A Wet Reunion Ch. 02


Seeing this, I forgot my fatigue and moved down between her legs, my tongue joining her fingers in her slit. I licked up and down her labia for a minute or so, and then circled her little nubbin a few times before gently squeezing it between my lips. Her moan told me that she appreciated what I was doing, and a generous flow of clear juice from within told me she really loved it. I continued to pleasure her in this way until I felt a larger flow coming from within her, and then engulfed her pussy with my mouth as she let a stream of delicious pee escape from her body. She had the flavor of honey and lemon, which I knew was not by accident. Sheila and Sandy had left explicit 'menus' for my drinks, and I'm sure that Leilani had similar instructions.

No, her pee wasn't exactly like honey and lemons, it was still pee with its salty touch and musty smell, but you could definitely tell that she had worked to get that hint of flavor. Whatever she was drinking, it made for a delightful cocktail of scent and taste which I drank with delight. She squirmed and squealed as I sucked her dry, my fingers exploring her nether region and down to her puckered star. Pushing the tip into her backdoor I felt an intake of breath, and then was treated with another gush of different, slipperier fluid that escaped from the writhing woman. I pushed my now well lubricated finger farther into her and was rewarded with a small yelp as she pushed down on the exploring digit, encouraging me to delve deeper.

I obliged her by pushing into her rectum as far as I could, all the time sucking on her wet vagina. She squealed and squirmed some more, grasping my head and pushing me against her vulva as she experienced a series of small orgasms.

Her reaction, the hot tightness of her sphincter around my finger and the scent that emanated from within her had me hard and ready again, and I wasted no time putting that hardness to good use. Moving up her body I licked and sucked her flesh, stopping at each nipple to kiss and suckle before covering her mouth with mine, at the same time guiding my now very hard cock into the velvety warmth at the apex of her writhing body. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock was incredibly luxuriant, and her body moved to meet mine with unbridled enthusiasm. Her breath was coming in gasps as I began to stroke in and out of her slippery heaven, pushing as deeply as I was able to and then pulling out until just the tip of my cock remained between her lips. I kept these strokes up as long as I could, and then changed tactics when I felt my balls start to react to the stimulation.

Pulling out of her was difficult, but I managed to do so and rolled her over, lifting her buttocks up as she pressed her head into the mattress. Her pleasure zone was there for the taking, and I dove in post haste. I spread her ass cheeks and slid my tongue up and down her crack before making a point and pushing into her tight butt. She squealed in delight as I slid my middle finger into her glistening pussy, palm out and digit curved toward that certain area that I had discovered a little earlier, just below and behind her clit. She let me know I had found the right place with her moans, so I continued to rub back and forth on her G-spot while teasing her butthole with pointed tongue.

My tactics were paying off, and she was soon buzzing with pleasure as I brought her to yet another orgasm, and then another. This girl was insatiable, taking everything I offered and seemingly wanting more. My tongue was soon too tired to continue, so I moved up behind her and pushed my cock between her folds, replacing my exhausted tongue in her tight little butthole with a pinky finger, pushing it all the way into her as I began to fuck her from behind.

Leilani reached back on an outstroke and grasped my slippery shaft, sliding the head up and down her crack, and then placed it right against her tiny dark opening.

"Put your cock in my asshole Rick, I want you to fill me up" she almost growled, looking back at me with a wild, sex crazed expression on her lovely visage.

Not one to argue with a beautiful lust crazed woman, I pushed forward as she moved back to me. Alas! Her hole was slippery, her body was willing, but her sphincter was just too tight, and I couldn't slide in. I wasn't so sure that she was really up for this until I heard her pleading voice.

"Do it Rick, I want you in my asshole so bad, I can take it. Please, please just give it to me" she begged. "I need it now!" she almost shouted, her voice not matching her dainty body.

No longer questioning her resolve, I redoubled my efforts until I felt her open slightly, and when she pushed back against me the head of my cock was finally in!

Oh, the delightful heaven of her tight butt! I felt like my cockhead would burst from the pressure of her squeezing ring, and lay there still for a moment to accustom myself to her darkest region. She would have none of that though, once her wrinkled hole was penetrated, she wanted more of my man shaft. She flexed her sphincter to open herself to me, and pushed her hips back, encouraging me to fill her with flesh. Her undeniable hunger stoked my fires and I happily obliged it, pressing my hips forward as I held onto hers, driving my cock deep into the depths of her squirming body.

A squeal of delight reassured me that she was more than happy to take all of me, and so I pressed hard until my balls were resting against her swollen pussy lips. She reached between her legs and pressed them into her slit, actually penetrating her vagina with my testicles. What a sensation that was! Holding still I allowed her to control our movement, the squishy wetness of her pussy around my balls contrasting with the tight pressure on the base of my cock. She began to make slow, tight circles with her hips, and I followed her motions with mine, all the while pressing hard against her to maintain this delightful never-felt-before sensation. She held my balls inside of her for a few rotations before letting go to return her hand to the mattress for support. My now juice coated sac slipped from their warm embrace as I began to slowly slide in and out of her dark depths.

"Fuck my ass Rick, you fill me so!" Leilani gasped, turning her head to look at me as she encouraged me to stroke in and out of her back hole. "Your ass is so tight Leilani; you're squeezing my cock so hard it may burst!" I answered, all the while stroking in and out of her viselike grip. I reached around her to stimulate her pussy as I continued to pound into her, my balls slapping against her nether lips each time I bottomed out against her ass cheeks. Spreading her sopping lips I dipped my middle finger into her, sliding it back and forth against her G-spot while using my other hand to tease her swollen clit.

"Yes, yes that feels so good Rick, please don't stop, fuck me, rub me, fuck me!" she begged, swirling her hips as she pushed back hard against my body.

I continued to pummel her ass with reckless abandon as I pleasured her pussy with both hands, but the heat of her passion had stoked my fires to near the boiling point. I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer, and I warned her that I was near. With a little grunt and a long moan she pushed back even harder to help hasten my exhilaration. I pumped into her one more time, two more, and three more, until the fire overtook me and I could hold back no longer. Pressing deeply into her body, my balls flexed and my pulsing cock shot a stream of seed into her depths, firing shot after shot of hot crème inside of her welcoming cavern. Once again she reached between us and pulled my creaming balls between her pussy lips, pressing them inside of her as they emptied their lustful contents into her fiery rectum. It felt like a bolt of electricity was coursing through my body from head to toe as I transferred seed from my testicles to her dark depths. Squirming and writhing in front of me she let out a scream as her own orgasm overtook her, her climax sapping all of her remaining strength as she collapsed on the mattress, my sweating, panting body atop her, both of us working to regain our breath.

"You're one amazing woman Leilani" I declared between gasps.

"You are too Rick. It's been a long time since anyone has made me feel this good" she answered, puffing out her words with effort. "I hope we get a chance to do this again" she added.

I was reluctant to pull my softening member from her dark warmth, but I knew I would only be able to hold myself above her on my elbows for a short time longer. With a sigh I began to lift up when she stopped me.

"Wait" she asked, pushing her body up against me to help maintain our coupling. "I was hoping you had something more for me" she added.

"Darlin', I'm afraid I'm all in for a while, and even your beautiful ass isn't going to put any iron in my staff for some time" I returned, settling back down into her despite what I'd just said.

"I wasn't talking about more iron in your staff, I was talking about anything left in your bladder".

"You mean you want me to?"

"Yes, please let me feel your hot pee in my ass" she affirmed.

"Okay, I'll try my best for my Beautiful Flower."

I fought my body's natural reaction to hold the flow in, allowing a few drops to creep into her depths, and soon I relaxed enough to start a respectable stream in her rectum. This was yet another new sensation for me, and one that I'd gladly repeat in the future. The combination of her moans of pleasure and the squeezing heat of her cavern was unique and quite pleasurable. I continued to empty my bladder into her rectum until I was all out of pee, and then I collapsed on Leilanis' writhing body, all of my strength sapped by the effort and extreme pleasure of pissing in this beautiful woman's ass. All of this pleasure took place within a few hours; I was very curious to see how the next few days would unfold. Leilani was the beginning of an ultra sexy and erotic adventure, and I was anxious to continue. Nevertheless, our bodies needed bathing and rest, so to that end we headed to the bath. After a long and delightful shower filled with kisses and nibbles, we headed back to the bedroom hand in hand. Miraculously, the room was completely cleaned from wall to wall, with all new bedding and freshly scrubbed floors. I'm not sure how that was accomplished in such a timely manner, and at the time I couldn't have cared less. We were both exhausted and fell into the fresh linen to cuddle and gain some much needed rest.


This marks the end of the second installment of "A Wet Reunion." It's been a while since I've made the time to write, but if there are enough votes and comments I'll do my best to make time to continue this Hawaiian Adventure. Thanks in advance for your comments.


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