tagRomanceAcross the Tracks Ch. 08

Across the Tracks Ch. 08


(This chapter has violence and non-consentual sex in it. This is my warning.)


Danny sat on the plush leather couch in his basement room. He looked around for a moment. He had a pretty sweet deal. Mommy and dad paid for everything, bought him whatever he wanted, and he never had to pay rent. He had an assured job at his father's company, and who knew? Maybe one day he'd be a mayor himself. Then he would show all these motherfuckers in this Podunk town who was in charge, who was the fucking master of their lives. He didn't respect anything about anyone that wasn't him, not even his mother and father. As far as he was concerned, they were weaklings, giving him whatever he wanted like they did. They didn't even have the balls to stand up to him.

The only person that had even offered him any fun was that fucking bitch, and the only reason she was fun was because she still had a cherry. He intended to take it to. He would have had it today, but her new little lackey had to show up. He ruined the plan to take her cherry then pass her to his friends so they could have some fun to. That bastard was going to pay for breaking his arm. He ruined his fun as well. Danny had expected to bust a nut today, and instead had gotten chased out by that fucker and his little queer friend. He'd have killed that bastard when he had the chance if his friend hadn't dragged him off. He settled for beating on his fucking head, and that was almost as fun.

Danny grabbed his phone and looked through the contacts. He had a separate contact folder for all the little whores who wanted his dick, would drive to his house for it. He had fucked all these dumb whores behind Ariel's back, and didn't intend to stop fucking now. He finally stopped on a name and started texting her. Nikki was good for fucking, but that was about it. She would probably fuck anything with a dick, and she would sure as hell fuck him tonight. He got the confirmation text that she was on the way over, and smiled. Yea, he lied to the dumb bitch, told her he loved her, wanted to be with her just not right now. It wasn't his fault the dumb cunt believed it. If she wasn't so stupid, he wouldn't have to lie, she'd know she was nothing more than a fuck. Instead, she thought he'd love her some day or some shit, so he had to lie.

When he got done screwing that dumb bitch, he'd just move on to someone else. Everyone was expendable to him, no one had value. They were all just tools or toys, something to be used then discarded. If they didn't want to be discarded easily, he would always break them. A sickly smile crossed his face as he remembered Alexia, that dumb bitch thought she loved him to. Then she got pregnant and tried to say it was his kid! He had paid a little money; she tripped on the stairs, lost the baby. Sure, he had lost the piece of ass when she killed herself a few weeks later, but there was always a new piece of ass to be had. Pussy was one of the few things in the world there was enough of; he could always find a different piece.

He looked to the clock. Where was that dumb slut? If she was trying to get all dressed up, she may as well save it. He planned on getting her out of her clothes immediately, whether she liked it or not.

~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Nikki got the text from Danny and could barely hide her excitement. She started to get dressed, trying really hard to look good for him. Her friends said it was all a waste, that Danny was never going to do anything but chase after Ariel, but she knew different. He told her he loved her, and that was all she needed to know. She had wanted to be with him forever, and he was so nice and sweet to her. The day she turned 18 he had came to the field party and gave her his number. She had about passed out from excitement when he asked her to come over one night. They had made love that night to, he was just too persuasive. Nikki had liked Danny ever since high school; she was two years younger than his 21.

She finally felt pretty enough for him, and grabbed her phone and texted him to let him know she was on her way. Before she ran out the door, she checked herself for a final time in the mirror. Nikki had some self esteem issues, which was one of the reasons she had started having sex at a younger age than some and had sex with a few guys. Of course, she wasn't the whore everyone made her out to be, but she wasn't a saint either. Nikki was pretty. She had shoulder length red hair, which had a natural wavy curl to it. She had very bright green eyes, framed by soot black lashes on her pale skin. Nikki had what she referred to as the curse of the ginger, pale skin that burnt easily and a lot of freckles. She had caught a lot of shit in high school, getting called 'ginger kid' and being told that since she was a ginger she had no soul. It sucked a lot, and had given her some pretty rough issues with herself. She had a full mouth, with a slightly over full bottom lip.

She had chosen a cute outfit for Danny, and she hoped he liked it. The tight jeans emphasized her long, muscular and toned legs, courtesy of her running track for four years of high school. Her shirt wasn't tight, but it wasn't very baggy either. She was wearing her favorite t-shirt, and she hoped Danny liked it. She didn't really know much about him, he'd never talk about anything important or deep with her. Her mind just chalked it up to him being guarded because he was afraid of being hurt. Nikki was a very romantic girl, and she was also very naive about romance and love. Wild horse couldn't have drug it from her, but she still watched Disney movies were the main characters always fell in love and it worked out, and they lived happily ever after. It was her dream, and right now she saw that dream with Danny.

She had heard he was mean, but he had never laid a finger on her in anger. He was sweet to her, and talked to her so nice. She honestly thought he was the one, and would never hurt her ever, and would ask her to be his girlfriend soon. After girlfriend would come fiancé, then wife, then she could have his children. She hoped they'd all look like Danny, and not an ugly redhead like her. She wanted her children to be beautiful, not ugly.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Danny growled in annoyance as the dumb bitch finally pulled up. His basement was more of a third floor surrounded by dirt o three sides, so you could walk directly into it. He unlocked the door and waited. Usually, he would be sweet and loving and draw this out, to make her want to come back. After this bullshit with the waiting, he wasn't going to be so nice. You didn't make him wait! He didn't care what the fuck the bitch had put on, he obviously thought she was fuckable; she should have been over here immediately to take care of his needs. Not trying to make herself look pretty. He had been ready to dump the redhead off to the side anyways; he was tired of the ugly freckles and her constant attempts to be with him. He knew the way to get his nut off, and get her away from him. She couldn't say it was rape, he had the texts from her saying she was coming over to fuck. Besides, the police chief was his Godfather, and most of the cocaine that went into his nose was bought for him by Danny's father.

As Nikki walked through the door and looked for him, she felt someone smash into her back, driving her down onto the bed in the middle of the room. She felt like she had been hit by a semi. Before she could get up, she felt someone grab a large handful of her hair and force her head down. She struggled, trying to kick and mover her body, trying to get away. Who could it be doing this to her? Danny would never do this! He loved her! A nasty voice in her head, the same one that told her she was ugly and worthless said 'Then who the fuck else could it be?' She froze in her struggles for a moment; she was barely getting enough air in her lungs. Whoever had her hair yanked her head up, and she drew in a great gasp of air to scream.

"If you scream bitch I swear to God you'll die." Wrapping his hand in her hair once again, Danny yanked hard enough he almost yanked the hair out of her head. "You don't ever make me fucking wait. You're about to pay for that shit."

Nikki felt her mind shut down. He couldn't be doing this to her. She loved him! He had told her that he loved her and wanted to be her boyfriend. Why why why was he doing this?!?!?! She started to struggle again as he yanked her up to her knees. He was having difficulty doing anything with the cast on his arm, and dragged Nikki to his dresser. He had enough mobility to get his handgun off the top of the dresser, and the dumb bitch probably would never know he couldn't cock it, but she knew it was there as soon as he placed the barrel against her forehead.

"Now listen here you little cunt. I'm going to let go of your hair. You are going to unzip my pants and you're going to start off by sucking my dick. You try to run, I'll shoot you. You bite down, I'll shoot you. You try to tell anyone about this, I'll kill you. Now, start sucking whore."

Nikki trembled as she reached for the top of his sweat pants. Her mind just couldn't process what was going on. He was supposed to love her. This wasn't love at all. This was hate. This was Danny, the man she wanted to love her and wanted to love forever, raping her. She entered a state of shock, and mechanically went through what she was doing. She pulled his pants and boxers down, and his length sprang from them almost smacking her in the face. She wouldn't have felt it. The soul of Nikki was buried deep into a private place in her mind. She was doing this as mechanical as any robot, like she was sleep walking.

She didn't feel it when Danny grabbed her head and shoved as much of his cock as he could down her throat. She didn't hear herself gag, or feel the bile almost rise up in her throat. She didn't feel it when Danny bellowed and pulled out of her mouth, spraying her face and favorite shirt with his seed. It was like she was out of her body as he yanked her by the head and threw her on the bed, making her take her jeans off. She came back to her body in a rush as he penetrated her, and she finally came out of her shock enough to fight back. She tried to claw him with her fingers as she had been taught, but any thoughts of fighting back were ended by him jamming the gun barrel into her mouth, loosening her two front teeth and causing her mouth to fill with blood.

Danny was harder than he had ever been. She had started fighting, and when he took the fight out of her with the gun in her mouth, he almost came. He took her power from her in that second. Switching the gun to his broken arms hand, he punched her in the face. He did it again, and again, and again, until he felt her nose break. He looked at her eyes, filled with pain and loss, and watched the tears stream down her face and he came again. He came deep in the stupid slut's pussy, marking her as his whore. He'd tell everyone about the slut Nikki letting him bust a nut inside her. He'd leave out what he had to do to get to that point, didn't want to scare all the other stupid bitches off. He moved off the bed, yanking the gun out of her mouth, tearing her lip open on the sight. He sat back down in his arm chair and lit a joint. Looking at Nikki, he sneered.

"What the fuck are you still doing here slut? Get the fuck out of my house. I never, EVER, want to hear from you again."

Nikki looked at him from her tear filled eyes as blood and his cum mixed on her face. She jumped from the bed, pulling her pants up and ran from the room, jumping into her car and speeding away. Danny smiled and took another hit. Grabbing his phone, he started to text his buddies about what a nasty slut Nikki was.

Nikki drove fast, trying to get away from that monster. Her tear filled eyes blurred the road, and she had to pull over and stop. She found a spare shirt in her car and whipped her face clean; looking at the mess that was her favorite t-shirt, the t-shirt she felt the cutest in. She couldn't even drive anymore, all she could do was rest her head on the steering wheel and weep. She had gone to Danny's close to 6 am; the whole life changing ordeal had taken almost an hour and a half. She was about to pull away when a loud bike thundered past her, making her jump. She sighed as the brake light lit up and the bike pulled a U-Turn. She cracked her window when the bike pulled up, one of the skinniest and tallest men she had ever seen sat on it.

"Excuse me ma'am is everything.... Holy shit. Are you ok?! "

Nikki tried to nod, she didn't want anyone to see her like this, but instead she shook her head and broke down crying again. She just wanted to die. She didn't want any part of this life anymore. What was she going to do if people found out? What if her mother found out? Her mom was sick, this would probably kill her to find out her daughter had been raped. And now she had some guy she didn't know standing at her car window, which seemed very concerned. She tried to wave him off, but he wasn't going to be moved that easily.

Deke looked at the girl. She had been hurt bad. If he didn't know any better, he'd swear she had been hit in the mouth with a damn tire iron. All he could see was blood from her mouth, and what looked like a ragged split running from the lip almost to her nose, that looked like something had been ripped from it or through it. Her nose was broken. It had to be. It was fucking crooked for God's sake! As soon as he subconsciously took the Lords name in vain Deke crossed himself. He gently knocked on the window and gulped as those green eyes filled with pain and loss looked at him.

"Miss, I got to get you to a hospital. They'll fix your nose and lip there."

Nikki hadn't even noticed the rip in her lip or the broken nose until he said something and the pain flared up immediately. Her eyes were starting to swell shut, so she wouldn't be able to drive soon. She couldn't go to the hospital. They asked questions there, and no one would ever believe her there either. Not about the Mayors son. Especially any of the cops, the police chief and Mayor was best friends. Shaking her head, she looked at the man.

"No hospitals. I can't go to one... They'll ask questions. Is there any where else I can go to get it fixed...? Please?"

Deke looked at her face. Like Hell I'm not going to ask questions. He knew what she meant though. Hospitals would want to know what had happened, would want a police report if it was something bad. Looking at her, her eyes had almost swelled shut. He warred with his common sense, and then nodded.

"Let me make a call. I know a place. If he says yes, you can follow me, just be careful, and pull over if you're having trouble seeing. I'll give you a ride on the bike or drive your car if that happens."

The girl nodded and Deke tried to smile encouragingly. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he dialed a number, a friend he hadn't talked to in the almost 3 years since graduation. Granted, all three of those years had belonged to the Army, but he had just got home. He just hoped his old friend would answer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Otis groaned. He had just got to sleep and now the damn phone was ringing. Fumbling for it, he seen a number he didn't recognize, but answered anyways. It may be important.


He grumbled into the phone. The voice that answered was a direct blast from the past, one that jolted Otis to being half asleep to being fully awake.

"Hey Big O, its Deke. Listen man, I ain't got much time. I was just cruising into town, just got back ya dig? Seen this little white 'Stang against the side of the curb, whipped around to make sure everything was cool. There's a girl in it, and she's banged up bad. Looks like a broken nose, ripped lip, lot of blood. She said no to a hospital. Still got those skills home grown surgeon?"

Otis had stitched quite a few nasty wounds for him and his friends back in the day, it was part of life. They couldn't always go to the hospital. He made sure Deke knew how to get to his place, and then hung up the phone. He pulled out an old first aid kit, and began to look through it. If she needed stitches, the best he could do was liquid band-aid. She'd have to go to the hospital for anything more advanced than that.

He looked to the clock and silently swore. Thirty five minutes. Thirty five minutes of sleep, that was it.

"Son of a fucking bitch."

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Deke started his bike and motioned for the girl to follow him. They hadn't been on the road for more than twenty minutes before she pulled over. He circled back, and saw she had her head down on the wheel crying again. She rolled her window down, and Deke immediately knew what was wrong. Her eyes were swollen shut.

"Do you want to get on the bike or me to drive?"

"Bike. My car's touchy about other drivers."

She rolled her window up and got out, and Deke could see what looked like semen on her shirt. She must have gotten raped then... He thought to himself. Putting the kickstand down, he helped her up on the bike and got back on himself. He instructed her to wrap her arms around him, and then took off; finally arriving at the apartment complex Otis lived in. He got her to carefully get off, then placed his kickstand down and shut the bike off. He led her by hand to Otis's door, knocking gently. He heard the floor boards creak as someone stepped to it, and knew it was Otis. No one else was that goddamn big.

The door opened, and Nikki realized what the hell she was doing. She didn't know this man. Didn't know where she was or where he had taken her. She started to recoil, when she heard a familiar voice.

"Christ on a cracker, what the hell happened to you Firebird?!"

Deke looked at Otis then the look of recognition on the face of the girl. Firebird Otis had called her, which seemed appropriate given her bird like physique and flaming red hair. The next thing he knew, he was in the powerful grip of one of Otis's mitts. He looked down at a man who had been his best friend, and choked. There wasn't much else for him to do, and he wouldn't do it for longer if Otis didn't stop squeezing his throat. Deke made polite noises, trying to say Hello, how you been buddy, and please stop trying to kill me.

"Deke. Did you. Do. This."

Deke tried to shake his head no, but couldn't even move his head in Otis's hands. It was the girl who saved him on that. Rushing forward, she grabbed Otis, trying to get him to put Deke down.

"It wasn't him! He was just helping me! Quit strangling him!"

Otis placed Deke down, and had the audacity to look affronted. He led the girl he had called Firebird and Deke into the living room, were the medical supplies had been laid out. He gently sat her down and started cleaning the numerous scratches on her face and the cut in her lip. Once cleaned, the lip cut wasn't as big as it had seemed, and would be fixable by Otis. He ordered Deke around, making him get ice and towels so they could try to bring the swelling around her eyes down. As the swelling lessened a bit, Nikki got her first good, lit, look at her savior.

He was tall, taller than Otis. Not many men were. He had to be somewhere around 6'8", but looked like he only weighed around 200 pounds. To put it simply, he looked... Stretched. Like someone had grabbed an end and someone else the other and took off running. Everything about him was long, his arms, legs, even his neck and face. He had a crew cut, like he was in the army or something. He had eyes her daddy would have called 'shit brown'. Other than his height, he was really... Average. His skin was beautiful though. Like sun kissed bronze, it fairly shimmered in the light.

At the same time she was studying him, Deke was studying her. She had really pretty red hair, Deke had always loved blondes, but her hair was an interesting shade of fire. She was paler than anyone he had seen in the past 2 years, but not in a way that looked like she never came out side. Her face looked like it could be beautiful, if it hadn't been beat within an inch of being unrecognizable. He went to take in more of her when he realized she was still wearing the shirt with the evidence of whoever had hurt her on it. Catching Otis's attention, Deke left the apartment, going to his back and the duffle strapped to the sissy bar.

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