tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Aftermath Arnold's Idea Ch. 2

Abduction Aftermath Arnold's Idea Ch. 2


Confronted by Dárcy without his clothing on, it was all I could do not to get a knife from the kitchen and perform reduction surgery on his huge penis right there and then. Dárcy saw me glance at the carving knife on the kitchen wall and then focus between his legs. All my pent up emotions were directed at his large cowering form and I'm sure he realised just how angry I was. He and Michelle sat down quickly on the couch together and I noticed that Dárcy hid his penis between his legs. He acted a lot differently to the proud fool that had shown off his member to anyone that had cared to look at it the previous day.

"What can I do to help you guys?" He looked awkward and scared.

"From what Katrina has told me, I think you are both extremely fortunate that I talked her out of bringing in the cops right away."

Arnold took charge and Dárcy looked at him with relief and gratitude.

"You want us to take you to Greg's place then?" Dárcy clung to his only bargaining tool. He seemed to realise that there they still had some useful information that he and Michelle could use to avoid being charged themselves. "What's in it for us if we help you?" He looked more composed as he looked at Arnold for the answer that he was desperate to hear.

"Katrina has agreed to keep you guys out of it if you give evidence against all the other bloody animals at that so called film studio of theirs." Arnold's face was clouded with distain. He was angry and disgusted. "Otherwise, my old friend, you might find both of yourselves carrying the can for all their nasty little misdeeds."

"Go on Dárcy!" Michelle nudged his ribs with her elbow. "Tell them what they want to know. We'll lose everything otherwise, like I told you. Greg doesn't mean that much to us." She nudged him harder.

She was obviously a lot brighter than her husband and realised that it was their only hope. "And make sure to tell Katrina how sorry you are." She hissed at Dárcy and nodded her head. "I would!"

The couple spilled the beans completely, apologising for their part in my experience and pleading for my mercy. They were a fountain of information and while they tried to minimise their own involvement, they promised to give evidence against their former friends. Some of the revelations were new to me but it was clear that they had no part in the actual kidnapping. They told me that they were merely casual employees and were only paid, albeit well, for their part in the proposed pornographic movie that Greg was producing. It seemed that Olivia was destined to take my place for the final part but Michelle assured her that she would have been well paid.

"You do believe me, sweetheart? She asked a shocked Olivia with a tearstained face. "We would have made a lot of money with the three of us doing what we do best." She paused.

She tried to smile but when she looked to Olivia for an enthusiastic answer, Olivia merely turned back to me and said.

"Yeah! RIGHT!" She thought for a moment. "I won't be staying here anymore. I'll just go and get my gear, Michelle."

She walked slowly into her room, barely looking at her two former friends sitting on the couch, the hurt look on her face reducing Michelle to tears all over again.

I think that it was at that moment that Michelle realised how much respect and control that she had lost with Olivia and how shallow the two of them actually sounded with their protestations of innocence. She sobbed uncontrollably and buried her head into Dárcy's chest for comfort. Both of them totally capitulated to our demands. They told Arnold what he needed to know about the camera gear and promised to persuade Greg to give us a chance to buy it at a good price. They realised that the gear would otherwise be confiscated and sold off at auction once the main perpetrators were convicted and sentenced. Michelle seemed to brighten considerably when Arnold offered them a bit of work on some of our new projects. Dárcy readily agreed to take direction from Olivia and myself and accept a much lower rate of pay than they had been used to receiving from Greg and his cronies.

They got dressed and led us to the deserted farm house, four hours drive from where we were and just thirty minutes further away from my former workplace and accommodation in the city that I had left behind in such a rush. Before we went to the farmhouse we gave information to three astounded policemen who accompanied us to the farm. It was still only early afternoon when they arrested Greg who was there on his own, working away on his movie. The look on his face when he answered the door was one that I will treasure forever. He looked like a rat in a trap as he tried in vain to weasel his way out of trouble. He fell on his knees and babbling in fear, he tried to explain to me that it was all some sort of a harmless joke and offered me Five Thousand Dollars in back pay. I had the satisfaction of telling him that I wasn't really that naive and wished him well for his future.

"Maybe some big tattooed biker will make you his wife for the next twenty years." I said with a wry smile. "I just hope for your sake that he doesn't have a toy like Vladimir to make you say yes to him." I glanced at Darcy meaningfully.

I walked away as he was cuffed, smiling at the thought of him with Vladimir up his arse, screaming in fear for the rest of his miserable life. I had heard some harrowing tales about the rigours of prison life for sex offenders like him. It seemed appropriate enough.

Arnold seized the moment to negotiate a low but fair price for all the gear in the house, telling him that it was his best chance to pay for his own attorney. True to his word, Dárcy helped to convince him to agree. Arnold deducted the five grand and quite a considerable bit more for unpaid interest from the final price and wrote out a cheque for the balance.

Arnold handled the discussions with the police chief, when he arrived and we were soon the proud owners of all the chattels and equipment at Greg's former studio, except Vladimir. The young policeman was horrified as I explained it's use. He immediately seized the small offending article for evidence. The enormity of his actions were made crystal clear to Greg and he was charged and read his rights as he looked completely devastated by his future prospects.

I was feeling elated as the police did their work and rounded up all Greg's friends. I identified all of the so called clients that had attended my private show. It appeared that they were all involved in it together, every last one of them. I cursed myself for being so naive as to answer all their personal questions so truthfully. They had obviously been directed at finding out whether I would be missed by anybody or whether I was in touch with my parents. In retrospect, I realised that it had been partly my fault that they had chosen me to be their sex slave. It was a valuable lesson for young Olivia. I had learned mine the hard way but I now owned a piece of our new company and most of my share was already paid for. In recognition of this, I downplayed Michelle and Dárcy's involvement and forgave them for their part in my terrible forced holiday. They promised to be more considerate in the future and told me that they would never step out of line again. They got off with a caution in return for the evidence that they would give. They left for home immediately.

I rang Jim from the expensive motel that we all stayed at on Sunday evening and told him that all was well, gratefully thanking him for his support. I had kept that card up my sleeve in case I had been wrong about Monica and Arnold as well. If I hadn't rung him he would have rung the police and launched a search for me. I decided not to tell him about the new partnership just yet, although I was more excited by the future than I had ever been before. Arnold made arrangements to have all the chattels and equipment we had bought transported back to our beautiful home city. Then he rang around to see if there was a suitable premises that could be leased, on cheap favourable terms, somewhere in a quiet area of town. We left him to organise all the details and celebrated by going down to the bar for a few drinks. It gave me the perfect opportunity to discuss my fears of disruption to our partnership with Monica.

It was obvious by now that Olivia was keen to seduce Arnold and I had to admit that I needed a man in my life from time to time myself. I knew that Monica had enjoyed a brief relationship with Arnold herself not too long before I walked into her life. It was time for a bit of 'girl talk.'

Over a few drinks she decided not to be so proprietary with us as I explained that we both loved her dearly and suggested we all share a flat nearer to the beach that we both loved, once the money situation became more fluid. I told her that she had no reason to exclude Arnold from having a bit of harmless fun with either one of us or perhaps all of us together. Monica told both of us that he was an incredible lover and mentioned that he frequently cheated on his long suffering wife, Margaret. Monica described her as an older, generous breasted woman and confided that Arnold always went back to her after his fun because he loved to bury his head among her welcoming massive mammaries. Olivia perked up her ears and listened as Monica smiled and carefully described some juicy details about Arnold's love life. She bemoaned the fact that she couldn't compete with his wife in that way. She glanced down at her own breasts wistfully.

"He was so good in bed though." Monica was slurring slightly as she spoke. "He went back to her for her big tits more than because he loved her. I was hoping to keep him for myself, you know." She smiled at us regretfully as she took another sip of her drink. "God! he was good." She looked up at us. " I wouldn't mind having him again on a short temporary basis with you guys." She admitted.

I urged Monica to drink a couple more whiskeys than she normally did, delighted that she was willing to join us in seducing our only male business partner in the luxury of our motel room. I was amazed by her frankness and candour. The more I thought about it, I was keen too.

I had often wondered what Arnold's body looked like without all his neatly pressed clothing on. He had seen all of us without our clothes on but only Monica had seen him naked. From what she told me, he had been a brilliant lover and to his distinct advantage, as she had coyly admitted, he gave good head as well. We had to practise our art of seduction on somebody, for our new careers and I persuaded her that it might as well be Arnold. We decided to reward Arnold for all his efforts by having a four way session with him that very night if he could be persuaded to agree.

With that in mind we went back to our unit. Arnold was just finishing another phone call and had been almost ready to join us in the bar. Arnold still had no idea about what we ladies had been discussing in private so when the talk turned to the sleeping arrangements for the night he was surprised and delighted to realise that we all intended to cement our new relationship in a much more loving way than he had previously imagined.

His first indication had been when Olivia took her clothing off and kissed him as she loosened his tie. I was closing the curtains and Monica had that same wicked smile on her face that I loved so much. Arnold looked around wildly before realising that Monica had given her blessing to what was about to happen. He relaxed and allowed Olivia to continue undressing him with a wide accepting smile.

"Christ! What have you guys been drinking? He uttered as Olivia undid his belt and dropped his trousers around his ankles. "Whatever it was we'd better get more of it for our new studio." He added.

He looked at Monica with widening eyes as Olivia freed his growing erection from his boxer shorts and caressed it. He was soon fully tumescent and eager to engage in his favourite sport.

"Wow! This is too much." He exclaimed joyfully.

By now our intentions had become unmistakeable. My dress was off and Monica was dropping her skirt to reveal her smoothly shaved, unclad pubic area before his startled eyes as well. The liquor had melted her shyness to show him her body by now and she was enjoying the look on his face as he realised that she had removed all her body hair quite recently.

"All of you?" He asked gleefully.

We all nodded with smiling faces as he considered his good fortune.

There was no doubt that he wanted all of us. We led him into the bedroom where we girls had been intending to sleep on our own and shut the door. The air was electric with the anticipation of sexual pleasures ahead. The musky scent of raging hormones, fresh liquor and naked bodies about to have sex permeated the air. Arnold was weakly protesting about his ability to rise to the occasion but he seemed more than willing to try his best to satisfy all three of us.

"Be gentle with me, won't you?" He asked jokingly, surveying our eager bodies. "Remember, I might need some help."

"Just relax, it's time we got to know each other much better." I reassured him with a smile. "Let's make it a really enjoyable partnership for all four of us, darling. We only want to share with you! There's no hidden agendas tonight."

Monica nodded cheerfully when he looked at her questioningly.

Arnold was overjoyed. Although he was probably in his late thirties it was clear that he maintained his body well. He didn't carry an extra ounce of fat and his penis was reasonably well proportioned and healthily eager to please. Monica had told me that they both used to go to the gym together to workout after work, once a week. This had been where their relationship had bloomed and taken on a much more romantic tone than either of them had intended. Looking at his lean, sinewy body, I could tell that he was fit and probably had stamina to spare. He had him to ourselves for the rest of the night so I hoped we would all get a turn to show him how much, all of us appreciated his friendship. His receding hairline of well managed, sandy coloured hair had been messed up a bit by Olivia when she had undressed him so enthusiastically but he was handsome for his age and had a winning personality. I could see why Monica had wanted to get involved with him on a more permanent basis.

For no particular reason, although I'm sure that Sigmund Freud could have easily explained it, Monica took her turn first and rode him in the female superior position while Olivia tantalised Arnold with her erect nipples beside his face. I watched in awe as my lover writhed pleasurably as he ejaculated with a groan of pleasure and filled her with his love juices as she kissed him passionately.

Within the next hour, after we had all talked about the proposed arrangements for the following day, I invited Arnold to take me in the position that Dárcy and I had practised so often while I had been held captive. His throbbing penis slid past my sphincter muscles with far greater ease than had been possible with Dárcy. I buried his much smaller member deep inside my bowels. Olivia watched in fascination as I gave a perfect ten point performance, for the first time since I had won my freedom in that same erotic way. I felt Arnold building up for a satisfying climax so I wriggled my hips to make sure that he shot his seed as far inside me as possible. He filled me with warm fluid and hugged me tenderly, closer to him. Without the familiar 'Incoming Missiles' catchcry that annoyed me so much with Dárcy, I orgasmed far more freely and enjoyably. I realised that I had wanted to enjoy anal sex with Jim at his friend's house but at that time the memory of the pain that Dárcy had inflicted on me was still much too fresh in my mind.

Now, I had all but forgotten those tense, awful feelings when I had pretended to enjoy having my anal passage distorted by his enormous member in order to please my captors. I had enjoyed anal sex with Arnold enormously and it restored my confidence completely in that fiercely erotic method of lovemaking. I tingled with the excitement of showing Olivia that it could be so much fun as an alternative to the tired, conventional vaginal sex. Arnold was ecstatic and told me that he had never tried it that way before. Apparently his wife was a bit of a prude in that respect and had refused his advances firmly.

It took much longer to restore Arnold's erection to satisfy Olivia as well. We showered together and talked about the premises that one of Arnold's acquaintances had mentioned to him. It wasn't far from the beach we all loved and only a few minutes drive from the farmhouse where Jim lived with his sister, Annie and her boyfriend, Patrick. It seemed perfect for what we had in mind. A large two storied warehouse that had been abandoned recently in favour of premises a lot closer to the city, Arnold was confident that we would get a good deal from the owner and a long lease if we wanted it. Arnold had been very busy while we had been planning to seduce him. He had most of the labour and transport arrangements made and was planning to be in business by the end of the week.

"Those people had one great idea though." Arnold hesitated as we looked at him. "I hope it's alright with you, Katrina my love?"

"Go on Arnold. What is it?" I was far too happy to worry.

"Well, I planned to set up the studio the same way." He watched my face anxiously. "You know, with the bedroom, complete with en- suite bathroom and the cameras behind two way mirrors so that our new male actors don't get distracted by the camera crew." He looked at me with guilt and concern written all over his face. "Just say if the memories would be too painful for you, Katrina. I don't want to bring back your experiences at that place."

"No, it's not a bad idea, Arnold. Go for it!" I laughed. "We might as well profit from Greg's idea. I think I know what you mean. I don't want to spend too much time getting a man ready to perform."

Arnold looked relieved and smiled.

"What, like me you mean, baby?" He looked at his shrunken penis regretfully. "I'll be right again shortly, you'll see!" He grinned.

"I don't even mind if you want to give Dárcy and Michelle a job in our next movie. Actually, we might make him do it with his wife and make some money out of them. Olivia reckons that they seem to enjoy that sort of thing together. I can even direct them if you like?"

We all laughed as we planned to make the studio even more plush and user friendly in the future. I was struck by Arnold's sense of humour but most of all, his sensitive nature to my feelings. It was going to be a really terrific partnership and I was more sure than ever that we were all going to be good friends as well as occasional lovers. Olivia snuggled up to him so that he could feel the heat from her breasts and played with his penis while we talked about the way we would set up the new studio. She made it clear that she desperately wanted him to direct his attention to her body and please her in the same way as he had brought Monica and I such happiness. As we were talking he responded to her loving touch and we all noticed the growth in his penis and the occasional twitch as he became more and more distracted from our discussion and interested in making love to his eager young admirer.

Inevitably, he gathered her up in his arms and excused himself from our conversation. Olivia had won out and her happiness was complete. She had really wanted to feel Arnold's normally proportioned penis inside her. She thought the world of him.

Monica and I watched as the two of them enjoyed their time on the bed, alone. It was obvious that we were not needed, to help the two of them in any way at all. She seemed to enjoy herself as Arnold buried his head into her ample breasts and made love to her in the missionary position. Her squeals of delight were complemented by his renewed ardour so I talked to Monica and managed to distract her fast mounting jealousy.

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