tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 1

Abduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 1


Olivia's introduction to her new life in the big city. Readers may remember how Katrina pieced together the threads of the mystery surrounding her abduction and realised that Dárcy and Michelle were not quite as innocent as they appeared to be.

Olivia told them how she met Michelle:

* * * * *

I arrived at the city bus station, full of ambition and with a deep seated belief that I might make it as an actress with my name in lights, with the potential to live in the luxurious style that I had seen depicted in movie magazines. Even with little education, I quickly realised that there was no chance to achieve my aims by any other means than to utilize my looks to make contact with the film industry in whatever way I could.

Considered attractive, with a naturally large bust and an otherwise well proportioned figure, I set about visiting the various modelling agencies and looking for a place to stay. I had no idea how many other girls were doing the rounds with much the same idea.

After a few days my money was running low and I was forced to think about returning home to my parent's small rural land holding in the country, beaten and disillusioned, where I was sure I would be the laughing stock of all my former friends. The only option at that point would be to accept marriage with one of my former boyfriends and settle down to a life of poverty and childrearing in one of the poorest farming areas in the country.

I steeled myself to consider a less glamorous profession or accept that I had failed miserably in my attempt for a better lifestyle. At that stage I had little money left and had even tried working in a sleazy waterfront strip joint in order to keep trying my luck for a few more days. The thought of this new lifestyle as a permanent solution made my skin crawl. I couldn't dance particularly well and when I went out on the catwalk in the smoke-filled room amidst the jeering and catcalling clientele, I froze up and failed to complete the entire act. As a final resort I had to work in the club's peepshow where my job was to keep the customers feeding the machine while they ogled at my naked body. My self esteem fell to an all time low as I followed all the instructions that I received through the intercom and exposed every aspect of my body to the unseen people behind the screens that were dotted around the small room.

The men would want to see me open up and spread my vaginal lips right next to their booth so that they could see every detail of what had been my most private body parts. It was probably marginally better than selling my sexual favours to complete strangers on the streets at night but to my mind there was little difference at all. At least it was safer, more hygienic and I didn't have to risk incurring a felony conviction to add to my misery at that confusing time in my life. I was able to earn just enough money to pay for the basic necessities of life and postpone my otherwise inevitable return to the country life.

When I met Michelle, an older but strikingly attractive lady, I was immediately drawn by her mature confidence and poise. Younger than my mother but with the same older sophistication, I found myself telling her all about my troubles. She listened attentively as I explained my hopeless financial position. I still didn't have a permanent place to stay and my money was nearly all gone.

She was immediately sympathetic and invited me to spend a few days with her and her husband. Michelle was my first friendly contact in this new adopted city and I was really anxious not to disappoint her in any way. Anything was better than performing at that horrible peep show. Michelle informed me that she was sure that she and her husband could help to find me work as a fashion model with all their contacts in the film and modelling industry. Perhaps this was my big break. She and I chatted amiably as we drove to her house in a distinctly upper class suburb, well outside the city limits.

Her well appointed home enjoyed privacy from the neighbours and she encouraged me to join her as she took off all her clothes the moment we arrived inside, confiding that she and her husband spent most of their leisure time around the house totally nude. I watched in awe as in one swift motion she stripped off her loose summer dress to reveal a perfectly tanned and attractive body with no evidence of pubic hair at all. She must have had it permanently removed. I noticed that her hairless vaginal lips were parted by her swollen inner labia in an obvious state of feminine arousal. She was completely uninhibited, it seemed, and wore nothing but an uplift corset type bra under her dress to support her large breasts. Her body was firmly vibrant and once she released this garment I noticed that her nipples were hard and swollen.

It soon became clear that Michelle was primarily attracted to me as a sex partner. I had experimented with other girlfriends sexually in the past and had no particular hang ups about that sort of thing. By this time I had become so used to spending most of my time exhibiting my body to strangers that I allowed her to assist in undressing me, saying nothing as she caressed and tweaked on my nipples whilst showering praise on my nubile young body. Her touch was reassuring and when she kissed me I responded gratefully and soon became more sexually aroused, myself. I liked Michelle and their home was the sort of place that I could see myself living in. It couldn't do any harm to try to fit in with her and her husband and do my best to please them.

I packed my clothing away into my small suitcase and placed it in the single bedroom next door to Michelle and Dárcy's room, as she had instructed me. It seemed alien to my normal conventions to walk around their delightful property without a stitch of clothing on but within a few hours I found myself getting more accustomed to it. She led me out to her favourite spot in the garden and gave me a relaxing massage with scented oil, eagerly exploring both my vagina and my bottom with her supple fingers until I moaned with pleasure and orgasmed at her sensual touch. She rubbed her naked body over mine until we were both covered in oil and shivering with excitement as we orgasmed together.

Michelle and I had now become lovers and she told me that her husband was aware of her open bisexuality and actively encouraged her to seek out female lovers as often as she liked. Dárcy, her husband, was away on business so I spent the first of many nights with her in their double bed. She promised me that she would personally see to it that I need never feel insecure again. As long as I kept both of them happy and did as they asked they would find work for me that would lead to my ambitions being realised, at last. She mothered me in a way that I had never experienced, showing me photos of Dárcy and promising to share his love with me.

For the next two days we talked and planned. Michelle never dressed during this time and I became comfortable to spend this time helping her around the house and making love with her, cementing my new position as her house guest and lover. We relaxed together and I felt warm and protected in her arms, no longer tensing up when she touched me intimately. I learned to climax without shame as she buried her head between my legs and her probing tongue circled around my clit enticingly as she opened up my anal passage with her slippery fingers. She would encourage me to return the favour, teaching me how to stimulate her own pleasure in her own special way. She made me feel wanted and special, boosting my self confidence as she told me how beautiful I was. I lost track of time as we got to know each others ways and I looked forward to pleasing her in ways that I had never imagined possible.

The day that Dárcy was due home I became more nervous as I time drew on. Michelle cooked a special dinner and we relaxed on the sofa together, fondling each other intimately.

"He'll love you as much as I do." She cooed in my ear as the time drew near for him to return. I tensed involuntarily as I realised that she was preparing me to meet her husband and realised that we were both still totally naked. Michelle seemed to sense my concern and laughed.

"Oh! Don't worry my pet. You'll love him too. Just wait until you see him without his clothes on. All the girls go crazy about his body. He's very gentle. Just watch him make love with me and you'll see what I mean."

"I'll just put on my clothes before he comes home." I stammered uncertainly as I headed for the bedroom door.

"Please don't do that darling. He's quite used to meeting other young ladies without their clothes on. You do trust me don't you my sweetheart." Michelle halted me in my tracks. "Here's his car coming up the drive now!" She was excited as she ran to the front door with her boobs jiggling and her bottom wobbling. "Come on sweetie pie, let's meet him together."

I cast a last longing look toward the open door of the forlorn single bedroom, noticing that my suitcase was no longer in view where I left it. It was a moment where I realised that if I didn't do as Michelle asked I could easily end up back at the peep show. I had nothing to lose by playing along with her and meeting her husband alongside of her but my dignity. My arm across my boobs, partly to support them but mostly to cover my modesty, I changed direction and coyly joined Michelle as she stood at the door waving to her husband as he got out of the car.

"Come and meet Olivia. She's heard so much about you love. She's just dying to meet you." Michelle looked truly happy to see her man again. I pressed my knees together and shivered with nervous anticipation as I cuddled next to Michelle for comfort. We were standing in full view of the street and although it was twilight there was still the odd car cruising past the front gate. The warmth that radiated from her body steadied my nerves slightly as the huge man dropped his briefcase and ran to join us, enthusiastically

beaming a welcoming smile in our direction as he approached. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was like some sort of warped fantasy, standing there completely naked next to Michelle meeting a total stranger for the first time.

"Wow! That's what I call a warm greeting." Dárcy kissed his wife and turned toward me. "You must be Olivia. Welcome to our family my darling." His easy confident manner and his disarming smile made me almost forget that I was naked. I raised my hand away from my full boobs and stammered.

"I hope you don't mind meeting me like this." I blushed deeply and replaced my hand. "Michelle told me that you two don't normally wear clothing in your house. When in Rome---" I was so nervous I didn't know what I was saying. "Well--you know. It's nice to meet you." I was feeling so vulnerable standing there as his twinkling eyes travelled along my body, presumably assessing my potential as a playmate for him and his wife.

"Very nice! Stand back and let me have a proper look at you." Darcy spoke so casually as if it were perfectly natural to greet his house guests this way. I blushed as I forced myself to drop my hands to my side and take a few steps back away from them. In spite of my nervous tension I desperately wanted to please him.

"Isn't she lovely?" Michelle purred into his ear as she stood on tip toe to kiss Dárcy. "I do believe that I've fallen in love with her. Olivia has been staying with me for three days now and we've had some lovely times together. I think she's got so much to offer the industry, don't you darling?"

Her eyes were shining with loving expectation as she searched for his approval. I tried to smile as I stood there waiting for his reply. So much depended on whether Dárcy liked me or not. Michelle had led me to believe that Dárcy had a lot of valuable contacts and that if he thought I had enough potential he could assist my aim to be a film star. During my rounds of the various modelling agencies, I had often been asked to remove my clothes at some point in the interview but this was the first time I had met a prospective agent without a stitch of clothing on. Dárcy rubbed his chin thoughtfully as I turned slowly around so the he could see all of me. Other agents had asked me to do this, so when he made a circling motion with his forefinger I complied without hesitation.

"Yes, I think you're right darling. She's got star qualities alright. With a bit of training to loosen her up a bit I'm sure our friends at the studio would be able to use her." Dárcy turned to his wife. "She's still a bit nervous though. Greg does do a few nude scenes in his movies and we want to make sure that young Olivia can handle that aspect of his work. Don't you agree?"

"I've already made a good start though." Michelle giggled. "She's getting more used to spending her time with me around the house with nothing on. Three days now! She's very willing. Please give her a chance, darling." Michelle pleaded my case as I searched Dárcy's impassive face.

"I'll be willing to try anything." I joined the discussion. "I really need your help."

"There's a possibility that I can get you into a movie in a couple of weeks time." Dárcy was beginning to smile again. "It's just a small part but it could lead to a lot more work if you play your cards right." He beckoned me over with a smile. "Lets have a closer look at those big puppies of yours, darling."

I felt foolish as Dárcy reached out and weighed my breasts in his hands but I restrained the urge to run into the bedroom and seek out my clothes. He rolled my growing nipples in between his fingers, smiling knowingly as he produced the expected reaction and they became hard and prominent. Suddenly and without warning he reached between my legs and fondled my genitals, quickly probing my vagina with his middle finger. I leapt back, startled at this unexpected new development, my face flushed with embarrassment. Dárcy merely smiled as he raised his moist finger to his nose and sniffed. I looked at Michelle, startled by this new invasion and seeking her support. I was embarrassed that he had taken such a crude liberty with no prior warning and right in front of his own wife at that. To my surprise she was still smiling at him and taking off his coat. I realised that she was unperturbed at his actions.

"Oh darling, I don't think Olivia was expecting that." She smiled at me. "You'll have to excuse Dárcy's enthusiasm, sweetheart. You don't mind him having a little fun do you? He will get you that part. I know he will."

"I-- well I mean--" I was speechless at first. My hands were attempting to cover as much of my body as possible and I was shaking uncontrollably, distraught by my own vulnerability. My first thought was to rush to my room and find my clothes and get dressed. Now I realised that Michelle would probably be annoyed with me for being so silly and immature. After all they were going to help me in my quest for a better life. She and I had discussed their private life and she had told me that their marriage was far from conventional.

In fact she had often hinted that she didn't mind sharing Dárcy's love with me and told me that he enjoyed watching two women making love to one and other. It was just so unexpected that he would fondle me like that, right in front of his own wife. I thought about the other alternative of going back to that horrid peepshow and made a quick decision. It couldn't be much worse to stay with this couple and let Dárcy take a few liberties from time to time. I straightened up and dropped my hands again, determined to salvage as much of my pride as possible. "I'm sorry Dárcy. It's just that you caught me by surprise. I wasn't expecting you to touch me there when we've only just met." I forced a smile. "As long as Michelle doesn't mind."

"No, of course not my love. Dárcy's happiness is really important to me. You know that, don't you darling?" Michelle was smiling. "Now come back over here and help me undress Dárcy and welcome him home properly." Turning back to Dárcy she softened her voice to a pleading tone. "It's all right with you if Olivia stays with us until she gets on her feet properly?"

"Sure darling! As long as she makes you happy." Dárcy stood there as Michelle fussed over him and began to help him off with his shirt. Turning to me with his disarming smile. "Maybe you could get my briefcase from the car, Olivia. I'm tired after a long drive."

I looked at the driveway and saw his briefcase laying on the ground next to his car. Instinctively I knew that he was expecting me to go outside in full view of both their neighbour's houses, not to mention the cars going by, and fetch his case. Michelle looked at me with an impatient expression. There was no use arguing that I was naked and expecting them to let me get dressed. I knew the house rules by now. Gathering my breasts on top of my arm for support I reached up and kissed Dárcy on the cheek and scampered down the driveway and quickly gathered up his heavy briefcase in my free hand and raced back toward them. I didn't dare look either side of me and to my relief I didn't hear any startled voices from either side as I made it back through the front door. Breathing a bit heavier now I asked him where he wanted me to put it. He indicated their bedroom as Michelle pulled his shirt off and undid the buckle of his belt.

"Nice ass, by the way." The words rang in my ear as I walked toward the bedroom, red faced and breathing heavily. I put down the briefcase next to what I assumed was his side of the large king-sized bed, beside a chest of drawers. I was still in shock. I was shaking, too tense to go back out to the living room right away. My chest was heaving as I considered what I had just done. I was embarrassingly wet between the legs and my nipples were fully erect, making me painfully aware that I was about to see Dárcy without his clothing on to cover what Michelle had glowingly referred to as the biggest penis I would ever see.

She had told me that her husband was extremely well hung and raved about his skill in the lovemaking department. I knew that most women exaggerated the size of their man's equipment but nothing could have prepared me for the shock as I re-emerged from the bedroom and saw Dárcy relaxing on the couch as Michelle busied herself, preparing to dish out the evening meal. Carelessly draped over his upper thigh was certainly the largest male member I had ever seen. My mouth opened as my jaw dropped and I was completely floored by the sight of the longest, thickest penis I had ever seen. Further to that, in spite of two naked ladies within his view, Dárcy wasn't the least bit excited. Not even a twitch, like some sleeping giant, his member remained completely flaccid and dry as I stood there naked before his probing eyes.

"Nice ass." he repeated as he surveyed my body. "Meet 'Top Gun' sweetie. He's a bit tired at the moment but you'll get to love him too." He was complacent and totally at ease as I stared at his penis in awe. Chuckling to himself, apparently pleased by my response at the sight, he shifted over to give me room to sit beside him. I sat down silently where he patted the couch beside him in a confused daze, making a conscious effort to pull my eyes away from his manhood and keeping my knees together as demurely as possible in the circumstances.

I looked at Michelle as soon as she turned toward us, desperately trying to think of something to say. I had been outside, near the suburban roadside, where anybody passing by could see my naked body. Now I was sitting right next to a naked man that I had only just met, unable to tear my eyes away from his gigantic penis as I tried to think of something to say that wouldn't annoy either of them. I felt so dreadfully out of my depth. It was like some sort of erotic dream. Part of me wanted to touch his penis to see if it was real and on the other hand I wanted to wake up and find myself back at the farmhouse at home, secure in my family's loving care. I never dreamt that my long journey to the city would ever lead to this situation.

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