Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 09


Spencer silently walks around the sofa. He doesn't put his gun away until he gets a better look at the woman. "At the moment I'm not sure I can trust anyone," he says shortly after taking his seat.

"I can assure you that I am on your side," she speaks softly. "I'm not privy to much being just a soldier but I know something is going on and it's not something most would be comfortable with."

Spencer looks at her with a puzzled expression. He feels this could be a ruse but her tone spoke otherwise. "What about Julie?"

"I'm not fully sure if the Black List is behind her, but I suspect not."

"Why not?"

"She runs the technology portion of the Black List as well as a large portion of its operations. She is supposed to be Sternigan's successor."

"And she's moving up the timetable," Spencer surmises.

"I don't think she plans to be rid of her uncle. I'm sure she is more loyal to him than that." She shrugs then continues. "I think she is setting stuff up for her own personal gain so that when she does take over, she'll be able to do more and be in total control."

"How did you come across so much information?" He has his suspicions of her and he trusts her but the thin line holding that is slowly thinning.

"Much of it I guessed from personal observation and I do have ways of getting information," she says with a smile. "Everything was confirmed or at least a good portion of it when I was sent here to find you."

"And the attack of True Group?" he questions, not passing any judgment of the situation yet.

"I don't know," she says and means it. "Our missions are classified—"

"I know you can't tell me anything," Spencer says holding up his hand. He had expected some kind of barrier like this put up.

Matthews smiles. "Actually I wasn't going to say that." This catches his attention and he isn't sure he heard correctly. "I can't be a part of something like what's going on."

"I know DEP Six probably does some questionable stuff but—"

"It's not that," she says biting her lower lip. "DEP Six is just program of another program. The team I am part of is one of many. We know there are others but we have never met anyone that is outside of our own group. Rumor is that the teams are slowly disappearing and not because of missions gone bad, but for the use of Section 8's experiments."

"What is Section 8?" Spencer asks now more interested than before.

"I don't know who is involved except Colonel Jacob Pierson is part of it. It's an American program that oversees DEP Six and who knows what else."

"Sounds like the movies," he comments.

"I wish it were." She grins and shifts her body giving Spencer more to look at as the light plays across her skin. "Our missions have included attacking True Group transports and recently facilities, but the attack today...I wasn't part of it or do I know anything of it."

"That doesn't sound so bad," he says with a little cheer lining his voice. "They aren't exactly the saints they are portraying themselves to be."

"That's not the problem I have. Some of our missions have been to capture demons alive and transport them back to headquarters. That is how we learned of Section 8."

"What the fuck do they want live demons for?" Spencer blurts.

"I don't know. I was given a few things to relay to you once I got you here."

"You said I can't trust Julie, why not?"

"Like I said she has her own objections and they don't fully coincide with Section 8's plans." Spencer gives her a look for more elaboration. "Right now they both benefit from working together, but as soon as Branon's plans differ she is going to be eliminated. I could care less what happens to the woman, but I can't see anything good coming from Section 8."

"Okay, so Julie like the Black List has their objectives. There's not much I can do on my end especially with them and as far as Section 8 is concerned, it becomes a little hard to take something like this to anybody when it is not even known who is running the thing."

"Don't worry about that," she says with confidence. "I can get in closer and acquire the information needed."

"What about the rest of your team?"

"I haven't discussed any of it with them. I had my suspicions but didn't get anything confirmed until after seeing Colonel Pierson. By then they were sent on another mission and I was sent here."

Spencer shakes his head. "So how does Julie play in all this?"

"Besides me having to sow seeds of doubt about her?" Matthews stares at Spencer for an awkward moment. "Have you wondered why she has an interest in helping you even though she doesn't like your partner?"

He does wonder that exact thing and has on more than one occasion. "How would you know the feelings she harbors against Sam?" Now he knows he is deep into something and it is getting muddier.

"Apparently she has expressed as much and more," Matthews explains. "Her hatred for demons and anything to do with them runs deep."

Spencer stands. He is angry to be played like a fool. He wants answers and he plans to get them. Matthews can see the conflict as it is spread across his face. "You mustn't confront her with this information," she pleads. "It won't be good for either one of us. Let it play out, but just watch your back."

Spencer begins to leave the same way he came in with Matthews following close behind. He pulls the door open and steps out. His mind is running at full speed with all she had told him and he doesn't notice when she grabs his arm and pulls him back until he is face to face with her. He turns to face her and finds himself pressed against her body. He looks deep into her green eyes, she is absolutely beautiful. The thought of why he hadn't noticed before shoots across his mind.

A sexual thought shoots through his mind to replace the previous one and a sudden impulse follows. It goes through his body and he can feel it settle in his groin area as his cock slowly starts to swell. He tries to pull away to keep Matthews from noticing, but she holds on, pressing her body closer. He notices she suddenly isn't wearing her pants any longer.

"You don't need to be ashamed," she says seductively.

Spencer's mind races. He feels a pull between wanting this woman and not wanting to betray Sam. Matthews slides in close to his ear, interrupting his thoughts and then shatters all doubts. "I want you to take me," she says in a whisper.

Spencer's cock starts to throb as more blood begins to flow and flood his cock. He tries to fight back to his thoughts as he pushes away slightly. He wants this woman and he wants her badly. He tried to keep the thought from his mind since he first entered the room but it is becoming harder.

Matthews releases her grip on him and pushes the door closed. He looks back toward the door then back to her and sees that her nipples are now standing erect and straining against the fabric of her shirt.

Matthews slips back in closer to him until their lips are mere inches apart. She catches his eyes once more and finally when Spencer cannot hold out any longer, he grabs her and pulls her in. Their lips touch slightly in a brief kiss. He then pulls away to look into her eyes once more. With the look, it erases all doubt from his mind.

He moves back in and kisses her more passionately. Their lips part and their tongues wrap around each others. The heat of the moment takes over and fuels their kissing. Matthews pulls him down the hall and all the way to the bedroom, knocking over anything on the walls or in their path until finally they hit the bed. Spencer lands on top pinning her to the bed. She spreads her legs letting him slip in closer, his cock throbs against her panty-clad pussy.

Matthews let out a slow moan. Spencer moves his hand down her body, slowly tracing his fingers across her stomach, then hips until they brushes against her lace panties. Then he pushes in and rubs her up and down through the fabric adding pressure with each stroke. Each stroke brings a drizzle of wetness from her pussy until finally she whispers into his ear, "Take them off."

She lifts her hips and he slides off the wet panties and tosses them off the bed. He slips his hand back down over her mound which has just the slightest patch of hair covering it. It is trimmed and shaped like an upside down triangle. The rest is completely shaved and smooth. His fingers touch wetness on the outside of her lips then plunge in. He fingers her for a few second then removes his hand completely and leaves her gasping from his touch.

He sits up and gives her a smile then grabs her hips and draws her closer until her wet pussy sits against his pants and his cock beneath them. Matthews wraps her legs around his back and starts to grind against him. The motion makes his cock throb even harder. He reaches down, grabs her shirt and pulls it over her head. She grabs him in turn pulling him in to kiss him deeply and passionately. While the kiss goes on, Spencer slips his right hand behind and unfastens her bra.

When they break apart she lays back down onto the bed letting the bra fall off to the side and reveal her large C cup breasts. Her nipples are hard and waiting to be sucked. So Spencer dives in taking one of the nipples into his mouth while grabbing the other and rubbing it between his index finger and thumb. Matthews' back arches a little and she lets out a long moan causing Spencer to suck harder. After several long minutes he breaks away to slide down kissing her stomach as he goes to finally settle between her legs.

Her pussy is slick with juices to the point it is dripping onto the bed. He grabs her hips and pulls her to the edge until her ass barely remains on the bed. He pushes her legs up, bending her knees exposing her pussy completely. He kisses her inner thigh moving close to her pussy then switches without touching it to the other thigh.

"Take my pussy," Matthews moans.

Spencer takes it all in. Her juices seep out, steadily dripping. Her lips are swollen with blood just aching to be sucked on. He presses his face in to devour her pussy, sucking both lips into his mouth and stretching them until they pop out. He licks up and down each side of her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Matthews arches her back thrusting her pussy harder against his mouth. Spencer then rubs a finger up and down her pussy before gently sliding it inside. Matthews lets out a louder moan and he puts another finger in and begins to slowly finger fuck her pussy. When her hips begin to move in rhythm to his pounding, he inserts a third finger. It sets her over the edge and in no time her pussy explodes. Her cum sprays over his face and he laps up as much of it as he can.

Spencer stands up leaving her gasping from the orgasm and unzips his pants. He lets them drop to the floor revealing a hard, throbbing cock. Matthews peers over her luscious breasts. "Fuck me! Take me, damn it!" she yells.

Spencer smiles and shoves it in. When he is completely buried in her pussy, he feels her muscles contracting around his cock. Her pussy feels like a silk gloves wrapped around his cock. He takes a moment to wrap his mind around the feeling then begins to slowly pump in and out, grinding her pussy.

She wraps her legs around his waist again and pulls him in forcing him in deeper. Matthews screams making him fuck her harder and faster. Spencer reaches around to grab her knees and push them forward allowing him to penetrate her deeper. Her muscles in her pussy milk his cock as she gets closer to another orgasm. Her juices start to flow faster and more frequently from her pussy and she cums. He continues to pound her and she cums a second and third time before he can't hold his in any longer.

Hot cum explodes from his cock and fills her pussy. The look of complete pleasure fills her smile as it crosses her face. She reaches down to her pussy where cum is already sliding down his cock and runs a finger across it.

When she pulls her hand out, there is a large clump of cum trickling down her finger. She quickly places it in her mouth and sucks it clean.

"I hope you're not finished," she says running the finger down his chest.

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