tagErotic CouplingsAdam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 04

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 04


I awoke to the mating call of some bird that had settled outside the open bay windows in my room. I grinned to myself over the appropriateness of this particular wake-up call. So far, in just a 24 hour period, I had fucked around with more girls than the previous 5 years combined. I couldn't help but feel blessed lying there in bed.

I got out of bed and brushed my teeth. I had taken a shower after my little escapade the previous night, so I just through on some fresh clothes and headed downstairs. When I got about three steps down I heard the voices of the three girls. I stopped in my tracks to eavesdrop on their conversation. I squatted down so that I could see what was going on. All three girls were putting on tanning oil. Kristen was standing above the other two and talking to Jackie's sister, who I soon learned was named Lauren.

"Hey Lauren, how was your hangover this morning?" Kristen said grinning.

"Not so bad actually," Lauren responded. "But, I had the craziest dreams last night."

"Couldn't have been crazier than the dream I had last night," Jackie said chuckling. She looked over at Kristin who was equally amused with the statement. Lauren was still apparently unaware of their drunken experimentation.

"Ok, I don't know what that means, but I'm serious," Lauren pleaded. "I had all these sexual fantasy dreams right in a row, all my deepest desires being fulfilled. And, when I woke up this morning, my panties were soaked through and I had cum in my sleep."

"Well, that's what you get when you're a sexually repressed 18 year old virgin," Kristen joked. "I'll tell you what; sometime before that kid upstairs goes home you should let him baptize that sweet pussy, if you know what I mean."

Lauren blushed at the remarks and my dick started to stiffen. She could not find an answer to Kristen's proposal but the three seemed content to let the comment be brushed under the carpet. All of a sudden Kristen undid her bikini top and took it off. She began rubbing oil on her breasts but she was facing away from me so I couldn't get a peek. "What are you doing Kristen? I told you before we are not going to sunbathe nude. It's too risky with all the people who walk around," Jackie snapped.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but I know a quiet spot beyond the blue house that is relatively safe. It's a small clearing located between two dunes. You'll see anyone walking up the beach well before they'll be able to spot you," Kristen said as she continued to liberally lube her tits. "I mean if you want to have those pale white triangles on your boobs every time a guy sees you naked, be my guest."

"I'm with Kristen, Jack. I mean especially if I am going to fuck this Adam kid I might as well," Lauren said. The words made my dick jumped to full mast. Jackie looked shockingly at her younger sister as she untied her bra and pull it off. Kristen smiled and threw Lauren the oil. Unlike Kristen, Lauren was sitting on the couch facing me. Her breasts were just as I remembered from the night before. Her pink nipples stood out atop her bountiful D cup bust. Her tan lines from yesterday traced a perfect pale white triangle on each round orb. I could tell that the cool breeze that tweaked Lauren's nipples had also enlightened her to the seriousness of her hasty decision. She covered her boobs with the shimmering oil tentatively, already somewhat doubting her will to go through with Kristen's wild stunt. As she massaged the oil in though and Kristen gave her a high five, she became less shaky and more comfortable topless.

"Well I'll go with you all, but I'm not going topless. And that's final," Jackie said.

"It's nothing we haven't seen before Jack," Kristen cooed. She plopped down on the couch next to her friend on the couch. Now her oiled up tits were staring me right in the eye. They were indeed smaller than the other girls, just barely a c cup, but her tits were perky and beautifully shaped. They were perfectly proportionate to her narrow build and she was the type of girl that just knew how to hold herself. The way she walked, even the way she sat on a couch, oozed sexiness. Her nipples seemed like they were hard 24/7 and you just had to believe that in the back of her mind she was always thinking about fucking someone. She leaned over to Jackie and pulled her bra down, causing her left boob to pop up. Jackie jumped back quickly and slapped playfully at Kristen's outstretched hand. She stretched her bathing suit material and stuffed her big melon back into its confines. The girls laughed and the other two girls put their tops back on as they exited towards the beach.

I ran back up to my room and out onto the balcony. I could see the girls walking over the dune off to the right and beyond my vision. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. My dick was throbbing and rock hard and I needed to do something about it. As I let the water warm up, I skipped down the stairs to get a glass of orange juice. When I got to the kitchen I stopped dead in my tracks. Standing before me with her back turned towards me was a beautiful brunette filling up a glass of water at the sink. I could tell it wasn't one of the girls because this woman was wearing a powder blue bikini. As she turned around I could tell it was the girl from the other day, who was playing with her dog on the beach.

My presence startled her and she dropped her glass, which shattered at my bare feet. "Oh my God! You startled me," the beautiful brunette exclaimed. "You must be Kay's nephew. I'm Meg Andrews, your aunt's dog walker. Listen, don't move there is glass everywhere. I'll get a dust pan."

"Ok, um I'm Adam by the way," I said. As the words slipped out of my mouth I glanced down at my diamond-cutter erection that was poking through my basketball shorts. I looked at the shards of glass around my feet. I didn't think Meg had noticed and I thought a quick escape might be in order, but the glass made any movement risky and certainly sketchy. I remained in place hoping it would subside before she got back, but this was not the case.

Meg got down on her knees and started to carefully sweep up the glass. The silence was deafening as I prayed her gaze would not extend upward, where my throbbing member was blatantly obvious. The fact that this beautiful twenty-something girl was on her knees in front of me offering a clear view down her cleavage didn't help matters. Not only was my erection not going away, it seemed to only get harder.

"That's all of it," Meg said. As she spoke she looked up towards me. She awkwardly stopped when she caught a glimpse of cock and giggled. I casually dropped my hands to cover the massive hard-on, but the damage had already been done. She stood up smiling and tried to pretend she hadn't noticed the throbbing flesh pole that was nearly poking through my shorts, but I could tell by the way she wasn't looking at me that she had definitely noticed.

I turned away embarrassed and headed for the stairs. "Ok, well it was nice to meet you," I said as I practically ran up stairs. I could hear her offer a response but I was so far up the flight of stairs that I didn't even catch it. I walked briskly to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. So much for first impressions I thought.

I stripped down and got into the shower. Finally in privacy, I began to jerk my pulsating cock. Using some girly shampoo as a lubricant, I stroked my cock deliberately. To my surprise, my thoughts were not focused on the three girls sunbathing. Instead, I couldn't get the thought of Meg out of my head. I closed my eyes and began to imagine how it would feel to have an experienced girl like her suck on my cock. I could imagine her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me as she slowly bobbed up and down on my cock. She struck me as a girl that would take her time sucking a dick and tease her willing victim by delicately licking up and down the shaft. Just once this summer I wanted to stuff my meat down her throat.

As I stroked my cock, I got increasingly caught up in my sexual imaginings and I started to moan softly. I hadn't even noticed that someone else had entered the bathroom. Before I knew it the shower curtain was pulled back and I was caught standing there holding my dick, both literally and figuratively. It was Meg, who had a shitty grin on her face. She had her hands on her hips and she was biting her lower lip as she examined me.

I quickly turned away but Meg objected. "What do you think I'm up here for? I wanted to get a look at that monster in the flesh," she said. Her rhetorical question calmed my embarrassment and I turned back to face her. I was staring at her cute face, which somewhat resembled actress Kate Beckinsale. Meg, on the other hand, had her attention focused entirely on my erection from the minute I turned around. My soapy cock was standing at full mast in front of her waiting for her next move and she licked lips.

Without warning, Meg took my cock in her right hand. I let out an unsuspecting sigh of pleasure as her cold hand wrapped itself around my hungry cock. She laughed softly at my sensitivity and stepped into the warm stream of the shower. I had already been stroking my cock for a couple of minutes and I was worried that I could blow at any moment. As she gently stroked my cock, water splashed all over her tits and her abdomen. Water droplets beaded and rolled off her perfectly rounded breasts. She had a firm stomach. It looked as though at one time she even had a six pack, but had since relented on her efforts. It looked better like that anyway; girls with muscles freak me out a little.

The material of her bikini top was now soaked through and her hardening nipples were making an impression. She continued to stroke my cock and took a step closer. She angled my pulsating erection between her legs and stepped around it. As she released her hold on my shaft, it sprang upwards against her pubis. Now only her thin bikini material stood between my hot throbbing cock and her inviting pussy. She stepped closer still, my dick between her legs, and pressed her body up against mine. I reached behind her neck and casually untied her top while I gave her a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined while my fingers did the same. Before Meg even knew it, her bare breasts and stiff nipples were pressing up against my chest. She started grinding her vagina against my cock and I reached down and took hold of her right boob. I brought my head down and began to suck on her nipple, and then took her other breast in my left hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Oh, yea," she stammered. "Oh, that feels good. Keep, oh, doing, oh, what you're doing. I know you like the taste of my big tits!" I noticed Meg's right hand slip into her bikini bottoms and start to play with her clit. She pulled my cock from between her legs with her left hand and took a step back. "I think I need to take a closer look at this thing!"

Meg took another step back and knelt before me on the floor of the shower. Water rained down on her as she examined my cock from several angles. Her right hand was still deep in her panties and actively pleasuring her most sensitive area, while my manhood remained in the tender clutch of her left hand. Meg leaned her head backwards into the shower stream. As she did this, I stared directly at her beautiful tits and excited nipples, which were pointed upwards toward my aching penis. When her hair was wet and the water had straightened her wavy brown hair, Meg kneeled back upright and tossed her long hair over her left shoulder.

"I think it's time," Meg said bluntly. "I'm just not sure where to start," she said jokingly. With that, she leaned forward and tongued the underside of my tentacles. She put one of my balls in her mouth and gently sucked on it. Then she licked the underside of my rigid shaft and closed her mouth over the head of my cock.

Meg had what most guys refer to as dsl's, or dick sucking lips. She had a big mouth with soft, thick lips that reminded me of Angelina Jolie. Her pouty, sultry lips locked around my girth and began to slowly work her way up and down the length of my dick. I pushed my pelvis forward and drove my cock further into her mouth and to the back of her throat. With most of my cock stuffed down her throat, Meg gagged slightly and pulled my saliva drenched member out of her mouth. She giggled as she recovered and gave my cock a few long, fast strokes. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of my penis and Meg put the head of my cock back in her mouth to suck it clean. Then she pulled her head back off my stiff manhood and repositioned herself. She smiled and laid back on to the shower floor.

"I want to see you fuck my tits. Get on down here stud," she said as she ushered for me to straddle her just below her tits. I knelt on either side of her slender body so that my shaved ball sack was directly over her belly button. She grabbed some of the same shampoo I was using for lube and rubbed it between her sizeable melons. Then she folded her arms and pressed her breasts together, a signal to me that it was time for me to do my bidding. I took the head of my cock and slid it directly between her two tits. Meg was holding them together firmly, but her D cup breasts were all natural and my rigid cock slipped between them like a hot knife through butter. I thrust my cock all the way until the base of my cock was pressing against her fun bags and the head was sticking out on the high side. I began to thrust steadily, mashing my cock between her tits. Meg moaned as I occasionally played with her nipples.

As I tit fucked Meg on the shower floor, I tried to get her to suck on the head of my cock, but she wasn't observing my subtle hints. I would push my raging cock deep between her tits until the head was poking out the other side, and then let it hover there for a second right below her chin. All she needed to do was crane her neck slightly and accept my cock willingly into her warm, wet mouth. Finally, I just grabbed the back of her head and guided her mouth to my cock. She complied without resistance and began sucking on the head. When I released her hair, she continued to suck on the head of my swollen member until I pulled it back and continued to fuck her perky boobs. .

"Fucked this Adam," she said releasing her tits. "I'm doing all the work and with none of the reward. I want to see what you feel like inside of me!" I stood up and was about to position myself between her legs but Meg had other ideas. "Why don't you lie down?"

"As you wish," I said obediently. I followed her directions and she quickly positioned herself over the top of me, standing up straight as she straddled my mid-section. I let my gaze run up her astonishing body. There was a noticeable moist area in her panties and she was caressing her soft breasts, teasing me as she hovered over my painfully erect cock. I reached out and touched the inside of her thigh and pleaded with my eyes for her to let me fill her up with my teenage dick. She let my fingers wonder up to her pussy and massage it through the thin material.

Meg didn't even bother to take her bottoms off. When my fingers no longer met her needs, she simply pulled the elastic to one side and lowered her pussy onto my cock. She took precaution when the head of my penis was first inserted and spread her tight pussy. After the helmet of my cock was securely positioned, however, she sat down forcefully, allowing my whole cock to fill her insides. The walls of her pussy pushed mercilessly against my hot flesh and I came almost immediately as she bounced up and down on my lap. Meg had her eyes closed moaning and was clearly having too much fun to notice the sticky load I had just released in her cunt. I knew I had at least one more load in me and I wasn't slowing down either. She cried out in pleasure as her vaginal walls massaged my hot throbbing cock. I reached up and took two handfuls of tit and she began to once again ride my cock up and down.

Before, in regards to fucking Kristen, I was just happy to be getting some tail. There was nothing artistic about it, just me ramming my sex drive into her love hole as hard and fast as I could. Meg took her time and varied her strokes. Sometimes she would go up and down. Sometimes she would move her body in a circular movement or from side to side with my dick deep inside her. It felt surreal when she moved up and down. One time she even spun around and started fucking me reverse cowgirl. From this position, I could see her ass giggle in the tight bikini bottoms as she bounced on my cock. I reached out with my left hand and squeezed her ass. Then I reached around with my right hand in search of Meg's clit. Once I located her engorged clit I rubbed it furiously as I continued to stroke my throbbing member inside of her.

"Oh, oh, oh my God," Meg said moaning. Her breathing was choppy and irregular as pleasure overtook her. She began to heave her body about as she neared an orgasm. "Ahh, I can't believe, oh, it feels so, oh, I'm going cum. Adam don't stop now. I'm going to cum!"

I felt Meg's body shudder as she came. The walls of her pussy vibrated against my cock as her hot juices covered my manhood and shot onto my leg. I continued to thrust my cock into her sopping cunt and she continued to orgasm. Meg spun around, still steadily bouncing on my cock, so that I could once again see her tits. As her first orgasm subsided, I sat up and stuffed my face in her tits. My cock still needed some relief but I also needed a rest. Meg shook her big tits in my face like a stripper and let her soft fun bags slap me in the face.

Meg must have assumed that I too had cum because she was pleasantly surprised that the dick inside of her was remaining hard. She pushed me back down on the floor and resumed riding my cock. She went slowly though, and talked to me dirty. "I'm indebted to you. How do you want me?"

"Let me take you doggy style. I want to slam up against your beautiful ass while I fuck you," I said. Before I could finish the sentence, Meg dismounted me and jumped out of the shower. She grinned at me when she reached the door and then dashed out of sight down the hallway. I got to my feet quickly and followed her to my room.

When I entered the room I saw Meg. She was across the room and was removing her panties. For the first time, I saw her beautiful naked ass. Then she turned around and bent over the dresser. Her hard nipples were pressed against the wood grain of the set of drawers and her ass was pushed up in the air so that her slit was also visible. Meg craned her neck and glanced back at me as she reached back and slid a finger into her pussy. I needed no further introduction and I practically ran across the room and positioned myself behind her. She removed her finger and I replaced it with my big cock. I drove my cock deep into Meg's pussy and she slammed her round ass into my pelvis. With each stroke, Meg let out a cry of pleasure and pain as I rammed her cunt from behind. I heard her palm slap the top of the dresser and her pussy walls clenched my cock as she reached her second orgasm. Her body shook and her pussy trembled, massaging my cock until I too was near an orgasm. With one desperate final stroke, I plunged my cock deep into her pussy and released my juices inside of her. As I pulled out, I shot my final creamy load all over her ass and back. "Ooh baby, that's what I'm talking about," Meg squealed as the hot juices careened down her ass crack. She turned around and dropped to her knees in front of me. She once again took my cock in her mouth and licked the juices off of it until it returned to its flaccid state. She let the soft member slide out of her mouth with one last, long suck.

Meg stood up and put on her bikini bottoms. "We're going to have to do this again," she exclaimed. She offered me a sexy smile and without another word skipped out of the bedroom. I didn't even have time to say thank you...

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