tagLoving WivesA Young Widow's Sexual Saga

A Young Widow's Sexual Saga


Alex had cleared space on her busy calendar in order to leave work early. Clay had recently issued orders to meet him at a biker bar in the San Fernando Valley. She was not accustomed to taking orders, especially from an aggressive male, but there are exceptions to everything.

Three nights ago, her relationship with a fellow realtor changed dramatically. Clay, a fierce competitor and office flirt, had relentlessly pursued her for the past two years, trying everything he knew to get into her pants. He dogged her when she was married, pouncing on every opportunity to seduce her, but Alex, a committed and faithful wife, consistently rebuffed his advances. He eventually backed off when her husband of ten years died from lung cancer. It took Alex a year before she was ready to date. Vinny, an East Coast mobster she met on a flight from Logan to LAX, helped her shed her sexual repression, introducing her to hot sex. He lavished attention on her until family business called him back to Boston. Clay seized the opportunity and filled the void, finally scoring after two years of trying.

Last Saturday night, Clay had engaged Alex in phone sex, getting her to remove her clothes and fondle herself. The erotic dialogue reached a crescendo, leaving Alex breathless, vulnerable to his advances. Unknown to her, he was parked just outside her Hollywood Hills home, waiting for the right time to make his move. He called her to the window and proved he was only seconds away. He threatened to kick in her door, if she didn't cooperate. For the next four hours, Clay ravaged her body, fucking her with wild abandon. Before he left, she endured numerous earth shaking orgasms, the hottest oral sex of her life, culminating with two bouts of female ejaculation.

Before marriage, she had endured awkward sex with a boy friend in college, and a one-night stand with a biker. The biker planted the seeds for wild sex, but while married, she experienced only friendship and kindness. She never reached orgasm with her husband. He was a sensitive, doting husband, considerate and responsible, but lacked the animal magnetism she so dearly loved. She craved the primitive passions of an alpha male. That's where Vinny and Clay stepped in.

Late Saturday night, after fucking her senseless, Clay left a note on her pillow. It read, "Meet me at Hog Heaven on Sepulveda, Tuesday night, eight sharp. Wear something sexy." She could read between the lines. Either be there or face dire consequences.

Alex soaked in the Jacuzzi, racking her brain about what to wear for her date with Clay. Wear something sexy, the note read. She had been to a biker bar only once, and that was before her marriage to Tom. That's where she met Ben, the burly biker who introduced her to wild sex. She feared wearing something sexy to a sleazy biker bar might turn ugly. Clay, a physical specimen with tree trunk legs and arms of steel, would be there for her, so she hoped. But what to wear, that was the question.

Alex stood in the middle of her spacious walk-in closet, scanning her options. After considerable deliberation, she decided on a short black skirt that sensually clung to her tone thighs and pouting ass. As she walked, her fleshy, well-toned ass subtly rippled under the clingy material of the tight skirt, accentuated by her favorite high-heeled sandals. She chose a light blue bra that complemented her pale blue blouse. The D-cupped bra strained to hold her full breasts, Alex's best feature. She didn't have a bad one, but her big, natural tits, commanded the most attention. She pirouetted in front of the floor length mirror, admiring her ass and legs. Not bad for a thirty-five year old widow. The provocative attire concerned her, so she chose a short black leather jacket to provide a hint of modesty. When she bent forward, the soft cotton blouse parted slightly, hinting at the depth of her cleavage. She was sure to attract leers form the patrons at Hog Heaven.

She savored a glass of wine before making the short trip over the hill, arriving a bit early, hoping to catch Clay before entering the biker bar. She nervously glanced about the parking lot, looking for Clay's car. It was dotted with Harleys, pick-up trucks, and a few muscle cars. Her Lexus stuck out like a sore thumb. Five minutes after arriving at the seedy bar, Clay's dark blue Mercedes pulled into the half-full lot. He emerged wearing jeans, motorcycle boots, and a sleeveless vest, showing off his powerful arms. She moved quickly, catching Clay before he entered the side door.

"Hey, Clay."

The tall muscular realtor, posing as a hard ass biker, turned and grinned. "Alex, your right on time."

"Eight sharp, just as you requested."

"Let me look at you."

Alex pivoted, providing her demanding lover with a good look. "What do you think?"

"Outstanding. Of course, I know what you've got."


"Fucking fabulous. Come on, I've a few friends I'd like you to meet."

The jukebox filled the raucous bar with the sounds of "Hotel California," Alex's favorite. She loved the Eagles, even though they were before her time. The bar was packed with thirsty bikers, but only one of the three pool tables at the rear of the joint was in play. Clay introduced her to a couple of buddies at the bar, then moved to one of the available pool tables at the rear. He racked the balls, she broke.

A couple of burly bikers challenged the table, so Alex deferred to the men, watching them play from a tall bar stool near center table. Her short skirt provided the players, and a couple of heavily inked bikers at a near-by table, with a clear shot of her silky smooth thighs. Their leers turned her on, as long as Clay provided the necessary security. She loved the attention. Clay's formidable physique was her security blanket. She felt protected.

Two longhaired bikers at a near-by table challenged the winner, so Clay teamed up with Alex. After a couple of beers, she shed her leather jacket, and threw herself into the game. Several more rowdy boozers gathered at nearby tables, more interested in Alex's sensual moves and voluptuous body, than her skills at pool. She felt the eyes of the men devouring her flesh, leering at her shapely legs and big tits. She knew that when she bent forward to take aim at the cue ball, her cleavage was on display. As she moved about the table, she felt the leers of the men, savoring the sensual bounce of her pouting ass and voluptuous breasts. The game was close, but Alex scratched on the eight ball.

"Sorry, Clay. Pool's not my thing."

"You did good."

"Thanks, but I need a break. The beer is getting to me."

"The restrooms are over there, near the jukebox."

"I'll be right back."

Alex made her way passed the jukebox, feeling every eye savor her hot body. She let out a sigh of relief when she reached the women's restroom. It was small, two stalls. A stringy haired, bleached blond woman in jeans and sweats stood before a cracked mirror, splashing her face with water.

Alex took care of business before heading for the washbasin. The blond was drying her hands when she approached.

"You shouldn't dress like that."


"You're inviting trouble."

"I'm with a friend."

"Won't help! Last week a woman was raped in that stall." The blond pointed to the stall she had just used.

The hard-looking blond left, shaking her finger at Alex. Fear suddenly gripped her. She felt trapped. After washing up, she returned to the pool table, motioning to Clay.

"I'm nervous. We need to leave."

"Another couple of games. Just relax, everything will be fine." Clay was drunk, his slurred speech and cavalier attitude were not reassuring. After downing her third beer, she reluctantly returned to the bathroom, desperately needing relief. If the overhead window were bigger, she would have crawled out, leaving this creepy joint in the dust. She splashed water on her face, straightened her attire, and exited the restroom. Looming in front of her was a stocky brute, shaved head, goatee, and huge arms splashed with ink.

"Say, aren't you Clay's friend?"


"You play a mean game of pool," he said. His eyes traveled over her body, making her skin crawl.

"Not really. I scratched on the eight ball."

"Haven't we all."

"How do you know Clay?" she asked, trying to break the tension.

"We go way back. He once dated my former girl friend."


"He took advantage of her while I was drunk, kissing her where we now stand."

Alex was tongued tied. She certainly wasn't going to defend Clay. Finally she said, "Sorry about that." It was a lame comment, but she didn't know what to say.

"How about returning the favor?"


"How about a kiss."

"That's out of the question. Clay is my date."

"He's drunk. He'll do you no good tonight. Give me a kiss."


"Kiss me, either here or in there." He pointed to the partially opened bathroom door.

"I'll scream for help."

"No one will hear you. Between the Jukebox and the rowdy crowd, your pleas will go unnoticed."

"Please move. You're blocking my way."

The brute sprang forward, knocking Alex through the door. He slammed it behind them, locking it for privacy.

"Turn about is fair play. Clay kissed my old lady, now I'm going to kiss his."

Alex tried to push the burly biker back, but he was far too strong. He was shorter than Clay and Vinny, but his massive shoulders and chest were intimidating. She was helpless.

"Just a few hugs and kisses," he said. His leathery face showed a lot of hard living, his piercing brown eyes exuded strength and experience.

"Promise you'll stop at that?" she whispered weakly.

"I give my word." His husky voice was insistent. He would not be denied.

The stranger lowered his head and gently kissed Alex, tender at first, taking his time, slowly nibbling and licking her full lips. He was patient, almost affectionate as he worked her lips, only plunging his tongue into her receptive mouth when she was ready. His coarse beard and searching lips worked her mouth, sending faint ripples of pleasure to her sensitive breasts. She gasped, surprised by his sudden move as he reached down and grabbed her ass. The kissing intensified, his swirling tongue exploring her receptive mouth. He pulled back, looking into her eyes. His eyes were dark, menacing, but his tongue and lips were sensual, causing her nipples to harden.

He yanked up her short skirt, grabbed her silky ass, before hoisting her up against the door, pinning her, speared by his enraged cock. He shifted his hips, rubbing his thick, Levis covered penis against her thong, unleashing ripples of intense pleasure from her silk covered cunt. He dry humped her, digging his large hands into her fleshy ass, causing her to softly moan and whimper into his hard, bearded mug. She was stunned. She had never engaged in public sex before now.

The stranger suddenly stopped, dropping her to the floor, stepping back to gaze at her incredible body. Her skirt had hiked up past her hips, exposing her silky smooth legs. Her distended nipples were clearly visible, poking through her bra and blouse.

"I'm a man of my word. I just wanted a hug and a kiss. Tell Clay we're even now." He flashed her a wicked grin of satisfaction, before leaving her standing awkwardly in the middle of the dingy restroom, still trembling from what he called "a hug and a kiss." She was relieved he was gone. But down deep, she felt edgy, frustrated, perhaps disappointed that he had stopped.

Alex splashed water on her face, straightened up, and returned to her bar stool. Clay was staggering around the middle table, playing yet another game of pool. She impulsively grabbed her car keys, and headed for the side door, nearly knocking over a barmaid serving pitchers of beer. She dashed to her car, unlocked the doors, jumped in and started the engine, eventually collapsing on the steering wheel. Seconds later, Alex was startled by a tapping sound on the driver's side window. She looked up and saw the stocky stranger who had attacked her in the restroom. He grinned and waved her leather jacket. He had been watching her. She partially lowered the window.

"Forgot something," he grinned.


"I need a favor."


"I need a lift home. My ride left me stranded. Besides, I'm tired of the drunken bastards inside."

"Sorry, I need to get home."

"I've got your jacket. Besides, you know I can keep a promise."

"Oh shit! Hop in." She didn't want to argue or call attention to herself. She wanted out of here. Any altercation might alert Clay and his drunken buddies.

The stranger darted around the car and jumped in. "Take a right on Sepulveda. My place is less than a mile from here."


"I know your boyfriend's name, but not yours."

"Alex, short for Alexandria."

"Todd, short for Todd." They both laughed.

She pulled up in front of a small two-story apartment complex. "Park here, and we'll grab a mug of coffee. Your driving is erratic."

"I'm fine," Alex said.

"No you're not." Todd grabbed the keys from the ignition, threw open the passenger side door, and barked, "No you're not. You're coming with me."

Alex pleaded with Todd, but he was right. She was tipsy, and being a realtor, she couldn't afford a 502. They enter a security door, passed through a foyer, and headed upstairs to a rear apartment. She immediately went to the bathroom. The beer was taking its toll. She was impressed, surprisingly so, with the cleanliness of his small, one bedroom apartment.

When she returned, she found Todd in the kitchen, brewing fresh coffee. She instantly felt better, knowing she would soon be sober and on her way. Little did she know that he had secretly spiked their brews with generous amounts of brandy. He handed her a steaming mug and raised a toast.

"Wow, it's a bit sweet." Alex smiled, appreciative of his efforts to sober her up.

"Sorry, I've got a sweet tooth."

He lit a joint, and shared it with Alex. They chatted easily about Clay, her work as a realtor, and her ten-year marriage. She confided that she was sexually naïve before marriage, confessing that she had experienced only awkward sex with a boyfriend in college, and a one-night stand with a biker. He got her to admit that she had never had an orgasm with her husband. Her marital orgasm were all self induced.

Todd filled Alex in about playing football a Penn State, actually graduating with a degree in psychology, and a wayward ten years with the Gypsy Jokers, a biker gang out of New York. He moved west some years ago, and now was the service manager at a Harley shop in Van Nuys. Alex guessed that Todd was about forty-five.

The caffeine kept her alert, but the hidden brandy and marijuana softened her senses, creating a warm and fuzzy dream like world. Reggae music softly filled the room with a rhythmic beat, causing her loins to ache. She tried to deny it, but she was feeling lusty. Todd cradled her to his massive chest, gently kissing her cheek. He slowly turned her on her side, lowering his head for a long, lingering kiss. She had thought that Vinny and Clay were good kissers, but they were amateurs compared to Todd. He was patient, milking her lips and tongue with tenderness and sensitivity. When she was ripe for passion, he unleashed a lustful attack. His mouth and tongue followed his slow but insistent hands, slowly removing her blouse and bra.

Todd uttered his approval as her D-cup bra fell to the floor. "Fuck, you've got big tits."

Alex moaned her appreciation as he feasted on her lust-swollen melons. Her small ribcage accentuated their size. Alex was small boned, but very fleshy. Her nipples were extra sensitive, and her tits were nearly a cup size larger than normal. Every month, without fail, just before her period, she went from a D cup to a double D cup. With their increased size, there was also an increased sensitivity. His hungry mouthed devoured her fleshy orbs, literally milking them. Todd had an obsession for big tits, especially natural ones.

If he didn't stop soon, she was going to cum. Thankfully he did, but not before sending streams of vaginal juice down her silky thighs. He pushed her back on the sofa, and slowly slid up her black skirt. He started at her ankles, licking his way toward her loins, leaving a wet trail of saliva as he licked and sucked her smooth, shapely legs. Her firm, full thighs glistened with a faint hint of perspiration. Copious amount of his saliva merged with juices leaking from her gushing cunt. His scratchy beard only heightened her mounting pleasure, threatening to ignite an orgasmic explosion. He was slow and patient, savoring the moment, elongating her sensual feelings, prolonging the intensity of her erotic high. She had never more thoroughly enjoyed foreplay. He was driving her crazy, slowly leading her to unexplored places of sexual bliss. Alex was hotter than she'd ever been. She had never met a man who so skillfully combined sensitivity with raw animal passion.

She grabbed his shaved head, forced it between her thighs, coaxing him to bathe her thong covered pussy with his thick tongue. He looked up at her, savoring the glazed, other worldly look in her eyes. He wasn't handsome, but his instinctive feel for female sensitivity made him a fantastic lover. His dark brooding eyes, stocky build, and heavily lined face were menacing, but his touch was refined, sensitive, and strong. Alex was on fire.

He removed her thong, and French kissed her pussy, sending shivers of pure lust coursing through her body. Her huge, lust-swollen breasts heaved on her chest, while vaginal fluid leaked uncontrollably from her throbbing cunt. Finally he stood, peeled off his jeans and tank top, before slowly discarding his boxers. His thick monster popped up, swaying menacingly before her saucer sized eyes. His cock was shorter than Vinny and Clay's, but significantly wider. He reached over to an end table and retrieved a tube of lubricant. He first showered his cock with copious amounts of the thick fluid, then covered her shaved pussy and vaginal area with the slippery substance.

Todd positioned himself over her writhing body, gently rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit and labia. He was patient, sliding and gently tapping her clit, all the while gazing into her lust filled eyes. Her green eyes glowed with a mysterious light, originating from some remote corner of her libidinous soul. To an outsider, it must have been an eerie scene. But to Alex and Todd, it was pure sexual bliss.

Todd took his time, but finally sank to the bottom of her cunt. His stocky cock, in some odd way, mirrored his stocky body. He had the look of a mythical forest creature, part man, and part animal. He gently rocked back and forth, searching her eyes. When bending down, he kissed and sucked her lust-engorged tongue, muffling momentarily her incessant moans and whimpers. When leaning back, he starred down at Alex, challenging her, coaxing her, daring her to plunged deeper into their shared sexual excitement. When rocking forward again, he smothered her mouth with his, voraciously sucking on her tongue. This rhythmic cycle endlessly repeated itself. In reality, it lasted a lust filled fifteen-minutes.

Finally, he reached under her and grabbed her fleshy ass, further intensifying her overwhelming pleasure. The panting widow was hurled into an orgasmic trance, spread out in time, never quite peaking, continuously shaking her with a primitive, hedonistic shower of pure pleasure. Finally Todd erupted, spewing gobs of cum into her vibrating cunt. Volley after volley of his sticky semen splashed her vaginal walls, nurturing her, providing her sexually starved body with his life sustaining elixir.

Alex, her eyes glazed over with pure lust, gazed at her feet. She had earlier thrown her legs around Todd's massive back, holding on for dear life. She squinted and finally focused on her feet. Her toes were tightly curled, her legs trembling uncontrollably. She slowly returned to normalcy. Nothing, however, was normal about what just happened.

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