tagIllustratedA Week to Remember Ch. 08

A Week to Remember Ch. 08

byChris Cross©

A Week to Remember (Chapter 8)


Sheila moaned gently and pushed her groin up and off the bed hard against my face, my tongue slipping even more deeply between her fleshy lips. I circled it around in her sticky pussy and felt the stubble of her recently-shaved labia gently graze against my upper lip. Lower down, saliva-slick flesh skidded and slid wetly against my chin. Sheila gasped and gave a deep moan of pleasure as I flicked the tip of my tongue over her prominent clitoris. Excited by her writhing, the scent, taste and squishing sounds coming from her pussy, my cock throbbed demandingly. I considered breaking off to use a condom so I could slip into her soaking wet pussy, but decided I was enjoying going down on her far too much to stop.

The towel under her bum was already damp with a cocktail of my saliva and Sheila's excitement. We'd just taken a shower together, come out all pink and squeaky clean and got back into my bedsit only to fall on each other as if we hadn't just spent hours last night making love. I'd hit that elusive peak last night where I'd drank enough to still be able to get it up, but too much to be able to cum. I'd been hard as a rock and good to go all night. Frustrating in a way to not be able to reach orgasm, but cool to see your girl gasping and writhing under or on top of you, having orgasm after orgasm.

Now, shuffling to one side, I slipped a forefinger into her sticky body, pressing forwards and circling it inside her, squelching and pressing against her hot, ribbed inner walls whilst continuing to lap at the small bud of oh-so-sensitive flesh. I could just make out Sheila's pretty face; lit by what little morning sunlight filtered through the curtains. Her features were drawn in that odd expression of concentration that I by now knew meant another orgasm was imminent. Sure enough, Sheila began to gently hump at my hand, moaning more loudly. Oh, boy, this was going to be a big one. Sheila would usually cum really quickly, with a sudden burst of pleasure making her swear under her breath. This one seemed to be a slow burner. I flicked the very tip of my tongue over her clit one more time and popped my finger free from her embrace.


Shapely eyebrows drew into a frown as Sheila started to breath quickly and heavily through her mouth, panting. Quickly, I put a hand over the bump of bone at the front of each hip and pressed down, trying to hold her fast so I could finish her off in style. My forearms wedged her thighs open as I spread her pussy with my fingers and began to lap up along her shiny, pink inner labia at a rate I knew she would find maddeningly slow. Her breathing came faster and faster, hips rocking under my hands, thighs pressing against my forearms, trying to clamp shut; small breasts bobbing, until finally a series of high whimpers and an explosive


as her head and shoulders lifted up off the pillow, eyes wide open in a look of shock , mouth a near perfect 'O'. Her knees just managed to bump together above my head (hard enough to leave bruises on the inside of each a couple of hours later) and I had to fight not to be clamped between her legs like a man in a bear trap.

She would probably have burst my eardrums if her thighs were free to clap against the sides of my head! Sheila's expression changed from one of shock to pain (well, intense pleasure, but like the 'Queen' song says...) her face crumpling as she trembled, lips pressing into a thin tight line. Then she gasped in a deep breath and fell back onto the bed, eyes closed and breathing heavily.

I watched the rise and fall of her breasts, my cock clamouring for attention. Looking down at her plump labia, I wanted to thrust my cock between them, to feel the explosive rush of pleasure as I came there, heart pounding, head buzzing with the sensation. Sheila's eyes flickered open and she sat up, flicking a hair out of her eyes and swinging her legs to her right, off the bed. Her hand wrapped around my cock, squeezing it firmly.

"That's it..." she said somewhat breathlessly. "You've given me... I don't know, I've lost count. I've never cum so much in my life. An' I couldn't make you cum last night." I started to protest

"Yeah, but I'd drank-"Sheila cut me off, tugging gently on my cock as if were a leash.

"C'mere, you."

She was a couple of paces away from the bed, I had to stand to move with her.

Sheila took a couple of deep breaths, glanced down at my cock and then up to my eyes. She grinned.

"I was going to do this to say hello yesterday, but, well I kind of got carried away. I just had to get you inside me."

Hello? What was Sheila talking about? Before I could muse over this or ask her what 'this' was, she had crouched down, snuggled one hand against my thigh and butt and used the other to guide my cock towards her mouth. I just had time to remember her pulling a face and saying 'yeeuch' last Wednesday morning before I was inside her hot, wet mouth and her hand started to work back and forth, matching the nodding motion of her head. Ohh, I could feel her small, nimble tongue working around my helmet, her hand running tightly over the ridges and veins in my cock. My God, all this from a self confessed 'blow job virgin'? What had changed? I - ohhh, man who cared, this felt -ah- felt so good!

I looked down to watch her work; eyes closed, lips forming a tight seal around my cock, small fist encasing my shaft as her mouth engulfed my helmet and top couple of inches. With a sudden slurp and plop, my cock popped from between her lips and her eyes looked questioningly up to mine. I gazed down, mouth open and mumbled

"Oh, She, that feels..."before I could finish, she gave me a quick grin and sank down onto my cock again, looking up at me with lusting eyes. I put my hands on her head, fingers in her short, tousled hair ready to guide her to and fro, but her motion had changed. Sheila now took me deeply into her mouth and slipped back until I plopped out of it, saliva wetting her lips and chin. After a minute of repeating these satisfying strokes she took her mouth away from my length, bringing her free hand up to carelessly brush through her hair, as the one wrapped around my cock began working my foreskin back and forth in a blur. I groaned and shut my eyes, buttocks clenching in pleasure. Her hand stop moving and her mouth engulfed me once again. As my fingertips kneaded her scalp, Sheila made a small, happy noise from deep in her throat and lovingly fondled my balls.

Her attentions had the desired effect. If the sensations alone weren't enough, I was hugely turned on just by watching what she was doing. Sheila was so petite that my cock looked large in comparison to her small hands and face. I'd been laying in bed, months ago, listening to Sheila and her then-boyfriend only inches away next door, imagining what they were up to, whether or not she was going down on him? To now see her doing that to me. A tingle started in the centre of my cock and I groaned. Sheila's head worked to and fro, her eyes closed. I remembered her telling me her thoughts on someone cumming in her mouth, and groaned a warning.

"She, m' gonna... oh, don't stop, ahhrr-"

Sheila slipped her mouth from my cock as her hand sped up, plunging me towards orgasm. I saw her face, eyes fixed on my cock, her hand moving in a blur, breasts jiggling wildly and then, before I could find the breath to warn her further, my orgasm hit.

The first gout of cum splashed off her chin, her eyes widening in surprise as a second hit her, spattering across her nose. With a low whoop of surprise, she wobbled and fell sideways and back, landing with one leg under her, still holding on to my spasming cock and giggling, lips pressed together. I think another ribbon of cum shot past her shoulder and I saw a fourth and fifth, now splurging out with less velocity, hit her cheek and neck respectively. A final teaspoonful oozed out onto her hand. I didn't know whether to apologise or laugh, but couldn't do either for gasping and panting. With my cum dripping from her nose and chin, Sheila's face split into a wide grin and resting back on one arm, she giggled and then laughed heartily as she let go of my cock and wiped at her face with the back of a hand, making cum drip down onto her perky breasts.

Regaining my composure, I reached over to grab some tissues and knelt down beside Sheila, looking apologetic as I offered them to her. With a last

"Ha ha hahh, ohhhhh..." she shook her head and wiped at her face. Cleaning the worst of the gloop away, she gingerly poked her tongue out and probed to the right of her mouth, sampling the taste. She screwed up her face and with a 'thhbbbptt', blew a raspberry at me, chuckling and wiping again until all the globs were gone. Grinning, she grabbed my t-shirt from the back of a chair and slipped into it; on her, it came down to her knees.

"Back in a mo'." she said, and headed off to the bathroom. I wiped the last traces of cum from the tip of my cock and smiled to myself. Poor She. With all the action and no orgasm last night and how excited I'd got going down on her just now, I'd built up a right head of steam. When that pressure popped, she'd literally got a face-full. But at least she seemed to see the funny side of it, although I guess most of that could be down to surprise. I faintly heard the toilet flush and then could just make out voices on the landing. Sheila's bright tones and... those of Marie. Uh-oh!

I gave myself a quick dowse with some body spray and lay back on the bed, waiting for Sheila to reappear and feeling a little anxious. I'd told Marie yesterday that I was off out with Belle last night. Now, okay, Marie didn't know what Belle looked like, but her encounter with Sheila could be a little awkward. Marie... ahh, Marie. I closed my eyes and remembered her going down on me the night before last. How it felt to slide inside her without having to wear a condom. The form and motion of her huge breasts. Her long, long hair. And Belle. Rich, dark skin, the texture of her hair in my hands, her oh-so-soft lips pressing against mine. And the secret thrill of shagging Adele. A shared moment of madness and passion and the revealing of her and Sheila's secret. I...aw hell. I'd just spent the best part of the last week reminiscing about Sheila. Now I had her in my bed again all my mind can do is remind me of how great other woman were? For God's sake. Sheila had just gone down on me. That was the first time she'd done that to anyone and I was pretty certain she'd done it more to please me than because she enjoyed it herself. And wasn't it only her previous failure to display any blow-job skill that put her into second place just behind Marie in that stupid matrix I'd compiled yesterday?

I hissed out a frustrated breath. Now I had the girl I'd fantasised about for months, all I could do was fantasise about the other women I'd been with this past week? Bloody fool. And just what were Sheila and Marie talking about out there? It'd been a couple of minutes now. Did I need to brace myself for any flak from Marie later on, after Sheila had gone? Nah - surely not. She'd as good as said she was cool with us being, I dunno; fuck-buddies. Yeah, that door (heh, or perhaps more accurately, those thighs!) were still open to me as far as I knew, as long as Marie was still up for it. Yeah, but even though I was (how could I not be, she was the hottest woman I'd ever slept with!), I couldn't. I was with Sheila now. I think. The way I'd felt about her yesterday- Waitaminit! No, the way I feel about her. Oh, hell. I'm in a whirl. And I start my new job tomorrow. I've got to get focused, ready for that, too!

With a click, the door opened and Sheila breezed back into the room. I put my thoughts to one side and got up, crossing over to give her a hug.

"You okay?" She smiled brightly in reply. Phew, everything looked like it was fine.

"Yeah, I just hadn't quite expected to get a face full for some stupid reason."

"I'm surprised you did what you did at all."

"You mean after Wednesday?"

"Yeah. Not that I'm complaining, what you did then felt nice."

"Well, I felt a bit bad about going 'yuk' the way I did and I know all guys enjoy a good blow job," she prodded me accusingly, so I did some 'research' on the internet and decided to give it a whirl. Just for you."

"Research?" I chuckled.

"Watching porn, y' fool. I saw a couple of things that seemed to look good and" she tittered briefly "I'll kill you if you tell anyone, but I practised on that rock-candy cock Adele bought me from Blackpool last month." I laughed out loud.

"I wondered what you'd done with that!"

"Yeah," she sighed "If only all the research I did at Uni was that much fun!"

We both chortled and sat down on the bed.

"I just spoke with your new flatmate, Marie." Oh hell..."She seems nice."

"Yeah, erm, Adele and I helped her to move in and she came round the other night to say thanks and have a chat, find out about the place and her flatmates. She seems like good fun." Owch. Was the last bit too much? Sheila didn't bat an eyelid.

"Yeah, she seems to be alright." She grinned wickedly and added in hushed tones "Adele likes her." Raising an eyebrow and comically tapping the side of her nose. I smiled back and chuckled. Hoo boy, what a tangled web we weave...

"Anyway," Sheila proclaimed "All that sex has made me hungry. Have you got enough stuff in to do some lunch or shall we pop out to the shops and get something?"

"Well, I've got stuff in the fridge and cupboard, but why don't we go out and get something nice, eh? I feel like celebrating. Sexy girlfriend, new job..."I squeezed her waist and then realised what I'd just said. I'd just slapped a huge label on what we had. How did Sheila react to..., ah, she had a huge smile on her face. She leaned in and gave me a kiss.

"Girlfriend, eh?" I shrugged, she beamed at me and we kissed again. After a brief hug we resisted the urge to go back to bed to screw each other again and began to get dressed ready to go the shops.

Sheila headed out just before me, so she could get the car and bring it round. I heard her trotting down the stairs and closing the front door as I slipped my wallet into my jeans, I left my bedsit, locking the door. I was turning to go to the stairs when I heard the click of Marie's door opening, just a fraction. Marie peered out and seeing I was alone, the door opened wider. She was wearing a black, satin dressing gown that came only partway down her thighs. From the fall of her breasts and the bumps of her nipples through the material it looked like that might be all she was wearing. Oh, hell. How would this pan out?

"Hi Marie!" I was surprised at how cheerful and carefree I managed to sound.

"Hi. You alright?"

"Fine, thanks." Okay, so far so good. Marie seemed okay, so I decided to be open with her. I mean, let face it, less than twenty four hours ago we were swapping bodily fluids! "Although to be honest, I'm still in a bit of a spin after last night."

"I can imagine. That was Sheila, right?" Oh, dammit.

"Er, yeah." Marie grinned.

"So, what happened to Belle?"

I blew out a breath through my mouth. Yeah, what about Belle? I thought matters had kind of been taken out of my hands last night and Sheila had said that everything was alright. But I still felt bad about.., well, let's face it. Ditching her for Sheila. But then, if Belle had really been unhappy about what Sheila was proposing, she would have refused to go along with it and probably phoned me up to say something. Right? I dunno... I resolved there and then to ring Belle after Sheila had gone. See how we were. I could at least arrange to meet her for a coffee and talk about what had happened. I realised I'd been stood silent for a couple of seconds and looked up with a small sigh.

"That is a long story." I shook my head, then quickly added "And I will tell it to you later. But for now..." I gestured to the stairs and put on an apologetic expression. "Sorry, Marie, I've gotta go. We're off to the supermarket to get some lunch - can I fetch you anything?"

I felt awkward. How was Marie going to react?

"Yeah, go on. Can you get me two pints of milk please?"

I nodded, looking relieved despite myself. Marie grinned and spoke quietly and quickly.

"Look, I know you've got to go; but just quickly? Two things. One; remember what I said yesterday morning. I'm looking for some fun from life for now, yeah? Well, as far as I'm concerned there'll always be time for us to have some more fun. No strings attached, non-bunny boiler fun. If you're up for it." She flicked her long hair and shrugged her shoulders, her gown 'accidentally' slipping down to reveal her splendid breasts. She glanced down at them, looked up at me and said "Oops." in a totally unconvincing manner. She threw me a grin and a wink, her eyes flickering to the stairwell to make sure we were alone. "And the second thing. If that girl's ever up for a threesome?" I think my heart skipped a beat.

"You mean Sheila?" Marie nodded.

"Count me in. She's cute."

I stood like a dummy for a moment, then got a hold of myself

"I'll remember that."

"Be sure you do. Now then, you'd better go. She'll be wondering where you've got to." Breasts still exposed, Marie brazenly stepped out onto the landing and stopped less than an inch away from me. It took a lot of willpower not to gaze down at her chest, but that point became moot as Marie arched her back and wiggled her hips slightly, brushing first her left breast and then her right against my chest. My cock began to respond instantly. I looked down only to see Marie's breasts retreating. As she stepped back into her room Marie pulled open her gown, fully revealing her breasts, stomach and the 'v' of her crotch. She rolled her shoulders, nudging her breasts with her forearms to make sure I had good look at them. I tore my gaze away and looked up to meet her eyes just as she slowly began to close her door. "I'll look forward to you... telling me your story. Later on perhaps? I'm in all night..." I gazed at her fleeting smile and knowing eyes, which stayed fixed on my own until the slowly closing door cut Marie from my view and locked with a click.

I took in a deep breath, blowing it out through my mouth before starting down the stairs. Good God. Talk about being offered it on a plate. That was an offer that was going to be hard to refuse. And I knew that Marie knew it too. And where had that suggestion come from? A threesome?! The thought of having Sheila and Marie in bed at the same time! My God, I hardened at the thought, then tried to push it away, as I realised walking out to meet Sheila with a boner in my trousers may lead to some awkward questions. Yet the idea wasn't totally implausible either, was it? I mean, Sheila had had sex with Adele. My God, what about her? Adele and I had had sex, Adele and Sheila had had sex, was there any chance that all three of us might...naahh, surely not. But then again, just perhaps... maybe?

With a grin on my face I left the house, striding out into the sun and down the path to where Sheila was waiting for me in the car. As I got in and fastened my seat belt, she grinned as she flicked the radio on.

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