tagBDSMA Weekend with Master Jim Day 01

A Weekend with Master Jim Day 01


Through my many adventures I have been with some amazing Dominants. While I found Master Jim to be rather arrogant at first I found out that there was far more to him than just that. So very much more.

I hope you enjoy it.


As amber and I approached our little airport I could see her getting sadder. It was bad enough that I would disappear on the occasional weekend to be Master's slut, or go on a weeklong vacation with him, but now I was leaving on a 4 day weekend to be with one of Master's good friends. While she was a naturally wonderful submissive and knew she couldn't give me the release I needed to enjoy my developing submissive side, it didn't make her happy to see her wife off knowing I was going to come home fucked and sore early Monday morning. she pulled up to the curb, exiting the car without a word, opening the trunk to get my luggage.

"Sweetie," I said joining her by the trunk and caressing her cheek, "don't be sad. You have a big weekend yourself you know."

"I know Ms." amber replied sullenly.

"Plus, you get to home and get all tarted up," I said raising her chin with my fingers, "you know how you love to put your heels up on the desk and sit in that hot red corset you have on making all those big power deals you do."

The vision of my sissy husband working at home was always entertaining. Today she would return home, remove her skirt and blouse then change her wig to a long blonde curly one, then slip on a pair of red patent leather 5-inch heels before walking into her home office. There in her tight corset, super cheeky boycuts, tan seamed stockings, wig, and long red nails she'd hammer her sales managers on why they aren't meeting their numbers like the power broker she was. Oh, if they could only see her with her caged clitty and shaved body smelling of lavender.

"I know Ms." amber replied showing a glimmer of a smile.

"Then the club tomorrow night," I said kissing her cheek, "and back to Master Max's for some play time. You know he absolutely adores you."

"True." amber replied again. "Try not to have too much fun." amber replied giving me a hug.

"I'll do what I can," I said giving her a tight hug as well, "love you muffin."

"I love you Ms." she replied blushing deeply at my favorite pet name for her.

I picked up my small garment bag and rolling carry on before heading into the airport. This airport had barely 2 terminals but fit my needs perfectly. Unlike prior trips I was dressed far more casually than when I would go to Master's. He would always require I wear business appropriate attire with a "slutty flare" so it would be pencil skirts or a snug dress, 4 or more-inch heels, and stockings but never any lingerie. The TSA guys seemed disappointed in my light Capri pants, windbreaker with a golf shirt underneath, and flip flops. I'd be sure to make it up to them the next time. Instead of a direct flight I made a connection, arriving in the Carolinas just behind schedule. Thankfully I was able to check my garment bag at the ramp and miss baggage claim entirely which meant a speedier exit from the airport. At this point I'd been flying once or twice a month to see Master for just over 18 months, I was a pro at this! I exited the airport and scanned the pickup/drop off area for Jim. At well over 6 feet tall he should be hard to miss. Finding him I walked quickly over to his car meeting him at the open trunk. He quickly grabbed my bags, tossing then into the trunk, before grabbing two handfuls of my ass and lifting me off the ground.

"God I've been looking forward to this!" He said before pushing his tongue into my mouth.

"I can tell," I said as our lips parted, "are you hard already?"

"A bit," he replied proudly as he set me down, "but it'll have to wait, we're behind schedule."

Closing the trunk, we quickly got into the car so he could maneuver his way through traffic. I wasn't sure what I should do at this point, typically, with Master, I'd have a skirt on. He always required that I hike it up after getting in then spread my legs, so he could fondle me. That wasn't the case with my Capri pants, so I sat quietly with my legs slightly spread, just in case. As he drove Jim detailed the day's events. In return for losing at golf, and with the addition of bartering two weekends of slut time with him, Master and I were getting custom golf clubs made by Jim's company. I was actually getting 2 sets because I kept one set at Master's and the other at my home in order to make traveling easier. In addition to the club fitting, Jim had lined up an hour-long lesson with his companies in house teaching pro for me. This was quite a coup, but it was also the reason for my casual dress on my flights. After the fitting, Jim's company was having a dinner banquet at a nearby course and I was to be Jim's date which is why the long weekend started on a Thursday for me. I wasn't going to complain; a set of custom clubs was close to $2000 and we were getting three sets! Arriving at the country club, Jim dropped me off for my lesson then excused himself to get some work done. By the time my fitting was done I'd received a text telling me to head to the bottom floor of the club house and to ask for Cindy. Jim had been, in a couple words, rather gruff and forceful when we first met so I wasn't sure what to make of his text. I doubted there was a lesbian encounter room or glory hole in the basement, so I played along with it. What I would find out when I got there is that Cindy was an amazing masseuse who gave me a full body massage. I left the spa feeling truly wonderful and relaxed. Jim met me in the lobby of the club house then led me outside to his own jet black golf cart which was stylized after the rather elegant BMW he'd picked me up in.

"How did the fitting go?" He asked putting his hand on my thigh.

"Really well," I replied feeling more at ease with his seemingly gentlemanly ways, "the lesson was almost as good as the massage too! Thanks, or both."

"Well after a few hours of swinging the clubs I figured you could use a massage," he replied as he sped down the cart path, "and Cindy is great, I see her two to three times a week."

"I don't blame you," I replied feeling how relaxed my entire body was, "and she's quite stunning too!"

"Are you into girls too?" He looked over at me almost in a state of shock.

"Hell yeah!" I replied enjoying the feeling of bravado that over swept me. "I've been with my fair share too!"

"You are full of surprises, aren't you?" Jim said as he pulled into a backyard just off the fairway parking under a raised deck.

The home was probably 50 yards off the fairway of what must have been the most beautiful golf course I've ever seen in real life. While there were tall pines on the edges of the lot, which offered some privacy and surely some protection from wayward tee shots, there was a wide-open space allowing magnificent views the fairway all the way to the club house. Jim grabbed my bags from the back of the cart then led me inside and upstairs. It was obviously a bachelor pad with a gigantic tv, oversized leather couch, and overall bar like feel to the living room. It was also devoid of a single plant and the art work was nonexistent. At least it didn't have a college dorm feel to it, but it wasn't far removed.

"The bedroom is upstairs to the left," he said with a wave of his arm, "we have a couple hours to kill before the party."

"Okay," I replied still unsure of what to expect, "should I change into something more comfortable?"

"Sure," he said almost brushing off my offer to parade around naked, "but we don't have the same privacy here that you enjoy elsewhere."

"Got it!" I replied before heading upstairs.

There were two bedroom, one he'd converted to an office that was full of pictures of him with famous golfers. The other had a king size bed with black sheets and slate gray walls. It definitely had a cave type feel to it. Next to the bed were equal sized stacks of golf and porn magazines. I had to giggle about his diversified tastes as I put my bags on the massive bed. Thankfully Master had told me about where Jim lived so I'd planned accordingly. At Master's home I could parade around in as little as he wanted, that probably would not work for the country club lifestyle. I couldn't imagine that a foursome of prudes stopping and seeing me shaking my bare tits and displaying my pink dyed landing strip at them would go over very well. Jim had even mentioned in our conversations that he'd already been warned once by his boss about the type of woman he'd brought to a previous function. I pulled out something that would be acceptable from 50 yards or so and changed into it heading downstairs where Jim had moved out to the deck.

"I hope you don't mind," I said stepping out onto the massive deck, "your friend prefers me in heels."

"I can see why!" Jim replied taking a long look up my body. "Nice choice by the way!"

I'd brought a pair of white and bright pink 3" platform slides, then added a bright pink two-piece bathing suit. The triangle cups had small pillows in them to give my pert boobs a nice lift and in adding some serious cleavage, while the bottoms sat high on the hips before plunging barely an inch above my patch. I tied a sheer white scarf just below my waist knotting it on my hip. Turning slowly Jim got to see the back of the thong bikinis with my butt covered with nothing more than the thin, sheer white material.

"Damn!" Jim said as a compliment.

"Thank you!" I replied flashing him a big smile. "You don't mind if I sit on your lap do you?" I asked not really waiting for an answer. "I don't want to get my scarf dirty."

"Ummmm, not at all!" He replied wrapping an arm around my tiny waist while I put mine around his broad shoulders all but daring him to nuzzle my boob.

"Okay, so what gives?" I asked when he didn't take the bait of my all but throwing my tits at him.

"What do you mean?" He asked anxiously.

"Last month you could barely stop talking about me like a piece of meat," I said turning my face to his, "and fucked me so hard I felt it two days later! Now I'm practically throwing myself at you and you're backing down!"

"Sorry," he replied sheepishly and for the first time since I'd met him showing genuine embarrassment, "I'm just nervous about tonight and how things will go."

As it turned out Jim had paid for his last date and didn't pay enough. She got loaded and created a number of issues for him. I reassured him that he'd have no such problems with me and, even though I was there for him to fuck my ever-loving brains out all weekend, I could carry myself smartly in the right environment. He tentatively took me at my word, then I decided to make him feel better. I slipped off his lap moving a chair between our bodies and the golf course beyond.

"There," I said with a grin, "now if a foursome of nuns happens by they'll only see you on the deck!" Positioning myself between his legs I deftly removed his belt, undid his shorts, and with a bit of assistance from him pulled them down to his ankles. "And I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore," I teased as I lifted his hard cock with my right hand rubbing the underside of the head with my thumb, "seems he remembers me!"

"Ohhhhh he does!" Jim moaned as I circled his glistening head with my tongue. "I swear," Jim gasped as I engulfed his cock with my mouth, "you pull this off tonight and you can have all the golf equipment you want!"

I let his cock pop from my lips then licked my way up and down the underside of his shaft making sure to swirl it around his balls a few times before pushing him further.

"I will pull this off tonight," I promised while staring him straight in the eyes and stroking him slowly, "and as a reward you're going to use me any way you want for the rest of the weekend sending me home used and full of your cum! Deal?"

"Fuck!" Jim gasped as I plunged my head down his shaft again. "Deal!"

Massaging his balls with my left hand and stroking just the base with my right, I lavished his shaft with my mouth and tongue like a woman possessed. While I love all kinds of sex my absolute favorite is oral, mostly giving oral. Not only am I good at it, I simply love to do it. Jim was just now finding that out as I pushed my lips further down his super long shaft. While he wasn't fat he was close to 9 inches long so it took all my focus to press my nose against his body. Then I started humming!

"Holy SHIT!" Jim all but jumped out of his chair as I turned my throat into a vibrator.

"You alright over there Jimbo?" Someone called out.

"Oh, what?" To add to his discomfort, I pushed my index finger against Jim's asshole. "Yeah Frank," he nervously replied as I backed my mouth off his shaft, "just dropped my cigar."

"Well be careful over there." Frank laughed.

"You're not even smoking a cigar!" I teased before turning my head sideways to lick the length of his shaft again.

"You sure as fuck don't play fair!" Jim hissed.

"Nope!" I smiled briefly before flicking my tongue over the tip of his swollen head. "And I hope you'll punish the hell out of me for it later!"

"Fucking right I will!

With that Jim grabbed my hair, scooping it up behind my head, before using it like a handle to push my mouth as far down on his shaft as I could go. Lifting me by the hair he repeated the process again and again using my hair to piston his cock in and out of my mouth. There was the Jim I remember! The guy who'd reamed my ass behind a tree on a golf course and made me tug my nips until they ached! Drool spilled out of my lips as he fucked my mouth at a furious pace. I felt so light headed from only being able to take short breaths I was on the verge of blacking out when I felt his balls tense and cock swell. He held me tightly, buried to the hilt inside me, as his cock started to spasm sending wave after wave of white hot lava into me. When he finally let up I pulled back just enough to keep his head in my mouth while inhaling as much air as possible through my nose. One more spurt hit the back of my mouth as I struggled to catch my breath. I swallowed hard then simultaneously massaged the area behind his balls, and the base of his cock while using the tip of my tongue to work whatever cum remained through his shaft.

"You are insatiable!" Jim panted.

"You're not wrong," I quipped, "we all have things we are good at, this is one of them for me!" I finally released his now limp cock, laying it on his abdomen, before continuing. "Is Frank still within view?"

"No, I can't see him," Jim asked looking back from his neighbors direction, "why?"

"Well you don't want me suddenly appearing from directly in front of you," I said slowly standing up while also looking for Frank, "or he'll know I was sucking your cock so well that you had your little outburst." Jim sheepishly agreed that it wouldn't be a good thing as Frank was a coworker as well. "Although," I said leaning forward to give him a kiss on the cheek, "he would probably be jealous and tell all your buddies how I made you scream while sucking you off."

"Oh he'd be jealous alright," Jim replied as his hands slipped into the cups of my bikini top, "his wife is a prude and probably never tasted his cock."

"What a poor soul," I purred as Jim massaged my aching nipples, "maybe you can sneak him over tonight and I'll give him a treat!"

"Uh uh!" Jim continued popping my boobs free of my top, "I'm not sharing you anymore than I already have to!"

"Sounds good to me!" I replied kissing his lips.

Our mouths parted and tongues danced together while he squeezed both of my nipples causing me to moan softly in his mouth.

"I taste good on your tongue!" Jim said as our lips parted.

"You taste better fresh from the tap," I retorted, "do you have a tub? I'd love a bath so I'm silky smooth for after the party."

"Yup!" Jim replied squeezing my nips firmly causing me to close my eyes and groan, "In the master there's a big jetted tub."

"Mind if I use it Sir?" I asked feeling his dominance finally starting to emerge.

"Go right ahead my cock sucking slut," he beamed as he spoke pulling his hands free of my chest with one final tug of my nips, "there's a kit for you upstairs too."

Slowly standing up, leaving my tits hanging free of my top, I turned and arched my back offering my ass to Jim. This time he didn't disappoint delivering two hard smacks to my unprotected backside. I brushed his cheek and chin with my hand, giving him a wink, before heading into the house and back upstairs. On the vanity in the master bath was an enema kit. I let the massive jetted tub fill as I flushed out my insides, then took a nice, long soak. Jim came in and let me know I had 90 minutes to get ready. He kindly handed me a towel, which I used to wrap my hair much to his surprise, before exiting the tub.

"Oh no," I said as he leaned on the counter indicating he wanted to watch me get ready, "you get the whole surprise package tonight, you don't get to see me until I'm walking down the stairs. I want to see I can keep you from looking up my skirt!"

"If you insist." Jim said begrudgingly. "But I'm gonna look up that skirt!"

My small suitcase had puzzled the TSA considerably when they scanned it. I had 5 tops, 6 bottoms, three pairs of heels, hot rollers, a hair dryer and a big make up bag! Certainly not what a woman going away for a weekend would normally pack. I wondered if they'd noticed that I had one bra and one pair of panties? There was also an additional item that I'm sure they scanned a couple times, but I'll save that for later. Hair and make up came first, nothing overly done with the makeup, it wasn't time to look like a cheap hooker after all. My long red hair I put in rollers then pulled back on both sides letting them fall behind my head ending between my shoulder blades. The combs I used to hold my hair in place had crystals and fake pearls adding to the elegance of my look. I added a small necklace with matching details to my hair combs as well as a pair of bracelets. Turning my wedding ring around, that would be tough to explain after all, I pulled my dress from the bag. I put on a nude, lace, strapless bra and put it on then I was on a mission. Thankfully, just as I'd expected, Jim had astro-glide in his end table. I removed the TSA confusing item from my bag, pouring some of the lube over it, before reaching behind me while putting my right knee on Jim's bed to slide the silver metal plug into my ass. Wiggling slightly as the plug seated inside me. To my left was a full-length mirror, I turned slowly revealing the glistening sapphire blue jewel embedded between my ass cheeks. With a smirk I picked up the sapphire blue strapless cocktail dress I'd picked out for tonight which I stepped into pulling up my legs. The dress was snug fitting, but not glaringly so, that fell a couple inches above my knee. I stepped into a pair of 4 1/2-inch sapphire blue heels, then, holding my dress up with one hand, picked up a matching clutch and a pair of suntan stay-up stockings before heading out of the bedroom. The stairway was open to the living room where Jim sat.

"What do you think?" I asked slowly descending the stairs.

"Holy shit!" Jim replied immediately getting to his feet. "I mean you look," he swallowed hard trying to find his words, "amazing!"

"So good you can't even take your eyes away to look up my dress?" I asked as I slowly descended the stairs.

"Yeah, that good!" Jim replied locking his eyes on mine.

"Zip me Baby!" I asked turning my back to him. Jim slowly slid my zipper closed pulling the dress tighter around my torso. I could have done it myself, but this was far more fun. "Now the big decision," I said turning back to face him, "stockings or no stockings."

"Is your ass bare?" He asked pulling me to him with his left and grabbing my butt with his right.

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