tagGroup SexA Winter Storm

A Winter Storm


Storms always make working at a grocery store an interesting experience. You never know exactly how people are going to react and how many will actually come out shopping when they expect to be "trapped" in their houses. It was a Friday in late the middle of December and I was scheduled to close the store with Ashley, and thanks to the impending storm we had added an extra cashier working late. Rachael was added to the schedule to work until ten (we closed at eleven). My shift started at five and I the night started off incredibly busy as the storm slowly started to hit. The snow was fairly light until almost eight, so the stream of customers stayed fairly steady.

As the storm gained intensity we had fewer and fewer customers. Shortly after nine the store had become a ghost town and Ashley, Rachael, and I had little to do except kill the time until our shifts ended. It was hard for me to complain being stuck working with two girls as attractive as Ashley and Rachael. Ashley was 21 and her least attractive feature had to be her face, but the rest of her body was spectacular. Her face was far from ugly with her long auburn hair. She stood about 5'5 with slender legs and an ass I can best describe as tight. Her boobs were average size, but they fit nicely with her body.

Rachael was still in high school (fortunately she was already 18), so she was a little younger than Ashley and I (I'm 22). She could kindly be described as occasionally airheaded, but that really didn't matter. Her face was cute and her boobs were large on her 5'2 frame. Like Ashley her best feature was her ass. That ass was perfectly sized for two handfuls. The night was made even better because both girls had on tight pairs of jeans that nicely accentuated their assets. I might have had to head out in a near blizzard to push carriages, but I would have something nice to look at while I was inside the store.

We went almost 45 minutes without having a customer which left us with plenty of time to shoot the shit. Ashley was getting nervous about driving home as the storm got worse, "I haven't driven that much in the snow. I only just got my license in the spring." "Yeah I'm worried about my mom coming out to pick me up in this storm," Rachael added. Normally I would have offered to give each of them a ride home, but it was not looking good outside as the snow continued to come down. "I'm getting myself home as quickly as possible after I'm out," was all I added.

"I wish my parents would pick me up tonight," Ashley complained, "It's not a good idea for me to drive in this stuff." "It's not a good idea for my mom to drive in this. She's a horrible driver in good weather," said Rachael.

"Well you two can always come home with me, and I'll drive you when the roads clear up," was the best offer I could give them. Surprisingly Rachael seemed interested in my offer, "That wouldn't be a bad idea. I could tell my mom I'm staying at the store for the night because she'd never let me stay at some older guy's house." "If she's that bad of a driver it would definitely be safer for you, but you would be stuck here a little longer until closing time."

"I don't mind. I'd rather be safe than have my mom risk crashing." Ashley added, "So you two having a nice little sleep over then? Maybe I should join." Ashley hated to be left out of things and seemed to try to make herself the center of attention. She came off as the teasing type, but riding out a storm with her and Rachael would make for a much more interesting night than watching movies. "You two clear it with whoever you need to, and I'll get you safely to my house for the night." "Thanks Ted. I'll text my mom now."

Ashley and Rachael made arrangements with their families and were both headed back to my house for the night. Still we would have to make it safely through the storm. The store manager came down shortly after ten and told us we could all leave early (we hadn't had a customer in over an hour) because he didn't want to be the reason we had an extremely risky ride home. To make things even better the carriages could be left for the morning.

We all layered up before heading out to my car. I let Rachael and Ashley into the car, got the heat turned on, and did my best to quickly clear the snow off the car. The ride back to my house was slow without much conversation between the three of us. I did my best to focus on the road while running through the potential scenarios that I could enjoy during this night. The odds of having sex with either girl that night seemed pretty low since it was unlikely I would have a lot of alone time with either of them. Still if alcohol became involved the night could be fun. At the very least I could hope to hear some good stories or get the chance to check out either of their gorgeous asses. The ride to my house normally takes about ten minutes, but thanks to the storm it was closer to 25 minutes before we finally reached my house.

We headed in all relieved to see my porch light on (meaning I had not lost power). The three of us would have an empty house for the night. I figured that it would be best if we all shared the living room for the night just in case the power went out no one would be alone. I set each of them up with pillows, a blanket, and a couch to sleep on (leaving me the floor between the two couches). Obviously I didn't want everyone going to sleep right away, but I wanted to make them feel comfortable.

Ashley: "Thanks Ted. This seems like it will actually be a pretty comfortable place to sleep."

Ted: "I hope you're not ready to go to sleep yet , the night is just starting and we have a storm to ride out."

Ashley: "What did you have in mind?"

Ted: "A little drink to warm us up a bit."

Rachael: "Hot chocolate?"

Ted: "Maybe some special hot chocolate."

Ashley: "I've never mixed anything with hot chocolate. It kind of sounds gross."

Ted: "Yeah it doesn't sound to appeasing. Maybe a simple shot will do."

Rachael: "I don't know about that. I've never drank before."

Ted: "No worries. You don't have to if you don't want to. Ashley and I can have some nice vodka and we'll make you hot cocoa."

Ashley: "That's sounds pretty good to me it's been a long week I need a drink or two."

Rachael: "Well maybe I'll give it a try."

Ted: "That's the spirit."

I grabbed three shot classes from the kitchen before heading to my room to find the vodka. I had the option of going cheap with a bottle of Smirnof or going a little stronger with a bottle of Grey Goose. Clearly I had to go with the stronger drink to make the night more interesting. I returned to the living room and poured each of us a shot. I raised my glass and said, "Cheers!" before downing it. Ashley followed suit quickly downing hers, and Rachael hesitated before finally drinking the shot. She coughed lightly as it went down her throat. I poured another round for the three of us.

Rachael: "I don't think I can do another one of those."

Ted: "Don't worry you'll be able to in a few minutes."

Ashley: "I think I'm going to take a few minutes as well before taking this one."

Ted: "So am I. I'm not looking to get sick just have a good buzz for this storm."

Rachael: "I have a problem."

Ted: "What's that?"

Rachael: "I don't have anything to sleep in later. I can't sleep in jeans and my work shirt."

Ashley: "I have the same problem. Do you have anything we can borrow?"

Ted: "I might have a couple of big t-shirts, but I can't really help you pants-wise."

Ashley: "A t-shirt would help."

Rachael: "As long as it's a big one."

Ted: "I'll go take a look."

I headed back to my room to dig out the perfect shirts for the two of them. I needed something big enough that they would find it useful, but not too big that it easily covered everything. It may have been a morally questionable decision, but it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I eventually found a couple of old Patriots jerseys for them to wear. I returned with the jerseys saying, "I hope these will do," as I tossed one to each of them. I smiled when I noticed that Ashley had finished her second shot.

Ashley: "Yeah I guess this will be ok."

Rachael: "Thanks."

Ashley: "We should play a game."

Rachael: "I'd rather watch a movie."

Ted: "A game sounds more fun. What type of game are we talking about?"

Ashley: "Truth or dare."

Ted: "I haven't played that in years. I like it."

Rachael: "I guess I can play for a little bit."

Ted: "Then it's decided. Do you two want to change first or just start playing?"

Ashley: "I'll change. Where's the bathroom?"

Ted: "Through the kitchen first door on your left."

The girls both head towards the bathroom as I headed to my room to change as well. A few minutes later we were all back in the living room sitting in a circle on the floor. Each of us was wrapped in a blanket to stay warm. I was comfortably situated in shorts and a t-shirt while each girl had only a jersey on over their bras and panties. Sadly I hadn't gotten a good look at either before they wrapped up their lower halves in blankets.

Ashley: "This was my idea so Rachael, truth or dare?"

Rachael: "Truth I guess."

Ashley: "Do you prefer to give or receive?"

Rachael: "Presents? Receive I always love giving gifts. I hope that's what you meant."

Ashley: "We'll go with that. Now it's your turn Rachael."

Rachael: "Ted, truth or dare?"

Ted: "Dare."

Rachael: "I dare you to take my shot."

Ted: "Easy enough."

Rachael: "And yours."

Ted: "Now that's more like it." I gulped down my shot, took a breath, and then managed to get down a third shot. Instantly I was feeling the effects of the drinks and a little bolder because of it. "Rachael, truth or dare?"

Rachael: "Truth."

Ted: "How old where you when you first had sex?"

Rachael: "Umm...I don't know. I don't wanna answer that one."

Ted: "That means you have to do a shot then."

Ashley: "And it means she's a virgin."

Rachael turned beat red (even more noticeable because of her pale skin). She silently took a second shot before turning to Ashley, "Truth or dare?"

Ashley: "Dare."

Rachael: "I dare you to take another shot."

Ted: "It seems like all Rachael wants to do is get us all drunk. I think we'll give this one to Ashley and then put my good stuff away."

Ashley nodded her agreement as she took another shot. "Ted, truth or dare?"

Ted: "Truth."

Ashley: "Do you think Rachael is a virgin?"

Ted: "Yes. Rachael, truth or dare?"

Rachael: "Truth."

Ted: "Are you a virgin?"

Rachael: "Yes. Ashley, truth or..."

Ted: "Why? Are you waiting for marriage or something?"

Rachael: "Hey that's two questions, but no I'm not."

Ted: "I don't understand then. You should be able to have sex with pretty much any guy in your high school."

Ashley: "Yeah, Rachael you're hot. And dare"

Rachael blushed a deep purple this time before giving Ashley her dare, "I dare you to kiss any part of Ted's body that is not his face."

Ashley looked over at me and gently pulled up my shirt to look at my chest. She seemed to be deciding where she wanted to kiss me before taking my hand. She pulled me closer to her only to raise my hand to her lips and kiss it. She smiled seductively at me afterwards knowing I had expected more. "Ted, truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to grab Rachael's boob. See that's how you make a dare, Rachael." I didn't hesitate as I reached out and grabbed Rachel's left boob giving it a gentle squeeze. I could feel the material of her bra through the jersey. "Ashley, truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to steal Rachel's jersey."

Rachael: "Why am I the one losing here?"

Ashley: "You can either toss me the jersey or I will have to come over there."

Rachael: "This doesn't seem fair."

Ashley: "Make your choice."

Rachel reluctantly pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it to Ashley. I didn't get the joy of seeing the two of them wrestle over the jersey, but Rachael was left in her blue bra that gave me a view of plenty of cleavage. I shifted to avoid making my growing erection obvious under the blankets. "That's much better. Ted, truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to lose the blanket and your shorts." "You want me to sit in the cold in only boxers and a t-shirt?" "Yes." I was left with no choice. I tossed the blanket to the side and took off my shorts making it much harder to hide my arousal. I could only hope nothing poked through. "Ashley, truth or dare?" "Truth."

Ted: "What's the most you've ever done with someone of the same sex?"

Ashley: "Another girl once went down on me, but I've never done anything to another girl."

Ted: "How was it?"

Ashley: "Not as good as I expected. We were both pretty drunk, but enough about me. Rachael, truth or dare?"

Rachael: "Dare."

Ashley: "I want you to give Ted an erection. It should be pretty easy to tell in those boxers when you've succeeded."

Rachael: "How do you want me to do that?"

Ashley: "It's pretty easy to do. Just grab it and give it a stroke."

Rachael: "I'm not giving him a handjob."

Ashley: "I didn't say make him cum. I said give him an erection."

Ted: "Rachael I can make this pretty easy for you. Just show some boob and I'll be there."

Ashley: "Don't be that nice to him. Tell him something sexual or talk about his cock. I bet that will do it."

Rachael: "Ted, I've never had sex because I'm too good at blow jobs. I love sucking a cock and I love making guys cum."

The image of Rachael's lips on my dick was all it took to get me hard, and there was no hiding it this time. "Wow that wasn't even true, I'm glad it was that simple. Ted, truth or dare?"

Ted: "Truth."

Rachael: "Who would you rather see naked Ashley or me?"

Ted: "That's pretty easy. I'd rather see you naked."

Ashley: "Why is that so easy?"

Ted: "Bigger boobs and a bigger ass."

Ashley: "Ouch."

Rachael: "Thank you, Ted."

Ted: "Ashley, truth or dare?"

Ashley: "Dare."

Ted: "I dare you to kiss Rachael with your hand under her bra."

Ashley had to leave the comfort of her blanket to move over to Rachael. She leaned in slowly as Rachael sat wide-eyed not knowing what to expect. The lips met slowly as Ashley slid her hand up Rachael's side before reaching under her bra and cupping her breasts. Ashley leaned more into Rachael giving me a clear view of her ass that was barely covered by her panties. She was soon on top of Rachael and her hips were sliding up and down as they continued to kiss. I couldn't believe my eyes, and then suddenly it was over.

Ashley: "I hope that was what you were expecting because now I need to get some sleep."

Ted: "You're ending the game just like that?"

Ashley: "I'm really tired and that vodka is wearing me down. I think you've seen enough of a show tonight."

Rachael: "I should probably get some sleep too."

Ted: "Well alright. I guess we're all going to sleep. I gotta go to the bathroom anyways."

Ashley: "I bet you he's going to beat off in there."

Ted: "No I'm not."

Ashley: "We'll know when you come back without that erection."

Rachael: "Ashley he's not gonna do that now with both of us here."

I walked out of the room knowing that Ashley was right, and there was no way I was going to be able to sleep without taking care of myself. After watching that brief show I was not going to sleep with blue balls. I closed the door tightly behind me as I entered the bathroom. I faced the toilet and started to stroke my cock. I knew it wouldn't take long as I pictured Ashley writhing on top of Rachael with her tongue in Rachael's mouth. The image of Ashley's almost bare ass ran through my head when I was quickly taken back to earth at the sound of the door opening. I turned in time to see Rachael quickly turn away yelling back to Ashley, "He's doing it!" I pulled my pants back up and followed Rachael back to living room somewhat embarrassed (lessened when I saw her thong covered ass as she still hadn't put the jersey back on).

Ted: "What are you doing coming in the bathroom?"

Ashley: "I thinking you were the one cumming in the bathroom."

Rachael: "Ashley dared me to open the door, and she bet me you were doing that."

Ashley: "I knew I was right. Now I need another truth. Which one of us were you picturing?"

Ted: "I..uhh..no you can't just walk in on me."

Ashley: "Answer the question or we tell everyone at work we caught you jerking off."

Ted: "Well..umm..mostly Ashley."

Ashley: "You mean the one you didn't want to see naked is good enough to cum for?"

Ted: "Well...yeah...I mean...I don't know...you didn't exactly let me finish."

Ashley: "So now what are you gonna do? You gonna do what I say and jerk off for me?"

Rachael: "What?"

Ashley: "Ted's gonna do what we want him to do. When a guy is close to cumming he'll do almost anything to finish off."

Ted: "What exactly are we talking about here?"

Ashley: "It's simple if you cum before I say so then everyone will hear about this."

Ted: "So what do I have to do?"

Ashley: "I can tell by your cock you're pretty excited about where this might be going."

Ted: "It's hard to help that, and I don't know how long you expect me to hold out here."

Ashley: "We'll start with this simply. You're going to take off the boxers lay on your blanket on the floor and you're going to make Rachael cum."

The situation suddenly seemed like it would become more than I ever could have hoped. I tried to play it like I didn't want to listen. I pretended to be reluctant taking off my boxers a laying down on the floor as Ashley wanted. Rachael stripped off her panties (leaving the bra on) and with guidance from Ashley sat on my face. "Get to work Ted." Ashley knelt down near my legs before suddenly grabbing my cock and holding it against my stomach. She positioned herself on top of me trapping my cock between my stomach and her ass cheeks. Too much sudden movement from her and I would have came easily. Still I had did my best to focus on Rachael who now appeared to be in on Ashley's plan. I moved my hands onto Rachael's ass and pushed her forward against my tongue. From this position I couldn't too much other than use my tongue.

I attacked Rachael's pussy hungrily working my tongue in and out. When Rachael let out a soft moan Ashley wiggled her hips and the sensation of her ass brushing up against my cock was heavenly. I continued to work on Rachael gently biting her clit before continuing the work with my tongue. Rachael's moans become more frequent and when Ashley moved my hips involuntarily thrust upward against her ass. I wanted to cum badly, but did my best to hold off. I could tell Rachael was getting closer as she started to grind against my face.

Ashley: "That's it Rachael. Cum baby, I wanna hear you cum all over Ted's face."

Rachael: "Ohhh yeaaa! Ohh Ted right there! Yes!"

I pulled Rachel's cunt into my face and felt her legs lock around my head as her body spasmed in orgasm. She slowly fell back into Ashley and I finally was able to breath normally again. My cock was still pressed between Ashley's ass and I was ready to cum.

Ted: "Now it's my turn?"

Ashley: "Oh you wanna cum badly don't you Ted?"

Ted: "You have no idea."

Ashley: "Good. Do as I say and Rachael will make you cum."

Ted: "Ok."

Ashley: "Sit up in that couch, and put your boxers back on. You'll get to cum, but you have to deal with your own mess."

Ted: "So then what's Rachael gonna do?"

Ashley: "I know you like strip clubs. The only difference is this dance has happy ending."

I liked the sound of that as I quickly pulled my boxers back on and sat on the couch. Rachael stood now fully naked in front of me. Finally I could see her tits and they were as amazing as I had hoped. She straddled across my lap and let her leg rub against my cock through the soft material of my boxers. I was enjoying the sensation of her leg against me as her tits pressed into my face. I could feel her wet pussy sliding across my thigh. I fought the temptation to grab her and pull her into me. I wanted to enjoy as much as I could. She stood up suddenly and turned away from me. She slowly moved back down driving her ass against my erection. My cock slipped through the hole in my boxers leaving my cock against the cool skin of her ass. I couldn't hold off much longer. I put hands on her hips and pulled her against me with my dick firmly between her ass cheeks. She moved her hips faster and faster as I started to thrust against her. I looked down to enjoy the view of her ass as I shot my first blast of cum on her ass. When she felt the first shot of cum she drove her ass hard against me and held it there as I shot another rope of cum onto her. She gave her hips a slight wiggle with each spurt.

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