tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Witch's Tale Ch. 02

A Witch's Tale Ch. 02


Not long ago I told you about an afternoon I spent in a bar with a woman named Rachel who claimed to be a witch. Just for a quick reminder, or in case you missed the first story, Rachel cast a spell on a barmaid and the bartender that caused them to fuck their brains out while we sat and watched. OK, Rachel and I weren't just watching because we were also fucking. Also, I really didn't believe she was a witch when it turned out the bar maid knew her, but I had a little bit of trouble holding on to that conclusion when Rachel waived her hand as we walked out the door and revealed that the bar was full of people enjoying themselves who had apparently been totally unaware of our and the other couple's licentious activities. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important point--Rachel's really cute ass. She has just about the cutest little round ass I've ever seen. Oh and one more thing, she seems to think that I have very sexy eyes. Well, there is more interesting stuff than those things, but if you want the rest you will just have to read the first chapter. Hope you enjoy chapter 2.


A couple of days ago I walked into the coffee shop where Rachel worked but, no Rachel. I asked the guy behind the counter if she still worked there and he went ballistic.

"No! I fired that goddamned slut a week ago along with my good for nothing brother-in-law, and I should have done it months before!"

Whoa, I thought. Something must have gone seriously wrong with her spell over her boss. This guy is seriously pissed. It wasn't until later that I learned the brother-in-law had been Rachel's boss, and this guy was the owner.

"Uhh, do you know where I can find her?" I asked.

"No, and if I did, I wouldn't tell you. I'd just go find that bitch and kick her ass!"

"Really? What'd she do?"

"None of your god damned business and if you're a friend of hers, just get out of here. I don't need business from any of her kind, goddamn it!"

"Okay, got it," I said as I turned and headed for the door. I couldn't see any upside in staying there any longer. I wasn't going to find Rachel, and the guy behind the counter was so pissed, he looked like he might be about to take a swing at me.

There was a panhandler sitting in the sun on the sidewalk next to the café. I stood next to him for a moment trying to decide what to do next. I really did want to find Rachel, but I had no idea where to start looking. I turned and was about to walk away when, for some reason I'll never understand, I reached in my pocket and dropped a buck or two of pocket change in the panhandler's bucket. We have a lot of panhandlers in our town, so I don't always give them money, but it was a nice day and there was a lot of change in my pocket, so, what the hell, I gave it to him.

"Thanks man," he said in a cracking voice.

"Yeah," I responded, my mind not really on a conversation with the panhandler. I turned and again started to leave and then looked back at him. "Are you here all the time?" I asked.

"Sometimes," he said rather unhelpfully.

"Well do you know the little redhead that used to work in the café?"

"You mean Rachel?"

"Yeah," I said. "Long thick red hair and she has a really cute ass."

"Yeah. She was nice. Used to give me free coffee and leftover food at the end of the day." Apparently the food was more important to him than the shape of Rachel's ass. I guess I can understand that—sort of.

"Do you know where she is now? The guy inside says she doesn't work there any more."

"Are you Sam?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm Sam."

"She said you'd come by. She works in the bookstore up the street. You know, the one with the cat in the window."

I didn't know a bookstore with a cat in the window, but I said, "Thanks," and dropped another couple of bucks in his jar as I set out in the direction he had pointed.

The bookstore was in a narrow old building sandwiched between two other equally run down storefronts. Like all bookstores in this digital age, it didn't look especially prosperous—lots of inventory, but, judging from the dust on the bookcovers in the window display, not much inventory turn. The store was the kind of place where you could buy a coffee and read a bit in a book you were interested in or, on a rainy day, maybe more than just a bit. I guessed that the owner had hired Rachel to handle the coffee counter and, in a place that small, pretty much anything else that needed to be done. And sure enough, there was a store cat curled up and sleeping in the sun in the window.

As I peered through the window I could see Rachel with her mass of red hair near the back of the store. She was standing on her toes atop an old wooden crate trying to place books on a top shelf. Her posture accentuated her really fine ass. Have I mentioned what a great ass I think she has? Yeah, I guess I have.

I opened the door and stepped inside. The worn wood floors creaked a bit beneath my feet and the smell of paper and bookbindings, or whatever it is you smell in old bookstores, was strong. I noticed one other couple sitting at a table in a corner sipping their coffee. They appeared to be in their early forties, not that I cared one way or the other, but they weren't the college kids you usually find hanging out in a book store. They each had an open book in front of them, but their attention appeared to be more focused on each other than on the books before them.

I walked quietly between a couple of bookshelves until I came around the end of one and was standing directly behind Rachel. She was still standing on her toes atop the old wooden crate trying to shelve a book.

"Can't you just levitate them up there?" I asked.

My question startled her and the book she was trying to shelve slipped and fell along with a couple of others. She pirouetted on the crate, and then her eyes and smile lit up.

"Hey Sam, how's it hanging?"

"Rachel, you are so bad. That's no way to talk to a customer."

"Yes, but isn't that what you like about me, that I'm so bad?"

Sort of, I thought, plus I really like her long red hair, her sexy little round tits, and that really sexy round ass of hers. Yeah, I know, I told you about her ass. I admit I'm a little obsessed about it.

"Along with my tits and my ass," she said.

"Stop that mind reading shit! I hate it when you do that."

"Okay," she said with a laugh. "Is it okay if I do it with other people?"

"I guess so."

"Want a coffee? This is my new barista gig."

"Sure, but what happened to your old one? I went in there and the guy behind the counter almost got apoplectic when I asked if you still worked there."

"That would be Charlie," she said. "He owns the joint. The problem was that his sister caught me screwing my boss and she got Charlie to fire my ass."

"Why did she care?"

Rachel giggled. "My boss was her husband."

"Oops." I said. "I guess screwing the owner's brother in law wasn't a good plan."

"Well, I was getting tired of him anyhow. Lets just say his sexual repertoire was severely limited. I was getting bored."

"Not quite Joe Kennedy?" I asked facetiously. The first time we met, Rachel had told me she was 1,400 years old and had regaled me with stories of all of the famous people she had fucked during her extended lifetime, including most of the Kennedy clan. She seemed to be a particular fan of President Kennedy's father, Joe. Not his politics. Just his dick.

"Oh he was so not Joe Kennedy!" she said as she hopped down off the crate and snuggled into my arms.

"Well I can think of much better things to do with your ass than fire it," I said as I let my hands run down her back and then cup her ass cheeks and pull her even more tightly into me.

"Oh you are having impure thoughts again," she said as she rubbed her tits back and forth across my chest. Then she pulled back and said, "Lets get that coffee. You can keep thinking impure thoughts while I make the coffee. They're fun. You have such a dirty mind."

I wanted to object to her mind reading, but I knew it was a lost cause, so I just said okay and followed her back to the front of the store for the coffee. She made us each a latte.

"Are you still reading my thoughts?" I asked.

"Yes, and they are very naughty. I love it."

"You know it's all your fault," I said.

"How so?"

"Well, I never have impure thoughts except when I've been ogling your ass."

"Not true, and you know it."

"Okay," I laughed. "You got me on that one. My mind will get dirty sometimes even if you're not around."

"It's one of your more redeeming qualities."

"My dirty mind?"

"Yes. It's almost as dirty as Casanova's."

"I guess I'm not surprised Casanova had a dirty mind given his reputation."

"You just can't imagine how dirty his mind was and how much I enjoyed it."

"I think I can imagine how much you enjoyed it, but I would hate to think my dirty mind is in Casanova's league."

"Oh you're closer than you think," she said.

Changing the subject, I asked, "Isn't there someone else's thoughts you could read for awhile, just to give me a chance to compose mine. I promise to come up with something really dirty if you let me have a moment to think about what I want to do to your ass. I'll make it really graphic."

"Okay. See that couple over there in the corner?" referring to the couple I had noticed when I came in. They were the only people in the place other than Rachel and me.

"Yeah. What are they thinking about?"

"All he is thinking about is getting his cock into her pussy."

"And what is she thinking about?" I asked.

"Same thing. But neither one of them knows what the other is thinking."

I winked at Rachel and said, "What a shame. Isn't there something you can do about that with all your witch powers?"

"You are doing that thing with your eyes again. Every time you do that it makes my pussy start to tingle."

"Stay on task," I said. "What are we going to do about the couple in the corner?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want them to fuck. I am a very charitable guy. If two people want to fuck and they aren't doing it, simply because neither has the courage to tell the other what they want, it's our civic duty to do something to rectify the situation."

"Okay, I learned a new trick last week from another witch."

"And what might that be?"

"Go close the door and hang up the closed sign so we won't be disturbed. I'll bring our coffee over to that table over there, and then I'll show you."

I did as instructed. The other couple were so engrossed in each other that they didn't seem to notice us, even though we were only about 15 feet away and in plain sight. I returned to Rachel and sat across from her. After I took a sip from my latte I said, "Okay, so what is this new trick?"

"Ooh you're going to love it. It's really dirty. See, if I concentrate on a person I can kind of see their genitals even though they still have their clothes on."

"Hmm. Just like Homeland Security and their new scanning machines," I said. "That might be interesting from a voyeuristic perspective, and while it might get you off, how is it going to get the two of them together?"

"There is more. Once I visualize their genitals I can stimulate them, just by thinking about it. Homeland Security can't do that."

I laughed. "No they can't, but it would sure make air travel more interesting if they could."

She laughed. But then she said, "Pay attention to what I'm going to do. This is a really sexy trick."

I raised my eyebrows and gave her my most skeptical look.

"Watch," she responded.

I looked over at the couple in the corner, but nothing seemed to happen there. Then I felt the most incredible sensation on my cock. It felt like someone was licking it. My prick quickly got hard as I felt a tongue caressing its head. Then I felt it being slurped further into a mouth until it hit the back of a throat while the tongue continued to caress it.

"Shit! Are you doing that?"

"Well who else do you think is doing it?" she responded as I felt a hand caressing my balls. I still had my Levis on, and there was no one nearer to me than Rachel who was across the table and clearly not touching me. Damn it felt good. I didn't know how she was doing this, but I didn't want her to stop.

"Fuck! How are you doing that?"

"It's magic. Remember, I'm a witch."

"I never read about witches doing this kind of shit in the fairy tales I read as I was growing up."

"So why would you expect your parents to let you read the 'adult' fairy tales," she said as she backed off on the virtual cock sucking.

"That was fucking incredible, but what about them?" I asked, nodding towards the couple in the corner.

"Oh yeah, them." she said. "Sorry, I got distracted. Fucking with your head is so much fun."

"That wasn't my head you were fucking with," I said as I looked at her over the top of my coffee.

"Oh fuck, your eyes make me horny," she said.

"Focus girl. Focus. What are we going to do about the couple in the corner?"

"What do think I should do?" she asked.

"I don't know. I wasn't thinking about that while you were giving me a blowjob from across the table."

After a moment of somewhat ragged concentration, I said, "Can you make them fuck like you did with the barmaid and the barkeep?"

"Oh, so you liked that, did you?"

"That plus your hot little cunt squeezing the cream out of my cock while we watched," I didn't bother to say it out loud since she would read my mind anyway, but I kind closed my eyes halfway as I thought it, and she stared back at me and bit her lip in response.

After a long moment of silence, I said, "Well, can you make them fuck?"

"Oh, sorry. You did that thing with your eyes again and I got distracted."

"So I noticed," I responded with a chuckle. "But I want you to either finish the blow job you started or make them fuck."

"So you're a voyeur too?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"If I make them fuck, will you pull your cock out and cum on my tits?"

"Absolutely, but you need to masturbate yourself to a climax at the same time."

"Natch," she said.

"So are you going to cast a spell?"

It's not technically a spell. I'm just going to do to them what I was doing to you."

Don't we need to move someplace where they can't see us?"

"No." She mumbled something in Latin or some other dead language, and then said to me, "There that spell will keep them from even noticing we are in the room, although those two are so horny, I'm not sure they would notice us without the spell. Now just watch."

She looked at the couple hard for a moment, and I noticed both of them kind of jumped.

"What did you do?"

"More or less the same thing I did to you. First I discovered she doesn't have any panties on and she was already really wet, just from talking to him. But that doesn't seem to be enough to get her to ask him to fuck, so I spread her pussy lips apart and began to gently stroke her clit. The best part is, because I can read her mind, I know just how she likes to have her clit stroked and I can ease back when she gets close so she doesn't cum."

"Are you doing the same thing to him?"

"More or less. I'm sucking his cock like I did yours a few minutes ago. He is hard as a rock and he hasn't cum in a week so I have to be careful not to set him off."

"Can you really do two people at once?"

"Yes, but it takes some concentration so don't do that thing with your eyes, or I might loose control and make one or both of them cum to soon."

"Okay," I said, as I rotated towards the couple. "I'll watch them. I want to see what happens here."

As I watched the couple, I noticed that each of them was squirming in their chair. The woman unbuttoned her blouse and leaned forward to give her would be lover a good view of her tits. It didn't look like she had a bra on. Her tits were not too big, but he was clearly enjoying the view. As a matter of fact, I was enjoying the view. It was making me horny as hell. My cock, which had shrunk back to something approaching its normal size after Rachel had stopped her virtual blowjob, was beginning to swell again. Watching those two was like watching porn.

Can you tweak her nipples? I asked.

"Absolutely," Rachel responded and I heard a small whimper escape from the woman's lips. I looked back at Rachel and saw that she had pushed her hand inside her blouse and was massaging her own tits.

"One detail, I didn't tell you," she said in a breathy tone of voice. "When I do this, I feel what they are feeling . . . Fuck, this is making me horny."

"So how do you concentrate when you are essentially masturbating by channeling the couple on the other side of the room?"

"It's hard," she said. "But fuck it's fun. It is a lot better than masturbating while you watch porn."

Meanwhile on the other side of the room, the woman was openly massaging her tits while her friend watched. I saw him reach down and massage his cock through his pants and the woman silently mouthed something to him, which I read as, "Show me your cock. No one is watching." We were of course, but with or without Rachel's spell that hid us from them, they were beyond caring at this point.

He pulled out his cock and sat stroking it while she discarded her blouse so she was naked from the waist up and then pulled her skirt up so he could watch her play with her pussy.

Rachel stood and removed all of her clothes and then moved her chair so that it was right next to mine. We were now sitting side by side facing directly at the other couple about fifteen feet away. I could feel Rachel mentally sucking on my cock again, so I yanked my fly open and pushed my jeans and my boxers to the floor. Fuck, what she was doing felt so good. My cock was standing straight up and was about as hard as it ever gets. Yet it hadn't been touched by anyone, not even me. I was incredibly turned on.

"Are you still doing them?" I asked.

"No. They don't need my help any more. Look at them."

Rachel was right. The guy was standing next to the woman and she was sucking on his cock. She had her skirt pulled up around her waist and two fingers of one hand were sliding in and out of her slippery wet pussy. Fuck it was hot to watch.

"You're right," I said. "This is better than porn."

As I looked back at Rachel, I saw she was now completely naked and had her legs spread wide with two fingers in her cunt.

I watched Rachel masturbate for a minute and then looked back at the couple in the corner. By now they were both naked and had dragged over a chair with no arms. He sat down on it with his dick sticking straight up and she straddled him and eased it into her pussy while he sucked on her nipples.

"I have an idea," I said to Rachel.

"What?" she said in a strained voice as she finger fucked herself.

"If you mentally suck my cock will that get you off when you make me cum?"

"It should, but I've never tried it," she responded.

"Lets try it. I am going to sit along side you so we can watch them fucking. When they cum I'll stand, and I want you to make me cum all over your tits. If it works, you'll cum at the same time."

As I spoke, I stopped stroking my cock. It stood straight out and twitched occasionally. Rachael continued to sit along side me with her legs spread, but she pulled her fingers out of her cunt. I could feel her mind starting to suck on my cock and fondle my balls. The sensation was fabulous. Meanwhile we were both watching the couple on the other side of the room fucking furiously.

Rachel closed her eyes and leaned back and groaned. "Is it working?" I asked Rachel.

"Shit yes!" she responded. "When I suck on your dick like this, it feels like someone is sucking on my clit. If I feel you getting close, I can feel the same thing in me, and then I can back off to keep you from cumming. That drops me back from the edge too. Oh fuck this is good!"

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