tagMind ControlA World of My Own Ch. 1

A World of My Own Ch. 1


This is my first attempt at writing anything beyond business crap for a very long time (20+ years) and the first time I've tried an erotic story. Any constructive feedback will be absolutely welcomed.

* * * * *

Chapter 1: The Awakening

It was a gray rainy day not unlike every other fall day that weighed upon the folks in my hometown in upper Washington State. What amazed me is that it never seemed to get people down. For me, it always did and I often retreated into by own world, a world of fantasy, a world of books, a world where I had total control over everyone and everything.

I was just such a day and I was lost in my fantasy world, sitting in my bedroom. This was no ordinary bedroom. You see, I came from a wildly wealthy family and had everything I could possibly want in the suite. I say suite because this was actually three rooms with my own bath. When you entered you found yourself in a large living room with two over-stuffed couches at either side of a huge stone fireplace. Highly polished hardwood floors were covered by a lush Persian carpet and one wall was consumed by the best entertainment system money could by. From this room there were two doors at either side. To the left, you entered a great library, lined floor to ceiling with all of my favorite books. I read voraciously and often found that even this space was not enough to store all my favorites so I often spent time reorganizing the shelves and rediscovering books long forgotten. In the corner of the room I had a great old oak desk that had belonged to my grandfather. It was one of those massive pieces that announced, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person sitting behind it was immensely powerful and wealthy. At the side of this desk was my computer system with every gadget you could ever need and a high-speed connection to the Internet that rivaled the best university system.

On this particular afternoon I was reading a great book on one of my favorite subject, hypnotism. I had been studying and hoping for the opportunity to apply what I was learning and had even concocted a plan to see if I could use it on my girlfriend. Emily was 18 and gorgeous. She stood about 5"6" and had long silky blond hair. She had medium sized breasts that stood firmly from her chest and a perfectly round firm ass. We had been going out for a year and we had been having sex for almost as long but it was lacking something. She wasn't dull in bed. In fact she was pretty great and together we learned allot. We were each other's firsts so we really had some fun exploring our bodies and find out what sex was all about. I just kept thinking that there was more to this and I couldn't figure out what that was. Hypnotism was going to give me the control I needed to really explore the full breath of my sexual desires.

I was lost in a chapter about how the hypnotist could overcome latent inhibitions in a subject when my pain-in-the-ass sister barged into my room. No matter how many times I yelled and screamed about these intrusions she still came barging in. I had enough this time. I jumped from my desk and flung the book at her. I caught her square in the head and knocked her off her feet. In a flash, I was on top of her, grabbing a handful of her long red hair a pulling her to within an inch of my face. She cried that I was hurting her but I heard none of it and said in a low, menacing voice, you will listen and remember or I will hurt you more than you can imagine. With that her eyes became like saucers, her breath become shallow and a tremble coursed through her body and it dawned on me that here was my chance.

I slowly rose and lifted her by her hair till she was standing and then led her to a chair in front of the desk and told her to sit quietly if she knew what was good for her. I released my hold on her hair and went to my desk to find something I could get her to focus on. I found a silver pen and a small flashlight and brought both around and sat in the opposite chair. I'd never seen Jan so tense and I must admit it excited me. She was sitting bolt upright, gripping the armrest so tight her knuckles had gone white. She was visibly shaking and a tear rolled down each cheek. I pulled my chair closer and began. I needed her to calm down so I began with a calm even tone and explained that she was now going to help me since she couldn't seem to avoid interrupting me. She was going to allow me to hypnotize her. I knew all these interruptions were a simple desire to get my attention so I promised her that if she cooperated she would get just that, my full attention and my permission to share my space with less hassle. If she refused I would physically throw her out of my room and the next time she barged in I would hurt her. For a second, the look in her eyes said she thought I was bluffing and just as suddenly she remembered being knocked to the floor and the look changed to a realization that this was very real. She nodded her Ok and the games began.

Everything I had been studying came rushing back and I began to take her under. It sacred me because it seemed too easy. Within minutes I had her in a trance but was it real? How much control did I really have over her? How much could I get her to do? How could I test the depth of my control?

Jan had a body that was strikingly similar to Emily. Everything was just about perfectly proportioned. The only difference really was Jan has creamier white skin and her nipples were just a bit smaller. I was pretty sure she was a virgin but I also knew she had some oral experience because I caught her once with a boyfriend. It was a summer day a few months back and she was behind the cabana giving him a blowjob that seemed a bit lacking. That was confirmed a few minutes later when she stopped her sucking, looked up, and asked if he was about to cum because she didn't want him to come in her mouth. That was the test. Could I get her to suck my cock? Could I get her to swallow?

I began by asking her about her sexual experiences. I took her back to that summer day and asked if that was her first attempt. It was. Did she have other experiences? Yes. Did she ever let Lynn come in her mouth? No, that's disgusting. Why? It's like peeing. He would be peeing in my mouth. Why would he want to pee in my mouth? This little discourse convinced me I was on the right track. It also convinced me that I had her as she answered all of my questions without the least bit of hesitation or embarrassment. It was time to take the plunge. To the best of my recollection it went something like this:

Jan, listen to me carefully. Giving head is one of the best ways to show a guy just how much you care about him. It is totally natural and when it's done well most women find it very exciting. Tasting a mans come and feeling it on your skin is the culmination of that and to stop short is like telling him "you are not that important to me". Do you understand? Her reply was a simple "I guess".

I continued; you need to learn to love sucking cock. You need to learn to love the taste and feel of cum. You need to learn to love the feel of a cock sliding deep into your throat. Nothing is more important to you right now. Do you understand? Jan eyes focused on mine a she wisxpered, "I do".

Jan, I am going to be your teacher. You are going to suck my cock. In fact, you are going to beg for the chance to suck my cock and to taste my cum. You need to do this, as you need to breath. Beg me Jan and maybe I'll say yes.

For just a brief moment I thought I'd blown it. There was this sudden flutter in her eyes and a light shudder that raced through her body that made me think I failed and was about to be in very deep trouble. I was wrong. What I saw was the dawning of excitement. She wanted to learn.

Jan dropped to her knees in front of me and with the sweetest most innocent look I had ever seen she began: Mike, please teach me how to suck cock. I need to feel you hard cock in my mount. I need to taste it. I want to drink your come. Please Mike, help me learn.

Ok Jan, but you must promised to do exactly what I say. Don't hesitate. Don't think. Just do. If you don't I will stop the lesson and you will never get a second chance. Ok? Ok Mike. I promise. Just tell me what to do. I'll do whatever you say. I promise.

Good. The first thing you need to know is this. Whenever possible you should be naked when you suck cock. At the very least, the guy you are blowing should have easy access to your tits, your pussy and your ass. This will get him more excited and he will enjoy your services all the more. Remember, blowjobs are all about giving pleasure so give him free rein. Now, you can start by getting out of your clothes.

She was wearing a loose fitting tee shirt, jeans and a pair of white cotton panties. She was barefoot and hadn't bothered with a bra. In no time at all there she was, my kid sister, naked as the day she was born and looking absolutely delicious. My only worry was for my cock that was straining for release. I wasn't sure if I could keep from cumming in my pants. The sight of her was driving me over the edge. But, more than that, my control over her had me flying higher than I had ever imagined was possible. This is what I was missing with Emily. This is what I needed. From now on, this is what I would have.

I remember every detail still to this day. It went like this:

Jan, you have a fantastic body. Have you been naked with any other guys?

No, never. I'd be too embarrassed.

Turn around and let me see your ass.

She started to turn and I slowed her down. I didn't want any part of this rushed. Her ass was amazing. It was perfectly round and tight. Not a single blemish on it. I reached out and ran my hand over the warm smooth skin and she shuddered.

Turn around.

She did and I reached out a tested the firmness of her breasts. They were slightly smaller than Emily's but they were firmer as well. Her nipples stood at attention and as I brushed my hand over them I heard a slight moan escape from her.

Have you ever let a guy play with you tits?

No. Lynn always tried but I wouldn't let him.

Does it excite you to have me touching them?

Yes. Very much.

Is your pussy wet?

I think so.

Spread your legs and let me see:

She opened her legs and I slowly ran a finger across her outer lips. Again, a moan. With the next stroke I let me finger slide just a bit between her outer lips and felt her heat. The moan was more pronounced. With the third stroke, I added pressure and parted her lips completely. God was she wet. The moan that escaped this time come from deep in her throat and resonated long after my finger crossed her clit.

Jan, your pussy is dripping wet. Do you like having your pussy played with.

God yes.

Do you play with you pussy Jan?

Yes, sometimes when I'm alone.

Show me how you play with yourself.

I detected just the slightest hesitation but before I could say anything her hand found its target and she started rubbing herself just above her clit. I knew I was getting distracted but I just couldn't help myself. Watching my sister play with her dripping pussy was just too good to rush past. As her excitement built her finger worked between her lips, stoking her clit more directly and forcing her breathing to a more intense pace. I guessed she was getting close to orgasm and I definitely wasn't ready for that just yet. I told her to stop and spread her pussy open so I could see how wet she was. Her juices were actually starting to run down the insides of her thighs. Emily got wet but never like this.

Let me smell your fingers Jan.

She held them up to my nose and the scent was wonderfully overpowering.

Let me taste them.

She brought them to my mouth and first with my tongue and then drawing them into my mouth a got my first taste of that sweet virgin pussy. Emily had a salty taste that lingered over the top of my tongue Jan's was a bit sweeter. The kind of sweet that catches the sides of your tongue and lingers.

Jan, you need to cum now. Show me how you cum. Here sit in my chair. Spread your legs nice and wide so I can see everything. Now Jan, make it happen.

Once again her fingers found her clit and with the other hand she began fondling her tits and rolling her nipples in her fingers. It started in her belly. I could see her stomach muscles quivering as the orgasm built to a crescendo. The hand that was working her tits suddenly dropped to her pussy and a finger slid in to the knuckle. Only a few strokes and she added a second finger and that did it. She suddenly stiffened as if hit by a bolt of lightening. Her head flew back her month flew open and her breath caught as the orgasm racked her body. It was like someone was turning a switch on and off. Her body loosened and then it hit again. I was wondering how long this was going to continue when she finally started to ease back. Her fingers slowly slipped from her pussy and her ass finally settled back in the chair. She had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever seen and right then and there I knew a blowjob would not be anywhere close to enough. But, it was a great place to start.

Jan, can you hear me?


Did you enjoy that?

God yes. Did I pass out? I mean it all got kind of black for a minute.

No, you didn't pass out but you came close. Do you want to do that again?

Yeah but not right now. I don't think I could handle another just yet.

That's Ok because that little show has me hard as a rock and it's time you learned a new lesson. Get up. I help her as she still seemed a bit wobbly. I quickly dropped my pants and let the beast loose. Jeez I was hard. Jan's eyes slowly dropped and widened. She seemed a bit stunned. I lifted her chin till her eyes were back on mine and made sure I still had control. She had settled and regained some of her strength and I could tell she was still mine. As I held her gaze I kicked my pants off and I caught just the slightest glimmer in her eyes. She might just be looking forward to this.

I turned her so she was facing the chair and let myself sink in comfortable.

Jan, kneel here. Take my cock in your hands and just take a minute to explore.

She did as I instructed and slowly ran a finger around the head.

That's right Jan. The head is the most sensitive spot, especially the bottom side. Now Jan, I want you to gently run your tongue from the base all the way up. Do it slowly. We want this to last.

Her tongue felt so good and I was so wired at this point that I was sure I was going to shoot right then and there but I held on. Her tongue reached the head of my cock and she dropped back to the bottom and started again. This was going to be better than I could have possibly imagined.

Jan, my balls need some attention now. Hold my cock against my belly and lick my balls. Be gentle. If you get too rough with a guy's balls you'll hurt him and I know you don't want to hurt anyone.

She did exactly as I instructed first with the right ball and then the left and then back again. Now Jan, it's time to take me in your mouth. Run your tongue back up and when you get to the top take just the head in your mouth. As she got to the top and popped my cock head in I had another near blastoff. Her mouth was so hot and wet I knew no matter how much control I exerted this was not going to last very long. I decided I needed a bit of a delaying tactic so I asked her how it tasted. She let me go to answer.

She looked up at me and with that sparkle flashing again she licked her lips and said; really nice; just a bit salty and really warm.

Did you like licking me?

Yeah, I kind of liked when you had those little shivers when I reached the head.

If you liked that, you're going to love when I really let go. Jan, I want you to do something very special. I want you to lick my balls again but this time don't run your tongue up my cock. Instead, I want you to work your way down and find my asshole. When you get there, I want you to run your tongue all around it and when I tell you to, I want you to stick your tongue up inside. Do you understand? Yes

I had never has my ass reamed. Until that moment I don't think I even thought about it. It just kind of came over me and the idea that I could get Jan to bore into my ass when until now she couldn't bring herself to take a load was exactly the test of control I needed. Then let's see what you can do?

Again her tongue made contact but just enough time passed and I wasn't nearly as close now. She worked her way down the shaft and began working each of my balls. What she did next was a bit of a shock. She slowing sucked my right ball into her mouth and stroked it with her tongue. I hadn't asked her to do that but I wasn't about to complain. She slowly released that one and favored the other the same wonderful way and then started switching off. For just a brief moment I wondered if I was really in control or was she and was she just delaying the trip south. Just as the thought flashed she released my ball from her mouth and resumed her downward trek. It wasn't long before she reached my asshole and after some of the most delicious wet work I could have hoped for her tongue slipped into my ass. A groan escaped before I realized it was even in my throat and then he tongue began a rhythmic slide in and out. This was great but it was not what I told her to do. Stop now, I growled and pushed her away. Her head shot up with a stunned look and before she could get a word out I reminded her she was to wait until I told her to slide her tongue in my ass. The "I'm Sorry's" practically leapt from her throat until I finally quieted her with a finger across her lips.

Now, start again and this time remember to wait until I'm ready. She went right to the top and started working her way back down to my balls, and then to my ass. I let her play a bit more then simply said "Now". Her tongue immediately found its way back into may ass and just as quickly resumed the rhythm she tried to develop earlier. I had never been reamed before and this was almost too much. So much for delaying tactics. Like the old saying goes; be careful what you ask for. You might just get it. I let her go just a bit longer because I couldn't help myself. Just when I thought I was going to burst I pushed her back. She surprised me again with the saddest look, obviously wondering what she had done this time. I had to act quickly.

Jan, that was great. In fact it was almost too good. If you kept that up much longer I was going to cum all over and that's not what you want is it? What you really want is to have me come in your mouth isn't it?

The look soften, the sparkle return and she simply nodded her head. Well that wasn't going to do it. Jan, tell me what you want.

I want to suck your cock and I want you to come in my mouth. I want to drink every last drop and if you want, I want to do it all over again.

Well how could I refuse, even if I had planted the idea.

Ok Jan, it's time. I want you to take me into your mouth and work it up and down. Keep your lips tight around the shaft and keep your tongue working along the bottom. And Jan, keep your teeth away. I want you to concentrate on taking a little bit more of me with each strike.

She slipped her lips over the head of my cock and immediately started working her tongue all around. She pulled back a bit and then started back down. As instructed, she took a bit more and held it. This went on for another three or four strokes until she had me at the back of her mouth and then she started to develop a rhythm. Before I knew it she had developed the perfect pace and that warm velvety feel of her mouth began to consume my consciousness.

Jan, take my balls in your hand and message them. She did with just a little too much enthusiasm. I quickly settled her down and the pace resumed with vigor. I was getting close but I still was not ready to give in. I had her slow a bit and spend some time concentrating on the head again. I was as hard as I've ever been and I knew when I finally released I was going to flood her mouth. Just the thought of watching her try to keep up with that flood was enough. It was time.

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