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Action in the Theatre


What a lousy end to a long weekend! I could only blame myself for waiting until Monday morning to check plans with my friends only to find everyone busy already. As if mocking me, the sky had clouded over as well, spoiling any thoughts I might have of going to the beach or walking. My mood darkened along with the clouds as I aimlessly drove around town, hoping something, anything, would catch my eye and provide some distraction. Lately, a cloud of boredom had been hovering over my head that nothing seemed to dissipate.

The blare of a horn startled me, adrenaline rushing through my system though it had not been directed at me I saw. Glancing around, I grimaced as I realized I had ended up in a slightly seedier part of the city. I hadn't spent much time here, usually driving through, so I was curious. Three pawn stores on one block, a bottle return store with a line of people down the block and several boarded-up storefronts caught my attention first. Street people loitered everywhere, some hyper-active, others vacantly staring into space and others who looked perfectly normal. I mentally slapped myself for that last thought; of course, there were all sorts of people. Who was I to judge?

Up ahead, was a movie theatre and the marquee caught my eye. "Demolition Woman"? I hadn't heard of it, but loved "Demolition Man" as well as other action movies. Was this a sequel or perhaps a remake with a woman in the lead? I was intrigued; here was a way to spend a pleasant couple hours on a cloudy day off! My luck was looking up as I found rock star parking in front of the theatre. At least I wouldn't worry about my car while enjoying a movie. I put in enough money for three hours, not knowing how long the movie was, ensured the doors were locked and headed to the ticket booth. An obviously bored man handed me my change ticket and I smiled widely at him, hoping to perk up his day.

"I just love action movies!" I picked up by ticket, pocketing the change. He looked startled, and then gave me a smirk.

"Yeah, I love this kind of action." He laughed. "Enjoy the movie, ma'am!"

Bemused, I shook my head and walked inside. Bypassing the refreshments, I stopped first in the ladies room to freshen up, and then walked into the darkened theatre. Faint lights were up as trivia and ads played on the screen. The room was fairly empty, but I wasn't surprised to find I was the only female. Traditionally, women weren't interested in action movies and I was an anomaly, I knew. I wasn't surprised either that the whole room looked a little worn considering the area. Looking around, I decided on the last row in the back, off to the far right. Considering the explosions in the first movie, I wanted my ears to be ready for this one.

I had barely taken my seat when the lights lowered, signalling the movie was about to begin. Happily, I settled myself more comfortably, enjoying this decidedly positive shift to the day. Sure, I could definitely get into a pleasant afternoon in a movie theatre with my favorite genre of movie. I hoped it was as good as Stallone's original. Sequels and remakes had a tendency to disappoint. Frowning slightly, I concentrated on the screen as the opening credits began, unfamiliar production companies appearing one after the other. I hadn't heard of any, but I mentally shrugged because who knew them all?

Finally the movie began and I settled back again. The movie certainly didn't open with a bang and it seemed decidedly low-budget. Intent on getting every nuance, I jumped slightly when someone took the seat next to me. Glancing quickly, I saw it was a man, taking in his shirt, worn jeans and an impression of a fair height before settling on the screen again. Unbidden, my eyes wandered over the nearly-empty theatre again, where he could have sat anywhere. Mentally, I shrugged; perhaps, like me, he had expected lots of explosions. Explosions that weren't coming, I realized as the acting, if you could call it that, droned on and on. Starting in the future, global warming had made it impossible for women to reproduce. Okay, so Wesley Snipes' character would come in sometime here instead of it starting us in the past?

In the next few moments, I realized my mistake; the clerk's smirk and comment now made sense as I realized I had wandered instead into an adult movie. Grimacing at my naiveté, I stared at the screen as the first sex scene began unfolding. From what I heard from others, it would only be the first of many and I found myself in a quandary. Never having watched porn before, did I now sit through the movie I had paid to see just to say I had seen one or walk out like a prude. I'd never considered myself to be a prude, just a little more reserved than others. Not one to take the lead in sex, I had never asked for anything more from the three men I had been with to date than they had been prepared to initiate. Oh, the sex had always been ... nice and I had enjoyed myself sometimes more than other times, but I'd had to fake orgasms with them. On my own, I could bring myself to orgasm fairly quickly and more than a couple times if I was exceedingly worked up. Several times, I had left their arms to bring myself off because I had been so worked up, but found no release with them.

Curiously, I watched the screen after a quick glance around again at the theatre and the man beside me. In my head, I had thought men went to these movies to jack off, but I sensed no movement from anyone and I relaxed, mentally chuckling to myself. On screen, the heroine was on her knees, giving an enthusiastic blow-job and I watched her, thinking of my own pathetic attempts in the past. I often tried to content them with more licking and moving my hand since moving more the tip into my mouth caused me to gag. How romantic and sexy to have a girl throwing up on your cock! As I watched her head bobbing, I found myself envying her methods as much as the man on-screen was enjoying them. I was unprepared for the tingle that began between my legs and in my nipples, the warm pooling and hardening buds signalling my enjoyment of what I was watching. Perhaps there was something to this watching porn after all, I thought, crossing my legs. I found myself wishing I had worn jeans instead of the short skirt and thong, their stiff material could provide some delicious friction right about now.

Intent on the screen, I jumped when a warm male hand clasped my thigh just above my knee. My eyes stared forward, frozen on the screen, as I caught no other movement around me and realized it was the man next to me. My mouth opened and closed twice as I tried to find both the courage and my voice. I started trembling as his fingers tightened. In warning? A quick glance around established that we were isolated in the back corner, no ushers strolling the aisles and everyone else intent on the screen. My turmoil decreased when his fingers loosened, thinking he would remove his hand. Instead, tension began coiling inside me as his hand began slowly inching up my thigh. Gasping, I put my hand over his, thinking to stop him, but his hand kept moving inexorably closer, fingers pressing against the top of my skin.

As his hand slid smoothly under my skirt, I bit my lip, my cheeks hot with embarrassment. I pressed my legs tightly together hoping to deter his movements and discovery of how I was affected by the scene on the screen. By now, this had changed, the male on-screen had her legs over his shoulder, his tongue and fingers busy in her pussy. This, too, they seemed to both enjoy though, again, my own experiences had been swift, pleasant and unfulfilling. My distraction with the screen was brought swiftly to a halt as the strong male fingers suddenly pushed between my loosened thighs. I gasped as they pressed against my warm mound, instinctively tightening my thighs around his hand. A soft exhalation, suspiciously like a chuckle, told me of my mistake as his fingers were forced tightly against me. I quickly uncrossed my legs, this second instinct proving my undoing as his fingers moved quickly, sliding under my thong and between my wet folds.

I bit my lip again, this time to hold back a moan as his strong fingers expertly glided up, circling my clit once, twice, before pressing against it through the hood. An answering flood of juices welled out of me and I heard a growl of male satisfaction as his fingers tracked it, two fingers suddenly pushing deep inside me. My breath quickened, adrenaline shooting through my veins at the combination of this attack and my own growing arousal. Was it an attack though? Could I claim rape? I was letting him, wasn't I? Shaking my head, I tried to regain control of the situation, closing my legs tightly again, legs that had somehow spread apart of their own volition! The movement drove his fingers deeper inside me, a move that caused mutual groans from both of us. I turned my head away from him, ashamed of my body's reaction and my own seemingly inability to stop him.

Abruptly, his fingers withdrew, but before I could protest, I felt their slick touch on my face as he gripped my chin, pulling my head around. Startled, I opened my mouth to protest, but his firm mouth covered mine, stilling my words, his tongue meeting mine in a move determined to conquer. My eyes closed tightly, I moaned into his mouth as he turned in his seat, bringing his right hand around and under my skirt. If I had thrilled to what he did with his left hand previously, his right hand was obviously his dominant. My thighs parted willingly as he plunged three fingers inside me, his thumb finding my clit with unerring accuracy, circling it as his fingers began stroking in and out. His touch demanded my surrender and even I was wondering why I was holding back. My head kept telling me this was wrong, but my body was reacting stronger and quicker to his touch than with anyone else.

I felt his male growl of satisfaction as I lifted my hips, trying to impale myself on his fingers to drive them deeper. His thumb pressed firmly onto my clit, rubbing it now with strong pressure as his fingers spread open, stretching my inner walls, dragging against them with each plunge and retreat. "Good girl," he muttered against my mouth, his tongue plundering inside as his fingers did the same. The combination was driving me higher, faster, my head spinning as I whimpered into his mouth. I had never come so close to orgasm with a man and, oh god, I wanted to come so bad right now. It was a pivotal moment for me and I forgot the men around us, the dark theatre, the fervent moaning on the screen as I felt my body tightening, heat coursing everywhere. My juices were soaking his fingers already and I shuddered as he withdrew his touch for a moment, my muttered "no!" lost in his male chuckle as he suddenly plunged four fingers inside me. The extreme stretching which I had never had before, combined with the constant pressure on my clit pushed me over the edge, and his fingers kept moving through the hard orgasm that rocked my body. His mouth swallowed the sounds I made, sounds I had never made before as my body stiffened up out of the seat, riding the waves of pleasure he had caused.

Fire coursed my veins; a fine sheen of perspiration covered me as I sank down, my breasts bouncing as my lungs sought to draw air. He drew the kiss to a close and I sank back, breathing heavily as sensations began easing. He withdrew his fingers slowly, my pussy gripping them tightly so there was a soft popping sound when he pulled them out. He chuckled again and I turned my face down in embarrassment, feeling the fire in my cheeks. I had behaved like a whore, wantonly accepting him. What was wrong with me? How could I hold my head up to walk past him and leave? Worse, would my legs even carry me?

My embarrassed reverie was disrupted as he moved back, impatiently pushing the hand rest up into the seats, leaving nothing between our bodies. My breath hitched as he pulled me closer, his muscled arms snaking around my body, my breasts pressed tightly between us. A moment later, I felt his warm hands under my blouse against my heated skin, moving in soothing circles. I shuddered against him, confused by his gentle, soothing touch after the scene that had just passed. I felt his lips press against my shoulder close to my neck, then trail up, his lips closing against my neck as his tongue flicked out, soothing and arousing me at the same time. I was confused as hell. I should not be enjoying this. I should be fighting him! But, with my body still seething inside from my orgasm, I was having trouble moving away or reconciling the various emotions.

The soft sound caught my attention though I didn't know why. A moment later, I heard the distinct sound of a zipper opening, the metal teeth clicking as material parted. I started, his arms tightened around me or, rather, one arm did. The other, I realized, was gone and a quick glance down told me why as his erection sprung into view. I stared, fascinated, as the thick shaft stood straight up, rooted inside his jeans still and I wondered how he had felt with it trapped in there. As I stared, the flickering screen caught a single drop glistening at the head and I licked my lips, an unfamiliar desire to taste it. My hand moved out of its own accord and I dropped it quickly only to have him grab my fingers and place them directly on his cock, curling his fingers around mine then sliding to my wrist, leaving my fingers where they were.

I swung my eyes to him and back to his cock, mesmerized by the soft, hot skin covering the steel within. My touch was tentative, fingers loosely curled around the hard shaft as I slid them down and then up, enjoying the dichotomy of soft skin around thick strength. I could feel the veins along the underside pulsing, hear his labored breathing as I explored. With wonder, I realized I had rarely had the chance to explore my lovers' cocks and I mourned the loss of that time now. I could feel everything, every ridge, vein, the stiff, yet soft, bristly hairs at the base of his shaft, the jarring touch of the metal zipper that had my fingers moving up again. He briefly buried his head in my neck and I heard his harsh whisper "harder!" but my fingers continued their soft exploration.

Impatient fingers covered mine as he curled them firmly, stroking the shaft between my hand. His cock leapt against my hand and his answering groan told me I was giving him pleasure. Surprisingly, this helped to soothe my conscious. After all, I had allowed him to give me so much pleasure and my first orgasm from a man. The least I could do was do the same, right? Pushing aside ideas of right and wrong, I leaned against him, my fingers tightening, my hand following his rhythm as his own hand fell away, continuing to pump the hot flesh. My thumb wandered when I reached the head, drifting over the top of his cock, smoothing the liquid there, smearing it around the head and I had an intense desire to taste it. Raising my hand, I touched my tongue tentatively to my thumb, letting the salty, musky taste spread before drawing my thumb into my mouth. My eyes met his and I had an impression of strong lines and glittering blue eyes, but his face remained in shadows. I faltered, withdrawing my thumb, letting my subconscious out for a moment.

His hand closed on the back of my neck, strong fingers pressing firmly and I felt him pushing my head down. It didn't take a rocket scientist to guess what he wanted and I resisted, shaking my head violently. My protests were futile as his hand pushed my head down until my mouth was aimed perfectly at the head of his cock. Trembling, I licked my lips, keeping them closed, remembering the taste, but knowing I would not, could not do this. His fingers slid under my hair, tangling in them and closing around the hair at the base of my scalp, tightening painfully and my mouth opened in protest. In one smooth move, his hand closed around his shaft, holding himself as he sharply pushed my head down, his cock head pushing into my mouth. I struggled, in vain, as he kept his hand tight in my hair, letting his cock head rest just inside my mouth. He kept me firmly in place as well as his hand on his cock holding it so I could not withdraw.

Suddenly, he thrust his hips up, pushing his cock further into my mouth. Tears sprung to my eyes both from the cock filling my mouth, the familiar gagging beginning, as well as the fingers tightly pulling my hair. I opened my mouth wider to try to try to protest, my thought processes somewhat jumbled as to how I could get any words out around a mouth full of cock, and he took the opportunity to thrust in deeper. I heard his soft groan barely through the rushing in my ears, my tears tracking my cheeks as I struggled to take the unfamiliar thickness. A push of my head allowed more of his cock to slide in and I thrashed by body as my air was cut off. Adrenaline again took control, pushing the familiar feeling of fight or flight and I stopped moving, breathing heavily through my nose, swallowing around his cock, trying to soothe myself.

The pressure let up on my neck and he allowed my mouth to slide up his cock. I felt myself relaxing, believing he was going to stop, but he only let my mouth slide back so far and then pushed down again, the thick cock pushing back inside. I struggled again, briefly, remembering to breathe through my nose before relaxing, swallowing strongly. A sound above me led me to believe he enjoyed that even though it was helping me not to gag. I swallowed again, my mouth and throat muscles working around his cock and felt a sharp push on my head. My lips met the hairs at his crotch as my mouth engulfed his whole cock, the tip pushing easily into my throat. I shifted my body and felt my neck straighten, the new position helping rather than hindering. With a shudder, my body signalled to him and I felt the acceptance, too. His hand loosened, fingers stroking and soothing my scalp.

I slid my mouth up his cock and his fingers tightened once in warning, but I knew now that I could do this. I tried to focus on the hard flesh inside my mouth, the saliva that had gathered when I gagged still flooding my mouth so his cock was surrounded by wet heat. I waited until just the head was inside my mouth, and then tentatively sucked on it. His answering groan told me this was the right move and my femininity responded, wanting to please the male beside me. I boldly slid down his cock, relaxing my throat now that I knew I could, taking the tip deep inside, my tongue pressed up against his hot flesh as his cock sank deep. My cheeks hollowed as I pulled my head up, lips tight around his cock as I sucked tightly, letting him feel constant pressure. I felt the shudder run through his body and knew I was doing it right.

We stayed like this for a while, me sliding my mouth slowly up and down his cock, enjoying the feel and taste as I practised my new-found skills on him. I was enjoying the feel of his hot shaft inside my mouth, the skin slick against my tongue and inner cavity, the head hard as it hit the back of my throat with each thrust. My nose would bury in the hairs at the base, his musky scent filling my nostrils as it brushed the crisp nest. Every time I slid my mouth up, I would stop at the head, my tongue probing around the edges and sucking, enjoying the taste as more drops poured out. The tastes, scents and motions mingled and I felt my body responding, heat pooling between my thighs again. I moved my legs, restlessly scissoring them to create friction and soothe my pussy. I felt greedy, but the orgasm was still fresh in my mind.

I felt him shift and the hand at my neck tightened, signalling a change. His hips thrust up and his cock buried in my throat, the now-familiar thickness filling my mouth and throat. I moaned and felt his cock twitch. Emboldened, I did it again and felt the answering twitch again. From the back of my mind, I remembered some long-forgotten conversation about blow-jobs and began a low, quiet humming. A muttered curse above me told me it was the right move and I swallowed, letting my throat work his cock before humming again. I was amazed at how good this made me feel, too, and a little guilty, but glad he was enjoying it, too.

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