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Summary: A brief essay about my philosophy on writing sequels.

Thanks: To MAB7991 for a quick edit of this brief essay.

To my fans,

I am greatly appreciative of your support for my stories. I love when you leave comments and when you e-mail your thoughts. I love getting requests for original stories and I also love the fevered requests I get for sequels. Alas, therein lies the rub to quote Shakespeare.

The more stories I write the more requests I get for sequels. I try to balance my writing in the following order:

-Contest stories...there are six contests a year and I try to write at least two, sometimes three original stories for the contest (sequels are not allowed)


-Requested stories...although I don't do a lot of those due to time (the concept being if it turns me on enough I may do it)

-Novellas...I try to do one a year at least that are different from my usual themes (She-Male School, Deconstructing the Professor, or the newest the just released DARK Desires)

-New stories in my usually categories (lesbian, incest, gay, interracial, anal or group mostly)

Now I hope you see my dilemma. Every story I have written has had numerous sequel requests. For example, I had three contest stories in the most recent 2013 Nude Day contest: NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked, Straight Cocksucker and Mom Submission. Each of these stories has had many sequel requests...meanwhile I am busy writing other stories and sequels.

The most common complaint is why I don't finish one series before I start another. There are a few reasons:

  1. I am already writing other stories (I actually am always writing at least two at a time...thank goodness for my editor MAB7991 for catching continuity errors I sometimes have)

  2. I never know which story will be popular. For example, I thought Like Mother, Like Daughter is one of my best stories and yet it has very few reads...although a good score.

  3. Lastly, writing sequels is much more work than writing a new story.

Difficulty of Writing Sequels:

The biggest problem is that I believe my greatest strength is creating interesting characters and setting-up enticing, fun sexual situations. In sequels, the set-up is already done thus continuing to build on the characters or the set-up is a lot more difficult.

For example, it has worked well in What Mom Knows series where the story evolved from a mom-son incest story...to a complex MILF-teen love story, while still keeping the incest.

On the other hand, Making Mommy Mine two was a complete mess...a story just to write a sequel (in all fairness it was one of my first sequels and I really didn't know what I was doing). However, I have gone back and read that now and realize it added nothing to the characters or the plot, if anything it took away from part one.

So, now when I write a sequel...I am determined to make it as good as possible and worth reading. For example, Bedding the Babysitter has had just six chapters in three years and that is because each chapter had been very difficult to write. I wrote seven different version starts before I finally came up with the chapter six that is now published. I have started part seven at least three times and yet I have not come up with the right plot, one that I wish to continue as of yet (although I am trying something a little different which I hope turns into part 7). Sometimes inspiration takes time.

As an author, it is important to understand each story is a journey. For example, Mom Submission was supposed to be a quick stroke mom-son incest story for the 2013 Nude Day Contest, but as I continued to write, it evolved into the lengthy meandering complex story it is.

In conclusion, as I don't want to beat a dead horse to death, I write a lot (too much truthfully) and will always do my best to write stories that are interesting and also write sequels to stories my readers most request.

That said....they take time.

My newest story (Mommy: Daughter Begins Training Mom), a sequel strangely, has had strange comments about me not writing sequels fast enough...which led to this author's rant.

So if you really loved a story leave a comment, e-mail me your suggestions for sequels and, of course, vote. I do read all online comments and check my e-mail almost daily (and respond to the majority of my e-mail) and respond as best I can as time permits (I do have a full time teaching career, have two children and a husband that take up a major portion of my time). The stories that get the most requests for sequels are often the ones I write first...I will also be honest with you if I don't intend to write another sequel (for example I doubt I will ever write a sequel to Blackmailing Beauty or another chapter to my first story The Complete Submission).

That all said, besides two contest stories, I will be releasing Pet Mommy 3: Falling Deeper into Incest in August 2013 and am starting sequels to a few other stories including a very big surprise to the most requested sequel with over 200 comments: CATCHING MOMMY...hopefully to out in October 2013.

Thanks for reading my rant, reading my stories and all the support you have given me.

PS: I could write another essay on grammar errors comments. But to keep it short, I am a good writer, I have great editors but due to my excessive writing some minor things do often get missed (of instead of if for example). Although I wish every story was perfect, creating such perfection would greatly slow down my productivity.

For example, DARK Desires which was just released was edited by three different people, besides myself, and I estimate over forty hours of editing by my editors and another 5-10 hours as I made the edits, changed minor plot issues, and so forth.

Again, I appreciate all the support I get, but felt it was important to put some perspective and explain my rationale for why I do what I do.

Your humble author


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/13/18


Just wanted to tell you I love your stories, awesome work.

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by FoggyKernel01/05/18

Writing is hard

Thanks for sharing. Your comments on sequels echoes many comments by other writers (even professional) that I have at Cons and online. And as one of my favorite authors has mentioned, you must let themore...

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