tagIncest/TabooAaron's Apples Ch. 08

Aaron's Apples Ch. 08


The sun flooded the bedrooms of the new lovers as they awoke the next morning. Both had made promises to their Mother’s the night before in order to go out on their first date. But, had also promised each other that they would get together as soon as they could today.

Candy didn’t have to seek out her Mom as she had no more than sat up in bed when she saw her door slowly open. “Come on in, Mom and make love to me.”

More interested right now in getting to Aaron Candy wanted to get down to business right away with her Mom. She loved having sex with her Mom but Aaron was the new toy. Even before Felicity got to Candy her daughter had pulled off her nightgown and panties. As Felicity embraced her daughter Candy slid Felicity’s clothes off quickly. Startled Felicity commented, “A little excited this morning I see.”

“After all, you had your pussy eaten yesterday and never got around to eating my cunt. So, I need you to eat me now,” Candy said to explain the hurry. She flopped back on the bed and spread her legs wide showing her Mom her wet cunt. Felicity seeing this wasted no time diving between her daughter’s thighs. For the next hour and a half Mother and daughter pleasured each other in EVERY way possible. It was intense enough that Candy even forgot about Aaron for awhile. What they didn’t know is that Cherry, Candy’s Grandmother, had heard the noise and watched the last half an hour as she played with herself.

Aaron climbed out of bed, knowing his Dad would already be gone, and totally naked looking to find and fuck his Mom as he had promised yesterday hoping to call Candy by noon. Perfect he thought, she was still in bed asleep. He gently pulled off the covers revealing a cotton nightshirt and a pair of raggedy granny panties. He somehow found these panties very arousing as there was a wet spot in the crotch and there were a couple of small holes just getting their start. He carefully rolled up the nightshirt until her full massive breasts were completely exposed. He cupped the nearer one in his hand and slid down beside her. First he gave the nipple a gentle peck with his lips. He kissed the breast again just swirling the tip with his tongue causing Virginia to softly moan in her sleep. Next, he sucked all of the boob he could into his mouth, which had the desired result of waking her up. She put her arm around his back saying, “Now my dear boy that is the perfect wake up call.”

Her son rolled fully on top of Virginia as she pulled off the night shirt. He was almost violent in his squeezing and kissing of her breasts. He was totally into it crying out, “I love your big titties. Oh Mom, your boobs are so big.” After a few minutes Virginia pushed Aaron off of her and quickly kissed down his stomach to his rock hard member. She remembered her promise to clean it of her juices. She didn’t know that it was actually Candy’s juices she was licking off. Virginia and Aaron continued until they were both wore out. As Aaron was putting his underwear on the phone rang.

Virginia answered it and yelled to Aaron, “Phone for you, it’s a girl.” Aaron was glad, for some reason, that his mom had not recognized the voice. It was Candy calling to see if and when he wanted to get together. They made arrangements to meet in a half an hour and take a walk. As they hung the phone up a terrible realization hit both of them. They could not get anymore serious about each other until they told one another about their strange love life’s. They knew in their heart of hearts if they waited for any length of time the truth would get harder and harder to tell.

Secrets only have a way of making things worse and compounding problems. Besides, it would be hard to sneak around to have sex with other family members and the neighbors. They were both trembling when they met that afternoon but it wasn’t because of the frigid weather.

They kissed briefly and then began slowly walking hand in hand. They eased their way into it talking first of dating experiences. Then they both admitted making out with older people. When Candy said, I am having an incestuous affair,” she was surprised at Aaron’s lack of shock. In fact he even seemed to smile a bit.

In truth he was relieved as it made his next words much easier, “That’s what I have been trying to tell you, I am having incest, too.” For the next couple of hours they discussed how their taboo relationships got started realizing they couldn’t be mad at the other person for what they themselves were doing. Of course, Aaron had to tell Candy that he had fucked both her Mom and Grandmother while Candy told him that his Dad had fucked her out by her pool.

With these burdens lifted both lovers felt a huge weight off their shoulders. They kissed passionately once everything had been spit out. Now, they had to decide what was next for them. As they gently caressed they reaffirmed their intention to keep dating and fucking. Candy thought of the naughty idea first but had no trouble getting Aaron to go along for the ride. As she rubbed the bulge in his pants she exclaimed, “You know we could have even more fun together if both of us had sex with each of our family members.”

The problem was not seducing their family members as they had proved already that it could be done. Rather, the problem was deciding on whom first and when to do it. They spent about a half an hour making plans and would start carrying them out as soon as they walked to their homes. Aaron’s cock had never been harder and Candy’s cunt never wetter as they walked hand in hand to the exciting new future.

The horny couple made their way into Candy’s house and shed themselves of their coats. They looked around to see who was home. Finally, they found Felicity and Cherry downstairs in the family room. John had to tend to a problem at work and wouldn’t be back for several hours. Candy and Aaron nodded at each other putting their plan into action. Aaron sat on the arm of the couch beside Felicity while Candy took a spot on the couch beside her grandmother. Candy spoke first, “You know Aaron and I have started dating and really enjoy each other’s company. He told me something very interesting Grandma.”

“What is that, honey?” Cherry asked. Candy snuggled a little closer and pulled her shirt off over her head and reached for the bottom of Cherry’s sweater.

“It seems that you fucked the hell out of Aaron when Mom and Dad picked me up from the airport.” Felicity gasped loudly in disbelief and before Cherry knew what hit her Candy had successfully pulled the sweater over her head and started caressing her bra covered titties. Grandma Peacher was frozen in place. Now, it was Aaron’s turn to speak as he pulled off his shirt then reached for Felicity’s blouse.

“Felicity guess what your daughter told me about you. She told me that long before you fucked me that you were eating each other’s pussys and fucking each other using a dildo.” Felicity’s face turned every shade of red as Aaron cupped her breasts. Candy and Aaron reached behind their prey’s backs and unfastened their bras yanking them off with their free hands.

“Granny, why didn’t you share these big boobs with your grand daughter before the neighbor boy?” Candy was now playing with Cherry’s nipples pinching and twisting them as she turned around to kiss the old lady’s boobs. Candy attached her lips to these wonderful orbs as she massaged them sensually with her fingers.

Having seen Candy with Felicity earlier Cherry wasted no time responding positively to her Granddaughter. She put one hand behind Candy’s head encouraging her and the other went immediately for Candy’s crotch. Cherry cooed, “I don’t know but you have them now.”

On the other end of the couch Aaron had jumped down to his knees on the floor in front of Felicity and was mauling her tits and spoke out, “You never told me that you were having lesbian sex with Candy.”

“Sorry, I didn’t think you would understand.”

“I understood about you and my Mom didn’t I.”

“I guess so. Can we put that behind us and just make love.” Perfect thought Aaron as he dove into Felicity’s huge boobs. Granny Peacher hadn’t had a lesbian experience in several years; not since her daughter Libby and her had too much drink while on vacation and ended up in a sixty-nine. She looked over at Felicity’s boobs and wondered why she had never thought of sticking one of those in her mouth.

As Felicity glanced at Cherry being sucked by her daughter she also thought of how great Cherry’s titties would be in her mouth. Just then they caught each other looking and gave one another a broad smile knowing that soon they would taste each other. Aaron pulled off Felicity’s shoes and socks as Cherry and Candy kicked there shoes off. Being the gentleman that he was after taking off his shoes, socks, and pants he went over and yanked off Cherry’s and Candy socks and helped them out of their pants before returning to Felicity and pulled her pants down her legs. He already could smell a hint of sweet, sweet pussy juice as he took Felicity by the hand and had her come to the middle of the floor and sit down.

Taking the cue, Candy had Cherry do the same having her sit beside Felicity. Aaron wanted to see all six breasts so he kissed Candy and took off her bra.

He sat back for a second admiring this beautiful seen; there they were six of the biggest melons he would ever see in his lifetime. And, if he added his Mom’s to this collection it would be perfect, but maybe some other day. He pulled Candy back into his arms deep throating her with his tongue. This left Cherry and Felicity just sitting there. Now very horny Felicity reached out and grabbed a hunk of her Mother-in-law’s tit flesh and gave it a firm tug.

The two ladies leaned together and kissed soulfully as Cherry reached for Felicity’s crotch. Putting her hand right over the pussy she observed, “God damn Bitch, your pussy is hotter than a fire cracker.”

Aaron was blown away by this lesbian display. He laid Candy down and frantically kissed her through her pink panties. He didn’t miss a spot as her Size 8 panties were a major turn on. But, Candy soon was pleading, “Aaron, fuck me, come fuck me now, make us nude and fuck my little cunt right now, come on, that’s right, let these two see how a perfect fuck is done.”

Felicity and Cherry looked over as Aaron slammed his rod deep into Candy’s hole but Cherry was busy pulling down Felicity’s panties ordering, “Sit that big ass of yours on my face. I’ve got to eat your holes out right fucking now!”

Felicity had her hips beside her daughter’s stomach so that she could look Candy in the face as Cherry climbed underneath Felicity steamy twat and big ass. Aaron was pummeling away on his girlfriend as the three ladies played with each other’s boobs. The ladies loved this position as they all could play with the other two women’s boobs and play they did. Cherry was into eating out Felicity’s asshole and cunt. Felicity had her second orgasm before giving into temptation and going down on Cherry so that they were now in a sixty-nine. Candy was a little disappointed at losing access to their boobs but didn’t care much as Aaron’s cock was bringing her to a mighty orgasm of her own. “Oh my, I’m cumming. Oh, Aaron you god damn son of a mother fucking bitch ram it home, make me cum. Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes fill me up, bastard.”

“Ok, bitch you want to cum then take this come on bitch squeeze it off. Oh fucking Christ. I’m cumming you little cunt!” They collapsed watching the two ladies go after each other.

“Aaron, I’ll be right back in just a couple of minutes. I am sure you can think of something to do here,” Candy said as she ran off to her room.

Just now the first flesh he saw was Felicity’s foot. He took it into his mouth beginning with the heel working his way across the arch to her pretty little toes. He sucked each one into his mouth in turn. Next, he worked his way up her calf to her thigh ending up at that mammoth ass. Normally, he would have kissed all over her cheeks, but needed the sexy puckering hole now. He yanked the big cheeks apart and saw Cherry’s tongue giving Felicity’s cunt a workout and rammed his own tongue right for his target. Felicity couldn’t believe it she was having both of her holes eaten expertly. She could feel the cream just pouring out of her cunt and knew no tongue had ever been in her sphincter this deep before. Candy walked back into the room and saw her Mom’s ass wiggling between Aaron’s and Cherry’s faces.

Candy strapped on her dildo and smeared some lubricant on it. She hadn’t planned to do this before things got started. She couldn’t resist it seeing Aaron’s little ass up in the air like that. She put a glob of lubricant on her fingers and shoved the lube into Aaron’s ass. Then she firmly shoved the fake prick into his bowels. This caused Aaron to let out a howl but he didn’t stop as Felicity’s ass seemed to be getting even tastier. Candy berated him, “Take that up your ass, you bastard. That is right eat my mom’s shit hole.”

Aaron had never had a sensation like this before but enjoyed it very much. But, it was over before he knew it as Candy quickly came and withdrew from him. Just then Felicity pushed his head away and rolled to the side and laying on her back put her arms out to him. They kissed passionately before she pushed his head down to suckle on her boobs. “My turn, fuck me now.”

Aaron was a little tired but glad to oblige as Felicity helped him inside of her. Candy was down on her Grandmother like a flash torridly kissing first her mouth then her breasts. Seeing Aaron and her Mom gave her an idea so she raised up on her elbows and aimed the dildo for granny’s twat. It slid right in on her first try. All four of them were moaning, groaning and cursing out of control. The four of them seemed to have one massive orgasm. This went on for the rest of the afternoon with them trying every possible way of pleasuring one another.

The highlight for Cherry was eating her Grand daughter’s pussy and asshole as Aaron rammed his young cock into her cunt while he ate Felicity’s pussy. She was also happy to know that Felicity would be there whenever she visited so she could eat a bit of pussy even with Candy off at school. The possibilities ran through Cherry’s mind and maybe John had been right that she should move closer.

Of course, Felicity was happy that she didn’t have to keep Aaron and Candy secret from each other anymore but especially loved her mother-in-laws boobs and the extra sweet taste of her twat. She was a bit sad as she knew that Candy and Aaron would get tighter and tighter and use her services less and less.

But all of them were very excited as they had over three weeks to go in the kid’s Christmas Vacation from school and intended to take full advantage of it. They finished off that afternoon gently caressing each other making sure to lick all of the ladies pussys and Aaron’s dick one last time and they kissed farewell as Aaron had Candy put on Cherry’s panties, Felicity put on Candy’s panties, and Cherry put on Felicity’s panties for the fun of it. Candy and Aaron knew that this was just the beginning.

Candy walked Aaron to the door and kissed him goodbye. It was dinner time, but when Aaron walked into his house his dad wasn’t home yet. His Mom was in the bathroom pissing. He watched her; he was suddenly horny again with a full erection. He slid to the floor and pulled her bottoms and underwear all the way off gazing as the rest of the golden fluid hit the water. He unzipped his fly and helped her to her feet thereby helping her to turn around. He bent her over the bathroom counter and without fanfare or foreplay jabbed his rod deep into her twat. He quickly pulled off her blouse and bra watching her boobs bounce with each thrust of his dick in the mirror Her ass came back to meet him with each stroke. The scene reminded him of the first time he had seen his Mom and Dad fuck in the kitchen several months earlier. He knew Candy would love making out with his mother. He could hardly wait. It didn’t take them long to cum but Aaron’s discharge was a mere dribble after all of the holes he had been in that day. He only hoped tomorrow would be as good.

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