tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 06B

A Week to Remember Ch. 06B

byChris Cross©


We arranged to go our separate ways and clean up. Marie would leave number 23 first and drive two streets away, to where I would walk and meet her. That way, nobody else at our digs would know what we were up to. From there we'd go on to wherever she had in mind and have our fun. We agreed to consider 'ease of access' in what we chose to wear and I was curious to see what Marie would put on. After washing myself and brushing my teeth, I put on just a pair of black jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and trainers. I heard Marie leave her bed-sit and resisted the urge to look out of window towards the garden path to see how she was dressed. After hearing her car start up and drive away I waited another minute and departed too. Thankfully, I didn't bump into any of my housemates on the way out and was soon walking through the pleasantly warm night air, on my way to our rendezvous.

A couple of minutes later I rounded the corner to the street where I'd arranged to join Marie. I saw her red Vauxhall Corsa and felt anticipation swell within me. Walking alongside, Marie started up the engine and I opened the passenger door and looked in before entering. Marie had put on a black vest top and short black skirt that was showing off a lot of leg (the muscle tone in the side of her thigh turned me on). Her long hair was tied back in a pony tail with a purple scrunchie. She looked at me and grinned, suggestively running her left hand over the gear stick. "Hop in, stranger." I obliged and closed the door. Fastening my seat belt I put my hand on Marie's warm thigh, unable to resist using the line that had just popped into my mind from an old Bond movie.

"Do you go all the way?" Marie tilted her head to one side slightly and smirked.

"Oh, yeah." She reached over and squeezed my crotch. "I give a damn good ride." We grinned at each other knowingly before Marie put the car in gear and we set off.

Surprisingly, the journey didn't seem to take that long. In less than three quarters of an hour we were well clear of Leeds and into the surrounding countryside. We made relaxed and happy small talk whilst listening to a rock channel on the radio. Marie admitted she hadn't gone out to lunch wearing that black dress, she'd put it on for added effect when she called round to see me. We skirted around the issue of how we'd come to be shagging like bunnies just over an hour ago, seemingly content with the fact that we were both single, consenting adults who fancied each other and weren't afraid to show it. Marie seemed to have a good idea of where she was going and I guessed she may be taking me to a spot she'd been to before, perhaps with her ex or maybe with someone else she'd dragged into bed with her. I briefly wondered if I was the latest in a line of men she'd pulled and shagged to make herself feel good after her divorce and rapidly decided that I didn't care. Good for her if she had; I certainly wasn't in any position to be critical after my bedroom shenanigans this week.

Just under an hour after we set off Marie turned the car off the B road we'd been on into a country lane. Hedges were on either side of us, enclosing farmland. It was now almost nine and had dropped fully dark. Marie slowed the car and as we came alongside a metal gate, she pulled over and turned off the lights. She undid her seat belt and turned to me.

"Won't be a mo'." She opened her door and slipped out into the night. In the moonlight I could make her out, walking over to the gate and fiddling with it. Next, the gate was swinging inwards and Marie lifted its weight up slightly and walked it forwards until it was wide open, dropping the gate down so it stayed in place on the grassy earth. Marie quickly re-entered the car and drove it through the gate and to the right, driving along for about an additional 5 metres before parking parallel to the hedge. She turned off the engine and left the car's light off.

"C'mon out and give me a hand with the gate." I nodded, wondering whose land we were on and what'd happen if we were caught. Opening my door and leaving the car, I felt the mild night air wash over me. It had cooled, but was still warm. The gentle breeze carried no chill, even though there were hardly any clouds obstructing the marvellous view of the night sky.

I helped to get the gate shut and was surprised to see a chain and open padlock hanging from the gatepost. I cast a glance at Marie who simply smiled enigmatically and led the way back to the car. Once there, she took me by the hand and turned me to face the hedge. The field we were in was slightly lower than the road and I figured that the hedge was high and dense enough to mean we couldn't be seen. I had several questions and was bursting to ask them, but Marie saved me most of the trouble.

"You're wondering where we are, right?"

"Yeah and how you unlocked that gate." She grinned wickedly.

"Promise not to freak out." I wondered what on earth that meant, but wasn't about to back out now.

"We-ll, yeah, okay. Promise. Go on."

"We're on my ex's land. He owns a good few acres. I made sure I kept a copy of most of the keys to it before we split."

Excitement and worry whirled through my mind and I opened my mouth to reply, but Marie beat me to it again.

"Don't worry. Can you see those lights way over there?" she pointed away across the field and I squinted to make out what looked like the faint lights of a dwelling in the distance.

"Yeah, just about. Those ones... there?"

"Uh-huh. That's the house. Trust me; it's so far away he'll never know we're here."

"I hope not. I don't want to end up on the receiving end of a shotgun blast!" Marie laughed. I still felt curious though. "So, why here, of all places?" She stopped chuckling and fixed me with her green eyes.

"Because I know we won't be spotted here."


"And there's less light pollution so y'can see more stars."

"Uh-huh. And..?."

"And shagging you here is a major turn on for me."

"And a 'fuck you' to your ex, too."

"You've got it." With that she stepped forwards and draped her arms over my shoulders, kissing me. Our tongues slid together and as her body pressed against me in the night air, Marie felt even hotter than before. To hell with questions, I had all the answers I needed for now. Time to get down to business.

After squeezing her boobs through the cotton vest top (her nipples felt like little pebbles already and I loved the way her heavy breasts filled my palms) I slipped my hands down to her bum, lifting the skirt and clasping her buttocks. Marie's hand snuck down to my cock, which was beginning to turn the front of my jogging bottoms into a small tent. She gave it a squeeze and my lips a firm smack with her own before leaning back, sporting what I was coming to think of as her trademark wicked grin.

"Shall we start in the car?" She purred. "It's been awhile since I've had any back seat action." I kept the fact I'd never had any 'back seat action' before to myself and nodded in reply. Marie moved to the car and opened the rear door nearest to her. "After you."

"Why, thank you, my good lady." I found the seat with my backside and swung my legs in, being careful not to catch Marie's shins with the toes of my trainers, shuffling along until I was sat in the centre of the back seat.

To my surprise, Marie went around to the front of the car and sat in the passenger seat. I was about to say something when she lifted the bar underneath the seat and slid it forwards, freeing up more leg-room in the back. She quickly did the same with the driver's seat and then opened the opposite rear door to the one I had come in through. Then she was sat alongside me and with a clunk, the door was closed. With one quick look into each others eyes, we moved together, kissing again, hands exploring smooth skin. After teasing for a minute or two, I tugged at Marie's right thigh in a 'come here' manner. She carefully swung herself up and to her right, using the drop down handles above each rear door to support herself so she could drop into my lap. Her weight pressing down onto my crotch made me gasp, but Marie just chuckled and kept hold of each of the handles, arms stretching out either side of her. She tossed her head back, stirred her groin against mine and purred

"Get to work. Make me good and wet."

I caressed her breasts, neck and arms, teasing skin with fingernails, teeth and tongue. Marie made a low, drawn out noise and rhythmically rubbed her groin against the bulge in my trousers, arms still extended to either side. Deciding I'd teased her enough for now; I rolled up her vest top to start on her naked breasts in earnest. I remembered that licking her nipples had got a good reaction earlier. History repeated itself and as I sucked her warm flesh into my mouth and rolled it between my teeth, Marie let out a moan of pleasure.

Letting go of the handles, she lifted her top up and off, carelessly dropping it to one side. Supporting herself on my shoulders, she got a foot in each foot well, lifted herself off my lap and tugged at the waist of my jogging bottoms. I lifted my bum off the seat to assist and my cock sprang free. Bending her knees and lowering herself forwards at the waist (it was easy to see Marie was something of a back seat veteran from the ease and confidence with which she worked the space), she tugged my trousers down to my ankles and gently took hold of my cock. Pulling down my foreskin Marie took me into her mouth, rolling my cock around and getting it wet with her saliva, one hand working my shaft up and down at the same time. Seconds later, she straightened, unhooked something and unwrapped the skirt from around her waist, dropping it into the footwall. With a nonchalant air of purpose she straddled me again, her hand wrapped around my now slippery cock and I felt the tickle of her pubic hair, before soft flesh nudged my helmet and it was suddenly engulfed by the heat and tightness of her pussy.

Marie grabbed hold of the top of the back seat either side of my head as I grasped her hips. I wasn't able to quite fully get inside her, so Marie rocked her hips back and forth, pressing downwards, working the walls of her pussy. I slid into her a bit further. The next motion of her hips made us both gasp in pleasure and the third saw my full length penetrate her. She began to work up and down, back and forth. I moaned in pleasure and Marie seemed to acknowledge my sentiments with a throaty groan of her own. Oh, she felt tight, and the sensuous unhurried pace she was setting, felt wonderful. I soon realised I could hear the smack and squelch of my cock moving about inside her and let my head fall back, surrendering to the feelings and savouring the sensations. Marie rode continued to me at a slow, even pace. I relaxed even more. Letting her completely take charge for now.

Man, this was fantastic; lusty sex with an older woman; a "happy, go lucky divorcee" in the back of her car. The stuff of fantasy made real. Her heavy breasts juddered as Marie moved. She would stop each motion of her hips just before our groins met and then lift up until my just the swollen tip of my cock remained inside her, expertly judging how far to move so that I never once slipped free form her grip. Her thigh muscles felt firm and defined under my hands as they worked, rippling gently under her skin. Marie's head had been dropped forward slightly as she rode me and now I firmly grabbed her hips and with an effort, shunted my weight up and forwards, pulling her to me so her knees met the back of the seat. The penetration deepened and as we both gasped our faces came within millimetres of each other. Brushing some loose strands of hair aside we kissed hungrily, tongues snaking together. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, my hands helped her to work up and down. Saliva built and ran in our mouths as her pussy felt to become slicker and increasingly slippery. The slap of our groins meeting mingled with the sticky sound of my shaft rubbing inside her body as I began to surrender to a desire to fuck her faster and harder.

Despite this feeling so good, I now wanted to take things outside so we could shag each other stark naked in the night air under the cold eyes of the distant stars. I wanted to feel Marie under me, to be able to watch myself sliding in and out of her. I wound my fist into Marie's pony tail and gently tugged her head back from mine. Her hips paused, low at the end of a rocking motion and she came to rest impaled on my length. Marie absent-mindedly brushed saliva from the corner of her mouth as I took in a breath or two, ready to make my suggestion and tugged the purple scrunchie down and off, allowing her long hair to fall free around her shoulders. Again though, she beat me to it, a smile appearing as her hand left her lips.


"Outside!" Her pussy squeezed me and I gasped, breathing "How d'you do that with your..." and trailing off over what word to use. 'Vagina' just seems so clinical and I've found some women don't like the word 'pussy'. Marie just smiled and said

"Practise." Squeezing me again for emphasis. Then she slid off me with a combined sigh and audible 'squick' noise as my cock popped free from her body. Moving to my left she opened the door and agilely stepped out. As I joined her, tugging up my trousers so I wouldn't fall over them, I couldn't help but glance around to make sure we were actually still alone. In contrast, Marie just stood naked without an apparent care in the world.

She winked at me,

"Get your kit off, then." and reached in to take something off the parcel shelf. With a quick glance around I lifted my t-shirt off and opened the passenger door, tossing it onto the seat. Marie had produced a large travel blanket and moved to the front of the car. The outside air was cooler than in the car and for a moment I thought goose bumps might break out, but then the breeze sighed again, carrying warm air over my skin. I tugged my jogging bottoms over my trainers, one hand on the car for support and they soon joined my t-shirt in a heap. I pushed the door to, avoiding any slamming noise and glanced down at myself. My cock was nodding downwards a bit and slick to the touch with Marie's lubrication. I didn't have any concern about managing to get it back up again though, not with this woman! I walked round to the front of the car, where Marie had been busy.

The travel blanket was spread out over the bonnet and as I reached the bumper, Marie had just finished straightening it out. She hopped up onto the bonnet with a huff of breath and a hollow metallic noise. Crawling forwards on all fours and rolling over onto her back she propped herself up on her elbows and playfully waved her thighs at me, knees coming together (so she almost looked like she needed to pee) and parting wide like erotic clockwork. The bonnet protested slightly with another hollow clunk. Marie glanced at my semi erect cock.

"Well, lover. Think of anything to do for a few minutes whilst you get it together?" There was no sneer or challenge in her voice, just playful teasing. I moved forwards until my shins met the grey bumper and realised shagging her whilst stood here would be tricky due to the curve of the front of the car. Tricky, but not impossible. To answer her question, I smiled and took hold of her swinging knees, cupping one in each hand. As their motion stopped, Marie chuckled. "Ohhh. Masterful."

Looking into her eyes, I slowly parted her legs, scratching down the inner thighs with my fingernails. My fingertips found the damp folds of skin around her swollen pussy and I pulled them apart, stretching her wide open. Moonlight glinted against pale, pink flesh, casting a soft, blue-grey light over everything. Right there and then Marie's pussy looked like the sweetest candy on the face of the earth. I wanted to gobble it up, taste her musky, sticky flavour, and explore every fold, ridge and crevice of her with my tongue.

I went down on Marie with abandon, holding her thighs apart and lapping at the sticky skin either side of her pussy lips before plunging my tongue into her body, fastening my lips against her and sucking, slurping away. I could hear Marie's moans over the slow ticking from the cooling engine. She pushed her groin against my face, her pussy slowly, rhythmically contracting. Her lubrication mingled with my saliva into an oily mixture that coated her crotch as well my nose and chin, matting her pubic hair. I could hear the wet noises of my work, the tick of the engine, Marie's moans and the odd clunk from the bonnet as she stirred in pleasure. I rasped my tongue around inside her as hard as I could, darting deeply into her every so often. My nose and the stubble on my chin and jaw added extra friction and after several minutes her pussy suddenly clenched more violently. For a moment I thought Marie was about to cum, but she settled back onto the blanket with a sigh and continued moaning. Blast. It'd been another spasm of pleasure and not a climax.

As my jaw began to feel fatigued, I decided to give her clitoris some attention. I realised with a brief surge of joy that I'd become sufficiently turned on and that another erection was in full glory. I wanted to put it to use A.S.A.P but was curious to see how far I could push Marie towards orgasm by going down on her first. I quickly wiped my face first on her right thigh, then her left and flicked my tongue upwards.

"Ohhh!" Marie moaned and muttered as I teased the tiny nub of flesh. This was by far the most reaction I'd gotten from her, so I continued, flicking my tongue back and forth rapidly. "Awww!" Marie's hands were suddenly clasping my head, pulling me into her, but then there was a sudden motion as she began to slide down the bonnet towards me, her balance lost without her arms resting on the bonnet. I somehow straightened, getting my head out of the way and hooking my forearms behind her knees; taking her weight and stopping her descent. This brought her pussy just within my reach, but it was only my resistance actually keeping her on the bonnet.

Marie splayed her arms out to either side, squeezing at the bonnet. Our eyes met and we somehow instantly and silently acknowledged we wanted to try this (It sounds weird, I know, but we agreed afterwards, we just knew). Bracing my left arm I took her weight, Marie's right leg rising up as she began to slide down to her left. Marie adjusted her hips, lifting her foot up and allowing her leg to come rest on my shoulder as I took hold of her left ankle to help her distribute her weight. Going up onto the balls of my feet, I lined myself up with her pussy as best I could. Relaxing my arms a little, Marie slowly slid down towards me, the blanket rucking and creasing. I angled my hips, Marie raised her crotch up a little and we were rewarded with the glorious feeling of friction as my cock socketed itself into her.

The feeling was incredibly intense. If I were to let go of Marie's legs, I'd be trying to keep her on the bonnet using only my groin. As it was, to thrust back and forth into her I had to brace myself to take her weight, pull back my hips whilst doing so, then relax as I thrust forwards, her weight dropping against me as our groins thudded together. The penetration felt tremendous and we both gasped with each thrust. Marie's mouth was open, tongue running repeatedly over her top lip or resting wetly in her mouth as she panted; her face showing that odd expression of concentration again.

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