Christine woke up unable to feel her arms. They had been tied above her head for the last 8 hours and she still had no idea where she was or who her captors were. She had a vague memory of being pulled into a van while walking to work that morning, and…nothing, a peculiar blank. The cold steel of the handcuffs grated against her sore wrists and she groaned in frustration. The fact that she was stripped down of all her clothing except her bra and black, lacy thong didn’t help her situation.

She heard a loud bump from the outside hallway, and the muscles in her back tensed, waiting for whoever had taken her, to show themselves. A tall man, with skin as black as ebony, walked in the room. He was wearing a tight black shirt, and loose fitting black jeans. He sat next to her on the bed and let one large index finger trail down her soft cheek, following the path of her newly shed tears.

“Baby, this is going to hurt…” he said with a lascivious grin. He dug his fingers into her shoulders leaving behind pale finger-shaped bruises.

“Please, oh god please…just leave me alone.” She begged, her thick lips forming the words. “I’ll give you anything you want, just let me go.” The tears started anew and she broke down into sobs.

He ripped the remnants of her clothes off her body with a sickening rip and peeled out of his slowly. He placed his large toned body across her softer, shorter one, and let his fingertips brush along the side of her breasts, down her waist, to slowly trace along the outline of her sex.

He let one finger slowly slide into the crack of her cunt and rubbed her sensitive clit. His cock started to grow to it’s full size, large and hard he climbed on top her body and bit her breast hard enough to leave teeth-marks in her pale flesh. He bit down hard on her neck, drawing a little bit of blood as he thrust his huge cock into her tight sheath making her scream in pain and pleasure. He thrust forward into her harder and harder, ignoring her cries, enjoying her pain, and with a final thrust upwards he came into her abused body.

She fell asleep like that, with him on top of her, still inside her, weeping under his weight.

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