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My mind has been wandering tonight. Randomly sifting over the various sexual partners I have had over the course of my life and tonight I find myself settling into thinking about "the girl". There has only been one girl for me. It wasn't about love but rather about mutually exploring those bi-curious feelings. For me the thought of being with a girl was brought on by a conversation with a male friend who is bi-sexual. Knowing how enthusiastic I am about bi-sexual men, he asked me if I had ever had sexual feelings for a woman. The question brought me up short and I said not really though I admitted I wasn't repulsed by the idea. It was one of those things that if it never happened it was no big deal but if I had the chance I wouldn't mind exploring in the interest of saying I had been there, done that and bought the t-shirt (or at least tried it on for size;)

So I met "the girl" online. We talked a few times and met for lunch and the attraction was definitely there. It was a rather surreal feeling to allow myself to explore the idea of being sexually attracted to another woman. She was beautiful of course...not barbie doll beautiful but pretty and with a healthy dose of that sexual confidence that I try to cultivate in myself. She was funny and we had a lot in common. Conversation was effortless which is always a plus.

I remember the first time I kissed the girl. The feel of soft skin against the skin of my chin and cheeks was incredibly sensual. The feeling of soft feminine lips against my own was erotic on a whole new level. My hands wound through her long reddish blonde hair and held her head in place as my tongue plundered her lips. I am taller than the girl. She is a few years older than me but I am one inch taller. The experience of being taller than a potential lover was a different one. Given my height of 5'2" you can imagine that it was another on the list of firsts that night.

I remember the feel of her breasts pressing against mine. The sound of her breath catching in her throat as our lips met for the first time. The feel of our tongues stroking each other as they instinctively performed that ageless dance of arousal and desire. I remember the feel of her hands clutching at my upper arms as we kissed leisurely. Women understand the importance of kissing so there was no rush to take it to the next level or move on to more important matters. We both of us allowed ourselves to get lost in that kiss

Our lips and tongues and yes even teeth as we nipped gently at each others' lips. I pulled her hair to one side and as her head cocked over just a bit I ran my lips against the petal soft skin of her neck. I heard her low growly moan and I ran my tongue over her neck and luxuriated in the petal soft skin of her chin and cheek and neck. My hands reached for the hem of her shirt without thought and I lifted her shirt just enough to feel the soft skin of her back and the gentle curve of her belly. Like me, she is a mother so her stomach had that softly stretched quality that I despised in myself and yet I found touching her belly arousing. I wanted to kiss every inch of that poor stretched out and abused skin. My hands reached higher taking her t-shirt with them and still we kissed. I broke our kiss just long enough to glide her shirt up and over her face and arms and we both dove back in for each others lips once this formality was completed with the intensity of first lovers. Of course that was true in a sense because though we had both had numerous male lovers we were virgins to this press of female flesh against more of the same. Our kissing grew hot and desperate and we knew that we both wanted more but what did we know about what came next?

I felt her hands unbuttoning my shirt and drawing the fabric down my arms. I reached to unclasp her bra and cupped her breasts in my hands. I admired her beautiful breasts which were slightly smaller than my own and which held a tightness that mine lacked because of it. I found my head dipping lower without thought and pulling one of her nipples into my mouth. Again I heard that growl of desire against my mouth and I felt her thrust helplessly against my marauding tongue. I twirled her nipple in my mouth and felt wonder at how different it felt compared to a man's tough little nubbies. Her nipples were soft and then tight and hard and bunched in my mouth as my tongue treated it to hard flicks before pulling it into my mouth again and laving it with hard sucking and teasing nibbles. Her head tossed back and forth on her shoulders as she accepted my gentle torture and then I felt her hands on the clasp of my bra moving with eager haste. Her hands pulled my head up from her breast as she reached out and pulled my bra off of my breasts and revealed them to her heatened gaze. The feel of her hands on my breasts was incredible. Soft skin against the swollen flesh of my breasts and then oh god and then the feel of her tongue on my flesh with no scratchy hint of stubble that always accompanies a man's oral caress. She seemed instinctively to know just the right touch to bring a moan of pleasure to my lips and the feeling of her soft skin against my own was driving me insane. I wish we could have done more that night but we stopped there. Which isn`t to say that we didn`t go further but that is a story for another time perhaps.

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