tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Ch. 3

Abduction Ch. 3


Monica was still speaking on the phone and making final arrangements to meet Arnold at the studio the next morning as I walked back into the living room. Olivia sat down at the table looking much brighter and more cheerful. She expressed interest in hearing more about Dárcy in his previous forced relationship with me and how I had escaped. By this time, she believed what I had told her and was merely plagued with morbid curiosity.

"Thanks, Arnold. See you tomorrow morning then." Monica hung up and smiled reassuringly at me. "Well, Arnold's on our side. I didn't think that he had anything to do with those two characters." Looking at the time. "The other girls must have gone out for the night. I'll just have a shower and join you two in our room. We can talk for a while and then get some sleep."

Monica was already in the shower and Olivia had gone into the bathroom with her for company while I tidied up the messy kitchen up.

The phone rang only once and I picked it up immediately.

It was Jim, inviting me to a party. I briefly explained what had happened and told him about the latest new developments. He listened as I explained that I might see him tomorrow but agreed to ring him once Michelle and Dárcy had been taken into custody. He was concerned for me but I reassured him that we had everything under control.

"Just ring the cops up, if I don't ring you up tomorrow night my darling. I'm sure everything will be fine but just in case they get the better of us?" I laughed. "I sure don't want to miss our date next Friday night. Everything will be fine."

"Glad you remembered that." Jim sounded relieved.

"You just keep that gorgeous body of yours in mint condition for me, lover. Hope to see you soon!" I smiled as I terminated the call. I knew that Jim was anxious to get me in the sack with him again. The raw sexual appeal of my superb young Adonis was almost all consuming. Our private time together was far too short the last time we met and I had sensed that there was so much more to be explored with him. I promised myself that next time I would teach him some new tricks to make me happy and broaden his education. I dreamed about what I might do with him the next time we were alone together.


Dárcy and I were hitting it off extremely well after nearly two weeks of almost daily, anal sex bouts. I found myself looking forward to his attention and the others were far more considerate toward me after that first encounter. Still not ready to trust me completely, they treated me with a little bit more respect when I went along willingly with their more disgusting demands and they even started to call me by my given name.

They were cautious enough to keep me blindfolded whenever they led me outside and of course they all kept their identities hidden from me but slowly they began to believe that I enjoyed water sports, scat, bestiality and whatever else they thought might disgust me. Indeed, prior to this time I had barely heard of, let alone experienced these degrading fetishes that they induced me into participating in.

Throughout this time I kept myself sane by thinking of Dárcy and maintaining a cheerful outlook.

I learned to associate pain with pleasure and frequently orgasmed, even when they often hurt me with their soft flays during a bondage session. My skin would glow pink but at least they hadn't marked my body permanently. I began to take pride in mounting Dárcy in the female superior position, facing toward the big mirror and watching my own performance as I wriggled in helpless bliss. Impaled by his giant member, with my labia wide open and my fully engorged clitoris shining wet above my vacant vaginal opening as I rode him to mutual climax, I could see everything that the strangers behind the mirror saw. I had to admit it must have looked erotic from their point of view. I was like a ballet dancer, working out in front of a full length mirror in a practice studio. I would rate myself out of ten points for each performance that I would give.

Finally one day, after a perfect ten point performance, I mentioned that I wished Sue and Eileen were here with me. I gasped for breath as I told Dárcy about my fictitious friends that I could convince to join us if only I could contact them again. I sobbed as I told Dárcy how lonely I felt sometimes when he wasn't in the room with me and said I was sure that they would love to be trained, as I had been.

"As long as you remain true to me?" I added quickly. "At least I would have some company." The bait was laid.

I woke up on that park bench near my flat, fully dressed as I had been when I was spirited away, just three days later. Even my prized jewellery and my purse were intact when I hurriedly checked. The note pinned to my dress instructed me to contact Sue and Eileen and wait for further contact, with them, at the same place in a weeks time.

I didn't read the rest of the more detailed instructions that they wrote as I had absolutely no intention of falling into their hands again.


Monica and Olivia re-emerged from the bathroom together, smiling and joking as they checked the living room out in case the other girls had come home unexpectedly in their absence. They were both undressed and completely naked now. Olivia's earlier partially hidden pubic area was rosy pink and flushed with a freshly shaven hue. Bereft of her signature passage into womanhood, her shiny engorged labia portrayed her acute excitement and desire and she appeared pleased with the results.

"Does it look all right like this?" Olivia was radiant with happiness at Monica's expert attention to her young body. Her pink nipples, highlighted with recently applied makeup on her voluminous breasts, were larger than before. "Monica reckons she can get me more work with no hair on my pussy." She giggled infectiously. "What do you think?"

"Monica always knows best." I agreed as I picked up my dress and scampered eagerly behind both of them.

Lust took over all my earlier thoughts as I followed them into our bedroom squealing with anticipation of the delicious sexual relief to come.

Forgotten, in the events that took place between us that night, were my plans to sort out my abductors and their other sadistic friends.

Olivia was insatiable as she interacted with us uninhibitedly and lustfully. A total nymphomaniac, among other ladies at least, she appeared to have no need for men in order to obtain her satisfaction. She had only put up with Dárcy to please Michelle but had forgotten her previous loyalty to them, it seemed. Monica and I both fully enjoyed her charms and promised to take care of her from now on.

Amidst the loving atmosphere, I found it easier to tell the two of them more details about the rest of my stay with Dárcy and his unseen cronies. They both laughed with me as I told them how I had managed to outwit Dárcy and the others and finally secure my precious freedom once again. Olivia confessed that she had found certain aspects of Dárcy's bedroom behaviour to be a bit disturbing but Michelle would encourage her to try and overlook them. Neither of us pressed Olivia for details. I knew and I'm sure Monica suspected that both of them were equally depraved in their pursuit of sexual pleasure.

We were all awake early, before the others were up and about, so we tiptoed around as we dressed to go out again. Monica and I dressed, much as we had yesterday, but without Fred and Gilbert this time. Nothing should distract us from our renewed purpose today. Olivia only had her bra and dress with her so in the spirit of unity, left her panties in her handbag at the apartment.

"Just in case I chicken out." She giggled. She had no intention of going back to Michelle and Dárcy to live with them. Monica had told her that she was welcome to stay with us. We decided to go to the studio to meet Arnold and decide, between all of us, the best way to eliminate the entire abduction group that Michelle and Dárcy were plainly part of.

Monica expressed grim determination to eliminate any future danger to myself or Olivia by rounding up all their associates and having them put away for as long as possible. After my graphic descriptions of the way they had used me, she was seemingly intent on bringing all of them to justice of one sort or another.

"Prison's too good for them. It's a pity we can't give all of them the same treatment." She remarked casually as she drove down the deserted street just after turning out of our parking garage.

"It's still only your word against Dárcy and Michelle's that they were even involved at this stage." She mused. "Did you ever put a formal complaint in before you came here, Katrina?"

That made me think. It seemed so simple before now but Monica was right. I had certainly made inquiries at the time but drawn a blank. The evidence that Dárcy was involved was entirely circumstantial as far as the authorities might see it. At the time, all I had wanted to do was put as much distance between my abductors and myself as possible, never dreaming that I might meet up with any of them again.

"Well no! I couldn't really tell the police anything useful at the time."

"That means we're going to have to trap them into telling us where their friends live or follow them. My suggestion is that we tell Arnold everything. Maybe he can find out more from his client film company?"

"As long as you're sure he isn't involved himself." I had a strange foreboding sense about where this may take us. I remembered how well organised those people were. The more I thought about those mirrors in the room I thought of how easy it would be to film all my sexual activities without my being aware of it. I thought of the way I had played to the mirror at the time, believing that the people on the other side were merely being sexually stimulated by my newly discovered and outrageous love of anal sex.

The first thought about that possibility was last night in the bathroom but today it seemed even more likely that I was already a movie star of sorts. "What about that film company, darling. Do you know what sort of movies they make? They might do really hardcore pornographic stuff as well." I looked straight at Monica as she pulled up outside the studio. "I couldn't bear the thought of going back to them, now."

"Look, your imagination is beginning to run wild here. You do trust me don't you? Monica's expression was serious now.

"Of course darling." I hastened to answer. "You promised me that you would never let anything like that happen to me again."

"I meant it!" Monica looked offended but determined. "Let me ask you one important thing. Apart from the kinkier stuff, what did you hate most about the way you were treated? The sex or the fact that you couldn't watch them appreciating you? Don't forget the camera doesn't lie. You love to show yourself off, don't you? Be honest now."

"Well, when you put it that way, Monica." I thought for a moment. "I suppose you're right in a way. It's just that--."

"I thought so!" Monica interrupted, looking triumphant and smug. "Arnold was right too! We've thought of a way to really piss those amateur idiots off, but good! We'll set up our own independent film company. We might even use that conceited stud, Dárcy, if that's alright with you. You can be his boss! Shareholder, set supervisor and star. How does that sound?" She turned around to Olivia, silent and bewildered in the back seat. "You wanted to be famous, didn't you? Why don't you come aboard with us? Katrina will look after you." She was becoming more enthused. "I might even do a few scenes myself." Monica gave me that familiar wicked grin. She was back to her normal cheeky self.

"Would there be good money in it?" Olivia thought about it. "As long as you and Katrina reckon it's all right." She was smiling broadly now. "Yeah! I'm into it."

"It's an idea that Arnold and I had last night." Monica wryly confessed, turning back to me. "Arnold was fairly sure that Dárcy and Michelle work with some other low budget operator out of town. He knows them from a job he did for his client ages ago but he can't always get hold of them when he needs them. By the way, Blue Angel doesn't do hardcore movies but Arnold can use their gear whenever he needs to. Arnold reckons that with Dárcy and Michelle on our side we could close those bastards down for good. Those two must know quite a bit about them." Monica paused as she let Olivia out of the Mustang and picked up her camera.

She was making a lot of sense so far and the possibilities were mind staggering. I knew that she and Arnold were making a good living by freelancing and certainly had the talent to expand in the direction that she was suggesting. It was a way of benefiting all of us and bringing my captors face to face with me in a way that was both safe and completely satisfying. The main problem that galled me more than anything else was that otherwise, they would continue to find young and vulnerable ladies to train and take advantage of for their own private pleasure.

The ultimate irony was the satisfaction I would feel in altering the 'training' they had forced on me to my own advantage.

We locked up the car and walked into the studio. I had made up my mind, with my lover's help. Those bastards would definitely pay dearly. I could even live with using Dárcy and Michelle if it meant finding out who was behind my abduction. After all, I could never have put on such a convincing performance without those two.

* * * * *


Friday night, once all the business of closing down our competitors for good was over, Jim and I had a wonderful time. He had picked me up from my apartment as arranged and spent an hour or so dancing at the social that he had invited me to. I revelled in the attention I received when Jim and I swirled around the dance floor and my skirt lifted to reveal my naked tanned body to the other young men who hung around us constantly.

Jim's friends were envious when I urged him to leave, so soon after the prize giving ceremony, nudging him along affectionately and making it obvious to all that Jim's biggest prize was yet to come.

We were a few miles down the road. Jim was confident and assured as we turned into the road that led toward Peninsula beach and his rented accommodation.

"I just wanted to show you our new business premises on the way home. Take a right turn just here, love." I was randy as hell and my eagerness to make love to him was apparent as I snuggled up to him.

"Just here you mean?" Jim pointed right, absorbed in following my directions.

"That's right, then the next two turns to the left and down the next lane to your right."

Ten minutes later we were approaching a two story warehouse building with a security light on at the front entrance. The AMKO Moving Film Company's private parking sign was clearly outlined by Jim's shining headlights as we pulled up to the front of the building. "I'm their most trusted employee, these days." I assured him as we parked. "Let's have a look around."

It was a name derived from all our initials and all four of us were shareholders. We had leased the building on Monday and all worked furiously on the project, refurbishing the entire interior with the chattels and other equipment that had been transported from my former prison.


Greg, my former friend and several of the other people that I dimly remembered from my private show at the tattoo studio were all rounded up and taken into custody. I was shocked by the revelation of their true identities but took grim satisfaction as they desperately tried to convince me not to press charges. Mercy was never a possibility in my mind but I toyed with them as I believe a cat would do with frightened mice. They had been seduced by the possibility of using me to obtain more free actresses for their latest moneymaking venture and they had very little, if any consideration for my feelings at the time. Perhaps if they hadn't tortured me with Vladimir?

"Is this a death penalty offence?" I asked the handsome young cop after I talked with them.

"Unfortunately, no. However the maximum penalty is thirty years for kidnap and even more for torture and some of the other complaints." He grinned. "Fair to say that you won't be seeing them around the streets again."

"Thank you officer. Just do what you have to. I'll be there to give evidence." I smiled, gave him my details and left.

They had no choice but to sell all their expensive camera gear for a fraction of it's worth in order to defend the charges of kidnap and a wide variety of other charges pending when they were all taken into custody.

Most of their gear was worthless to any normal business and so Arnold made them an offer they couldn't refuse, as they say. On the strength of it we were in an ideal position to set ourselves up with a small bank loan to buy the lot and transport it to our new location. As the trucks departed Greg's former premises I had looked around the property and finally said goodbye to the building that had held me hostage and at the same moment, all my painful, frequently recurring flashbacks for good. The healing process was complete in my mind.

Most of the film had been still on the premises when it was raided and the police had taken it for evidence, promising me to destroy it after the kidnappers were safely locked away. Vladimir would become exhibit A in their case. Not that I wanted the darned thing anyway. I was looking forward to my new career path with renewed confidence.

In a twisted way they had given me lots of good ideas that we could use in the future. Their 'training' would be put to good use.


We were getting out of Jim's station wagon and Jim was clearly awestruck by the privacy of the surroundings. There were no other buildings around the immediate area. We were quite alone in the silence of the evening.

"Wow! Have you got the keys, Katrina?"

Jim was impressed.

"Why don't you come in for a while? I'll show you around. There's even a bedroom in one of the upstairs offices." My voice making an unmistakable invitation to Jim. "It's for any of us to use if we have to work late for any reason."

"I can't think of a better one at the moment." Jim smiled as I unlocked the main door and let him in, turning on the lights. The entire building lit up as a long series of bright florescent lights pinged as they all sparked into life, both upstairs and down.

"I'll show you the bedroom first if you like?"

Jim followed me up the stairs. He couldn't help but see right up my short skirt as I deliberately flaunted my naked buttocks just in front of his eyes until we reached the top. By now he was struggling with a massive erection as we walked into the room and closed the door. A king-sized double bed, next to a full length mirrored wall which made the room even brighter, completed the well appointed and luxuriously furnished room. Next to it was a toilet and open shower room with mirrored walls all around. I quickly dropped my dress and turned toward Jim and unbuckled his belt, sliding his trousers down his legs.

"Jeez! It's really bright in here." Jim wasn't complaining, exactly, but the room was certainly very well lit.

"Oh! You know these commercial buildings. Not even a light switch in here. darling. They all switch on from downstairs." I deftly removed his shirt, rubbing my naked breasts against him and exciting him even more. "Do you want to turn them all off? We won't be able to see much though." I smiled at him. "Does it worry you?"

"Hell no!" Jim kicked his underwear off from around his ankles and led me to the bed. "It's quite kinky with that mirror next to the bed, isn't it?" He grinned as I nodded with a smile.

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