tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Wizards Gift

A Wizards Gift

byForrest Elf©

In the Elven Kingdom of Yllianthyr, the courtwizard started the day as usual. First he checked everything, for he was a cautious mage. That’s what had kept him alive in more troublesome times. But even now, when peace had come to the lands he still was careful.
Everything seemed normal. Now he could go on with his business. He went to his large table on the left side of the room. His entire quarters were made out of solid wood. Magically shaped out of the trees that stood here. His tower literally grown from the ground. Branches formed archways that led from one room to another.
He sat in his chair, bending over the table his nose in the magical books. Research was his main task as a courtwizard, along with advising the king of course. He was a very influential man. And proud of it.

His visitor rune on his desk lit up. Meaning there was someone unknown approaching. A bit irritated by the disturbance he stood from his chair and looked out of a window, in the direction the rune had indicated. In the distance he saw three figures riding his way on horses. ‘Well well, an official visit then’ he thought. He prepared himself by memorizing some defensive spells and putting on his finest robe. A large green one with a hood that left only his face slightly visible, covering his long golden hair. Then he started down towards his front door.

The party of three stood before his door. The mage looked through his spyglass in the door. He saw three humans standing there. One female, and two male. The males seemed to be the escort for the female, since they were in armor and the female was only dressed in a fabulous white, satin dress. Her long red hair curled splendidly over her shoulders and her bright green eyes were filled with life. The left male knocked on the door. The mage waited a few moments and then opened the door.

‘Greetings strangers, what brings thee here, in this long forgotten forest?’ He said.

‘Greetings to you great Archmage’, the female said, ‘I am in need of your services honored Gelliorthor.’

The two males just stood quietly behind her. ‘Is that so’ Gelliorthor answered. ‘It would seem I need a little more information than that. Perhaps we should continue our business in my quarters.’

The female looked at her guards. ‘Only the one with the necessary information will be allowed in my quarters, the mage added’

The female agreed though not happily.

So the guards waited outside, and the mysterious woman followed the wizard towards his room.

Gelliorthor sat in his chair, facing the female on the other side of the table. ‘Well then, state your business.’ He said.

‘First of all, let me introduce myself’ the female said. ‘I am Sedina Summerbranch, one of the leading priestesses of Sûne. I’m here on a matter of great importance.’ She moved her hand over her head, removing the hair hanging in her face. Gelliorthor now saw the true beauty of this female, even by elven standards. It would not have surprised him is she would have had Elven ancestors. He also noticed her full breasts, tightly pressed up in her dress. In any case this was the most beautiful human female he had ever encountered. She continued. ‘A plague has broken out in the human lands of Althyr. Hundreds of people are dying and coming towards us for help. But our healing skills aren’t sufficient. We prayed to Sûne for an answer, but all we got was this recipe for a new strange potion. We have all but one ingredient.’
‘And that’s where I fit in I believe’ Gelliorthor answered slowly.

Sedina shuffled moving from one leg to another, as if a bit nervous. ‘We believe that you, the great Elven Archmage of Yllianthyr, has knowledge of this ingredient.’ she said. ‘It is called the Rubbleroot.’ The Archmage sat quietly, placed his hands together. ‘Not only do I have knowledge of the Rubbleroot, I have one in my possession. A very rare item indeed, and expensive I might add. What can you offer me in return?’ he asked.

‘Me’ she bluntly stated. Gelliorthor almost choked in his own breath. In his 312 years he had encountered a lot of things, but this he had not see coming. Though he quickly recovered, and found that he kind of liked the idea. ‘You?’ he said. ‘In what way do you expect to offer yourself then?’

Sedina stepped forward. ‘In a one-time sexual offer of course’ she whispered sensually. ‘The goddess of Sûne chose me for the task for I then would serve the Goddess without breaking my vowels. It is a one-time offer to have sex with a priestess of Sûne.’ She paused for a moment, bend over a little, so the stunned mage had a better look at her marvelous breasts. ‘What say ye to this generous offer?’

Gelliorthor slowly rose from his chair. He took his hood and pulled it back, releasing his golden manes. She now could see the mages full appearances for the first time. Sedina smiled contently, thinking this wasn’t going to be such a hard task after all. ‘Very well!’, the mage answered. I will accept your unusual but fair offer. On one condition!’

‘Name it’, the priestess retorted, ‘and I will consider it.’ The mage walked toward a closet, and opened a drawer. He took a small box. ‘Wear this while we make love, and I accept.’ He handed her a small ring. ‘What is it?’ she asked cautiously. It will increase my pleasure, it is a magical ring, but harmless to you.’

Sedina thought about it for a while, and then decided it was time for her answer. She stepped back from the table. Her hands went towards her shoulders, grabbing her dress and in a single movement, her dress fell to the floor. She stood there, in front of his nose, completely naked!

Then she put on the ring on her finger, stepped towards him and gave him a long hot passionate kiss. He started to take off his clothes as fast as he could. Gelliorthor’s hands immediately after that went straight for her beautiful firm breasts. ‘On the table’ Sedina begged, ‘I want you to take me on the table.’ Now himself also fully naked, Gelliorthor carried her to, and up the table. She lay there between all his magical books and research. She spread her legs. Her pussy was already hot and wet. She heard the wizard cursing under his breath. ‘What’s wrong?’, she asked. ‘The table’s too high’ he answered, ‘I can’t reach you. But hold on.’ The Archmage of Yllianthyr started mumbling a strange and fast language. Suddenly, his feet rose from the floor. He floated towards Sedina on the exact height it was required. ‘It does have advantages to be a wizard’ he said, looking a bit cocky. Gelliorthor levitated trough the air with his hard cock aligning with her wet cunt. ‘Amazing’ Sedina whispered under her breath, just before he entered her. She let a small high sound escape her mouth as the mage entered her deeper, and deeper. He slowly landed on her body, now feeling the entire warmth of her body. She was breathing heavily as he went in and out of her pussy. They kissed again, while both their hand went berserk on each others bodies. ‘I want to suck your dick and taste my juices’ Sedina moaned. ‘This is the only time I’m going to have sex, I want to do as much as possible.’ ‘Very well’ Gelliorthor said, ‘can’t say I mind.’

The handsome courtwizard levitated from her body, slowly removing his dick from her juicy hot spot. He sat on the table, next to her. She moved over and almost jumped on his dick. Her long red curls tickling his belly and inner legs, she started to suck. First slow, then hard and fast, licking all the juices from the shaft. With her right hand she massaged his balls. Gelliorthor was losing it. His normally so well organized mind went into a blur, and all he knew was this woman. This human woman. He exploded. Releasing all the content of is balls in her warm wanting mouth. Sedina moaned, and licked his lid clean. ‘More’, she begged, ‘I’m not satisfied.’ The mage took his time to recover, and then moved his head between her legs. ‘Very well, my dear priestess, I will satisfy you, although that was not part of the deal. Consider it a bonus, in witch I ask nothing in return.’ His tongue flashed with amazing speed in and out her pussy. This was the result of a well-placed ‘speedspell’ on his tongue. He put in a finger, as Sedina now shouted out her delight and pleasure. The mage found her clit and flashed his tongue over it, faster than any machine could possibly do. Sedina curled her body, losing all control over it. She screamed out as she came intensely. Trying hard to catch her breath.

They laid there for a few moments until they fashioned themselves. The Wizard went towards another closet and took a small jar. He handed her the jar. ‘In this is one of the last Rubbleroots’, he said, be careful with it. You’ve definitely earned it!’

‘Thank you good mage. It is a valuable gift for me. The people of Althyr are in your dept.’

‘On the contrary, the people of those lands are in your dept, for it was you who made a sacrifice.’

‘That was a one-time deal I have to remind you.’ she answered a bit cold. ‘Here’s your ring back.’

‘We will see, we will see.’ the archmage said. ‘For now, well met and fare thee well, Sedina, priestess of Sûne, and saviour of Althyr.’

‘Well met Gelliorthor, Archmage, and courtwizzard of Yllianthyr. Be well.’ Sedina turned around and left. Her guards escort her away. Gelliorthor watched them disappear on the horizon. He took the ring and placed it on the table. He casts the trigger word, and smoke starts emerging from the ring. When the smoke clears, the exact image of Sedina lays on the table, spreading her legs, her pussy wet and hot…
‘It has it advantages to be a wizard’, he thought.

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