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As you read this essay, please remember that these words and views are my opinion and are taken from my experiences. I don't claim to know what everyone in the free world is thinking. If I did, I'd be making more money than I do now. That's a fact. So just take it as a lighthearted look at all things big and beautiful. Hopefully, it will make you think a bit. Thank you! --Invisible2u


I was just reading an essay entitled "Erotic and Erotica" by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER. It's a good piece, filled with things that he thinks are erotic that may not necessarily be erotic to someone else. It was informative and interesting to read a view of someone else and what turns them on. But with all due respect to one of the best fiction writers on the sight, I found it a bit typical.

The love of thin women, small panties, firm breasts, and things that are widespread in men's imaginations nowadays.

What about those of us who don't fit that bill? The ones that have a little more meat on them, but aren't ashamed to say it? Do we get put on a "What's Sexy" list somewhere? I sure hope so, because in my observations and opinions, big women and big men are some of the most gorgeous, misunderstood, looked over people in the world.

I am a big woman. Not by circumstance, but by choice. I don't eat constantly, I don't lie around eating chocolates all day, and I don't scarf down food to repress anything. I eat one time a day, I have four children ages 2-14 so I get plenty of exercise, I spend a lot of time working around the house and being outside doing what I can with my kids, so none of the stereotypical explanations fit me.

"Oh I see. She's more than 120 lbs. That must mean she does nothing but sit on the couch and watch soap operas and eat candy till she's sick." I've heard it said.

Nope. Not me. I don't even like soap operas, I detest chocolate, and, believe it or not, I'd choose a nice green salad with eggs and peppers over a bowl of ice cream any day. I haven't gone to a doctor to see what my 'deal' is. I haven't taken tests or seen a therapist for repressed memories that I delve into food to relieve.

I just am. That's all there is to it. I like me. I'm pretty okay if I do say so myself.

I wasn't always that way. I hated myself a lot of nights for not looking just like the models in the magazines do. But one day, I received a compliment.

"You have the most wonderful, hypnotizing eyes."

That was all it took really. It seems weird but it was a life changing compliment to me. I started to look at people in a whole new way. That one person had blocked everything else on my body out and focused on my eyes. I started to do the same.

I looked at the way people moved their hands, or sat, or winked at someone, or laughed, and I found myself attracted to people of all shapes and sizes, all because I looked at something other than what they weighed.

Now, I don't claim to be perfect. I do have my own personal preferences. For example, I love, love, love big men. The bigger the better. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that I am a big woman myself. I don't really care.

But as much as I love a man that's large and not ashamed of it, I find pleasure in almost any man that passes me. I will not look at a muscle bound male and think "No way, he isn't turning me on at all." I can always find something about anyone that catches my interest. That is a guaranteed fact.

It just seems so sad to me that some others can't do the same. There are so many beautiful women (and men) out there. Some men sit at home, alone, brooding because they cannot find a woman to spend their nights with and all because they watch the pornos with the thin girls that have tiny waists and huge fake tits that these men are waiting endlessly to come along.

When all along, there is more than likely a woman who is overweight, beautiful, has a great personality, and is eager to please a man waiting in the wings, going unnoticed because she can't get men to look at anything beyond the size of her chin or belly.

Oh but there I so much more to us, guys. Another example, I weigh in at 252 lbs. Again, not ashamed to admit it. And I give the best blow jobs. I do. Ask anyone I have been with and they will tell you the same.

I'm constantly researching more ways to please my man with my mouth every single day. But, men have missed out because they take one look at my double chin and are "sickened" at the fact. When in all reality, I could probably make them cum harder for free than most women they've paid to do just that very thing.

But it doesn't matter. I've found one man who appreciates my talent. He begs for it on a daily basis and again, if you ask him, he will tell you the same.

Just to think of some of the things that people miss out on because they choose to only look at the exterior rather than all the other things that someone has to offer, makes me a little sad. No, a lot sad to tell the truth.

The stereotype of big men is a bit different, I think. It's not as acceptable for a woman to be fat than it is for a guy. Again, as in the disclaimer, this is only my observation.

Men who have a beer belly and thick legs or double chins are sometimes just as overlooked as women are. I'll be honest with you. Of the men that I have ever slept with, the larger sized men are the ones that are most attentive to me. It's just a fact in my experience.

They've always been gentle, considerate lovers and though some of them weren't "big" in every way, they more than made up for it in many, many other ways.

But overweight men and women sometimes get the short end of the stick. There are so many that are so interesting, so loyal, so loving, have so much to offer, are so intelligent, are so interesting, are so damned beautiful in body and mind, that it blows me away to think they don't get the opportunities that some do because of their body shape.

Come on! There has to be some room in everyone, somewhere that can look at a woman (or a man) and find something beautiful. I have a best friend who is overweight, but she has the most gorgeous smile and luxurious hair and wonderful skin that I have ever seen. She's by far the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. But men don't see that in her, because her shirt size is 3X.

How fucking sad. She has so much to give, yet so little take the time to find that out.

I guess the point of all this rambling is to implore you to look at someone, anyone, no matter what age or weight (well, hopefully over 18 anyway), and just find one thing that is beautiful, that is interesting, that catches your eye, and walk up to that person, man or woman, and tell them so.

You have no idea what you could discover.

From a big, beautiful, sexy, interesting woman to all of you...broaden your horizons. The least you can do is make the day a little brighter for someone who might just need it to save their lives. I should know.

Thank you.

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