the colossal fake cock, dripping onto the sheets. Speeding up the thrusting of the red vibrator with one hand, she used the other to run up and down the length of the strap on, spreading the lubricant. The brunette appeared to be heading for another orgasm, gasping and straining away. The blonde cocked her head slightly to one side, apparently concentrating. The brunette soon gasped a low drawn out growl that abruptly cut off to be replaced by a disappointed noise.

The red vibe had been whipped out of her pussy just as she was on the brink of orgasm. What happened next however, sent her over the edge. Blondie reached over and swiftly seized the two candles. She positioned them over the brunettes' heaving breasts and tipped hot wax over her nipples, breasts and belly. As the brunette winced and sharply drew in her breath, Blondie blew out both candles, dropped them either side of the bed and dropped onto all fours ramming the huge purple dong into the brunettes' sopping pussy. The brunette screamed, her voice catching as she orgasmed again. I was amazed, but the helpful extreme close up showed her taking the purple girth, her labia stretched so tightly they were smooth and shining. Blondie broke into a hard and fast pace, fucking her partner relentlessly, almost cruelly. There was no hint of tenderness, just hard, fast fucking, her features fixed somewhere between a toothy smile and a snarl. The brunette whimpered and almost sobbed, but amazingly, began to thrust her hips back up to meet the blonde's.

I realised I could heard Adele's breathing, which had deepened somewhat, but couldn't tear my eyes from the screen to investigate if her hand had made it under her skirt yet. Blondie continued to fuck the helpless brunette, who seemed to orgasm at least twice more before growing more and more unresponsive; ceasing to thrust up with her hips. Eventually she sagged like a rag doll head lolling on the pillow as Blonde's squeezed and clutched at her breasts. The hardened puddles of wax cracked and flaked as her breasts undulated. I remember thinking that I was watching someone literally getting shagged senseless.

Blondie finally eased the shining purple length out of the brunette with an audible plop and shuffled forward on her knees until the purple head was nudging the brunette's lips. She gave no response until the blonde slapped her thigh with a resounding crack. The brunette's eyelids fluttered and she lifted her head a little and began to slowly lap at the head of the dildo, licking off her own juices and being forced to take as much of the strap on as would fit into her mouth. Blondie lifted up the blindfold. The brunette looked exhausted. I mean really done in. The image faded to black as both women gave a wide smile to the camera (the blonde looking brightly triumphant) and the footage stopped.

I had one hell of a hard on and seriously felt I needed to go away and have a wank to calm down a bit. I found I'd drained my glass at some point during the show and now set the empty vessel down on the edge of the desk, glancing at Adele. Her hands were now resting in her lap, against her skirt. She looked up at me brightly and said

"Well? What didya think?" I leaned back, blowing out a sigh through my mouth.

"Jeez, I can't believe she managed to take that purple strap-on."

"Yeah, I know. You enjoyed it then?" Her eyes flicked down to the bulge in my jeans and she laughed. "Okay, moot point." I surprised myself by blushing. Adele grinned, mercifully not pressing her sudden advantage and instead asking "Fancy another drink?" I nodded, smiling back at her. "What'd you like, same again?"



I felt the need to redeem myself for being outmanoeuvred and as Adele opened up the cans in the kitchen I waited until my boner had died down some and walked over and leaning against the door frame.

"So, you and Jane get up to such fun?"

"Not quite, we don't have a dildo that big." She turned and handed me my refilled glass (I noticed her eyes flicker down to check on my boner). "Besides" she added conversationally "I quite like taking it up the ass." Not waiting for a reply and ignoring whatever look had suddenly leapt onto my face, she moved past me and back into her living room. Laughing to myself and shaking my head, I followed.

"You're a real piece of work, Adele. Looking pleased, she chortled

"Yeah and don't you forget it."

We chatted for a good hour (briefly comparing notes on Marie), moving onto lager and getting through another couple of cans each. After we were out of the fizzy stuff, Adele grabbed the bottle of vodka and two shot glasses announcing we were going to play truth or booze, her version of truth or dare. I'd played this before. In fact last time it'd been four of us playing; myself, Adele, Neil and Sheila. Basically, you'd be asked questions and either answer truthfully or refuse to answer and have to down a shot in one. Okay, it was all bollocks really, but we got ratted and had a good laugh, so it was fun. Plus, sometimes someone's silence as they knocked back a shot often answered the question!

With only two of us, it wouldn't really work properly. Anyway, I knew it was all just an excuse to get me to talk about Belle, but buoyed by the mix of cider and lager in me I didn't mind at all. Adele placed a tray on her bed (moving the jeans and knickers to one side) filled the two shot glasses and put them on it with the bottle between them. We both sat on opposite sides of the tray (I couldn't resist a quick glance up her skirt as Adele settled down, but it was just long enough to keep her crotch hidden. She did have damn good legs though. Slightly chubby thighs with well develop calves. We started by asking fairly harmless questions, but I was just waiting for Adele to start asking about Belle. It didn't take long.

"Out of the girls you've slept with, who looked the best naked?" Here we went. The answer was painfully obvious.

"Belle." My turn now.

I thought for a moment, trying to remember what questions I'd heard answers to the last time we played this game. No point in asking Adele what she'd just asked me; the answer would surely have to be her girlfriend; Jane. She was quite a stunner. So I settled for

"Have you ever managed to talk a straight girl into bed with you?" Behind her glasses, Adele's eyes twinkled and she smiled and said

"Oh, yes." Her turn.

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