tagNovels and NovellasAccession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 21

Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 21


New York

Natalya returns to her apartment in the early hours of the morning. The city never sleeps, neither does she. As she strides through the door she instantly senses Rythern's presence.

"Rythern," she says loud enough for her voice to carry throughout the apartment. "I'm glad you are here. I could do for some celebration."

"A celebration for?" he asks stepping from around the corner.

"A small victory in my favor," Natalya answers as she drops her clothes to the floor. "But I won't bog you down in details."

Natalya strides up to Rythern and slips her hands through the opening of his shirt. He always wore a buttoned up shirt in his human form. Natalya doesn't care for the young Asura, but he is good to keep around for sex and he does have an attractive human form, even if it is a fake.

Tonight she has one victory in hand and soon she will have another. Rythern is one of the few remaining obstacles in her way and her ticket to the next part of her plans. But first she is going to have one last night of fun with him.

Through his shirt she works her hands across his chest and down his stomach while kissing his lips. She works a hand down into his pants until it settles onto his groin. Rythern helps with taking off his shirt when her other hand struggles against the buttons. His mission is to come here and kill the troublesome demon, but that can wait.

Her hand snakes around until she cups his balls and begins to massage them. Her hand slips up to the shaft of his cock and she strokes it as it slowly hardens in her hands.

The look of pure ecstasy is written all across his face. She lets go of him and pulls her hands free. Her lips break from Rythern's and move to kiss along his neck and ears. Rythern struggles to unbutton his pants as he fights for concentration.

Finally after some effort, his pants drop to the floor in a crumpled heap. Natalya breaks off his neck and she moves down his body, slowly nibbling on his skin. Each nibble she takes, goose bumps form. She nibbles the skin of his chest, then his nipples. She moves down his sides and stomach, taking small piece of his flesh into her mouth, sucking then letting go to move further down.

After a few long moments, she settles on her knees between his legs. She reaches up and takes his engorged shaft into her hand then brings her lips to the head of his cock. She kisses and licks it, twirling her tongue around it before slipping it into her mouth.

Slowly and deliberately she pulls his cock out and she playfully bites down on the head, teasing him. Rythern closes his eyes and lets a soft moan escape his lips. She moves her tongue up and down the full length of his cock each time kissing the head of it.

Natalya can feel the tension pent up in his body and she gives a little smile. She is good at what she does and though she can take him one on one in a fight, the weaker he is and the more of him she has until her spell, the better.

She begins kissing down his shaft until she reaches his balls. She reaches up with her hand, cupping his balls in it and begins massaging them. Her mouth slips over his head again but doesn't go down any further. She uses her tongue to flick his head collecting the precum that seeps out.

After a moment his cock comes free again and she slips back down, dragging her tongue on the underside of his shaft to collect his balls into her hot, moist mouth. She sucks on one then the other bringing out another moan from the young Asura's lips.

Keeping one hand on his balls, Natalya takes her lips back up to the head of his cock and licks it, teasing him more before sliding the whole length on his cock into her mouth. She works her lips up and down his shaft until her mouth completely encompasses it all.

As she sucks, her hand massages his balls. More moans escape Rythern's lips and soon his hands wrap around to the back of Natalya's head. He grabs a handful of hair in each hand and pushes and pulls so that she sucks with faster movements while he thrusts his hips, fucking her mouth. She responds by wrapping her lips tighter around his shaft, sucking harder with every stroke he thrusts.

Natalya moves her free hand down to her dripping wet pussy and begins to play with her clit. Slowly, she slips her fingers down to her pussy inserting two of them in.

Rythern continues to fuck her mouth until finally his body tenses; ready to cum. Natalya works harder on her pussy while the tension in Rythern's balls grows. She feels them contract in her hand and knows he will blow any second. Rythern makes one final thrust. She feels one gush hit the back of her throat and slide down, then another. His cock jerks in her mouth and his soft moans turn into loud ones.

Right as he bursts, Natalya's orgasm begins. She releases his balls to grab the shaft of his cock and sucks, trying to milk it for all it is worth. When her orgasm finishes, she slips her fingers free of her pussy and into her mouth, licking them clean.

"Mmm," she moans.

Natalya stands; pressing her body against Rythern's she kisses him. His hands go to her breasts, where he squeezes them until her hard nipples plop out from between his fingers. Then with a sudden force, he spins her around. Natalya throws her hands up above her head to brace herself.

Rythern presses against her shoulders, letting her know not to move. His right hand slides down her back to stop on her ass. With two fingers, he slips them along the crack of her ass until he reaches her soaking wet pussy where he plunges them into it. He kisses the back of her neck, as his fingers go in and out of her dripping pussy.

Rythern slides down her back with his lips, kissing and licking the entire way down while still thrusting rhythmically in and out with his two fingers. Upon reaching her ass with his lips, he pulls free his two fingers. Then he takes his hands and spreads apart her ass cheeks, licking his lips in the process.

Rythern then leans in to kiss the inside of each cheek, before whipping out his tongue to lick the skin around the tiny hole. His tongue suddenly shoots into Natalya's asshole, causing a slight jerk from her body. He circles around the tiny hole a few times then drags his tongue further down until he reaches her pussy. Natalya bends down a little more to provide better access for him.

He licks up all of her remaining juices from the earlier orgasm. The he begins to flick his tongue in and out of her warm, moist pussy. This time the moans escape Natalya's mouth. His tongue slips out to rub along her clit for a moment or two then escapes back in.

Meanwhile, Rythern presses two fingers against her asshole sliding them in and out, readying it. Another orgasm racks her body, causing her to shudder. A flood of juices pour out running down Rythern's tongue and into his mouth. He laps up the juices graciously like a thirsty animal.

Once the orgasm subsides, Rythern stands slowly, kissing her back along the way. He presses against her with his hard cock prodding against her bare ass.

The pressure against her tiny hole keeps up until finally with a pop his cock slides in. Rythern takes a moment to get adjusted. He slides one arm around her stomach, pulling her in tight and close, while the other slips down to her clit.

As he begins to play with her clit, his cock slowly slides in and out of her tight ass. He increases the speed until the sound of his hips slapping against her ass can be heard. His balls beat furiously against her pussy. Natalya pushes against him and he fucks her hard.

She orgasms, but before it subsides, she has another and another, until finally she losses count. Her moans turn into screams. When Natalya feels Rythern begin to tense, she reaches down to grab his balls tightly. His thrusts get harder and faster and he moans.

Then when he can't hold out any longer, he bursts. He fills her with a long stream of hot, sticky cum, slamming his body tight with hers. His cock jerks violently in her ass and she enjoys every pulse.

When it is all over, they head into the bedroom where they both lay down and both pretend to sleep.


The two demons lay intertwined in the bed silently. Rythern is the first to move, slipping slowly out of the bed. He reaches under the mattress to grab the hilt of the dagger he placed there hours before Natalya came back to the apartment. He pulls it from its resting place, not once taking his eyes off the seemingly sleeping Succubus. He slides back onto the bed up next to Natalya and brings the dagger up at an angle to her heart. A fast and efficient death is what he would grant her.

The dagger comes down slightly and swiftly as does Natalya's arm, blocking at the wrist. Rythern's eyes open wide with shock and that brief second is enough for Natalya to roll over and send a fist into his face. The impact sends Rythern backward off the bed with a crash and the dagger in the other direction.

"I was hoping you'd attack me first," Natalya says standing up.

Rythern is on his feet almost instantly. He no longer has a human form, instead taking on his true form, looking like the Asura that he truly is. Natalya stays in her human form, not needing to change since she has the same abilities either way. She prefers her human form over her true form. It isn't because it reminds her of what she once was but because of how attractive she is.

Why? So you could feel better about killing me yourself?

"Killing you would be wasteful," she remarks. "It was to see whether you really had it in you."

Oh, I have it in me bitch. Don't think for one minute you had me under some kind of spell.

"We'll see." Natalya flashes a smile then leaps over the bed at the Asura.

Rythern blocks the fist Natalya leads with then the kick that follows. He counters with a series of punches that range from high to low, keeping the Succubus occupied. She matches each thrust with a block of her own, until Rythern is able to slip in with a punch to her abdomen. The blow sends her stumbling back where her legs catch against the mattress. Her body bends backward from the impact and she rolls over the bed to the other side to land upright on her feet.

Rythern steps into a fighting stance waiting for whatever Natalya is prepared to bring. Natalya on the other hand smirks then launches herself at the other demon.

She flies across the bed with amazing speed and slams into Rythern. He tries to get his arms down to intercept her attack, but Natalya proves to be too fast and instead he is caught in the midsection. Her momentum takes Rythern into then through the wall.

They fly out of the apartment blowing a hole out of the wall that sends bricks raining to the ground below. Then they are both falling, exchanging punches and blocks the entire way down. Neither give any sign of concern of the predicament they are now in, only the grim determination to attack the other.

Their fall takes only a matter of seconds and ends abruptly when they slam into the roof of a car. Rythern hits first absorbing most of the impact. The shockwave of the impact knocks through the Asura and into Natalya sending her unconscious form off and onto the street.

A car screeches on its brakes as it narrowly misses the demon. People begin to pour from the street, cars and surrounding buildings. Murmurs shoot through the crowd and more than once someone says someone needed to call the police.

Neither demon moves as the crowd slowly creeps in closer to investigate the unmoving bodies. Slowly, the darkness fades from Natalya's eyes and she begins to stir. The crowd gasps as a collective. They are further stunned when Natalya sits up and shakes the ringing from her head. Demon bodies aren't invincible but they can handle a lot more than human ones. For that, Natalya is thankful.

A young man breaks away from the crowd and to the Succubus' side, offering to help in whatever assistance he can. Natalya growls and shoves the man back into the crowd and stands up, snarling at those around her. When no one else has the courage or stupidity to break away and approach her she turns her attention to the wrecked car that Rythern is unconscious in.

She walks over and upon seeing his unconscious form; she reaches in to grab him. His eyes spring open in that instant and he grabs her hands and swings her around over the car. She flies into a group of people, crashing down on top of them.

Rythern springs from the car and lands only feet away from Natalya. She stands and tackles him, slamming him into the side of the car. Then she grabs him by the neck and slings him around and into the building behind her.

The impact causes Rythern to imprint the wall, damaging it to the point that bricks crumble to the side walk. He lands in a crouch and slowly raises his head to look at Natalya. Is that the best you got bitch?

Clearly Natalya has underestimated this demon. She growls. In the distance the sounds of sirens carry over the screams of onlookers and pedestrians. Natalya steals a look over her shoulder and sees flashing lights. It is a mistake.

Rythern slams his shoulder into her midsection, driving her back and through the already damaged car. The car rips in half and parts allowing Rythern to continue his momentum. Natalya is unfazed though. She lets him push her back before sinking her heels into the asphalt.

They grind to a halt. Natalya gets a firm hold on Rythern, resets her feet and spins the demon around, throwing him into the oncoming police car. His back hits first, dead center of the car's hood. The front end smashes into the ground causing the rear of the car to come up and over and upside down.

The police car behind it swerves to avoid the now wrecked police cruiser and hits Rythern head on as he tries to stand. The impact sends the demon rolling and the police car spinning out of control.

Rythern continues his roll before coming to a stop and not moving. Natalya walks cautiously over to him ignoring the police cars as they drive up. She is on her guard this time. When she reaches him, he still doesn't move. She reaches down, expecting an attack that never comes and she picks up his limp body and places him over her shoulder.

Natalya is about to turn around to leave the street when the cars screech to a halt cutting off her retreat. Move cars stop behind her and the sounds of doors opening and some closing can be heard over sirens and other sounds of the city.

One voice though is heard over everything. "NYPD!" the voice shouts. "Hold it right there!"

Natalya turns slowly to face the female voice. "I'm sorry but I've got places to go," she says with a casual tone.

"The only place you're going is to jail. Now put the," she doesn't have a word for what Rythern is, "the body down and put your hands in the air."

"What is your name Detective?" Natalya asks seeing what badge the woman wore.

"Detective Angela Veris," the woman answers. "Now drop the fucking body and put your hands into the air before I drop your ass."

"I'm sorry Detective Veris, but I just can't do that."

Natalya turns back to her initial exit and jumps, landing hard on the hood of one of the police cars then she bounds off and runs into the alley. Gunfire erupts on her, but the bullets hit harmlessly into the two police cars that are blocking her exit and the walls of the buildings next to the exit.

Shouts to pursue her are ordered. Natalya knows she can escape, but with the dead weight she now carries, she isn't so sure it will be easy.

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