tagErotic CouplingsA Welcome Visit Ch. 02

A Welcome Visit Ch. 02


They both fell asleep about 12:30 – they lay so close with her butt up against his tummy, his arm around her holding her naked breast. When she woke up they were still that way and her nipple longed for his fingers to move and make them hard. But then again, that wasn't really necessary she thought to herself, they seem to be hard even if he just looks at her.

She still couldn't get over that he was really here, in her bed, which now was theirs. She took a deep breath and tried not to disturb him. These past few days are going too quickly, he would be leaving in just 2 days and she needed to find a way to detain that!

She turned so that his arm would fall down and she slid out from underneath his embrace. He stirred a little but didn't wake up. She moved quietly and went into the bathroom. She freshened up, brushed her teeth and then went back to bed. She was naked and she loved how he traced and touched every part of her. He was so gentle; he touched her like she's never been touched. Each time he discovered a new place, she shivered and sighed.

She slipped in under the covers and his body was so warm. She thought about snuggling back up into him, but then she decided she wanted to wake him...wake him with her mouth. She moved down on the bed and lightly touching his cock, she saw he was already getting hard. She looked up at him and she was certain that he was still asleep. She took his cock in her hand and with her tongue; she started to make circles around his tip. He moved a little as she took his tip into her mouth and started to suck so gently. His cock started to get harder as the pressure from her mouth increased. She moved more of his cock inside her mouth, sucking him harder and faster. He started to moan and wake up. The thrill of waking him like this made her pussy so wet, her nipples were rubbing up against his leg and she knew that any moment he would be awake.

As he woke up, his hand captured her hair and pulled it back. "Hey," he said groggily "you are making me hard."

She nodded her head in agreement and increased her pressure around his cock. He started to moan and move under her mouth and pulled her hair tighter. He wanted to reach down and touch her nipples and try to finger her pussy, but she shook her head no.

She released his cock and looked up at him saying "No touches, you let me concentrate and make love to your cock."

He reluctantly agreed and relaxed to enjoy all the sensations that her mouth was inflicting upon him. He couldn't help but get lost in the feeling this woman he loved so much was giving him. He never ever had anyone like her want him so much, so desperately and treats him like he was the only man in the world.

She moved her mouth back down on his cock and once again got the rhythm back of up and down, harder and faster to make his cock grow so hard and big. She sucked him in as far down as her throat as she could, her lips were now touching his balls and his belly. As she continued to suck, he just kept moaning and telling her how great she felt making love to his cock.

Her hands moved up his belly and her mouth had taken his hard shaft completely inside her mouth. She could feel his tip in the back of her throat and she just sucked, sucked as hard as she could. She loved the way his shaft felt on her tongue and she loved the taste of his pre-cum as it was trickling down the back of her throat. She wanted him to explode, so she could taste again all his hot cum, but she didn't want him to cum yet...she wanted to take her time and get him right at the edge.

Her hands found his balls and as she touched them so gently he moaned louder. She released his cock from her mouth and moved down to suck his balls so lightly and so gently like she knew he liked; then she lifted his cock up straight and licked the patch of skin under his balls. He loved it when she did this to him, just only a few days ago she did this to him for the first time and god the feeling and excitement that this gentle touch with her soft tongue gave to him made him shiver with delight all over.

She stopped her licking and again looking up at him she smiled and sat up. She took her breasts into her hands and asked him to watch. She caressed her breasts and played with her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard and she lifted her breast to her mouth and sucked on her nipple, making circles around and around and then sucking back down on them again. Then she did the same thing to her other breast. He tried to reach for her and she just shook her head no...then she said "watch me".

She got up on her knees and played with her pussy lips, opening them for him to see. He groaned as his cock moved for her and she put two fingers inside her pussy. She then played and rubbed her clit and made herself so wet. She wanted to just mount him and let him explode inside, but she was feeling selfish this morning and wanted to swallow his hot cum.

She fingered herself as he watched her touch herself, playing with herself making his cock rock hard. God he thought, I need to touch her.

As she fucked herself with her fingers, she couldn't resist any longer and she came, rolling orgasms quaked through her body and he watched her pleasure herself over and over. When she was silent again she moved along side of him and put her ass up high for him to see her wet pussy from behind. He reached to fuck her pussy with his fingers and as he did, she recaptured his hard cock and took it all the way down her throat. She sucked and sucked and pumped him hard. He fucked her fast and furious with his fingers and just as she was about to explode again from his touches, he said "are you ready for me?" "I'm going to explode violently down your throat".

She shook her head yes and just as she did; he released his hot, thick spunk down her throat. She sucked and sucked and tasted every single drop. She swallowed him hard and as she did, he moaned so loud. He could feel her muscles pulling all his cum down her throat. She kept drinking him; he could feel his cock being drained.

"Oh, my god" he said out loud "Oh, baby what you do to me" as he ran his fingers through her hair, pulling it back to see how her mouth fit around his cock. "God, I love you" he softly whispered.

She released his cock and looked back at him. She moved up towards his chest and nibbled on his nipples, still holding his cock with her hand. She leaned down and gently kissed his mouth. She then moved down and took his cock back in her mouth and licked him gently to clean up all the cum that was on the tip and shaft. He sat up a little and pulled her back to him, quickly his moves had her on her back and he spread her legs wide. He captured her pussy lips in his mouth and sucked so gently. She moved under his touches and let him devour her pussy with his tongue. He gently rubbed her clit till it popped out and then licked it so gently, sucking down on it. Then he fucked her hard with his tongue and before she knew it, she exploded all over his tongue. Her body was jerking with pleasure as he keep his finger on her clit and the once again the rolling orgasms were happening and after each explosion she cried out with pleasure. He reached up and found her nipple and played with it while her orgasms began to calm down. He moved up and sucked down on her nipple as if he was her child nursing for her nectar. Then he took her other breast and treated her other nipple equally as he did the other.

As he looked up into her face, again she had another orgasm; he was pleased with himself discovering that he could make her cum just by playing with her sensitive, beautiful nipples.

He loved making love to her. He thought about all the times on the internet, using the CAM and getting to know each other. Not in his wildest dreams did he realize how much he would love her till he arrived just a few days ago. Now the decision to leave was going to be so, very hard.

She smiled at him and all he could do was kiss her mouth, and then hold her close into his body. She heard his deep soft whispers of his love for her and her eyes filled with tears. She too realized that he would be leaving and how was she going to handle that day?

But right now, all she wanted was to feel him close as close as she could get to him and hold him. As if he knew what she was thinking, he laid down on his back and pulled her to him. He loved the feeling of her naked body against his, the way her breasts fell across his chest and once again with soft strokes to one another, they fell back to sleep.

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