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I wrote this short essay a few years ago for a college english class. After all these years it stills seems relevant to me and I hope to you also!

A Writer Writes

Writing has proven to be a very vital asset in my professional and personal life. In my experiences as a law enforcement officer I have seen the difference a well through out and detailed report can make in both court and also in preserving my own career. On a personal level I have found writing to be a source of serenity and creative outlet that tends to suit me well as I am not otherwise artistically inclined. For these reasons I have found that writing has greatly benefited my life on my many levels.

I developed an enjoyment of writing at a young age and cannot remember a time I did not write in some form for no other purpose than to write. Many times I would stay up late in my bed writing short stories that no one would ever read, always desiring to develop the one story that would be worthy to grace the pages of one of my favorite periodicals. There were stories I wrote for Field & Stream about the great bass fishing experiences of some of Texas' least known hideaways, and the great hunts of Africa, which I dreamed of participating someday. Being an avid sports fan often baseball and football would often become material as time was passed daydreaming of covering the World Series for Sports Illustrated. Many times I would find myself taking notes as I watched a baseball game on television and later writing my own article covering each inning, pitch by pitch and recounting every memorable play of the game. The next day I would dutifully run to get the Houston Chronicle off the front porch and compare my article to the ones wrote by those educated men who got to watch the game from fancy press boxes high in the Astrodome. Other times in my life poetry would find its way into the pages of my tattered notebook, an emotional release that I was scared to share with others as I felt sure that real men did not write poetry and did not want to be called a sissy or worse from my team mates. It has taken me until recently to fully appreciate and expand on my personal writing with out excuse or regards to what others may think and in this outlet I find that quite place that brings out my deepest feelings weather it is about base ball or a field of blue bonnets beside on of our many lonely stretches of Texas highways.

As a young twenty year old entering the police academy with nothing more than the knowledge that my family relations got me to that point, I quickly learned that all that time spent writing and becoming comfortable with the written word would serve me well. On the first day of the academy our instructor, a giant of man with a commanding presence, briefed on his law enforcement experiences. He gave a brief description of what brought him to this career path and many other interesting facts, including the information that my Father had trained him as a rookie. The thing that he impressed on us most was that a well-written report was just as important as the gun you carried on your hip. The first week was nothing but report writing and I quickly caught on and used those same skills developed writing those baseball articles. Remembering to jot down each detail of an event and including all those minute details was second nature and set the tone for the rest of the academy. My writing skills carried me to the top of my graduating class and served me well later on in my career as I learned just how important that pen in my pocket really was.

Writing has worked well for many in these aspects of my life in being able to express my exact thoughts onto paper with out confusion as to what I meant or did not mean to say. I can recall times that a slick suit lawyer has tried to confuse me on the stand by asking questions about minute details only to be surprised by my calm demurer as I pulled those details from the incident report in front of me. Other times I have found peace in writing just for myself for no reason but to write. Sometimes I still write those baseball articles just as when I was a kid, and at those times a bit of my child hood still lives in those dreams. One day I hope to fulfill those dreams of far away hunts in Africa and covering the world series from an excited press box at Minute Maid Park, but for now I will continue to use my writing skills to get me down this path of education that may lead to those dreams becoming reality.

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