tagLoving WivesA Wife Watching Fantasy, Too Far Ch. 02

A Wife Watching Fantasy, Too Far Ch. 02


As we got to the room, I swiped the key card into the lock, the light turned green, and in we went. The room was filled with our familiar smells, Janet's perfume, the smell of fabric softener on our hanging cloths, and completely smoke free. It was like we were transported back into our comfortable existence and all was forgiven. Problem was though, my system was so jacked up with a carnal need to release a breeding shot of my own, I couldn't help myself.

I forcefully grabbed Janet and began kissing her more intensely than ever before. She instantly began trying to push me away murmuring "No fucking way. Not after all this."

As she said it, I forcefully held her arms and walked her backward towards the bed. She then used her strength pushing against me saying "Stop this shit, Scott. We're not doing this."

I have no idea what got into me at this point. I grabbed the top of her dress and tore it down to her hips. As I did, I instantly grabbed the sides of her panties and after forcefully tugging twice, ripped them completely off of her. The second I did, she began slapping at me, as I threw her onto the bed. I landed directly between her legs, and already had my shorts pushed down.

For a split second, I glanced down and saw her still glistening come infused pussy. I then quickly positioned my cock with one hand, as she put her hand down to her crotch fighting me. As she did, I slammed my cock all the way inside her as our bodies smacked together. In that instant, my erotic high was heightened a thousand times more. I couldn't believe how slick and effortlessly I slammed all the way inside her vagina. Immediately my body hit hers as I felt my nuts on her cool ass.

I quickly realized I wasn't feeling the back of her vagina at all. I had always been able to feel that last bit of "This is a far as it goes."

It was like my cock was floating inside a warm semen filled, loose stranger. Janet let out something halfway between a scream and a moan as I began insanely fucking her. The second I pushed with all my might, she took her hands from my arms, and moved them to my ass. We were kissing and fucking like the human race depended on it. I could feel her vagina on my cock, but there was a thick layer of semen churning inside her with my thrusts. In fact for a split second I imagined every one of my thrusts was plunging more of his semen inside her uterus.

I then began speaking out of my head, uttering "Oh my God you just got nailed... I loved seeing you take it... I can't believe another man shot his load deep inside you. I can't believe you took that entire giant cock."

Janet didn't say a word she just became unbelievably aggressive. She began gritting her teeth and fucking me as much as I was fucking her. Before this event, we were probably much like the pioneers of old I had mentioned earlier when it came to lovemaking. I mean every now and then we got frisky, and tried to turn one another on in our own way, but I finally realized we never really fucked. I mean hard slamming, sweaty, semen covered, animalistic, fucking.

As we slammed one another into oblivion, I again began with "Did you like that huge cock? When he shot his first strong jet of semen, did you feel it shoot inside you?"

At first she didn't reply at all. She simply continued insanely fucking me. Then out of the blue, she said out of breath "God, it was really big, did you see how big? Yes. I did feel him squirt himself inside me. It was almost as if you took, I don't know, one of those turkey broth basters. You know, the ones that look like a huge eye dropper, the ones with the big rubber bulb? It felt like someone stomped on the bulb, and a warm liquid squirted against my cervix. It was odd, I could actually feel the end of his penis jolt and bounce inside me when he was ejaculating. I had never felt that before. I know it sounds weird, but as horrified as I was that he was shooting sperm inside me, I could feel a tingling in my uterus, and I caught myself pushing him deeper inside me. I was so confused. I wanted to cry. I wanted you to stop it. I didn't want you to stop it. I wanted it to be a nightmare and wake, and... I know you'll hate me, but I wanted him to come inside me when I sensed him getting close to coming."

I just about lost my mind as I begged, "Tell me more. Tell me. God! Keep going!"

She continued panting in a strained voice with "AHH God Yes... I, I, FFFF -- ELT, it gush deep inside me... It was ssso, so warm... Ya, You, You know I'm still, carrying part of him inside me... I have, his, semen inside my vagina and uterus... His Dick, it seemed to, it felt like it... It felt like it made me ovulate, and that's what worried me the most... MY, GOD... After he began to come I just wanted to scream and push my ass against him."

Now, Janet in her wildest hallucination would have never spoke this way. I must admit, It was both turning me on, and erotically freaking me out. Janet being in the medical profession got a little biological in her explanation, and sometimes causes me to do the same with my recounting, but to me it was like sexual nectar to my ears, like a sexual pin was pulled from some sort of mental grenade within me. I had hit an entirely new level of sexual eroticism.

It was like having sex for the very first time, only intensified a thousand fold. I was so close to total and complete ejaculatory bliss, I couldn't see straight. Janet continued fucking me and saying all manner of things. I noticed however as she spoke, she began forcefully flexing her ass and hips against me harder and harder, with her voice straining more and more. Her legs began to violently tremble as she pushed and grinded her ass off the bed trying to take me in deeper. The sight of semen glistening all over her pussy and inner thighs was breathtaking. My cock and nuts were soaked with this taboo sexual cocktail.

I wasn't absolutely sure what was going on with her, but I loved it, and so did she. She went on and on with unbelievably erotic and incredibly strained gasps repeating, "Oh my God, he fucked me. He, He, AHH-GGOD, he fucked me, Baby. Another man came inside my, my body... He fucked me in front of you... He inseminated me in front of you and his wife."

Just as the last utterance left her lips, she screamed and then forcefully lifted her ass off the bed, putting a psychotically tight death grip on my ass. Her entire body went bone crushingly rigid as she held her breath. I didn't even know this woman. It was as if I should call a priest and have her exorcised. This was in no way my Janet, the woman I married..

I thought she would snap her spine the way she forcefully arched her back. Her eyes rolled back in her head, as she screamed like possessed woman in this wildly deep, yet feminine roar. It was more like an animal, than my wife. She again began tensely, damn near growling with finally, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... MMM, MMMM, MMMM, MMMM, MMMMMMYYYYYYYY GOD, OOHH MY GOD, NOOO FUCKING WAY.... AHHH FUCK.... MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"

She began panting and gritting her teeth like an animal. I quickly shoved with all my might, and instantly exploded with a massive, thick jet of seed, deep inside her already sexually dilated and fertile vaginal canal. My cock was pulsing so hard, it felt as though it was being electrically and violently shocked. I absolutely saw stars.

Janet's vagina convulsed with muscular contractions unlike anything I had ever even heard of. The first few seconds into it, she expelled a warm liquid from her vagina that hit my scrotum and ran down my nuts, coinciding with the convulsive and explosive contractions around my cock.

Neither of was prepared for what was happening. Janet, for the first time in her life was having a genuine, explosive, emotional, full body orgasm. I'm not sure at all how long this went on, as we were both about to utterly pass out from ecstasy overload. Time seemed to stop. Janet held onto her orgasm for what had to be several minutes, well after I was drained of semen. It just kept coming over her in waves. As I ran my hands down her legs, I could feel that she actually had goose-bumps all over her legs as it was happening.

At times she would simply stop breathing, and arch her neck and back forcefully into the pillow and mattress. As she did this, she would gasp for air, tense up, and do it all over again. Her vaginal muscles were in a wildly clinching spasm.

This absolutely let me know that, even women who think they've had an orgasm? Might not have had a real one, a genuine one, during sex. I mean a true bone crushing orgasm. Now, even Janet would get off on her toy at home, but this was entirely and in every way different. Her body and soul had an orgasm.

It let me know that there is so much more to an orgasm than physical stimulation. Yes, a woman can orgasm from physical stimulation time and time again, but the mental side must be engaged to have a volcanic orgasm. An orgasm that leaves both the husband and the wife almost catatonic.

We laid there for at least five minutes saying nothing, we had too both physically and mentally. It was a very necessary recovery period for both of us. Janet panted for several minutes after her orgasm finally wound down. Occasionally she would uncontrollably jerk her hips and tense up slightly as if she still had a slight remnant of her orgasm, but with less and less force. There could have been a medical study on the orgasm she had. It was completely and utterly beyond words. If I could have filmed us? I'd be a multimillionaire. It would be the only porn flick to buy, all others would be ridiculous.

I knew right then that this was the start of an amazing sex life for both of us. It was as if we were both virgins before this event, mentally at least. It was certainly as if we went from good old fashioned love-making, to... real sex. Yes, like we both dove into the Alice In Wonderland rabbit-hole head first, with a double back flip.

As we laid there utterly spent, I causally asked "Gosh, what could have caused that? We need to know! What ever it was, we have to remember it, and do it again." I knew full well but wanted any form of confirmation from her.

She didn't reply at all as she slowly kissed me. As I asked repeating myself, she softy interrupted saying "Oh God. I can't talk dirty again. I'm in recovery... But if you must know, It was lots of things, not just one single thing. It was the fear, the unknown, watching what Marie was doing to Huggs, seeing you get excited, you watching what was happening to me, the way you let Marie touch me, the way all of you moved me so he could... so he could... enter me, plus the relief of knowing he had a vasectomy, the way you took me when we got back to the room, all of it. It was the most intense emotional and physical foreplay to an orgasm I could have imagined. I already had an overload of hormones, and well, it caused me to have my, first, real orgasm with the person I love more than anything on earth, you, baby."

With her explanation, I knew we were in for more uncharted territory. Bare in mind, this was all in just the start of our vacation. I couldn't imagine what the rest of it held. All I did know, was that she had planned all along to get pregnant, for us to finally have a child. I realized she wanted to surprise me and wanted it to be special, none of this was in the calculation.

Don't get me wrong. I was elated with news of her wanting to get pregnant, but was torn between it, and the fact that I had shoved us into a realm of sexuality so intense, it was beyond description. I do this retelling no justice. I knew also that Janet too, although she might not have intended, laid out the road map to making her hit this level of sexual feeling again. I knew we had to create and feel this experience again.

Chapter VIII: Inside the Rabbit Hole

The newness of our sexual awakening was on my mind every second, as I'm sure it was Janet's. How on earth could it not be? I woke several times the remainder of the night, and it was as if I was thinking about it even as I slept. It was certainly on my mind every second I became conscious. My cock ached all night because it actually never fully became less that half erect.

The next morning, I tried to appear as though it was a normal morning, as if nothing had happened the night before, but it was indeed difficult. Janet too, didn't immediately mention the previous events. I wasn't sure how we would start that conversation anyway, so probably best that we played it the way we were.

After an hour or so of typical morning things, Janet prepared for the shower. She quickly gathered the things she would need and off she went. Once out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around her I said "Let's take a ride up the coast, just us."

She quickly replied, "Oh that sounds great, but you go ahead. We can take another ride later. I just want to laze around a bit this morning, watch some TV, just hang in the room a bit. I promise we'll take a ride later. I'm still tired and might even crawl back into bed."

As she said it, something didn't quite seem right because she made it clear several times before that if the bike got rode, she'd be on it, no solo rides, jokingly explaining that if I rode solo, I'd probably be trying to pick up another woman. I just acted as if no big deal, meaning I was trying to figure out why she changed her entire stance on me riding alone.

I casually replied "Okay, you sure you don't want to come? I could be gone for hours."

She in turn casually replied "No, it's fine. Go ahead. I'm okay, just going to hang in the room and rest."

I quickly got dressed trying to get my mind back to normal, gave her a kiss, and left the room. From there, I walked down the stairs and hoped to see one or more of the guy's we had came to know perhaps congregated around their bikes, but there was no one.

I figured I'd sit on my bike for a spell, hoping someone, anyone, would come out, or even be rolling back into the parking lot. After about twenty minutes of sitting on the bike, checking my voice mails on my cell, rubbing the gas tank so much I could see my reflection, I decided I'd try to talk Janet once more into riding with me.

As I walked back up to the room and swipe carded my way in the door, I said upon entry "Hey Baby, it's gorgeous out, a perfect day for a ride. I didn't want to leave without you."

I didn't hear a reply, it was silent. I began going through the suite, checking the bathroom, the deck, and nothing. She wasn't in the suite. I figured she might have gone to the office for towels, or had gone down to the lobby for a snack or something, so I just laid on the bed waiting for her return.

As twenty minutes flew by, I became more and more impatient. I then called her cell phone, and heard it ring in the bathroom. I then began wondering if perhaps she went to the pool or decided to walk the beach. I figured my chances of finding her was slim, but I decided I'd walk the long way back to the bike, along the pool area, and perhaps gander at the beach before leaving.

As I rounded the stairwell, I decided I might even see if Huggs was up for a ride. Finally conceding that I may not find Janet, I abandoned my search and went straight for Huggs and Marie's room. Before even getting to his room, I heard the same blaring music as the night before. As I casually opened the door, I noticed that no one was in the living room portion of the suite.

Not wanting to be in their room if they weren't there, I began to turn and exit, when I heard a laugh from the bedroom. I thought it was my imagination, because, to me it sounded just like Janet. I figured that would be impossible though, because there's no way she'd be up here without me, regardless of anything that had happened the night before.

I slowly crept towards the half opened door, and when I glanced inside the bedroom, I just about passed out. Huggs was fucking Marie from behind like a rhino, and Janet was sitting on the small love seat with a biker I had never seen before. As Huggs slammed his body against Marie's ass, with her gasping for breath, I watched as Janet giggled and acted as though she was hiding her eyes. It seemed like minutes had passed, but I knew it was only seconds.

As the guy sitting beside Janet leaned over and tried to kiss her, for the tenth time, she pushed him away over and over saying "I've already said no, you know? No? Marie, where's my hubby? Can you stop fucking? You said he'd be here in a few minutes... Marie? You said my husband wanted me to be here? That he had a surprise for me? You know? The thing? A thing? Okay, listen, apparently he's not coming. I need to go. If he comes back he'll not know where I am."

I was actually very relieved and proud of her at that moment, because lord knows I could have rode off and not been back for some time, but knowing she had been tricked into going to their room made me feel tons better.

With out a doubt Marie had suckered Janet back to their room right after I left, hoping to get her entwined in a group sex thing. Once again, the guy made an attempt to kiss Janet and put his hand on her waist, when finally she rose up and began to walk off.

I bolted for the door, not wanting her or anyone else to know I was there. I actually wanted to know quite deeply if Janet would tell me about this event, without her seeing me staring in the room. I truly hoped she would confess, or lay out what had happened because she wanted to, not because I caught her up in something.

I quickly scurried, ran down the stairs, and watched from below as Janet left the room. After giving her enough time to get back to our room, I too, slowly made my way back to our room. As I key carded my way into our room, Janet jumped saying "Hey! Baby, Where were you? You know? My surprise? When?"

I then grinned and asked "Okay, what surprise?"

Immediately she dawned a mischievous look replying "It's okay, Marie told me all about it. You know?"

Now, right then with immediate and intense paranoia, I thought she knew I fucked Marie, but to my amazement, she wasn't slapping the shit out of me. Just as I began to confess, thinking my marriage had dissolved before my eyes I blurted "Listen Baby, I don't know what she said, but I guarantee it's not how she said it... It's that..."

Janet then cut me off replying "It's okay, Marie told me all about it. She said you'd completely be turned on by watching me have sex again this morning, but she also said you'd be in her room, and um... You weren't. I just left there. I was wondering why you hadn't made it there yet. You were supposed to already be there. I wasn't sure what was going on, but there's no way in hell I'd be there without you there. You knew about it, right? You told Marie it's what you wanted?"

I quickly shrugged, "Sure, yes. Sorry. I got held up at the gas station. I had to swipe the card reader on the pump ten times before it would take. Sorry, Baby..."

She continued at length and in the most profound way stating, "Really, it's not that big a deal, Baby. Listen, at first I truly didn't understand any of this. But hey, I don't understand a lot of what has happened this week, especially within the last 24 hours. Marie explained much of it to me... Well... she tried to explain it, that, sometimes the absolute most loving husbands want their wives to have new experiences, experiences they may never know in an uptight marriage, you know, like what we've had? Sexual experiences? She explained to me, that... It's how I should realize... how much you love me. In fact, Marie said in some cases, it's a monumental turn on for a husband to know their wife has had sex with another man, that he wants her to experience sex. It has to be true and you know it. Seriously, she made perfect sense, think about how it made you feel, what it did to us both physically and mentally. Yes, it's all still a bit weird for me, but I watched you last night, and what it did to you, what it did to me. You wanted him to fuck me. You wanted me to fuck him. You wanted what resulted in him ejaculating inside me, and I somehow did too. I love you and want to make you happy. I don't know! The way I was brought up? Say's this is all wrong, but the more I think about it, the more I realize, it's just biological and mental. No more wrong than if I bought a toy and for the rest if your life imagined a guy was having intercourse with me. I guess... I mean, if you want me to, and it turns you on, is it really a bad thing? If it's what you want, its what I want. I know the other night you wanted it, and I was turned on by you watching it. I mean... the look on your face, the way it felt, the way you kissed me, all of it, was... very oddly exciting. Marie also said you told her you loved me more than any person alive. I feel very relieved now to tell you that this is exciting for me too now, now that I know you want it."

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