tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 11

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 11



You were beginning to press your lips against the hot, smooth tip of a very hard cock. You opened slightly to touch it with your tongue. It felt silky as you wetted it. You could taste the drop of pre-come that was waiting there for your kiss. It was delicious and arousing.

You hands were wrapped around its shaft. You could feel it pulsing. You squeezed it. You slid the bulb of its tip into your mouth. You sucked, your mouth opened wide and your lips beginning to work it.

You felt your pussy -- very wet and you squirmed. You felt hands in your hair. You felt them grip you and begin to move you down the hard prick.

The cock was large, long, and thick. It was pushing down your throat. Deep and delicious. Moving slowly. Using you. Throbbing, pulsing.

You felt hands grab your waist roughly. You felt another hard, large cock pressing into your pussy. It was shocking; a cock fucking your mouth and another fucking your cunt. It was shocking but you were so aroused you knew you would come fast and hard.

You were being used and you were loving it. All they wanted was to fuck you. All you wanted was to feel them take you. Hard, steaming, sex -- pounding you. Two large cocks pushing you, pushing you.

It was dark. You couldn't see. But you could hear them breathing hard. Two boys -- and you wanted them to come. You wanted to swallow mouthfuls of sperm. You wanted to feel hot come in your tight, hungry snatch.

You felt them begin to explode in you. You couldn't help it, you started to orgasm -- such a bad, bad girl. You shuddered and opened you eyes as you came. I was sleeping next to your dreaming body and I asked softly, "You OK, baby girl?"

"Oh, Daddy -- I just had the naughtiest dream."

I smiled, sleepily, "And what was that?"

"I was -- I was being fucked in my mouth and my pussy at the same time." You giggle. "Two boys. I think I came in my dream."

"That certainly was a naughty dream," I said.

"Daddy, you told me you got that invitation to go to that erotic club in the city."

"Yes, sweetie. Have you thought it over?"

"Yes, Sir. I am curious about it. Are you sure it would be OK with you if I wanted to go?"

"I think so, sweetie."

"Then let's have an adventure, Daddy."

You climbed on top of me, moving around until your cunnie lips were over my face. I ate you 'till you screamed while you sucked me -- my cock pumping into your throat.

Now you have on your party dress -- the little black one -- with your ruby cashmere shawl. You're wearing your pretty patent leather flats and have your red sequin clutch. You have the string of pearls I bought you. Your hair is tied back with a red bow -- your lipstick is deep red. You are not wearing panties.

Our car has taken us to the city. We are holding hands in the back seat and watching the buildings go by. You like our trips together. You put your head on my shoulder. The fabric of my jacket feels soft and smooth against your cheek. You smile and squeeze my hand. You lean up to kiss me. "Happy, little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy." And you cuddle against me.

You feel small next to me -- not that I'm a tall man -- but you like feeling the difference -- you like it that I'm bigger than you. You like being my little girl. It makes you feel safe.

The car slows and moves to the curb outside a non-descript city building and the driver gets out and opens our door for us. I get out and offer my hand to you. You get out of the car -- it feels so grown up. You smile to yourself -- at the thought of being like a little girl feeling grown up.

The night air is chilly. It's autumn's last days.

Now I lead you to a plain door in the building. I open it for us and we step inside -- you first. We are in a small anteroom with an interior door on the wall opposite and a couple love seats by the walls on either side. I knock on the interior door.

After what seems to be a long wait, the door is answered by a beautiful woman in a tight red dress and very high heels. She is tall and slender and welcomes us in. We are expected.

We walk around a wall and into a large sitting room with couches and chairs and tables. The room is appointed in Victorian style. It looks a little like an old-fashioned hotel lobby. A small quintet is playing music in the corner. There are men and women sitting about quietly talking and laughing -- drinking and eating snacks.

You notice that some of the women are wearing bustiers and stockings -- some are in bras and panties with kimonos and open robes.

We sit on a couch together and a waitress comes by and takes our orders. You order a glass of Pinot Noir for you and mineral water for me. The waitress is wearing a very skimpy outfit. As she turns to go, you can see her naked hips up under her skirt. Her shoes are very high heels but she maneuvers expertly.

The room is lit entirely by candles -- it looks like hundreds -- in the sconces, it the chandeliers, and on shelves all around the room. The ceiling is high -- about twenty feet. The walls are covered with murals.

When you look at the murals closely, you realize that they're paintings of people in various erotic poses and activities. There are pictures of women exposing their pussies and playing with themselves and each other. There are pictures of men stroking themselves and each other. In a few paintings, there are men and women tied up and spanking each other and wearing strange leather outfits with zippers and straps. In one big painting, there's a woman being held by two others while she's being fucked by a large dog.

You look at me. I've been taking it all in too.

As you look further around the room you notice that some of the real women's breasts are exposed. One has pierced nipples. One is wearing clamps. One lady sitting nearby has her legs spread slightly exposing her pussy. She's wearing a beautiful cream-colored sequin dress. She catches you looking at her pussy. Your eyes meet and she smiles at you. Her hair is auburn, her skin is olive. She looks like she's in her mid thirties.

She lifts her skirt slightly more giving you a better view. Her clitoris is pierced. You smile back at her. It feels a little strange to be looking at another woman's pussy in public and have her obviously enjoying it. You feel your own pussy getting slightly wet and, without thinking, you squirm slightly. Your eyes meet again. She smiles at you more openly and winks. You grin a little nervously. You realize she has seen you squirm and senses your mild excitement.

You can see our waitress serving someone else and bending over, exposing her back-side to you. You can see her pussy lips.

Some of the men and women in the room are kissing. Some of the women are kissing each other. Some of the men are kissing.

"Interesting place, eh sweetie?"

"Daddy, it really is wicked being in a place like this."

I chuckle. "It sure is -- still -- I thought you might get a kick out of something so naughty."

"Some of the women are -- well -- exposed."

"Yes, I know. Do you like it, sweetie?"

"Well -- it is kind of exciting."

Our drinks arrive. I smile at you and say, "For now, just for fun, tell me about your day."

There is something indescribably erotic about sitting with me and talking about little things in this place where people are indulging in slightly exposing themselves. Things around the room keep catching your eye as we talk.

You seem to be the youngest girl in the room. There's a man sitting a little ways off and a much younger man is slowly sliding his hand over his cock through his pants. But even that younger man looks older than you. There are two ladies kissing and one of them is touching the other's breast.

The lady in the sequin dress rises and, weaving past the other chairs and little tables with people laughing and talking and flirting, comes over to us. "Who is this lovely creature," she asks as she sits next to you. "I'm Olivia, dear," and she offers you her hand.

"I'm pleased to meet you," you answer.

"I hope you are enjoying yourself. Have you ever been somewhere like this before?"

"No -- no I haven't."

"Shall I show you around a bit?"

You glance back at me. Olivia laughs, "Oh he can come along too. Drink that last bit of your wine, dear, come with me." Still holding your hand, she leads us down the hall. On either side there are doors leading to candle-lit rooms where people are kissing and fondling each other. You are walking between Olivia and I, holding our hands.

Olivia is walking you slowly. She wants you to see. You see a young man stroking another man's cock. There is a woman playing with herself as she watches them. There is a man eating a woman's pussy while other men and women watch and they are stroking themselves. In another room, a naked lady is being spanked while others watch. You can see the men's hands stroking their cocks.

Olivia pauses in front of a room where three men's cocks are being sucked by two ladies and by one man. Other people are lounging around the room kissing and drinking and playing with themselves. The room, like the others, is lit by what seems like a hundred candles. "Let's go in, dear," Olivia says. Your eyes are wide. She smiles at you. "Come on, sweetie, I'm sure you'll like it."

We step into the room and walk over to a free couch. The three of us sit. On the couch just opposite us, a man is sucking another man's cock. Both their shirts are unbuttoned and their pants are open. You are watching as the mouth of the one man slides over the other man's hard member. His cock is large and glistening in the candle-light. You can see the expression of pleasure on the one man's face. He is slowly grinding his hips back and forth.

The waitress comes by and Olivia orders, "Do you like martinis, dear?"

You nod. "And mineral water for my Daddy"

You never refer to me as "Daddy" in public, but I'm pleased -- I squeeze your hand and smile -- it's OK to call me that here. You smile back at me. You feel flushed. You are excited by the environment.

Olivia says to the waitress -- "Make the martinis doubles, OK? Our little girl will need a little reinforcement this evening." You see the waitress smile wickedly and you shiver. You are nervous and excited. Being in the room is like being a character inside a pornographic movie. There are mirrors on the walls and paintings of people fucking.

Olivia and I are holding your hands. As you look around the room, you can see all kinds of people engaged in different sex acts. And of all the people, you seem to be the youngest except for one -- a girl all the way across the room who is slowly stroking the cock of older man sitting next to her. She is kissing the man's neck as he watches the action in the room.

The waitress comes back with our drinks -- and Olivia hands you your large martini glass. She picks up the toothpick skewering your olive and feeds the fruit to you. You look into her grey eyes as you nibble on the olive she's holding and, without thinking, you then take a gulp of your martini.

It's delicious and it hits your blood right away. Olivia leans near your ear, "Wouldn't you like to be a little more comfortable, dear?" You watch her hand adjusting the skirt of your dress higher. She gently encourages your legs to part. It feels very naughty. You know you are exposing your pussy.

you glance at me and I smile. "It's OK, darling. What ever feels OK for you. I want you to enjoy yourself."

You smile, "I -- I kind of like this, Daddy. It feels so -- naughty."

Olivia smiles, "That's good, sweetie -- it's OK -- if there's something you're uncomfortable with, all you have to do is say so. Auntie Olivia will take good care of you -- I promise."

She rises and pulls a chair over so she's opposite you, but very close and at a slight angle so she's also facing me. She smiles and you both take sips of your martinis. She leans forward. Locking eyes with you, she lifts your dress even higher. "You are so lovely, dear. I can't help myself. I want to see your beautiful little pussy. And I think it's exciting you to know that other people can see it. You like that don't you, sweetie."

You nod slowly. You shift your pelvis slightly in response to your slowly rising excitement.

You notice that the men on the opposite couch have stopped and are looking between your legs.

Olivia smiles at you. "I can see you like this, sweetie. Have you ever done anything so naughty? Oh, maybe you've done naughty things with your 'Daddy' but not like this, I'll bet. You look like this is your first time."

You nod slowly. Olivia turns to the men on the couch. "Isn't she beautiful? Look at her sweet pussy lips." You see the men watching your pussy. You feel your pulse quicken and your pussy moisten. "Look at her getting wet."

She leans back and raises one of her legs so her foot is on the edge of the couch next to you. You are watching her intently as she slides her dress up and parts her legs. "Now, now, little girl -- open your legs more and show your Autie you beautiful little box."

You slowly open your legs more. You can see Olivia's pussy lips parted and glistening. "You see, you've made me quite wet as well, my dear."

You feel your own pussy dampen more again. You look at Olivia's face -- she is holding her martini glass looking between your legs with an expression of shameless desire. She takes another sip of her martini and so do you. She looks you in the eyes and smiles.

You see her hand stroking up the inside of her leg and across her pussy lips. She is clean shaven. Her lips are full and open. Her inner lips protrude beyond them in a slightly obscene way. They are very full and fleshy. Her erect clitoris is sticking out a full inch and a half beyond the sheath. It looks almost like a small finger. There is a gold ring piercing her clitoris sheath.

Her fingers begin gently touching her lips. You glance up at her. She smiles at you. "You like your Auntie's pussy, don't you, dear." You nod. Your eyes are wide, your pupils are dilated. You are breathing a little fast. You are excited and captivated.

You both sip your martinis again. You want to behave grown up like Olivia. "Spread your legs open more, dear. Show your auntie your naughty little pussy. That's right, now lift your dress up all the way."

You take your hand from mine and slowly lift up your dress. Now your abdomen is completely exposed -- your little bit of hair, your smooth young dark skin -- and you spread your legs open as you lean back. You are now enjoying exciting Olivia and you can see the men looking at you intently. A couple other people come by and stand watching you. One of those men opens his trousers and takes out his erect cock.

You see Olivia's finger dip between her pussy lips and glide over her large clitoris, wetting it more. You feel your pussy gush and you know she can see it.

Something catches your eye beyond Olivia. The two men on the couch opposite are stroking themselves. Their hands are slowly sliding along their shafts. You are excited by them and, without thinking, you slip your finger along you clitoris. You begin to stroke yourself too.

You look at Olivia's fingers playing with herself. She sips her martini -- the last drop -- you sip yours -- the last drop. The waitress is there and takes your glasses. "We'll want another round." Olivia says as she strokes herself.

You look up at me. "Enjoy yourself, darling."

"Thank you, Daddy -- what a naughty adventure -- it's so -- so bad."

I smile and lean down to kiss you. You kiss me deeply. You are stroking yourself very gently.

"That's right, dear, take your time. Show your auntie you pretty little cunny. Auntie's going to come for you. Would you like watch your Auntie come?"

You nod slowly. Olivia smiles. You see her shudder and her pussy get suddenly even wetter. "You are so beautiful, dear. Spread you pussy lips for Auntie."

You spread your lips. "Now play for auntie. Show me how you do it, dear."

You spread your legs wider. The men on the couch are stoking faster. There is a couple standing behind the couch. The woman has her hands on the back of the couch and is bent over slightly and the man is standing behind her. He is moving like he's fucking her while they watch you. She is groaning slightly.

One of the men opposite gets down in front of the other and takes his partner's cock in his mouth. You can see him sucking. Your fingers quicken.

Olivia says gently, "She's going to come soon. That's right, dear. Show us how you come." Her fingers move fast and hard across her clitoris.

You look at the couple fucking, the man being sucked, and at Olivia -- they're all watching you intently and it fires your blood. You begin to squirm and play hard. You see the man arch his back and begin to pump his come into the other man's mouth. You see the couple fucking hard. You see Olivia with a completely lust-filled expression.

"Come on, baby, come for auntie. I'll come for you too. Come on, baby."

You squeal and begin to come very, very hard. You are watching Olivia's fingers thrusting deep into her cunny. She shudders and groans. "Oh, that's wonderful, dear. Come on, keep coming for me."

"Oh, Daddy! Oh -- I'm coming so hard! It's so naughty."

"That's right, sweetie. Enjoy yourself. Come for me. Come for your daddy and Olivia."

You don't want to stop. You feel horny and wanton and you want to come again. The men have switched. Now the other man is being sucked. You see that another man has taken the place of the first one fucking the lady behind the couch. Olivia is stroking herself and thrusting her fingers into her cunny.

You see the young girl from across the room has come over. She smiles at you and watches you playing. She sits down next to you. She gently touches your leg.

"Is this OK?" she asks.

You nod, "Oh -- yes." And you squeal and come again. She smiles at you and gently strokes the inside of your leg encouraging you to spread even wider.

You spread wide open. Your pussy lips are completely parted. Your fingers are busy. The young girl watches you playing as she strokes your leg. You come again, squealing and squirming deliciously. You look at Olivia as she comes again. You look at the young girl gently touching you -- sliding her hand up your leg almost to your pussy. You are going to come again.

The young girl touches your fingers as they play. She says, "Would you like me to play with you? Would you like me to make you come?"

You look up at me. I ask, "Would you like that, sweetie?"

"Yes, Daddy. I feel so naughty. I think I'd really, really like that." You look at the young girl and nod, yes.

She says, "OK, I'll make you come -- then you make me come, OK? But I want to do it a different way."

Olivia lifts her leg so the girl can come by and kneel on the floor in front of you. Then Olivia puts her foot back. She's still playing with herself.

The waitress comes back with your drinks. Olivia tells the waitress, "We'll want another here for our new little friend. Make it a triple."

You and Olivia take your drinks in one hand. Olivia's other hand is stroking her clitoris while she watches you. You hold your drink in your right hand while your left hand is gently touching your pussy lips. Your legs are spread wide and the young girl is kneeling between them on the carpet before you.

She gently pushes your hand away from your pussy. "Let me do that," she says. So you reach for my hand and I hold your hand tight and re-assuringly. Olivia sips her martini. She smiles and says, "You're in for a treat, dear, take it from your Auntie. Have another sip of your drink and relax."

You sip your martini.

The young girl gently places her hands on the inside of your legs and presses them further open. She leans in slowly. You watch as she places a tender kiss on your pussy lips. So gentle -- so tender. Like a butterfly's wings. She gently slides her tongue between your pussy lips. Your pussy gushes.

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