tagGroup SexA Weekend With Sinnndy Ch. 1

A Weekend With Sinnndy Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Friday

If you have read my previous stories, you will know that I live on the edge. I enjoy kinky sex, the more the merrier. My life is not like my Las Vegas trip, unless I was a porn star, it would be impossible to have that much sex. Every now and then I go crazy, with the help of my boyfriend Billy. I live a normal life most of the time. I have a job as a personal trainer at a health club. I have great parents; I love them very much and have a great relationship with them. We don't agree all the time, like the fact my dad wants me to go to college, and I want to try something else first. I am in training to enter my first Fitness America contest. I work out every day and have a gymnastics background, my weak point is dance, sure I can shake my thing, but I need to learn how to put it into my routine. I just started working with a choreographer who feels that with a little work, I might be ready in a couple of months. I will not just go out there for experience and embarrass myself; I want to be ready. I'm there mentally and physically; I just need to work on a great routine.

So you see, its not 24 hours a day sex for little sinnndy. I live with my girlfriend Mia, who has a house in a northwest suburb of Chicago called Buffalo Grove. I met her at a bachelor party that I wrote about a couple weeks ago. She was a stripper at the party, and after a wild sex session with Mia and her friends, we hit it off, and have become lovers. Mia is 21, 5-2, about one hundred pounds. When you look at her physical stats, you would think that we have similar bodies, since we are about the same height and weight. You would be wrong, Mia is very curvy, 36C-24-36, where I am 34B,C-22-34. She is part Thai, part Caucasian, very exotic looking, my dream girl. She looks a lot like a busty, curvy Kobe Tai. I'm sure a lot of guys know who Kobe is, she is a very exotic and beautiful porn star.

Mia left home when she was 16, her parents divorced when she was very young, and she hasn't seen her father in almost 20 years. Her mom got remarried to a marine when Mia turned 14. He started trying to molest her right off the bat, and when she told her mom, she would not believe her. Mia's virginity was taken by that scumbag when she was 16, so she took off from California and headed to Chicago. She had a hard time finding a job, and ended up stripping, which she still does. She is very smart, she had straight A's in high school before she left, and received her GED a year ago. She also saved up her money, and purchased the house that we live in.

Buffalo Grove is a nice quiet community. It is not a cheap place to live, so it shows if you can stay out of trouble, and away from drugs, that you can do ok if you put your mind to it. She strips at a club where you do not get naked, but as close to naked as possible. She is also a partner in a company that sends out women to strip at bachelor parties mostly. She also strips for her company on weekends and does quite well. Stripping is not for everyone, Mia never thought she would be able to do it, but she had no choice, at 16, it was either strip, or become a prostitute.

A lot of guys have asked me to set them up with Mia. There are a couple of reasons why I won't. The first is that she is so hot, I feel ugly in her presence, and I think I'm pretty cute. She doesn't need my help to meet guys, and the guys that she has dated in the past were pretty damn good looking. The next reason, is that because of her step-dad, and some of her past boyfriends, she is sick of men right now, so guys, please quit asking me, unless you have a pussy, she just isn't interested. The only guy that she has sex with, is when I am with Billy, and she's really horny. She gets along great with Billy because he is with me and he's not trying to get in her pants, and he also makes her laugh. If she wants to fuck, there is no pressure, and she knows I don't mind sharing him, and I know he doesn't mind sharing me, so it's a really good situation for all of us.

I always wonder why Mia chose me to be her lover. Maybe it's because she likes being a big sister, as she was raised an only child, or maybe it's because I make her laugh, I don't really know why, but I'm glad we are together. She could get any woman she wants, and sometimes does. On occasion, she will bring home a friend from the club she strips at, and I've been at that club, there isn't a dog there. I know that she likes the fact that I'm always there for her, she has been lonely, and didn't have anyone that she could trust, or talk to when she is down. She knows that she can count on me, that I'm not a yes girl, if I think she's full of shit, or wrong about something, that I will tell her so.

Why do I love Mia? Besides the obvious, the fact that she is one of the most stunning women I have ever seen, she is also my first female lover. She puts up with my sex drive, with both Billy, and herself. She understands my need to play, we have an open relationship, and neither of us expects to get married to each other. She is very kind and generous, she is a great person, who has had a rough go, but has remained sweet and innocent and loving. I absolutely adore her; she is my first real female friend. I had friends in high school, but they were so immature and had their own little groups. They were backstabbers, one day they were your friends, the next day they didn't want to have anything to do with you, it was very lame. I don't play games, I tell it like it is, and I do what feels right. Mia is the first woman that I can really talk to about anything; sure I can talk to Billy about a lot of things, he is a great listener, but sometimes you need to bounce thoughts back and forth with a woman.

I apologize if I just put you to sleep, I know my stories are usually one sexcapade followed by another, but I thought it was important to tell you a little bit more information about myself and the people who are important in my life. A lot of people write me asking if my stories are fact or fiction, or if the pictures I post are really me. My answer is if the main character of the story is sinnndy, then you know it's a true story of one of my sexcapades, and yes, the pictures are of me. So what is a typical weekend for sinnndy you ask, well maybe you really don't care, but I will tell you about my weekend two weeks ago.

I went to work at my health club at 7AM. I like going in early, my first appointment wasn't until 9, but I go there to get in some cardiovascular work, and to get stretched out. I was wearing black spandex tights, and a tight black tank top, and while my hair isn't that long, I'm trying to grow it long, it's a little past shoulder length, and I wore it in a ponytail. I stretched for about fifteen minutes, and got on the treadmill, starting out at a nice easy pace, working my way up to the top level. I did the treadmill for about 45 minutes, and then went to the aerobics room and joined in with the step class for 30 minutes. I change my routine almost daily, so I don't get bored, some days I do the Stairmaster and sometimes I ride the stationary bike, and most days I hit the aerobics room.

My first client arrived at 9AM sharp, she's a real nice lady, in her 40's. She started with me two months ago, and was 30 pounds overweight. She is married, and her sex life sucked, you see, when you are with me for any period of time, I will know all about your sex life, and if I feel you can handle it, I will tell you about some of mine. She was a real wimp when we first started, complaining about how hard things were to do. She thought that by having a girl as a personal trainer, that I would take it easy on her, well she was wrong, but is very happy about it now. I taught her how weight train properly, and to forget about diets. Diets do not work, sure you will lose weight, but at some point, you will go off of the diet, right? Then you will eventually put the weight right back on, and then even add some, right? Forget diets, if you eat properly, avoid fast food as much as possible, eat your veggies, chicken and fish, just make an effort, and then add physical fitness to it, I promise you will lose fat and look and feel better.

Linda has lost the 30 pounds in two months; she is 5-7 and 115 pounds for the first time since she got married 20 years ago. I have also helped her revive her sex life, telling her about my love for anal sex, and how to drive her man wild. They never had anal sex before, it was dirty to Linda, as was sucking cock, and of course swallowing cum. We went out to lunch a couple of times, and like I said, I don't pull punches, I got her to realize that what you do with your lover is right, as long as no one gets hurt, unless that's what you are into. They went from once a monther's, missionary style only, to 3 to 5 times a week, different positions, anal sex, and even some displays in public. Their marriage is stronger than ever, and I feel great when I can help people like that.

Most of my clients are like Linda, married, overweight, and trapped in boring, sexless marriages. Now not all women are open to my ideas like Linda was, but I know I have helped spice up a couple of marriages, and at least opened the eyes of all of the women that I train. I have very few men clients, they think, what does this little girl know about lifting weights, I could outlift her any day. Most guys are stronger than I am, and could lift heavier weights than me, but I bet that unless they were gym regulars, and even most of them, could not stay with me when I go through my full routine. My routine is not a long one, only about 90 minutes 5 times a week, but they are intense. I don't stand around and chat, its go go go. I usually work on three body parts a day, 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps, with a little rest in between. I'm not trying to build a lot of muscle, I am trying to shape, tone and condition them.

I had three clients before lunch, and decided to go out to lunch with one of the other trainers, Joe, a studly handsome hunk of a man at 6-2, 210 pounds, medium curly dark brown hair. When Billy isn't around, Joe is my workout partner; he's one of the few guys at the club that can stay with my routine. I push him to go faster, he likes to goof off every now and then, and I reel him back in, and he pushes me to lift more and heavier. He is 25, and has been weight training for years, he even entered bodybuilding contests when he was younger, and did ok, but he would not do steroids. We go out to lunch together a couple of times a week, there is a Japanese restaurant down the street from the club, we go there for sushi, as we are both sushi addicts. Every now and then, we fool around; Billy really likes Joe, and has no problem with me fooling around with him.

On this day, we went to the restaurant, had some tuna and spider rolls, and because we were working, couldn't have any sake or Sapporo. The food was yummy as always, and we ended up having some time to kill. We found a quiet space in a parking lot; Joe put the seats down in his SUV, and we tore our clothes off, as we didn't have time for loving foreplay. Joe has an amazing body, muscles on top of muscles, if I wasn't with Billy, I would probably have dated Joe, which I'm glad didn't happen, because Joe is looking for a long relationship, and I would have only hurt him. He has a really nice cock; it's about 7" long and pretty thick. Joe understands that I'm with Billy, but I know he has the hots for me. We have only fooled around about a half dozen times before, mostly blowjobs, and a couple of quickies.

I grabbed his throbbing manhood, and ran my tongue over his head lightly and teasingly. I was bringing Joe along slowly, he had no idea how kinky I can be, or how rough I like sex, I didn't want to scare him away, so I acted like the inexperienced teenager that he thought I was. I hadn't even deep throated him yet, pretending like he was too big, in fact, I hadn't even let him cum in my throat, making him shoot his load in my face. I would never make a man feel bad by spitting his cum out, to me that's a sign of disrespect. I decided that today, I was going to rock his world. I started licking his shaft up and down, stroking him with a gentle, but firm grip, I then licked my way up his shaft, and placed my mouth over his head, licking and sucking it. I took about half of his cock into my mouth, and started sucking it like I always had, never taking any more in, bobbing my head up and down, while his fingers stroked my hair.

I sucked on just the head of his cock and then shocked him, by taking his whole cock slowly into my throat, the groan that came from his lips was priceless, as was the look of shock on his face when my tongue slithered out and started licking his balls. I looked up at him, and gave him a wink and a playful wave. He had never had a woman do what I was doing to him, but how many men have? I then started sliding my mouth upwards all the way, and then back all the way down, picking up the pace a little, and stroking his cock with my hand. I didn't want him to cum just yet, so I pulled my mouth off of him and pushed him onto his back. My pussy was really juicy, and I mounted him, and slowly eased my pussy down on his cock, guys love the feeling when a woman gets on top, and slowly moves her pussy down. I then started to ride him slowly, all the way up and then slowly down. After a while, I started riding him harder; I had something in mind, and was really going at a fast pace. On one upward move, I accidentally, yea sure, went up too far, and his cock fell out of my pussy. I then straddled him again, and lowered my asshole slowly onto his cock. "Hey sinnndy, I think I'm in the wrong place", he informed me. "Oh really, but it feels really good", I replied, and started to ride him with my ass surrounding his cock. Up and down I rode his cock, with his hands grabbing my hips, thrusting me down hard on his crotch. He rolled me onto my back, his cock still inside of my ass, and placed my legs around his neck, and started drilling into my asshole. This was his first ass fuck, and he was really into it, he could never find a girl to do this with, and it was his biggest fantasy. He was really excited, and didn't last too long, giving me about 10 hard thrusts, a loud groan, and then his body started to spasm as he filled my ass with cum. He collapsed on top of me, his cock still inside of my asshole.

"You've been holding back on me haven't you?" He said. "I didn't want to scare you away, I'm a lot more experienced than I look, and I love having my ass fucked, and you were terrific by the way", I replied. "That's the first time I have ever had anal sex. I loved it, it feels so much different, tighter and its just so dirty, so kinky", he said with a big smile. "You ain't seen nothin' yet. Hey, we better get back, I have a client coming in any minute", I replied. I tried getting up, but he grabbed my legs with his strong hands, and started fucking my ass again. "Hey, we don't have time", I said, but he wasn't listening, he was like a kid with a new toy. He was hard again, and just started drilling my ass. He asked me if he was going too hard, if he was hurting me. I said, "fuck me hard Joe, harder please, I love your cock in my ass, ohhhh fuck meeeeeee". I then grabbed his ass and started pulling him into me on every thrust, digging my nails into his ass. Joe was really pumping hard, he knew we didn't have a lot of time. I left his balls alone, I like playing with a guys balls, it makes them last longer, because they lose their concentration a little. I could see he was close to cumming, his eyes were closed, and he had a real determined look on his face, so I put a finger into my mouth, and placed it into his previously virgin asshole. His eyes and mouth opened wide, and he started filling my bowels with more of his love cream.

We threw our clothes on, and sped back to the club, which was thankfully two minutes away. My next client had just arrived, so I greeted her, told her to hit the treadmill and warm up for 10 minutes, and went to the restroom to clean up. I came back out, and went through my daily routine until 5 PM. I really enjoy what I do, but I wish I could make more money doing it. I enjoy the people I train and work out with, and the innocent flirting that goes on at the club.

After work, Joe and I went through our workout together. It was Friday, and we both had plans, so we cut it down to an hour, but there was no goofing off, it was all business for that hour, we really pushed each other, it was very invigorating. Today was legs, back and abs, we did three different exercises of three sets of 15 reps for each body part. That doesn't sound like a lot, but try doing with the only rest being waiting for your partner to finish, and then moving right to the next set, its very tiring, but it feels great when you are done. We then went to take showers, separately of course. There was a hot leggy blonde in the shower across from me. She had long straight hair, was about 5-9, maybe 120 pounds, in nice shape, but she could use a little help from me to tone up just a little bit. She had nice breasts, about 34C and very firm, and a really nice ass. Those of you who have read my stories know that I am attracted to beautiful women, but that there are two types that drive me crazy, dark exotic women like Mia, and tall leggy blondes.

I tried not staring, but I couldn't help it, she had such a sweet ass, and a nicely trimmed pussy. I just had to check her out, and I know she was checking me out, especially when, with my back to her, I dropped the soap, and bent over to pick it up. I felt her eyes checking me out, and I stayed there for a while, pretending it was slippery, and I was having trouble picking it up. We got out of the shower at the same time, and our lockers were in the same aisle, so I started a conversation. "Hi, I'm sinnndy, I work here. Did you have a good workout?" "I'm Tanya", she replied. "I just started working out for the first time ever, I just don't have a clue of what I'm doing." We talked while getting dressed. She was 27, recently divorced, thankful that there were no children involved. Her ex was 8 years older, very successful, but took her for granted. He traveled a lot and she had a feeling he was cheating on her, and found out for sure when she came home from work one day, and caught him in bed with his 20-year-old secretary. He didn't even stop screwing her when he was caught until he finished his business. She didn't leave him for that, but the third time she caught him, and later that night he beat her up, well that did it for her.

She hired a great lawyer, and after two years in court did very well for herself. She moved out of the city, got a new job as a pharmaceutical salesman, and bought a condo where she now works out of. It was very close to the club, and she decided it was time to start working out, she never had a weight problem, but felt she was beginning to get a little flabby. I told her to come by the club tomorrow at 11, I had an opening, and I would give her a free training session, and if she liked it, she could hire me at a discounted rate. I decided to give her the discount, because I felt bad for her, and I also was very attracted to her. She accepted my invitation, and told me she would see me at 11, and then headed out to her car, as did I.

I went over to Billy's, he wanted me there by 7, and had dinner reservations planned for us at 7:30. We usually eat sushi, but tonight Billy wanted to do something a little different. I wanted a little pre-dinner dessert, but I got to his place at 7, and he didn't want to be late for dinner. Of course, that didn't stop me, because on our way to the restaurant, I unzipped Billy's pants, and with his help, lowered them so I could have access to his stick shift. I completely swallowed his semi-hard stick shift, licking his balls with my tongue, feeling his cock grow in my mouth and throat. Billy was laughing a little bit, and being in no condition to ask why he was laughing, I decided to keep sucking his cock. Billy told me that we were at a stoplight, and my ass was sticking right out at the window, there was a car of young guys pointing and staring at what was going on in the car. I was wearing a short leather skirt, without panties, so these guys were getting a free view of my ass and pussy, of course, that didn't bother me at all. I buried my fingers into my pussy, sliding them in and out, and as the light turned green, the other car drove along side of us. Billy drove slowly, so that they could keep pace with us, as I continued bobbing my head on his cock, stroking it with one hand, while my other hand played with my pussy.

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