tagSci-Fi & FantasyAce Li's Adventures in Pornland 04

Ace Li's Adventures in Pornland 04




AS ACE LI wandered through the wood she thought about Yakubutsu Katapira's vice and whether she oughtn't to follow it pretty soon. The sun shone through the trees and dried her arms and legs, though her hair was still wet from Redi Obasan's pussy juice and her blouse still clung to her little tits. (And if that means nothing to you, you really should go back and read about Ace Li's earlier adventures with cum and pregnancy.)

Presently she came to a small house in a small clearing and outside the house a large table was laid for a sex party. At each place on the table, instead of a paper plate and a cup, was a sex toy, each more outlandish than the next. Although there was room for a dozen of more guests, there were just three figures sat there, clustered together and engaged in a heated discussion. Ace Li approached the table and politely waited for them to acknowledge her.

Kichigai Hatto (for she guessed it was he) was a shortish man in his thirties. He wore a bowler hat, still bearing the price tag of 10/9, and a shirt that was too big for him. The cuffs kept falling over the pink device that he waved around in his hands. He was stating its purpose in an authoritative voice.

Yayoi Usagi (for she also guessed it has he) was a bit younger. He was wearing an astonishing paisley shirt. He snatched the pink thing from Kichigai Hatto and declared its true function in no uncertain terms.

Toguchi Mausu (and Ace Li didn't guess that he was he) was a slight young man, and he was wearing a very formal and frilly shirt. Wedged between his two companions, he looked ready to fall asleep.

"No, let me show you!" said Kichigai Hatto, taking the pink thing back. He held it up as he searched for a button, and Ace Li got her first good look at the thing. The tongue tickler looked just like a pair of rubber lips and a big nose, but with an incredibly long pink tongue sticking out. Kichigai Hatto found the button, pressed it, and the tongue began to wiggle around obscenely.

"Now look!" he cried, and holding the tongue tickler in one hand, and Toguchi Mausu's head in the other, he brought the two together. Caught completely by surprise, Toguchi Mausu fought in vain as the writhing rubber tongue squirmed in his mouth.

Ace Li cleared her throat, and all three looked at her, Toguchi Mausu still locked in his strange kiss with the pink tongue tickler. "I don't think that's quite right," she said.

"See!" cried Yayoi Usagi triumphantly.

"And what would you know?" demanded Kichigai Hatto peevishly. "If you think you know better, then show us!" and with that he tossed the tongue tickler to Ace Li.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, catching the writhing thing in her hands. Kichigai Hatto and Yayoi Usagi looked at her expectantly. "Well," she said. "I think it's like this."

Ace Li sat down on one of the chairs and, spreading her legs, put her feet on the edge of the table. The men (even Toguchi Mausu) scrambled to get a look. With her skirt hitched up, Ace Li licked her finger and teased her pussy open. Then she brought the tongue tickler down between her legs. The long pink tongue writhed in dirty circles just inches from her cunt. Closer she brought it until suddenly the tongue had its tip in her pussy. Ace Li jumped, but she held the tongue tickler in place and it wriggled more and more tongue into her hole.

The squirming tongue worked deeper into her pussy until its pink lips were pressed against her mound. And that's when Ace Li discovered the real wonder of the tongue tickler, for its large nose now nuzzled her clitoris. "Oh!" cried Ace Li again, as the tongue writhed and wormed like a snake in her pussy and the nose vibrated enthusiastically against her clit. With her legs spread on the table, her spare hand went to one breast and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

"Enough!" shouted Kichigai Hatto, startling Ace Li from her reverie. Leaning over, he snatched the tongue tickler from her hand, jerking its tongue from her pussy. "It's not your turn! All change!"

Kichigai Hatto then shooed Toguchi Mausu along and took his seat. Toguchi Mausu timidly shooed Yayoi Usagi along, and Yayoi Usagi shooed Ace Li along to the next seat. It was during the shooing that Ace Li noticed that, apart from their shirts (and Kichigai Hatto's bowler hat) they were all completely naked.

Ace Li found herself sat in front of four silver balls, each about an inch across, and joined together with a string. She picked the Ben-Wa balls up and with the movement each one gently vibrated as though it contained a smaller ball, and gave of an eerie chime that rose and fell in pitch. Thinking these might make up for the tongue tickler that had been so rudely snatched from her snatch, Ace Li put the first of the heavy balls against her pussy.

The metal was pleasantly cold and smooth against her lips. She pushed on the ball and watched as it disappeared inside. She smiled as it softly wobbled inside her, the other three in her hand. She quickly decided to add another.

Three places along, Kichigai Hatto was taking his turn with the tongue tickler. Bent over the table, he flicked his over-long shirt tails out of the way, and held it to his bottom. The tongue tickler immediately snaked its way into his ass, and Kichigai Hatto lay there with a contented smile as the rubber tongue probed his back passage.

Toguchi Mausu found himself with a large, pink double dong, and Yayoi Usagi with a riding crop tipped with a rubber heart. Toguchi Mausu held the dong distastefully, so Yayoi Usagi took charge, taking the dong and bundling the smaller man onto the grass. He rolled him onto his shoulders so that his ass stuck in the air and his frilly shirt fell over his head. He then proceeded to push one end of the wobbly rubber prick into Toguchi Mausu's ass. Having forced three or four inches into poor Toguchi Mausu, Yayoi Usagi turned (with some difficulty) and placed the other end of the dong against his own asshole. Squatting down, the dong slid into his ass, and deeper into Toguchi Mausu's.

Ace Li, meanwhile, watched as her pussy closed over the fourth and final ball, leaving only the end of the string hanging out. Quite full now, she felt the balls gently rolling in her cunt. She was enjoying the sensation when Yayoi Usagi demanded that she get over there and whip them both. It was only when Ace Li stood up that she discovered the real magic of the Ben-Wa balls. The movement sent the balls vibrating and humming inside her. It was like having an orchestra in her pussy and she had to lean on the table to steady herself.

When she could, Ace Li walked and chimed on unsteady legs over to the strange sight of Yayoi Usagi, joined to Toguchi Mausu by the pink double dong, and squatting up and down on the upside down man. She took the crop uncertainly.

"Yes!" cried Yayoi Usagi. "Whip us!"

It was a bit hard to know where to whip, but Ace Li aimed a half-hearted stroke at Yayoi Usagi's bottom. "Harder!" he demanded, and yelped happily as Ace Li struck him again. Where the crop had landed on his backside it left a red heart-shaped welt. Warming to the task, and with the Ben-Wa balls playing symphonies in her pussy, Ace Li set to whipping the men properly. The crop snapped and cracked, the rubber heart biting at their bottoms and thighs, and more than once landing on their hard bouncing cocks.

They were all having a wonderful time, when Kichigai Hatto suddenly pulled the tongue tickler from his ass and cried, "All change!"

Ace Li reluctantly pulled the Ben-Wa balls from her pussy (plop-plop-plop-plop, each ball squeezed out). When Yayoi Usagi had disentangled himself from Toguchi Mausu, she handed them to him, shiny with her juices, and moved on to the next place.

Sitting down at the table, Ace Li picked up the next toy. It was a long black bar, nearly three feet in length, with leather straps at each end. She sat back down on the grass, and strapped one ankle into the restraint. She had to spread her legs wide to reach the other strap, into which she secured her other ankle. Thus secured, the spreader held her legs wide apart, and she sat there, the grass tickling her pussy.

Kichigai Hatto looked at Ace Li on the grass, her legs wide open, and taking the double dong, walked over to her. He pushed her flat on her back and, before Ace Li could complain, everything went black as he squatted down and planted his asshole on her mouth.

His over-large shirt formed a tent around her head and Ace Li found it difficult to breathe with an ass in her face. Still, she realised that Kichigai Hatto wasn't going anywhere as he settled more comfortably on her mouth. She stuck out her tongue. The tongue tickler had been there before her, and it wasn't hard to worm her tongue into his ass. Kichigai Hatto wriggled happily on her tongue, and Ace Li began to think if she could only keep breathing, she'd be alright.

Then she felt her legs being lifted in the air by the spreader. The next thing she knew was the familiar cold smoothness of a Ben-Wa ball being placed against her ass. Her assailant held her spread legs in the air with one hand, and began feeding Ben-Wa balls into her ass with his other. As the last one popped in (after something of a struggle), she found her legs lowered, and all the balls sang at once.

But before Ace Li could get used to this new sensation, Kichigai Hatto shifted on her tongue, and she felt the smooth head of the double dong being pushed into her cunt. More and more of the dong slid into her pussy as Kichigai Hatto began thrusting it in and out. Ace Li was wondering how much more she could take, when there was a sudden crack and she felt the bite of the crop on her thigh. She cried out in shock and pain, but this just seemed to excite Kichigai Hatto more, and he fucked her harder than before with the dong and pushed his ass harder against her tongue.

The crop cracked again and again, on her thighs and tummy, and more often than not (making her shriek loudest of all) on her exposed pussy, but she was powerless to move in the spreader. Every time she jumped at the crop's kiss, the Ben-Wa balls swirled in her ass, and her poor body ached in a torment of pleasure and pain. And throughout, Kichigai Hatto thrust the dong in her cunt while she reamed his ass.

Ace Li was barely conscious when Kichigai Hatto cried, "All change!" and climbed off her face.

Even without her ankles fixed in the spreader, Ace Li couldn't have moved anywhere. So Yayoi Usagi thoughtfully fetched the next toy for her. She caught sight of a six inch black rubber cock, and then he lifted her head and pushed a rubber gag in her mouth, buckling it behind her head. Going a little cross-eyed, Ace Li saw that the black cock was now protruding from her mouth. She thought she really ought to put a stop to this, but all she could do was grunt helplessly around the gag in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Yayoi Usagi pushed Toguchi Mausu on the grass, sat on his chest and pushed his knees apart. "Quickly!" he called to Ace Li. "Over here!"

With enormous difficulty, Ace Li rolled onto her front, the Ben-Wa balls chiming wildly in her ass. Slowly, her legs trailing behind her in the spreader and the black cock bobbing before her eyes, she crawled between Toguchi Mausu's legs. With Yayoi Mausu's encouragement, she nosed the cock between the smaller man's ass cheeks. Pushing with all her neck muscles, and breathing heavily through her nose, she managed to push the head of the black dildo gag past his ring. Once in she could inch her way forward, pressing the black cock deeper into Toguchi Mausu's ass.

She was struggling ever deeper into Toguchi Mausu, when she felt cool air on her bottom, and then next thing she knew was Smack! as the crop landed on her bare ass. She jumped forward, shoving the last inch of the dildo gag into Toguchi Mausu and making him jump as well. She stared wide-eyed at the ball sack pressed against her nose, and his cock sticking straight up. Kichigai Hatto rained blows down on her bottom and (her legs spread, as they were) on her poor pussy. With every crack of the crop, Ace Li tried to wriggle away, pushing the dildo harder into Toguchi Mausu.

Ace Li had almost given up struggling when a last crack of the crop landed squarely on her pussy, and Kichigai Hatto cried, "All change!"

She was tugged out of Toguchi Mausu's ass, and Yayoi Usagi and Kichigai Hatto undid the spreader, eased the Ben-Wa balls from her ass, and unstrapped the dildo gag. They helped her battered body into the next seat, before turning back to Toguchi Mausu.

Ace Li let her head fall onto what she took to be a rubber pillow, but her cheek bumped against something hard. Lifting it up, she found she was holding a black latex hood, with a hose running from the mouth to a rubber bulb. With a weary sigh, she stretched the hood over her head.

The world suddenly smelled rubbery and she struggled to breathe, and could only see with some difficulty through the two small eye holes. There was something pressing against her lips, but she couldn't tell what. Groping around in front of her, she found the tube and followed it to the rubber bulb. She squeezed it and immediately the thing pressing against her lips inflated a little.

Kichigai Hatto appeared at her shoulder. "That's it!" he said, and taking the bulb from her hand, squeezed it rapidly a half-dozen times. The inflatable penis gag (for that is what it was) grew with every squeeze and pushed deeper into Ace Li's mouth until it was pressing against her throat. Then he left again, leaving Ace Li flailing around, imprisoned inside the hood, gagging on the rubber cock down her throat.

She turned cautiously in her seat to see what the others were up to.

Through the small eye holes, she saw that Toguchi Mausu was lying on his back, fixed in the spreader. Yayoi Usagi had taken her place, and was ramming the black cock that protruded from his mouth into Toguchi Mausu's ass. The string of the Ben-Wa balls dangled from Kichigai Hatto's ass as he knelt over Toguchi Mausu in a 69. His bowler hat balanced precariously, Kichigai Hatto sucked Toguchi Mausu's cock, while at the same time thrusting his own cock into the other man's mouth.

Ace Li watched this complicated orgy through the latex hood with the rubber cock filling her mouth. And then Kichigai Hatto grunted, and Ace Li saw his cum pool and spill from Toguchi Mausu's mouth. Seconds later, Toguchi Mausu too came and Kichigai Hatto made a real mess, dribbling his cum over his cock and balls. And finally Yayoi Usagi, his hand between his legs, came all down the front of his paisley shirt and collapsed between Toguchi Mausu's thighs.

Ace Li breathed a sigh of relief (as best she could, around the gag in her mouth). Searching along the hose she found a valve and, twisting it, the gag down her throat deflated. She was thinking she really must leave now, when Kichigai Hatto dropped Toguchi Mausu's messy cock and cried, "All change!"

"Oh goodness!" thought Ace Li. She struggled out of the hood as the men disentangled themselves. Laying the hood on the table, she moved along one seat and cried out as she suddenly found herself falling.

For the seat wasn't there. She dropped down and had all the wind knocked out of her as she landed right on a large rubber cock. The cock was immediately buried to the hilt in her surprised pussy, and just as quickly she found herself bouncing off it again. But before she could escape it, down she fell again, and the cock thrust right back in her. As the bounces subsided, Ace Li realised that she had landed on a perverted kind of space hopper with, instead of antennae to hold on to, the large rubber dildo that now filled her pussy.

Sat there, wobbling gently on the Sexerciseball, Ace Li realised that this were her big chance to escape. She hopped and bounced away from the table, and was quickly flying away from the mad sex party. As she entered the woods, she glanced back and saw the three men looking after her, their shirts hiding their softening cocks. Kichigai Hatto was wearing the latex hood, his bowler cap on top. The black rubber cock stuck out from Yayoi Usagi's mouth, while Toguchi Mausu sat on the grass, his legs still tied to the spreader. "All that fucking," thought Ace Li. "And I didn't even get any vice!"



ACE LI flew through the woods on the Sexerciseball, squealing her pleasure at every bounce. Each bounce thrust the rubber dildo into her cunt, and then she was flying again, and just as the cock was sliding out -- Bounce! -- and it was shoved right back in. Her hair streamed behind her and her blouse flew in the wind, and with every bounce her little tits jiggled up and down.

Eventually, deliriously exhausted, she came to a stop by an enormous Sugi tree. She sat back against its wrinkled old bark, the Sexerciseball lolling next to her. She looked at her poor thighs and the dozens of little heart-shaped marks left by the crop. She spread the lips of her poor pussy, but decided that her hop through the woods had made it feel much better. After all the excitement, she felt her eyes growing heavy and was soon fast asleep.

The sun was low in the sky when she was rudely awakened by a rough hand under each armpit jerking her to her feet. "Oh!" she cried, waking up to suddenly find herself between two big men. Their muscular bodies were covered from neck to wrist to ankle in swirling tattoos of mythical heroes, dragons and monsters. They were naked except for the black silk mawashi belts they wore like sumo wrestlers. Rather comically, Ace Li thought, one carried a leather slapper, and the other a tit whip.

"Who goes there?" bellowed Itsutsu, slapping her ass.

"State your purpose!" bellowed Nanatsu, whipping her tit.

But before she could say anything but "Ow!" and "Ow!", the guards had set off at a brisk pace for the other side of the tree, Ace Li dangling between them. Set into the tree was a door, which was a strange place for a door, but before she could ponder this, the two sumo were squeezing through, and Ace Li with them.

They emerged into a large garden, completely surrounded by a high, red-brick wall. Ace Li noticed a maid in black stockings kneeling facing the wall. There was a small hole in the wall, and the girl was enthusiastically sucking the thick cock that stuck through it. As Ace Li watched, the cock spurted into her mouth, and the maid leaned her head back, careful not to spill a drop.

Two pages trotted over to her, their tits bouncing in their silky, boobless uniforms. Between them they carried a large, golden chalice and they set this down on the grass before the maid. Leaning over it, she drooled her mouthful of cum into the cup. Then the pages were off again with the chalice between them, trotting over to one of the other maids who, Ace Li saw, were dotted all along the high wall. The maid nearest her turned back to the hole, where a fresh dick stood waiting for her mouth.

Ace Li barely had time to take all this in as the guards marched her out of the shadow of the wall and onto the lawn. And suddenly they were caught in the middle of a bizarre pony race, ponies and riders surrounding them with whoops of excitement and wild neighing.

Ace Li immediately recognised the first pony as her sister, Rona Li. She was wild-eyed with her head in a leather bridle and the metal bit between her teeth. Flowing from her ass was a beautiful tail that Ace Li didn't remember her having before. Rona Li was on her hands and the balls of her feet, trotting along in a kind of upside-down "V". And holding on to the reins was a very tall and beautiful woman.

Kisaki Heretsu (which Ace Li knew meant Queen) was wearing the sexiest and most expensive French lingerie. Her breasts strained at the red satin corset and on her head was a crown studded with rubies. Ace Li thought she might be very beautiful, but it was hard to tell under the makeup that plastered her face. The strap-on cock she proudly wore was wedged deep in Rona Li's cunt, as Kisaki Heretsu whipped her pony's ass with a riding crop and ran in circles.

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