tagErotic CouplingsAccident Grants Benefit Ch. 06

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 06


Chapter 06 : Visitors are expected, will Renate cum too?

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be a 12-Chapters-story, a true story. (This is a corrected prediction - for all of my readers following this novel from scratch, all the time awaiting 8 chapters as provided in my basic storyline - thank you so much for giving me lots of encouraging feedback and compliments, mostly thanking me for sharing, asking for more details, and pleading, even urging me on to continue writing. Well, I promise I'll do :-). And I appreciate your every input, very much.

I've made some good friends through the feedback and have found corresponding with them a real pleasure, mostly.

Very few of you are still awaiting my answer - please be patient, I'm writing on Ch. 07 already.

For those of you who are new to this story: I would recommend to read the previous chapters before proceeding here.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Friday afternoon, and dinner time

I looked up to Sylvia's sweaty, glowing face and lowered my hands to her lovely buttocks to pull her closer up to me and kiss her lovingly, continuing to caress her cute butt till she started to moan softly, before she dried my sweaty face with the blanket, smilingly asking, still a bit breathlessly, "Dear Jesus, that was lots darling, you must lay in a puddle now... where'd you store this load?"

We devoured each other, both lovingly smiling, till Sylvia broke eye contact and softly rubbed her healthy cheek on mine, still unshaved of course but she didn't seem to mind, she approached my ear and whispered, "Thank you for the wonderful wake up call my love, you've made it the best morning ever, and that after the most thrilling night I've ever had, oh gawd how I love you my heart, my man, my wonderful man, I love you with all my heart, you're making me happy beyond belief, you're giving me so much my sweet heart. You are more, much more than I ever dared to dream of or wish for my love, my sweet love..."

I felt her tears on my cheek, she sobbed quietly and I lifted her chin carefully to kiss her lovely face dry before kissing her sweet, soft lips ever so lovingly that she sobbed any harder, I smiled up to her when I combed her damp, wonderful mane with my fingertips till she shivered in my arms, I kissed the tip of her nose, and my eyes caressed hers, these beautiful, expressive hazel eyes, sparkling despite her tears when I replied, "You are a miracle my love, a precious gift I've been blessed with, making a promising, exciting dream come true... I dreamed of this very day for years, and I knew that my dream would come true one day, well knowing that our first day would be worth any wait, the day I'd hold my sweet dream girl in my arms where you belong, at last being able to show you all my love with no restrictions whatsoever, to give in to you and give myself to my loved one in total... and now that I have you I'll never ever let you go, my wonderful, gorgeous woman - I am all yours like I know you are mine, for eternity... and a day."

"We really must have been made for each other my love, cause I feel exactly the same, and yes my love, yessss, yessss, YESSSSSSSS I AM YOURS!!!...entirely, totally. I've never felt complete like this before - ... - WHAT...??"

Shit - I had desperately tried to suppress my sultry smile, and failed. The good thing was that Sylvia fought hard to suppress her brightening smile likewise as she recalled her last words... and she lost likewise. Frowning she tried to give me a rebuking look, what ended up disastrous, her eyes wouldn't follow her strict order and all she could manage was to look so affectionately that my heart was short to galloping. I pulled her lovely body even closer, stroking her hair and her back, and kissed her lovingly, never leaving her eyes, she tried contumaciously to not open her lips for me, my tongue licked her lips in slow motion until her eyes filled up with love again... pure, overwhelming love, her glistening lips opened hesitantly and her tongue sneaked out to meet mine, her lids fell down and she forgot about the cruel world and melted into me, softly moaning whilst tenderly stroking my cheek, I joined in to her moans and we feasted on this wonderful lovers kiss... ever so softly and tenderly, no longing, no need let alone greed, nothing else but deeply touching mutual love and devotion.

My brain was a muddle and I felt this intensive kiss down to my toes, both of us trembled in each others arms, caught in emotional overdrive, none of us wanted this kiss to ever end, but in the end the shortage of breath forced us to break it, though reluctantly.

Sylvia caught her breath first, muttering against my lips, "Dear heavens my darling... what exactly happened to us? I've never been kissed like this before, my brains switched to off duty state, about a thousand butterflies shimmied in my tummy, and my toes are still creeping - you're amazing my love, you must be a magician, or a druid? I suppose at next you'll fly me to the moon? OK, I'm not the only one to tremble, but... well, anyway..."

Meanwhile I had enough air to interrupt her, "Excuse me darling, there's no need to worry, this was just a lovers kiss, one of my special treats for all the women I love as much as you. Well, the main reason for using my brand new technique is that it transmutes brains - to be specific: female brains - to jelly, and as a side effect it lets clothes disappear, female clothes of course, including shoes and hat, if any, and you sure will accede that this is somewhat helpful in... ahem, certain situations, you know? Besides, sweet Sylvia - you can be proud my love... you've been the one I've chosen to test it in first place - in fact the first human; I tried it on squirrels before, and I can assure you that they look awfully cute being stark naked. Now... dear, coming back to you - please look down on you now, I mean down your beautiful, sexy, mouth watering body, and you'll see that it worked to absolute perfection - sshhh darling, compliments later please, I'm waiting for the Nobel Prize, you will be mentioned in my documentation of course... you'll be awarded the honorary title 'Passionate Promoter of the Sciences', and as soon as we'll receive the honorarium cheques I'll fly you to the moon... ahem, by the way darling - how could you know that earlier, before I told you all about my secret works?"

My living blanket looked down her front as advised before, then grinned up to me, "Eewww... I'm naked! - you greedy bastard... what did you do to me, oh gawd, I can't believe that you pulled me up onto your slippery, sticky body," she started to squirm all over me, like a snake on its hunting ground, "That's embarrassing!! Hey - you lecher! Cease rubbing me all over you, you dirty old man, you're disgus..."

I immobilized her lips, using my tight grip in her mane to press her tasty lips down to mine, she mumbled, "mm-mm-mm-moooawww!" into my mouth, followed by a softer, "...mmhhh, mmmmhhhhhh..." when my hands let go of her mane to reach for her buttocks to knead and squeeze and spread them tenderly, her lips made no further attempt to escape mine - rather on the contrary... instead her lively tongue played snake all over the roof of my mouth until mine met hers for a thrilling dance.

Well, each of us knows how interfering that boring reminder from the depth of our lungs can be in situations like this, 'Hey boss, don't forget that we need some fresh air from time to time - if you could be so kind? NOW!!' - and...? - what do we do? Argue? Not really - Curse? Perhaps, silently. Or forget about that impertinent lungs and refuse to break this wonderful kiss? That'll be nice, but... how long will we last then? Well, at last the final result is always the same (how boring is that then?) we roll our eyes, resign - and pant. Now then, what can I say... this time the outcome wasn't any different.

Sylvia was the first to regain her speech... as usual, "Now - where have I been before? Aah - yes... you blighter, you know you'll have to pay for that obnoxious grin, starting as soon as I mentioned to feel complete, and then you... oough gaaawwd..." her eyes rolled back in her head when I lowered my hands to her Bermuda Triangle, the left index and middle finger disappeared in her slippery vagina, diving in as deep as can go, whilst my right middle finger entered her asshole up to the second knuckle to stay there, she bucked wildly with the doubled pressure on both sides of her dam and wailed, "Berrrnnd pleeaazze, oohhh gaawwdd." before howling with pure lust once the pussy fingers crooked and roamed all over the thinly divider to look out for their crony on the other side, all three of them in unison moving upwards and downwards then until her pelvis rotated in a frenzy of activity, what enhanced the combined friction and sensations even more, a few more movements and she climaxed violently, hollering out her excitement before collapsing on my chest, my fingers pulled out slowly to cradle and hug my sweet, enfeebled loved one, my right middle finger was instantly followed by a low fart, what made me grin, the more so as she gave a breathlessly murmured, "Oooh... Shit!"

I pulled the blanket up to cover our sweaty bodies again before we must have fallen asleep, again I didn't sleep too long before Sylvia's weight on me - and my lower abdomen - let me feel the earlier suppressed urge to pee explicitly, I kissed my lowly purring girl softly, she sighed ever so cutely and opened her eyes to slits, "I need to pee darling," she muttered.

I kissed her again, tenderly, and confessed, "Me too, my sweet love, therefore I had to wake you up, darling - sorry. Are you ready for the transportation now?"

"Well darling, I suppose we better...?" Her eyes opened a bit wider and caressed mine, her belly moved all over mine and she smiled tantalizingly, "On the other side my love... after the nap I'm feeling... well, better..." her smile changed to a grin, a wide grin, and she licked her lips.

I couldn't suppress a low grunt, crooking slightly, feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the rising pressure of her belly on to my lower abdomen, "Daarrling, I'm sure you have a great idea, as always - only stop adding additional pressure to my bladder, pleeaazze..."

She snickered lowly, that sweet tease, "Okay, sorry, the more so as it doesn't do any good to me, too..."

I grinned, relieved, and kissed her once more, laid the blanket to the side and pulled her light weight further upwards, "Can you roll to your left my sweetness, just a bit, so that I can get my left arm under your thighs to lift you up?" She did, sweetly smiling, I struggled a bit to come up with my upper body, my arms moved to where they were needed now and I begged her, "Great, darling, now hold on to my neck for support please," and with some of my grunting and groaning we were on the way.

I sat her down to the toilet seat cause she insisted to be in first place to avoid 'being tortured like last night' as she called it, I grinned down to her, asking, "You really sure you're willing to waste this great opportunity, my sweet darling?" She showed me the tip of her tongue though smiling up to me with dreamily eyes. "Oh, I see you're looking back with delight, my love... I'll go for water, you must be thirsty too, aren't you my love?" She nodded and blew me a kiss, pissing noisily.

I left for the guest toilet to take the leak I needed so badly that I couldn't wait for Sylvia to finish, continued to the kitchen then to pick up two bottles of water and a fresh glass. Whilst strolling back through the hall I heard some more low farting, and knew that the next of our 'firsts' was waiting for me, or exactly for us. I must admit that I was a bit concerned - how would my sweet little girl handle this one, certainly being kind of a taboo for most people?

I straightened to face the new challenge, sat the bottles to the sideboard and filled the glass to bring it over to her, oh my, her head was bent and she took the glass sighing tunelessly, "Thank you darling."

I took the empty glass and set it to the ground before I knelt down between her half spread thighs, forcing them to open a bit wider for me, kissed my love's forehead tenderly whilst holding on to her neck with my left hand buried under the rich, wonderful mane I loved so much. My right hand stroked her chin to lift it carefully, lovingly, my eyes caressed her deeply blushed cheeks, then her concerned looking eyes. "Sylvia, my love, you mustn't tell... I know already, please listen to me my love, attentively... will you my darling?" Her eyes welled with tears, but she nodded slowly. I kissed her tears away, "Hush, my sweet love... I can imagine how you feel, my sweet little girl, please believe me that you certainly don't need to be worried, this is just a task - a new task, okay - but still just a task that has to be taken care of, a task being as normal and natural as can be, and absolutely necessary, you should know already that this bodily function can not be suppressed, or delayed... am I right my love?" She nodded again, still quietly sobbing and not able, or ready, to speak, but holding our eye contact. Brave girl.

"Now my darling, you know that I love you and how deeply I love you, that I love you more than anybody or anything else in the world." I waited for her to nod again, she sobbed a bit harder now, that was okay at this point and I kissed her softly, lovingly, eager to show and let her feel all of my love, "You are a wonderful, gorgeous, deeply loving woman, and I am blessed that you return my love evenly, with all of your heart and soul like I do, entirely. I love all of you my darling, from the longest strand of your wonderful hair I love so much down to the tips of your cute little toes, I love you, I love you, I love you like mad my sweet little girl, and I certainly never ever will be troubled, or distraught, let alone disgusted when it comes to you, and that includes your bodily functions as well, all of them, of course... you need to know and accept this, because this is one of the basic facts, or fundamentals of our love, don't you feel like it too, my love?" She nodded again, big wide eyed now, filled with love to my liking, I kissed her sweet lips again, teasing them tenderly, and I felt a bit of a smile building up in the joint of her lips, a good sign.

"Well, my sweet love... you have to do this kind of service for your patients, don't you?"

She shrugged some, and I had to fight hard to not gaze southwards... I would see enough of that delighting movements over the next years, for sure. Sylvia's smile deepened a bit as she became aware of my inner fight, she kissed me lovingly and replied, "Sure, of course darling, but..." She broke up, swallowing hard before she continued, "...that is different, I'm a professional and they need it."

"I agree with you, my love, it IS different of course - totally different." My eyes kissed hers, her sobbing had slowly subsided, I kissed the wetness off her cheeks. "You're doing it because it's your profession; I'm doing...or shortly will do the VERY SAME for you my love - for another reason my love - I will do it because I love you... now tell me my darling - who does easier, what do you think?" Sylvia frowned, it was obvious that she'd never thought about all that this way, her smile turned brighter and she bent a bit forward to kiss me lovingly, a few sparkles appeared in her beautiful eyes, she clearly was over the edge and on her way to accept the consequences to be just natural, what they were in fact, of course.

Her left hand reached up for my back to stroke it tenderly whilst pulling me closer to kiss me deeply, I wasn't against it and returned her lovingly kiss likewise, before she backed away a bit and murmured against my lips, "Thank you for making me feel so silly my love. You're right my love, of course you are right." Our eyes still glued on the others, making love, "Oh gawd, you are wonderful Bernd, you're a wonderful man, so much understanding, always, you seem to understand everything when it comes to me my love, sometimes even before I'm aware of something going wrong, whatever it might be. Being with you my love, being loved by you, everything seems to be so easy, so normal, natural like this very item, and you are right - it is just that... dear Lord, how could I be beset by doubts, I didn't think, I just panicked where I should have..."

I interrupted her with a deep kiss, saying then, "Ssshhhh my love, it's alright my sweet darling, everything's alright, just forget about it, please. Shit happens, as my dear grandma always told me, and in this case these words fit just perfectly, don't you think so my love?"

Her beautiful eyes devoured mine, and she snickered until I continued, "Besides my love... my fingers love your cute little pucker, and your recalcitrant sphincter, not to forget the tight, hot tunnel inside, you might even remember that not too long ago..."

"Hey - stop it!" she nearly yelled, "you're a perv, Bernd. I can't believe that you made me fart, oh my gaawwd, in my own...sorry my love - in our bed, my darling. You had me so hot that I even forgot to be embarrassed." She smiled thoughtfully, obviously looking back to the mentioned event.

I stood, reached for the toilet roll to prepare some sheets and moved to her back, asking her to bend forward to enable me to see what I was doing, and softly wiped her off, upwards of course, as thoroughly as I could in this position, "So far so good for first, sweet Sylvia, I'll clean the remains with a soapy washrag, okay?"

"Yes darling, of course, you're doing good, thank you."

"I'll help you to stand now darling, flush the toilet then and close the lid, before I'll turn you to enable you to prop up on it with your left elbow, do you think you can hold it for a minute then, my love?"

"Okay Bernd, or I could support myself with bending over the rim of the bathtub, probably would be easier?"

"Well, my love, do to your liking, we'll find a way cause we have to... try that one first if you want to, if it doesn't work properly we'll try the other way, okay?" I supported her to stand and helped her to bend over that rim, "This looks fairly good on my side darling, oh gawd you don't know HOW good my love, when you stick your cute butt out like this," I grunted with pure delight, and a grown-up hard-on, she sensed the heat and giggled, a bit breathlessly, I kissed her right buttock lightly, "Let me get the washrag now, my lovely butt...err...girl - do you want me to use a special one on your anus that we can use furthermore then for this service?"

"Well darling, doesn't really matter, just grab the one you find in the first place, I've got this soapy wash lotion we use in the hospital, it's disinfecting too, we could fill a bowl to store the washrag in, don't you think so?" She breathed in sharply, like feeling pain, "Ough... darling, your idea was much better, I can't hold myself on just the right leg, please help me to kneel by the toilet as you suggested before, will you my love?" I did just that, and she sighed deeply, "thank you love, that's so much easier, on my knees with my elbow being supported by the padded lid, so much better than on that rim, thank you darling."

I sought for the two washrags we'd need in the corner cupboard, rinsed and soaped one, grabbed a bath towel on the way back and covered her back to keep her warm, she sighed again, "Mmhhh darling, you're ever so thoughtful, thank you my love."

"I only want to keep you hot for me, my sweet love, always." She snickered happily, and started to moan lowly once I worked her backdoor and sphincter eagerly till her breathing shortened, before taking a break to rinse the washrag to remove the remaining soap finally, and tossed it into the wash basin, murmuring, "you are cleaner than ever before love..." before I crouched down behind her to let my tongue do the drying, she squeaked with the totally new, and unexpected sensation, her pelvis wriggling like mad.

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