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Accidental Incest


It was June 30th, 2003, my older brother Tad's 21st birthday. He was out celebrating with his friends after the party that mom and dad threw him at home. Can't say that I blamed him because even though mom and dad tried their best, they always threw lame parties. There always had to be a theme to every party. The year earlier, for my 18th birthday, they threw me a carnival theme party. To them it seemed like a fun idea but to me it seemed as if they still thought of me as a child. This was the very reason why I stayed at college for my 19th birthday. Tad's party theme this year was boats, of all things. Something he had absolutely no interest in. Hell, he could barely swim.

I was still up at 1:45am, simply because I wanted to see what my brother looked like severely toasted for the first time legally. Why I thought he would look and act any different from the hundred other times he had come home wasted was beyond me, but I was waiting anyway, putting together a puzzle that I knew had a piece missing just to pass the time. I watched as cars passed the house, their passing headlights streaking across the darkened room. I must have been nodding off when there was a firm knock on the front door that pierced the silence. Immediately I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I looked through the peephole in the door I saw a police officer and immediately opened the door knowing that he wasn't going to be saying anything that I wanted to hear.

"I'm sorry to bother you, miss. I'm Officer Nelson. Do you know Theodore Watson?"

"H-He's my brother," I said, my voice lumping in my throat. "Is he alright?"

"Are your parents here Miss...?" he said seemingly asking my name.

"I'm Sarah. Mom and dad are sleeping."

"How old are you Sarah?"

"Nineteen. Is Tad OK?" my voice begging now.

Mom and Dad walked around the corner in time to hear me ask about my brother.

"What about Tad? Where is he?" dad bellowed.

"You need to be calm, sir. Are you Tad's father?"

"Yes, is he alright? Did he get a DUI?" mom asked, tears welling in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, but Tad was in an accident. He wasn't driving but you should get to University Hospital as soon as you can." the officer said, sounding as if he had delivered the same words way too many times to too many families.

My heart sank and I started sobbing uncontrollably. I heard the officer's and dad's voices but I couldn't hear what was being said. Dad had to physically move me away from the door so he could close it. Mom and I were crying and dad was trying his best to stay calm, all the while throwing tears away from his own eyes. Mom and dad dressed and within two minutes we were calmly being escorted to the hospital by the officer. The ten minute drive seemed like hours.

When we finally walked into the emergency room, we found out that Tad was in the operating room and it would be a few hours before we could see him. The receptionist told us where to go to wait and said that she would inform the attending ER doctor that we were there. After sitting in the surgical waiting room for what seemed like hours, the doctor from the ER finally arrived to tell us that Tad was going to be alright, but that he had a broken back and that both of his wrists were broken. My mind immediately though the worst; paralyzation, wheelchair, all the things that you normally associate with having a broken back. But the doctor explained that with modern surgical wonders, Tad will most likely be back to normal because even though he did have a slight injury to his spinal cord, it should heal with time, as would the vertebra that had broken in his back. He said that the breaks in Tad's wrists were actually more severe than the back injury, but they too would heal in time. We all breathed a giant sigh of relief as the doctor spoke those words. We were still concerned but our tears seemed to turn from ones of sadness and fear to those of happiness.

It was nearly 5:00am when dad woke me to say that Tad was out of surgery and was going into the recovery room. The doctor explained to us that Tad was sedated but that he had some function of both his legs and that in time he believed that Tad would make a full recovery. He also explained that the surgeons had placed a temporary titanium rod that fused three of his vertebras so that the one broken one could heal properly. He also explained that Tad was going to be in a brace and bedridden for at least six to eight weeks before he would even be allowed to stand. We turned the corner into the recovery area and saw that Tad had four IV's running and had an oxygen mask covering his face, which was scraped raw, swollen and bruised from the accident. We all stayed at the hospital for the better part of three days. And in that time, Tad was allowed to come out of the coma that the doctors had induced to keep him immobile.

Fast forward 5 weeks...

Tad's outward wounds had all healed and the only sign still remaining of his accident was the hospital bed planted in the corner of our living room that he was lying in still encased in his casts and brace. He had regained all motion in his lower body just as the doctors had thought. His wrists were healing nicely and Tad had become a pain in the ass more than anything else. He had to be fed and helped to go to the bathroom. But he was taking full advantage of the situation, causing mom to run endlessly to keep up with his every need and want. Luckily I never had to do the nasty chores, mom choosing to do it all herself. That was up until mom had to go back to work or risk losing her job. I was forced into a situation that I had managed to avoid for all those weeks, and one that I was not looking forward to.

That Monday when mom returned to work I slept in, as usual. I mean, come on, I was on summer break and there was only a week until I had to return to classes at the University. I awoke to the sounds of Tad screaming my name.

"SARAH!" he was yelling as loud as he could.

I ran downstairs, still in my nightshirt, thinking he had fallen out of bed or worse.

"Oh my God! What's wrong? Are you OK Tad?" I said as I got nearer his bed.

"I've been yelling for you since 8:45!" he said excitedly. I turned to see that it was almost 10:00am.

"What's the matter?"

"Well I HAD to go to the bathroom, but since you slept all fucking morning, I pissed myself," he explained, "and now you have to clean it, and me, up."

I glanced down at the bed and sure enough, the pad he was lying on was soaked to the point of not containing all of his urine and had slightly soaked the sheet under it and the bottom hem of the hospital gown he was wearing. I tried hard but I couldn't contain myself and burst out laughing. Tad, however, didn't see the humor in it.

"What the hell are you laughing at? It's not like there's anything I could do about it, you ugly heifer. You're supposed to be taking care of me now. If I had known it was going to be like this I would have had them leave the catheter in and kept pissing in a bag."

I should have felt sorry for him, but when I heard the name he called me I got mad.

"Fuck you Tad! I never signed on as your nurse. You did this to yourself when you got into that car with Gary and the rest of those idiot friends of yours, even though you KNEW that no one should have been driving. I'm sorry I didn't hear you, but this isn't my fault. And if you think I'm going to wait on you hand and foot like mom does, think again!"

I turned and started to go into the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Tad asked, his voice almost apologetic.

"You want me to clean you up or not?" I asked, still highly pissed.

"I'm sorry Sarah." His face softened and he smiled at me. Right away, I felt bad too. I smiled back.

"Me too Tad, I'm sorry. I'll be right back I need to get another pad to put under you. Did you wet on yourself too?"


"I'll have to go get you another sheet too then. Are you going to be alright for a minute?" I asked, not thinking that he had no choice but to wait.

"Well, it's not like I can do much else but wait." he answered.

I went and gathered the supplies I thought I would need to clean up the mess and the brother. I sat all the stuff on the table beside the hospital bed and reached for the top of his gown to pull it off. I peeled it over his wrist casts and slowly gathered it up so I didn't have to touch the wet hem, even though I had rubber gloves on. Tad said that he could lift his butt off the bed a couple inches so I could get the pads and sheet from under him. Luckily I remembered how we were taught to do it when Tad was still in the hospital. I had him and the bed completely stripped to the plastic covered mattress, Tad helped as much as he could considering his incapacitated state. But he was able to make the job easier. I soaked a wash cloth and started to wash his body. As I finished, and stopped worrying about if I could do what I had just done, I relaxed a bit and noticed the hair on Tad's legs as I removed the latex gloves from my hands.

"You have hairy legs like daddy has, you know that?" I asked.

"I know and I hate it." he answered.

"Why?" I wondered.

"It's too thick. Pretty soon I'm going to be covered like a bear."

I laughed and without thought lowered my hand from my waist and gently stroked the long brown hair right above his knee.

"Um, Sarah?" Tad said in a funny, questioning tone.

"What?" I asked as I kept running my fingertips through his leg hair.

"You might want to stop that."

"Why?" I said as I turned to look at him. My eyes, however, never made it to his face.

Tads cock had elongated and thickened and was starting to lift off his balls. I stopped and jerked my hand from his leg, feeling total embarrassment. I couldn't take my eyes off his still-growing penis.

"I'm sorry Sarah. It's just that it's been a long time and all. I can't help it. And I can't do anything about it"

I felt a thousand different emotions. Disgust, love, sadness, lust. I also felt my nipples harden and the sudden warmth I always feel when they erect themselves. Tad's cock was totally hard by then, pointing in all it's glory to the corner of the ceiling above his head. It wasn't the longest I had ever seen, but it was by far the thickest. I swallowed hard, trying to bring myself to think that I was staring at my brother's cock. It worked for a second or so until I saw it moving with Tad's pulse. It didn't move a lot, but I could definitely see it moving, almost throbbing.

"Sarah? It's me, your brother? Remember me?" he said.

I said nothing. It was as if a spell were cast on me. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I was numb and yet I felt every cell in my body tingling. Finally Tad nudged me with his fingers that peeked out of his cast.

"Damn, Sarah, you act like you never saw a cock before."

I swallowed a big gulp of air and exhaled it slowly.

"Not like that one I haven't." I said, still in awe.

"Well maybe if you put my gown back on we can both get over this and forget it ever happened, ok?" he said, his voice shaking. He tried to cover himself with his hands but the casts and the brace wouldn't let him get his hands close enough to do any good. I began thinking of everything I could to distract myself...and failed miserably. I finally gave in and looked right into Tad's eyes.

"This is so wrong, and I'll probably go to hell for even thinking it, but..."

I reached out and slowly encircled my hand around Tad's cock. I did my best to completely wrap my hand around it but my finger and thumb just wouldn't meet without squeezing it harder than I thought I could without hurting him.

"Sarah, please don't!" Tad seemed to almost be begging.

I ran my palm along the underside of it feeling the mushroom head vibrate slightly with the friction our dry skin caused. Taking one finger, I traced the circumference of his head then ran my thumb up the underside and circled the hole. The drops of lubricant oozing from it told me that Tad's begging belied his true feelings.

"Sarah, please! You're my sister damn it!" he said, but his imploring belied his true feelings. I knew he wanted me to continue.

I continued to knead his shaft and head, using one hand, then both. I lowered my hand to his sack and gently ran my fingertips up the center between his egg-sized nuts. My fingers found their way down his leg and back up again. I watched as I saw Tad's legs part slightly to make my finger's journey easier. It was at that very second that I knew that I was going to fuck my brother that day.

Tad's moans slowly overtook his protests. When I stroked my finger from the underside of his massive head, down the shaft, over his tightening sack and down to his hairy anus and circled it, Tad finally gave in totally to me.

"Suck me, Sarah." my eyes darted to his. All his trepidation was gone. Replacing it was pure, unadulterated lust. Tad didn't want me to suck his cock. He NEEDED me to suck it.

As I lowered my head, I kept my eyes on his. The closer I got to his now purple-tipped cock, the wider his mouth grew. When my lips were mere millimeters from it, he began gritting his teeth in anticipation. Pursing my lips, I slowly kissed the very tip then opened my mouth further and sucked the pre-cum that was oozing slowly down from the enlarged hole. My hands were on his stomach and thigh. My tongue found the base of his cock and trailed down and around each testicle, my lips sucking each gently into my mouth and releasing them to gently slide back onto the side of his shaft. My eyes met his as I slowly inched my tongue up the shaft and tilted my head and engulfed about three inches of his cock in to my mouth.

"Oh holy fuck." Tad sighed, the words drawn out to several seconds. I felt Tad's fingertips stroking the side of my head as I began raising and lowering my over-salivating, almost wide open mouth, my cheeks indenting and then puffing as I made Tad's cock slowly disappear a little more with every stroke. I began to feel his cock harden even more. I raised my mouth off his organ.

"Don't tell me when you're going to cum. Just do it." I said as I replaced my mouth over his glistening cock. Tad nodded and again closed his eyes. My brother began lightly moaning which turned into a low-toned deep growl. I felt his cock begin moving up to meet my downward movement. Tad was doing his best to fuck my mouth. Slowly his growls turned to guttural grunts. His fingers were trying to hold my head so he could pump his cock into my mouth. Then as if he was suddenly electrocuted, he stabbed his cock into my mouth. His member seemingly seized in my mouth and I suddenly felt his seed spraying down the back of my throat.

"Uh, Uh..." Tad grunted with each spasm of his cock.

I let him spend himself in my mouth, sucking the last drop from him. My lips kept his softening cock imprisoned until it withered to less than half it's full size. I watched as Tad slowly opened his eyes, signifying his return to this plane. He smiled at me and touched my cheek to which I opened my mouth, displaying his seed to him, smiled back and proceeded to swallow it as he watched.

"Damn, Sarah! That's hot!" he said as I opened my now empty mouth.

I stood beside his bed and reached for the hem of my nightshirt, raising it slowly revealing to my older brother that the material he saw was all I was wearing. As the hem inched upward, I began revealing my secrets to him. He was the first person in the family to know that I shave my pussy. He was the first to know that I did get that tattoo of the spider that my mom had forbidden me to get. He was the fist to know that I had my navel pierced and most certainly was the first family member to see my small, but firm 32-A breasts which still featured hard, erect dark brown nipples. Tad watched as I pinched each one and pulled them out, stretching them as far as I could before letting them spring back and instantly retake their shape and form. He watched as I slowly stroked my smooth skin from my throat, down between my breasts over my dangling navel stud, over my fatty, hairless mound and continued right into my crevice. His eyes followed my fingers as they emerged from my secret place, now glistening from my own horny secretions, and made their way back from where they had already caressed. He followed my fingers as they found their way into my open mouth, my lips surrounding them, sucking them.

I reached and grasped the bar above his bed. The one he would use eventually to help him get in and out of bed. I pulled myself up and over my brother as he watched my every move. Placing my knees on either side of his hips, I held onto the bar and lowered myself slowly and sat in his lap. I grasped his half-hard cock and flipped it up so that it lay in his patch of brown pubes. Sliding myself forward carefully, I began undulating my pelvis, rubbing my overly-sensitive labia and clitty along the length of his rod. I felt his cock harden to it's fullest as my secretions bathed his cock, making it glide effortlessly along my inflamed lips. My own release was rapidly approaching and I wanted to cum on his cock. I raised myself and grabbed his fully erect prick and pointed it at the place I needed it the most. I looked directly into Tad's eyes.

"You want it?" I asked. Nothing more need said. Not by me. Not by Tad.

I reached between my legs and parted my lips, lowering myself until his head was barely nudging inside me. Reaching up, I grasped the bar and began slowly lowering myself onto him, rebounding a couple times to get his thick cock wet. My orgasm was imminent, nothing was going to deny me this. Never had I been this full, never this horny, this needful. As I felt his hair begin to tickle my bare mound I felt Tad starting to raise himself slightly.

"Don't move. Let me!" I said, trying my best to talk and pant at the same time, Tad acknowledging my request.

I placed my hands on my knees, slowly increasing my speed on his cock. Tad placed his fingers over mine. Going as fast as I dare, I began the ascent to my release. My cheeks and chest flushed with heat, my pants turned to gasps. I looked down into Tad's eyes. He knew. He needed me to cum as much as I did.

"Yeah, Sarah. Cum on my thick cock! Get yourself off, baby. That's it!"

Tad coaxed my orgasm from me. His heated words drew from me the most powerful, most draining orgasm of my life. It caused me to stop breathing, and in the next instant to scream. My legs flew open then clenched the hips they straddled. I was pinching my nipples so hard I swore I was drawing blood, not caring if I had. Every cell in my body seemed to explode at the same time. My pussy was rhythmically squeezing the shaft it was impaled on, letting it go, then seizing it again. My toes curled then flexed as if they were fingers. I had lost control of myself. And it was glorious! But it was not over. Every time I moved, I felt him inside me, stretching me like no other had before. And I climbed rapturously to another, and another and still another before I felt my brother's cock stiffen and heard him begin his crescendo of passion. He lifted me once more to the level never attained before as he shot his seed into the depths of my womb. Our final orgasms coinciding, coexisting, one furthering the other. I collapsed beside Tad, finally satisfied, fulfilled, satiated and filled with my brother's love. I had never felt so loved, so much a woman as at that very moment.

Fast-forward four years...

I am happy to say that Tad fully recovered from his accident with nothing more than a stiff wrist. I am happier to be able to say that our love has done nothing but continue to grow, our passion increases with every passing day. And I am ecstatic to be able to tell you that our smart, healthy daughter Isabella just turned three. She is so excited and can't wait to see if she is going to have a brother or a sister, who is due very soon.

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Great story

If Tad's legs are hairy, and he has pubes, I'm thinking he has a bit of hair on his chest and abs too. Lucky guy!

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