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Acrobatics 11


Acrobatics 11 - Exhibition with Joan

When Jack got back to his house that evening Karen was so passionate she almost attacked him. After the last couple of days he didn't think he could perform but she insisted.

Jack wound up kneeling between his wife's naked thighs stroking her G-spot with one hand and stroking himself to an erection with the other. As she got close to an orgasm he stuffed his soft penis in her hot pussy. Karen came almost immediately. Jack couldn't keep the erection much less have an orgasm.

Even though Jack was embarrassed about his performance with his wife he enjoyed the experience. However he was concerned about Karen. She was very understanding, claiming that it was actually good sex. She even went out of her way to mention how hot it was for her when he was kneeling above her with his dick in his hand. He hoped that since she had an orgasm maybe it was OK for now. It occurred to Jack that his life would get back to normal after Monday's exhibition and Joan's returning home to California.

The next day was Sunday, the day of rest. Mary had not planned a Sunday workout and Jack was relieved. He wanted to lounge around the house and spend a little time with his wife. The only interruption was when Mary called in the afternoon to let him know exactly when and where to show up for his and Joan's exhibition on Monday.

Jack arrived at the local college campus a little nervous. He was worried that he might look silly as an unskilled adult volunteer helping Joan perform a few tricks. He walked into the gymnasium wearing gym shorts and the blue T-shirt that his wife liked.

Jack looked around and spotted Mary and Joan among several other girls and an older woman. The woman was the teacher who would be deciding whether Joan passed or failed based on this one performance. The other four or five girls were all college students who were members of the gymnastics club. This was their normal workout time and they were exercising on different pieces of equipment.

Mary introduced Jack to the teacher. Then Mary called Joan over and discussed the arrangement while the teacher observed.

"Joan, as you know this is for a pass or fail grade. You will work with Jack to show you have mastered certain acrobatic skills and Ms. Smith will judge your performance." Mary turned to face Ms. Smith. "Joan and I have worked on a routine and the plan is for Joan to talk Jack through it. He knows the tricks but not the routine. Does this all sound right Ms. Smith?"

"Yes Mary, that will be fine." The woman turned to the other girls. "Everyone stop working out and come over here for Joan's exhibition."

Jack and Joan looked in each other's eyes and Jack could see she was very nervous.

"Oh no Jack! She's making us do this in front of an audience!"

"You'll do fine Joan. You're a great athlete and these tricks are all easy for you now."

Jack looked over at the disinterested girls surrounding the teacher. They ranged in size and looks from a small dark haired girl with a pageboy haircut to a taller and somewhat bosomy redhead. Only one of them was black like Joan. They all seemed very serious and not very concerned about Jack or Joan.

Jack stretched as Joan took off her warm-ups. She was wearing the same revealing tan colored outfit as a few days before. It showed a lot of Joan's dark skin and the fabric was very thin. At least it was not almost transparent like it was out in the sunlight. Jack took a moment to admire the shape of her large breasts and muscular butt. Joan straightened up to see Jack's expression, and she smiled.

"I knew you'd like this outfit. Maybe it will keep people entertained even if we don't do the acrobatics that well."

Jack involuntarily looked over at the spectators and noticed the small dark haired girl say something to the girl next to her, while looking at Joan. He imagined that it was some comment about Joan's skimpy outfit.

Mary came by and gave them a little encouragement. "I know you two will do a good job. Jack, it's OK for you to look unsure of what you're doing since we all know you are not familiar with the exact routine. But you need to make Joan look as good as possible. Ya'll can start when you're ready."

Jack followed Joan to the middle of the padded floor area. Joan had them stand back to back. Incredibly, Jack felt Joan give him a little butt wiggle with her exposed ass cheeks. He didn't think anyone else would notice but she sure was gutsy.

"Right after me, do a front roll and a straight-legged front roll then turn to face me."

Mary announced loudly and clearly to the spectators, "First will be some front and back rolls."

Even though Jack's back was toward Joan he managed to keep her in his peripheral vision. On the very first roll Joan lost her balance and let her arms fly to one side. Jack made sure to stumble and actually fall to the side then straighten up. Joan and then Jack did good straight-legged front rolls.

As Jack turned to face Joan she spoke across the distance, "Now do a back roll and a straight-legged back roll."

They were moving apart but facing each other so Jack could clearly see that Joan stumbled again on the back roll. Jack made sure to look even worse on his back roll to take attention away from Joan. She had just flubbed the two easiest tricks she knew and Jack was worried about her. Joan's expression looked wide-eyed and scared. Jack smiled at her and nodded to calm her down.

They both did good straight-legged back rolls. Joan's toe point was not very good but the teacher probably would not hold that against her. Jack looked over at the observing group and they all looked bored, including the teacher.

As Jack and Joan straightened up they were about 30 feet apart. Joan's next communication was very simple. "Catch me."

One thing Joan could do better than almost anyone was run and jump. She seemed to be at full speed within one step. And what a step! Her knees were pumping high and her fists were clinched as she quickly closed the distance. From Jack's vantage point he could see her large shapely breasts bouncing wildly. What impressed the small audience was the view of her large bare muscular buttocks churning aggressively across the room.

Joan launched from a point that looked too far away from Jack. She shot into the air like a rocket with her arms stretched together and straight over her head. Instead of looking forward to see where she would land Joan pulled her head back and looked up high, showing courage, and faith in the person catching her.

Joan soared incredibly high in the air and easily covered the distance to Jack. With her head still held high Joan landed in his arms and he was able to make it look smooth and easy. She kept her arms stretched over her head and Jack flipped her upright hugging her against him. He spoke loudly to encourage her.

"Way to go gyirl!"

As Jack lowered Joan to stand on the mat she draped her arms around his neck. His hands grazed along her bare buttocks and he politely moved them to her sides. Jack looked over at the gymnasts with their teacher.

"You got their attention with that jump!"

Joan was smiling up at Jack as they heard Mary announce to the group, "And of course that was an excellent leap and catch." Mary continued, "Next will be some balance moves."

Jack and Joan proceeded through the moves in which he held her in several poses and tricks from the reclined position. Then they did some handstand moves but of course Joan needed help to stay vertical, as expected. On almost all the moves Jack spoke words of encouragement loud enough for the group to hear him.

"Nice rotation." "Good job." "That was terrific."

Joan seemed to beam under the spotlight. Mary calmly announced each family of moves with a little theatrical flair. Then came the move that Joan was afraid of, the shoulder stand and dismount.

Joan knew the mechanics of the move well because she could do it in the pool. But on land she had always been very shaky. She seemed to have good confidence as she locked hands with Jack and climbed from his thigh to his shoulders. Jack and Joan faced the audience as she stood on his shoulders with his hands supporting her ankles.

The next move was supposed to be a seated position drop into Jack's arms. Instead Joan spoke down to him, "L-sit in your hands." She had never done that before. Jack hesitated and Mary took over.

"Joan wants to do a move she's never done before."

One hand at a time, Jack placed his palms on Joan's bare buttocks. She sat on his hands and raised her legs up to form an L-sit with her arms stretched straight out from her sides. Joan's body was shaking and Jack could tell that she was afraid but she was performing well.

Mary and the rest of the crowd burst into applause. They even continued clapping as Joan lowered her feet back to Jack's shoulders. This audience knew the importance of rewarding someone who was trying hard to excel.

Jack got ready for Joan's dismount into his arms when he couldn't believe his ears.

"Press me up."

Jack stood there with his mouth open as Mary took over.

"Joan wants to do another move she's never done before. Joan I know you can do it, just stay calm and confident even though your legs will shake. Jack, remember to bend your legs."

Joan stepped into his hands one at a time at the level of his shoulders. On the cue from Mary, Jack slowly bent his legs and then extended as he pressed Joan above his head with her standing in his hands. They both shook violently and Jack had to keep adjusting his footing but they stayed balanced.

The clapping had already started when Joan spoke down to Jack, "I want to do a twisting dismount from up here." Everyone stopped clapping.

There was a short silence. Mary called up to her, "Joan I think you can do this, but are you sure you want to try it?'

Joan just nodded.

"Jack, you're going to bend your knees again and this time Joan will dismount and twist until she lands horizontally in your arms. I'm letting her try this because I know you can catch her safely."

On the cue from Mary Jack slowly bent his legs. Then he extended and Joan jumped. It was awkward but she was twisting mostly in a straight position. As she came down to the point where Jack could catch her she had gone past horizontal and had twisted past the sitting position.

Jack knew his job now was to keep Joan from getting hurt even if it did not look good. He just grabbed what he could and gave with his knees.

They ended up with Joan in his arms but Jack had gone all the way down into a full squat. She was twisted around facing the crowd with Jack's arms supporting her. One of his palms was directly on her boob, and the other was holding her crotch.

Joan was patient as Jack carefully stood up with her in his arms. As he got straight he juggled Joan around to a seated position. The two of them smiled to the crowd as he swung her around to her feet.

Not only did the group erupt into applause they all immediately hurried to congratulate Joan. Before they could get there Jack turned to face the beaming Joan. They looked directly into each other's wide open eyes.

"Joan I am so impressed with you!"

Jack placed his hands on Joan's shoulders, giving her a gentlemanly hug and a peck on the cheek. Joan responded by placing her palms right on Jack's butt cheeks. Suddenly the group was on them and Jack was blushing with embarrassment as a couple of the girls looked at him as if he were pervert. Mostly it was a mass of loud chatter and compliments for Joan. A couple of the girls actually patted him on the back too.

Mary was standing back from the group when Jack caught her eye. She mouthed the words, "Good Job. Thank you."

Through the chatter Jack heard the teacher's voice speaking to Joan. "Of course you pass the course. In fact I just want you to know that most girls take years before they attempt that last trick."

Joan's smile was a thing of beauty. It communicated her genuine pride and relief, and it absolutely lit up the room. Suddenly the elderly teacher was at Jack's elbow talking to him.

"Jack I want to tell you how much we appreciate your working with Joan and Mary on this. I know it must have been an inconvenience to have a job and do this in your spare time. From what Mary tells me ya'll even did most of the workouts in your back yard. Joan's volleyball coach will be relieved to know that Joan will be eligible in the fall."

Jack received the gratitude with some embarrassment. After all, what man wouldn't have jumped at the chance to do the same thing?

The teacher continued. "Jack you really have a flare for this. You have acrobatics skills and aptitude. It was also very sweet for you to encourage Joan when she was unsure of herself. And your stumbling around made her look better." The teacher gave him a knowing smile with a handshake and a pat on the back. Jack's face spread into a beaming smile almost like Joan's.

The gymnastics club girls started to get back to their workout. Jack looked around and saw Joan talking to Mary with both of them smiling and looking directly at him. Mary flagged down the teacher to speak with her.

Joan appeared at Jack's side tugging on his hand. "Come with me."

They walked at Joan's hurried pace to the back of the gym. Jack felt a little self-conscious at being led by the hand, but he looked around and everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their own activities. Even the teacher was busy with her back to them, discussing something with Mary. That's when Jack became somewhat guarded as he noticed that Mary watched them with a deliberate smile.

Joan led Jack through a door at the back of the gym to a dark hallway and finally to what looked like a coach's office. The lighting was a little dim and Jack squinted to scan the surface of the desk for a clue about why Joan and Mary would conspire to get him here. He thought maybe she would give him a candy bar or something.

Joan backed up to a large supply cabinet and jerked on Jack's arm. He fell into her and looked past her open mouthed smile into her dancing eyes.

"Oh! You got us a little privacy so we can have our traditional reward hug."

Joan just smiled even broader as Jack leaned his body into her and the file cabinet gave out a metallic noise behind her. Joan's hands roamed all over Jack's chest and back. He ran his hands down her sides to the exposed part of her outfit at her hips. Jack leaned his pelvis into hers as he ran his hands behind her to clutch her sizeable exposed buttocks.

"Oh yeah, Jack!"

Joan grabbed the back of Jack's head and pulled his face against hers. Her large breasts pushed against his chest as they shared a long passionate open-mouthed kiss. Jack kneaded her ass cheeks with both hands as he ground his stiffening dick against her.

Joan pulled her hands to her sides and slipped them under the top straps of her outfit. She pushed her hands up and her straps popped off of her shoulders. Her bare tits spilled out into the room.

Without having to think Jack enthusiastically put his mouth on one tit and a hand on the other. Joan moaned out her approval.

"Oohhh yeaaahhh, Jaaack!"

Jack started to regain his senses but he did not quit massaging her large globes. He spoke into her chest as he continued to mouth her puffy dark nipples.

"Damn Joan! We'd better be careful. This must be the teacher's office."

Joan spoke slowly. "Mary's keeping her away from us."

Jack thought for a second. "But anyone could walk in on us."

"If they do, I'll be glad to have them see me pinned up against this cabinet."

Jack looked up at Joan and saw an expression of pure passion as she looked intensely into his eyes. Jack responded by reaching a hand behind his head and pulling his T-shirt off. As he nestled back against Joan he lowered himself so that the head of his dick found her opening through their clothes, and he pushed upward. He slowly shook his shoulders to exalt in the feeling of his bare chest against her naked tits.

"That's it Jack. Push into me. I'm so hot I think I'll explode."

Jack lifted up on Joan as he began to dry hump her. She moved up and down against the cabinet, moaning with every push.

"Ahh, ahhh, ahhh!"

Joan slid her hands along Jack's back then down to his shorts. She pushed on them letting him know she wanted them off of him. Against his better judgment Jack shoved the shorts off and stood totally naked in front of Joan. She looked him over and watched their two bodies heave with their labored breathing. Then she grabbed Jack and pulled him tight against her.

The office was warm and they both already had a light sheen of sweat from the exhibition. Their warm moist skin heightened the feel of their bodies writhing against each other. With his shorts off Jack could really enjoy Joan's hot thighs. Jack's dick was again pressing against her opening through her thin stretchy outfit. He reached down to grasp one ass cheek as he continued to stroke her tits with his other hand.

Joan raised one leg off the floor to curl a heal behind Jack and pull him even tighter. The cabinet was groaning and creaking with their passionate movements.

The fabric covering Joan's pussy was so thin and stretchy that Jack's dick was getting into her opening. Joan reached down to caress his dick and then she reached with her fingers to pull the material to the side.

Jack slowly placed his throbbing cock at her open pussy. Joan's head was back and her eyes were half closed in anticipation. They both gasped as the head of his dick met her naked wet opening.


Joan's hand slipped and the elastic fabric she was holding to one side snapped like a rubber band against the sensitive head of Jack's dick.


Joan frantically tried to move it to the side again but the material would not cooperate and kept springing back between her pussy and his dick. Jack and Joan both giggled but it cooled them down a little bit. Jack slowly moved his hands along Joan's sides and under the material of her outfit, removing it from her body as he came down to one knee.

This made them both totally naked. They were breathing hard but not fast. Their clothing was scattered on the floor of the coach's office. The file cabinet they were leaning against was creaking but stable.

Still on one knee Jack reached around Joan and hugged her soft pussy against his chest. With his torso he could feel the outward curve of her athletic thighs and with his hands the resilience of her terrific butt. He caressed her legs and ass then moved his hands around to touch the inside of her thighs and her pussy. Joan purred with satisfaction.


Jack ran his fingers over Joan's mound and then specifically her clit. Joan leaned back against the cabinet as Jack stroked her clit with his cheek on her hip. She rotated her hips in response to his strokes.

Jack slowly switched to some G-spot rubbing but then realized that Joan did not seem as enthusiastic about that. He used his free hand on her clit but it was a little difficult one-handed. This would be better if he could get Joan to go along with his eating her pussy. Jack leaned in and gently licked Joan's clit.

"Oh shit!"

She did not say no so Jack licked again.

"Oh shit!"

Joan had stopped moving her hips but Jack could tell she liked it. He buried his face with enthusiasm in her hot trembling pussy.

"Oh shit...Oh shit...Oh shit!"

This was Jack's first time to have his face in a black woman's pussy. Joan tasted different from what he was used to. Not better or worse and not stronger or weaker, just distinctively different. Of course he liked it.

Joan was moving again and she was moving a lot. She relished the feel of what was happening down there but she wasn't sure about having a mouth on her pussy.

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