tagInterracial LoveA Wife Taken In Adultery Ch. 04

A Wife Taken In Adultery Ch. 04


I made my way across the parking lot and up to the bar door. I hope I'm able to pull this off. As I opened the door two men walked out and gave me a smile. I tried not to look them in the eye.

I guess if they smiled I must look somewhat good. I walked in, the bar was dark and I just stood there for a moment for my eye's to adjust to the dark. I slowly made my way over to the bar and sat on a stool as I glanced around to see if I could see Cindy and her boss Randy.

The bar tender was making his way toward me. "Can I help you Miss?" I waited a moment to answer him, than tried my best to sound like a woman. "Yes, a seven-seven please." He than walked away to fix the drink. I kept looking for my wife with her boss but still couldn't see them.

The man behind the bar came back with my drink and laid it down on the bar where I had set a twenty dollar bill so I wouldn't have to say anything to him. He came back with the change and sat it down. Than I saw them. They were in the far corner in a both setting next to each other and talking.

I saw a table not far from them where I could see them. I got up and walked that way. As I walked in there direction, Cindy got up and walked toward me, her ass wiggling as she walked away from Randy. She walked right pass me and smiled as she passed. I can't believe I just did this! My own wife didn't even recognize me! I made my way to the table I saw from the bar and sat down. I glanced over at Randy, he was on his cell phone laughing about something. I remember how big this guy was. About 6' 7" tall with broad shoulders. I mean huge!

Cindy was walking back from the lady's room her ass still swaying as she walked. She seemed to be putting more sex appeal into her walk tonight. Her dress was tight and I could see every curve in her nice figure. Her swell of her ass and her small waist to her full breasts. I was married to this woman and here I'm in a bar dressed like a fag watching her set with this big monster of a guy.

When Cindy sat down, she scooted in toward Randy. Randy pulled her to him and she put her arms around him and they kissed for what seemed like 5 minutes only I knew it was really only seconds but this was my wife he was kissing. I noticed his right arm was around my wife and his hand was cupping her breast and it looked like he was giving it a gentle squeeze.

They were talking, I wasn't close enough to hear what was being said but what ever it was, Cindy was looking deep into his eye's. He had her full attention for sure! I could make out her left hand below the table on his lap. Cindy was stroking his leg from what I could see. As I kept my eye on them, Randy tilted his head down and toward Cindy's face and again they were locked in a passionate kiss. This time I could tell there tongues were busy. Cindy's mouth was open and I could tell she was sucking tongue with Randy. Randy had also reached around and had his hand inside her cleavage as they kissed.

They kept up the kissing and the talk was soft where I couldn't hear. Cindy was giggling and now holding his big hand in hers. I kept thinking to myself that this was going to far. Cindy is my wife and how could she be setting with this guy looking so passionate with him when it was only supposed to be fantasy fun! Or was something else going on between the two of them I didn't know. I glanced again and they were both making there way out of the booth and heading for the door. I got up as fast as I could in these heels and followed my way out the door. I expected them to head over to a room but they were heading straight for his car.

I walked as fast as I could getting in my car and trying to keep my eye on where they were headed. He backed out and pulled into the street. I followed keeping my distance from his car. I couldn't see anyone in the car but Randy and wondered where Cindy was. Than I realized, she must be giving this guy head while he drove. The little bitch! She wouldn't even do that for me all these years, said it was too risky.

I wasn't sure where they were headed but than the car turned into a townhouse complex. This must be where Randy lives I thought to myself. He pulled straight into a garage that he must have opened with an opener. Great, now there inside and what I'm I going to do now? I watched a light go on in the front room. I better get this car parked somewhere and maybe walk over toward his house and see if I can make anything out inside.

I got the car parked just on the road outside of the complex and made my way across the street toward Randy's place. At least it was on one floor. Being dark outside at least they wouldn't see me out here. Hey, maybe I can go around the back and see if I can find a window or something to look into. Hopefully I don't get my ass caught out her. Dressed as a woman too, they lock me up for sure.

I found my way to the back of the place, nobody seemed to be home next door but I could see the lights on at Randy's place. There were two door walls that could open to a single patio. The lights were all off out here so maybe I could get closer and look inside.

Yes, there was Randy setting on a sofa in his living room. I couldn't have been more than 15 feet from him. Hopefully he doesn't notice anything outside and turn a light on. I'd be fried than! Why was he just setting there by himself? Where was Cindy? In the bathroom, of coarse silly. Maybe she's in there trying to call me at home from her cell phone or something. All of a sudden the lights dimmed like someone turned down the lights. I saw Randy look toward another room, must have been a hallway.

I stared but couldn't believe what I saw coming out of the doorway. Cindy had on a half bra that only held her full breasts up and out, a garter belt with hose and 5 inch spike heels. I could clearly see her shaved pussy from out here as she slowly walked toward Randy smiling and moving her body very seductively. She walked her way around the sofa and sat right on his lap putting her arm around his neck and kissing him passionately. His arm was around her the other stroking her thigh. She looked so hot right now I wanted to just walk in there and pull her on the floor and fuck her right there.

Not in a woman's dress I wasn't, that's for sure! I just watched the show. Cindy had sat right on his lap and Randy had full access to my beautiful wife as I watched. If only they knew I was watching.

Randy put his arm around her back and the other around her legs, got up with Cindy in his arms and walked toward that hallway. I knew they were headed toward the bedroom. I walked toward the other door wall and I could look right in. There was a light on but not very bright but I could make out everything in the bedroom just fine. Only this time there was a window open next to the door wall and I could hear everything inside the room.

Randy had walked into the room and sat on the bed with my wife in his arms. He than got up carrying her up again and placing her gently on the bed. He sat back down and Cindy started to unbutton his shirt. I could hear her say, "darling I want you inside me so bad tonight." She had got all the buttons loose and Randy slid the shirt to the floor. She unbuckled his pants and he got up and pulled of his pants along with his shorts. His massive cock was standing at full erection and pointed at my lovely wife on the bed.

Next came the socks, than he slowly got down on the bed toward the end and lifted my wife's legs up and dipped his head down into her muff to suck on her pussy. "Oh god darling its so good, your tongue is so hot inside me." Randy kept sucking Cindy's pussy, I could hear the slurping sounds he was making on my wife's pussy. I was getting hard as a rock watching this.

Cindy was moaning, "Oh yes my darling, you lick me so good." She was on fire, I could see her ass bucking up to meet his tongue as she squirmed and moved her ass in a rhythm to his tongue. His big hands were holding her legs up wide in the air as he sucked on her pussy. "Please honey, I need you inside me now"! At that moment Randy got up on his knee's and got into position between my wife's legs as he still held them up.

"Reach down my little slut and put your hands around my cock and put it where you want it for me" Cindy wasted no time doing as he said and grabbing his cock with her small hands and placing it at the entrance to her shaved mound. I could make out every little detail but his cock was so big it looked as if Cindy was holding a baseball bat up to her pussy and was ready to guide it inside.

I could clearly see his cock as it entered Cindy's now very wet pussy. At first he pushed only the head and perhaps two inches in. Cindy's ass was moving up to him, urging him deeper into her. Randy was fucking her with only a few inches of his cock when he suddenly plunged his entire cock into my wife. His balls, again much larger than mine, slapped against Cindy's ass as he began to fuck her harder. My heart was really racing now.

I could hear Cindy. "Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God Fuck me!" I felt my balls tighten and my own cum began to shoot as I watched the couple before me. It was truly beautiful watching my wife enjoy being power fucked by this huge black monster. I wanted them to continue but Randy's body stiffened and he pushed himself as deep as he could into Cindy. I knew he was depositing his huge load in places much deeper that I ever had. His body kept contracting as he held himself deep inside my wife and held her legs up with his big hands.

It was clear that Cindy was enjoying being fucked by Randy because she was having one orgasm after the other. I saw their combined juices, thick and white, on the shaft of Randy's cock as he fucked in-an-out. He than held Cindy and laid down on the bed and pulled her on top of him without letting his cock slip out. I could still see thick amounts of his cum as it leaked out around his massive shaft still fucking my wife. He hadn't even gone soft yet!

Cindy had leaned straight up with his cock buried deep inside her belly and just rotated her as in circular motions as he reached around to cup her ass. He lifted my wife up like a little doll as he positioned her up and down on his massive shaft. Her tits were shaking and he leaned up to suck each one into his mouth. Cindy leaned down and kissed him on the lips. I could see her tongue deep inside his mouth. When she lifted up I could hear her say" "keep fucking me forever darling, I don't want you to ever stop". My heart just sank, this was supposed to be a fantasy for our mutual pleasure but now things seem to be going in a different direction than I would have ever imagined.

I looked back and Cindy was laying on her side with Randy behind her with his cock still stuffed inside her pussy. His big hand was on her as sort of guiding the motions of her ass.

Cindy was concentrating on the sensation of that long thick cock moving in her, out of her, creating a vacuum, sucking. . . They were both looking between them, and I could see, too, as his erection moved out, glistening, wet, wet from her, went from spreading her, from being in her. . . I watched the muscles on his body tense, as he positioned one of her legs, then the other, up, so that they were along his torso, on his shoulders, and he moved into her again. . . That position allows the deepest penetration -- her "Ohhh!" confirmed that. The thrust rocked the bed. And he thrust into her, again, and again. Her eyes were closed -- mouth open -- arms holding his hips, but not stopping him.

"Cindy, watch down there when I fuck you" he commanded. I saw her head lift, so that she could look down, and we both saw that rod moving in and out, hips flexing, her hands on his chest, feeling him move in her. "I've got some bad news for you" he said after a few minutes -- they had been in bed, having sex, for what seemed to be a long time. My wife, under him, fucking him, now enjoying each movement, asked "what's that?" "When I get close to coming, like I am now, I get hotter, and longer, and thicker." "Good." Then, she was silent, concentrating on the sensations. "Can you feel it?" "I can!" "I can't hold back much longer. . ." "Good, don't hold back, you can come.. . ." "Put your hands down there. . ." Cindy did. "Spread yourself for me, touch me . . . . ." Cindy was doing that. I could see that she was excited by the idea, her hand was moving in time with his body, and then she said "I can feel it getting bigger. . ."

Each movement exposed and then concealed his glistening shaft, his balls were slapping against her, and his motions became stronger, the bed was rocking, as his hips flexed, until he went rigid -- deep in her "I'm sorry, I can't hold off anymore, you're too exciting -- feel me come!" "I can feel it, its hot. . ." and she shuttered, bucking for a minute. He was still, not moving, just pressing into her, for those moments while he filled her, pumping into her, satisfying himself, releasing himself. He began making a few gentle motions, pushing his deposit deeper, continuing for a gentle, almost a loving few minutes, then stopped, still deep inside my wife.

Finally, he rolled off her, trailing moisture, trailing a thread of what he put there, white, stringing from the end of his cock.

Randy had cum twice inside my wife and he was still rock hard and as big as he was before they started fucking. Cindy just lay there and sort of rolled on to her back. I could hear the suction from her pussy which must have been Randy's massive load of seed sliding around in her belly. Thank god she's on the pill.

I could hear them talking again. "Darling if you want to bring that metal tub you bought over to my house this weekend we'll try it on him and see if it fits." Metal Tube? I wondered what they were talking about? "Honey, it looked pretty small are you sure it will fit him?" Randy than spoke while giving a slight laugh,"just you wait and see, it'll fit him just fine, its made to fit tight around his cock and it will lock with just the head of his little prick sticking out." Cindy was smiling now. " You mean he won't even be able to cum with it on?" That's right honey, only if I allow it!" I could hear Cindy giggle, they were talking about putting some kind of metal tube on my cock!

"Honey, I better get dressed and have you take me back to my car before Bob starts to wonder where I'm." Randy laughed, "Just call him from here and tell him your getting fucked by a real man and you'll be home tomorrow." Cindy laughed, I couldn't believe it! "Oh Randy, I better get home before he starts to worry about me."

Randy said to my wife, "Don't wash up, just get dressed and let him smell me inside you tonight". With that, Cindy was getting dressed only this time putting the clothes on she had left the house with this morning.

I thought to myself, I better get moving if I'm going to get home before she does. With that I reluctantly walked away from the door wall still thinking about the things they had said.

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