tagIncest/TabooAce, Lila and Her Mom's Panties

Ace, Lila and Her Mom's Panties


Ace, Lila, her Mom and her Mom's Panties

Ace sat on the couch and watched 18 year old Lila, his new girlfriend of three months, doing a little dance in front of him. She seductively shook her perfect derriere in front of his face. She was such a tease! He hadn't even touched her yet. He had gotten a few peeks at her panties a couple of times while they were watching TV. He had even sniffed on a pair he found in her bathroom just the other day. He had stuffed them in his pocket and was in fact wearing them now as he drooled over his sexy little girlfriend. God he was hard!

He wanted her to at least touch his throbbing cock. She said her mother told her that good girls didn't give it up. As a matter of fact, Ace was the first boy she was considering giving it up too. He was handsome and by the look of the big old lump in the tight jean shorts he was wearing, a possessor of a considerably sized piece of fuckstick. Her panties dampened at the thought of holding it in her little hands.

"Ah Lila, just take it out and hold it a little bit." Ace chocked out, his mouth very dry indeed.

"You know what Momma says, I need to be very picky when it comes to letting a boy show me his thing!" Lila said with a tease in her voice.

"I have surprise for you if you'll just come over here and unzip me. That's all you have to do. You don't have to go any further, unless of course," he hesitated, "you want to."

Lila thought to herself about what her mother always told her, that she should never take a boys penis inside her unless she was perfectly sure he was the one. She wasn't sure about Ace, but she was sure of one thing, seeing Ace so full in his shorts made her want to at least see it. That couldn't hurt she thought. It's not like she was taking her clothes off or anything.

"Alright Ace," she said with mock anger. "I'll unzip you just because I'm a little curious as to what you are hiding those shorts of yours." With that she sat down next to him and tentatively reached he hand toward the bulge that was so inviting. She traced a tiny finger from the bottom of his zipper to the top where she grasped the pull and in one smooth motion unzipped his straining fly.

She gave a little gasp as a bright blue silken lump pushed through his open zipper. "Ace?" she questioned, as her pussy flooded her little cotton panties. "Are those MY panties you have on?"

"Yeah, your dirty panties I stole from your bathroom." he said with his hands behind his head, showing himself to her as his silken wrapped monster-sized meat obscenely protruded from his open zipper. "I took them the other day. They smelled so sweet I just had to have them. They feel real good too. Look how I'm leaking into them." She could see the wet spot growing where the head of his cock pressed against her silky panties. God, she had never been so wet!

"Go ahead," he said "touch it."

She reached out almost as if her hand had a mind of its own and grasp his hardness and squeezed. The wet spot grew larger and she let a long sigh as she let herself like how full her hand was with him.

"Now just pump on it a little bit." he said. "That'll make it feel better."

She stroked him lightly, feeling his giant cock grow even bigger if that were possible. Nowhere in her imagination had she thought that a boy's dick could be this big. It felt good in her hand and she just sat there next to him stroking him with long slow strokes feeling him pushing against her dirty panties. It seemed like it wanted to get out.

As if reading her mind, Ace said "why don't you pull these panties over and really feel it in you hand. It won't hurt and you can really see how big it is." She pulled her panties over his throbbing cock and it sprang out slapping his stomach with an audible thud that only made he little pussy leak more wetness. It was HUGE, and leaking a copious amount of clear fluid from the swollen head. She took a quick intake of breath and grabbed it hard pumping for all se was worth. His precum was flowing freely and the scent of it filled her nostrils.

"Whoa," he said, "you keep pumping like that and I'm gonna make a mess all over your pretty hands."

Just then there was a sound of someone clearing their throat and when the two horny teenagers looked up, there stood Lila's mother Gwen, 45 and a knockout, standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.

"Well, I can see the two of you have been a little busy this afternoon. So this is what you call homework, huh?" She said as the two horny teenagers scrambled to cover Ace's huge cock. Lila quickly pulled her panties back over his straining cock.

"Honey," Gwen purred to her daughter. "There is no need to hide that gorgeous piece your boyfriend is packing. Believe me, I know how itchy you young ones can get when left all alone. Hell, I still get itchy at my age. You are doing exactly the right thing. Sometimes boys need to be, shall we say, relieved of their pent up frustrations. Using your soft little hands on that magnificent piece of manhood is perfectly acceptable. Only I don't particularly want a mess all over my couch. How come you're not using your panties, like I taught you, to catch the big load I know is pent up in those huge love nuts Ace is sporting?"

"Well," Lila replied. "I didn't plan on this happening today and all I'm wearing is a pair of my everyday cotton panties. I think Ace here would rather lose it in a pair of silky panties considering he is sitting here in a pair of my dirty silken panties he found in my bathroom yesterday."

"Ace, you naughty little boy," Gwen said through clenched teeth. "You're wearing my daughter's silky little dirty panties?"

"Yes, ma'am, I couldn't help it. They wear lying there on the bathroom floor and they smelled so sweet I just had to have them. They feel great! They make SO hard!" Ace confessed, blushing bright red.

"Move your hand Lila and let mother see." Gwen said in a husky voice full of pent up sexual frustration. Lila moved her hand from Ace's lap and Gwen took in a sudden gasp of breath as his beautiful monster came into view wrapped in her daughter's dirty panties. It was huge! She could see it throbbing against her daughter's little blue panties. There was a visible wet spot where his cock was leaking out precum in those sexy little panties. Gwen's pussy became instantly wet when she saw how naughty he looked encased in those delicate little panties.

"My, my," Gwen said. "Ace here definitely, seems to like panties, doesn't he? If he won't mind too much, he can lose that big load in the panties I'm wearing. They're a pair of my silky purple fullbacks. The cotton crotch is plenty big enough to catch the huge nut that I'm sure is building up in those beautiful balls of his. I put them on after my shower this morning and I've been wearing them all day. They should be nice and warm and very soft. I came in them twice already. I keep a little bullet vibrator at work just in case I get a little itch down there that needs to be taken care of." With that, Gwen reached up under her skirt and began tugging her panties down.

Ace watched open mouthed as the sexiest older woman he had ever seen pulled her worn silky panties down for him to lose his load into. He stared at the hem of Gwen's skirt until the shiny purple material appeared below it. She let them slide to the floor and then reached down to hold them up in front of her.

"Look," she said, "they have a pussy stain right her on the crotch where I came in them. They're also still a little wet. I bet they smell pretty good too. Would you like to smell where you are going to cum, Ace?" With that Gwen walked over to Ace and held the wet stained crotch of her worn panties right under his nose. "Take a big deep sniff of these babies. You are soon going to fill this sticky dirty crotch with your cum. Go ahead, smell where my wet pussy has been all day." She cooed seductively.

"Lila honey," Gwen whispered. "Why don't you stroke your sweetie's giant cock while he sniffs on my dirty panties?" Lila Grasped Ace's big throbbing cock in her little hand and another gob of sticky precum bubbled through the silky material of her dirty blue panties. It seemed to grow even bigger.

Impulsively, Lila leaned over and swiped her tongue across the over stretched material of her dirty panties tasting the essence of her new boyfriend for the first time. It was absolutely delicious she thought to herself. She again pulled his stiffened member from her panties and stroked it several times making sure it was good and hard. Ace moaned into her mother's dirty panties which Gwen was still holding under his nose.

"Oh my GOD, Lila," Ace moaned through Gwen's panties. "Your mom's dirty panties smell so good. I'm not going to be able to hold out much longer. My balls really ache and they're leaking so much. I'm gonna cum soon!"

Gwen said "Well, we'll just have to get these panties wrapped around that big dick of yours before that happens. Here honey, take these." She handed her wet purple panties to her daughter. "Place the wet cotton crotch over his leaky cock head. That's it. Make sure he is completely encased in my dirty scanties. Put him right into my stained gusset. Now wrapped your hand around it and pump him with my panties. You're doing great." Gwen said encouraging her daughter to bring Ace off in her panties.

"Oh man, I need that smell under my nose to really pump out a big nut." Ace said to Gwen. "Don't you have another pair of dirty panties around her you can hold under my nose while Lila strokes me into these sweet purple ones?" He said pleadingly.

Gwen thought he looked adorable and couldn't deny him what he wanted. "Wait right here." She said, ducking into the laundry room just off the living room. She reappeared in moments holding a shiny yellow pair of panties in her hands.

"I had these on all day yesterday and got fucked by my boss while I was wearing them. I let him cum in me and just pulled them back into place and let his nut juice leak back into them the rest of the day. If you liked those purple panties, you'll love the way these smell. Go head Ace, sniff on my fucked in panties." With that she laid the dirty stiffened crotch across his nose and pressed it against his flared nostrils. She began to finger her wet slit earnestly.

Ace took a giant sniff on Gwen's panties and couldn't believe how lucky he was to have his girlfriend and her mother trying to get his big cock off in the mom's dirty panties. He gasped as the pungent smell of her fucked panties filled his aural cavity and Gwen stuffed the cum coated crotch right into his open mouth. He clamped down on the dirty crotch and began to suck all that filthy mess out of Gwen's silky treasures. He was a total panty freak and couldn't get enough of the taste that filled his mouth. He had jerked off in and sucked his own mother's and sister's dirty panties many times, but this was fantastic! He could feel the huge load buzzing around in his aching balls getting ready to soak the lovely purple panties that his girlfriend was so diligently tugging him into.

"Oh Mom, I think Ace is really close." Lila said staring at the way Ace's huge cock pushed obscenely against the inside of her Mother's dirty panties. The naughty pussy stain her mother had left in them was directly over Ace's leaking piss slit. His precum was adding to the stain already there. Lila leaned closer and could smell her mother's aroma and her overheated boyfriend's scent mixing in the dirty purple panties.

"Keep pumping honey. I'm sure he'll let go of that load soon. I can't wait for him to soak my dirty panties. My clit is on fire and I'm close too." Gwen said and continued to frig her overly swollen love button. She was so wet her juice was literally running down her thighs.

Ace could see and hear how wet Gwen was and that only added to his rising excitement. Looking down he could see that Lila's little lips were mere millimeters from his straining cock that was wrapped tight in her mother's dirty panties. It was all too much for the horny 19 year old and he couldn't hold on to the nut that was building in his aching nuts.

"I'm cumming." He grunted through the cummy yellow panties clenched in his teeth. And with that he let go of the large load that was backed up in his huge nuts.

Lila saw the first blast push through her mother's dirty panties right into the nasty pussy stain and couldn't help herself as she leaned in and kissed the huge glob of Ace's cum as it clung to the head of his straining cock. She could taste Ace and her mother through the silky panties and the taste caused her to cum in her own little cotton panties without even being touched.

Ace's viscous cum just kept flowing through the silken fabric of her mother's dirty panties and Lila just kept kissing. Her lips were completely covered in her boyfriends warm thick cum. Her little pussy kept spasming, dumping plenty of her virgin pussy juice into her soft cotton panties as she continued having her own intense orgasm.

Gwen, seeing her daughter's lips covered in all that thick luscious boy cum that had pushed its way through her dirty purple panties, lost it also and came incredibly hard for the second time that day. Her legs almost let go and she had to lean against Ace to keep from falling. She settled onto the arm of the couch, totally drained.

Ace sucked the last of the mess out of the yellow panties still hanging from his mouth and removed them making sure to eat everything that was once left in them. "Whew," he said when he had gotten every drop. "That was intense."

Lila looked up at him and her mother still holding Ace's softening cock wrapped in her mother's now soaking wet dirty panties. She smiled through cummy lips and said "Mother, I think Ace might be the one."

Gwen, sliding off the arm of the couch joining her daughter between Ace's solid thighs to lick the slick mess from her daughter's pouting lips and kiss the head of Ace's soft but substantial cock still nestled in her dirty panties said, "I think you may be right dear but I'm sure we can spend the rest of the evening making absolutely sure!"

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