tagIncest/TabooAdam's Family Ch. 01

Adam's Family Ch. 01


Author's Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

Pardon the puns in the titles of this series, I just can't help myself.

This tale is a follow-up to my four part story "Adam's Aunt." I recommend reading it first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with that tale, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales. I'll come back to those romantical type tales eventually, but I'm fighting writer's block right now, and I needed to write some smut to try to break up that logjam.

This is a seven part story, and all seven were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.

There are quite a few online conversations in this chapter of the tale, and I've used some different means to set them off. Emails are blockquoted to stand out, which unfortunately causes a font size/face bug that I'm told is being worked on. So when you see the text change after an email, it's the system goofing up, not the author!

When characters are chatting via instant messenger or chat-room, you'll see the following symbols replacing quotation marks, to help set off the different form of communication. «Online Conversation»


Christine pressed her face down into the pillow, holding her breath as her body tensed in preparation to explode in orgasm. Between her honey-blonde niece sucking her clit from below and the younger woman's roommate tonguing her pussy and ass from behind, Christine was in perfect ecstasy.

The pillow muffled her scream as she trembled and twitched through her orgasm. The two young women lapping her so enthusiastically let out satisfied moans as they drank up her bittersweet flow of juices. When they finally let her spiral down to earth, Christine dropped down from her knees and rolled over on her back. Her dark hair spread in a halo around her head as she shivered through the aftereffects of her climax and watched her two lovers share her juices in passionate kisses.

"I wish my cousin hadn't got married or my brothers weren't such disgusting geeks," Jenny sighed as she and Angie lay down next to Christine. "I keep thinking about that week John and I were screwing and getting hotter by the second."

Christine smiled; glad to have drawn the secret out of her niece's bleach-blonde roommate about her brief, incestuous affair with a cousin. The sex had been wonderful before, but this time was incredible. She patted her niece's bottom and said, "You'll just have to share your brother — hmm?"

"I don't want you to go home tomorrow." Angie pouted prettily.

"I don't want to go, but you're getting distracted from school — both of you. I'll try to bring Adam along next time."

"Oh, god yes," Jenny excitedly breathed in response to that, drawing laughter from the two women sharing the bed. "I've got to see that cock for real. Video just isn't going to cut it."

"Speaking of school — both of you should probably get ready for class." She rolled her eyes at the girlish groans of protest. "Be good girls, go to class, and maybe Auntie Christine will buy you a nice big strap-on to play with tonight."

That turned the sounds of protest into anticipatory moans in short order.

Christine left at the same time as the girls, to return to her hotel room. She sat down at her laptop as soon as she entered her room, pulling out a digital camera from her purse. She knew her nephew would appreciate the shots she'd taken while playing with his sister and her roommate. When she opened her email, she saw a message from Adam already in her inbox. Leaving it for later, she composed one to him first.

I'll read your mail in a minute. I wanted to send this first. Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

Seriously, we could use a nice big cock — or two.

Hope this tides you over until I get home.


She then attached the twenty-some-odd pictures that she and Angie had taken. Christine licked her lips as she thought about her nephew's cock swelling from looking at the pictures. He'd likely have a lot of cum for her when she returned home. She clicked the button to send the email, and then returned to her inbox to read Adam's message.

Can't wait for you to get home. Just wish you could bring Angie with you. I got bored and cruised around some of the nudie chat sites last night, and you're not going to believe what I found.

Is this who I think it is?

Christine clicked the link at the end of the email, and looked hard at the picture on the bio. At first, she couldn't place the sense of recognition that flashed through her brain. Then, as she read the text on the page and glanced back at the picture again, she thought, It can't be — can it?

A few clicks confirmed that only members were allowed to see more than the simple bio on the page, with only a headshot picture. Christine didn't hesitate to click the join link, her curiosity fully aroused.

When she logged in and returned to the bio page, she was even more convinced that her initial thoughts were right. The member's version of the bio had several pictures, including a few full body shots in seductive poses. One shot of the woman from behind revealed just a hint of something hiding beneath the frilly panties in the image. Seeing that even more pictures and videos were available for credits, Christine charged her account with enough to reach the area.

Though her initial instinct was to linger on each sexy, nude image of the redhead, she kept her libido in check long enough to scroll down to a picture showing the woman's bare bottom. The image was clear, and what it revealed left no doubt as to the identity of the woman called 'Cynthia' in the bio. She might not have seen her niece Becky in years, but the dolphin-shaped birthmark identified her better than a fingerprint.

Now Christine did linger over the rest of the photos, wetness gathering between her legs and her nipples stiffening all the while. Becky had sprouted into quite a woman over the years. The bio claimed that she was a 38d, but Christine thought that the breasts she was almost drooling over would surely overspill any bra that size. Her niece's nipples looked to be as big as the tip of her pinky. Becky's hips flared sensually into a gorgeous bottom that perfectly complemented her generously endowed chest. Between her legs, Becky sported an artfully trimmed nest of flaming red curls.

Both the bio and the long, detailed fantasy Becky had added to the page identified her as bisexual, but Christine knew that might just be a marketing tool for earning her private minutes. The detail in the fantasy was certainly convincing, however.

Christine added more credits to her account, unable to resist the lure of hot videos advertised next to a picture of her niece sucking a realistic dildo. Her eyes immediately jumped to the preview frame of one video, and Christine clicked it with a moan and a lick of her lips.

Her panties soon slipped to her ankles as she watched the video of her niece eagerly lapping a blonde with obvious implants. Next to Becky's perfect, bountiful breasts, the silicone-enhanced attributes of the blonde looked almost ridiculous.

She certainly has a pretty pussy, though, Christine thought as she watched Becky teasing it with her tongue on the computer screen. If you're acting, Becky, then you should be in Hollywood, not on a nudie site. Her niece licked and sucked the pink folds before her with such passionate desire that Christine didn't think a straight woman could possibly pull it off. When the blonde came — a less convincing performance, but accompanied by enough wetness to make Christine believe that the orgasm might be real — Becky's excitement was even more difficult to pass off as mere acting to draw in men thinking with their little head.

Christine sat back with a purr when the video ended, her fingers teasing her wet heat and glimmering with her juices. The rest of the videos involved Becky alone with various toys, and one video in the shower. Christine fetched her vibrator and came with her niece as Becky thrust a large dildo into her ass while she rubbed a smaller clit vibe over her bud.

As soon as she recovered from her orgasm, Christine looked up at the schedule posted on the page. Her niece should be online in a few hours, if she kept to the listed schedule. Christine sucked her toy clean and closed the window, returning to her email to answer Adam.

Yes, it is. That's your cousin Becky. Bet you'd like to fuck her too, wouldn't you? I'd love to lick her until she screams while you fuck her hard.

She's going to be online in a few hours, and I'm going to go talk to her for a while. As soon as I stop shivering from getting myself off to her videos, I'll set you up an account so you can go look at her playing with her pussy. Take a picture when you get done stroking your cock to her.

I'll email you the information once I set your account up.

Kisses, licks, and sucks,


Shortly thereafter, she kept her promise. She warned Adam not to reveal who he was, and to keep silent if he recognized his aunt in chat. She wanted to feel out her niece, considering the abrupt way she and her immediate family had dropped almost out of sight.

A few years ago, the whole family of four had suddenly clammed up. Christine and her siblings had managed to convince their sister to tell them enough to understand that she was divorcing her husband, but little more. The couple sold their house and divided their possessions before the split, and then went their separate ways, she with Becky and he with Dan. None had ever spoken of the reasons, and contact with the rest of the family grew more sporadic as time marched on.

Christine certainly hoped that she might learn more about part of her family that was almost lost to her, but considering how she'd rediscovered her niece, she also hoped to learn a lot more about that as well. At the moment, with the sexy nude images of Becky filling the screen in front of her, Christine found it hard to think of anything else.


Adam surfed the bios and chats on the nudie site, waiting for his cousin to come online, and hoping that she stuck to her schedule. He still had quite a few credits left, despite watching every video Becky had posted on her bio. Naturally, he'd sent his aunt the picture she'd requested when he couldn't hold back from masturbating as he watched his cousin doing the same.

The models paid a lot more attention to him now than they had the previous night, and having credits allowed him to access nude chat as well. The models had talked to him the night before, because he could manage more than show me ur tits for conversation, but the women went out of their way, now that he had a membership account.

He hoped the sound of the video game running would keep his mother from knocking on his locked door. It usually did, but he almost expected this time to be the exception because it was the last thing he wanted. He'd just bought the game, and his mother, father, and friends were used to him vanishing into seclusion for a week or so when that happened.

Adam checked his watch again, and blinked back to his cousin's bio. It still listed her as offline, but she was due to log on in ten minutes. He was already hard again in anticipation of seeing her live, especially because he knew his aunt would be watching as well.

She didn't disappoint when she arrived, right on cue. Though she was wearing a bra and panties in free chat, the sexy lingerie really left little to the imagination. The yellow-green color combined perfectly with her red hair, setting off her incredible body. Adam recognized his aunt immediately, and knew that she already knew his chat handle.

Within minutes, he and she dominated most of Becky's attention, along with another chatter whom Adam guessed was a regular. Almost as quickly, Adam decided he liked the unknown third chatter — who used the handle Danbruluv — because he got a kick out of the guy's sense of humor. He and Danbru talked quite a bit, but always kept Becky in the conversation as well.

«Well, it's time for me to go to nude,» Becky typed. «Just to prove to something to everyone, this is for Danbru, Adamant, and Crissy for keeping me awake and not begging.»

With that, Becky pulled down her top and freed her heavy, natural breasts. She tweaked her nipples, jiggled for a moment, and then blew a kiss before closing down the free room to start nude chat.

At the last second, Adam caught a cryptic post from Danbru. It didn't take Adam long to discern that it was a covert way of revealing his email address. Since most of the people in the room were busy 'screaming' to see Becky's pussy, Adam doubted that anyone else noticed.

A message arrived from his aunt, telling him that she was going to nude chat. He told her to have fun, because he was going to save his credits. Then, he sent an email to the address he'd picked up in chat. He got a reply almost instantly, and he was chatting on messenger with Danbru a few seconds later.


Christine purred as Becky sat back down on the bed, now nude in addition to her provocative posing. «This is more than worth the wait, Cyn,» she typed as she admired her niece's body.

«TY Crissy,» Becky replied. «Nice to have someone besides Danbru and a couple of others keeping me sane in free chat for once.»

«So I guess you don't mind another girl looking at you and wanting to do naughty things to you?»

Becky said hello to a couple of other chatters in the room and then answered, «Hell no. I'd love to let you do naughty things to me, Crissy.» She punctuated that remark by smoothing back the curls around her sex and licking her lips.

That resulted in quite a long session of other chatters asking her to expound on what sort of things Becky might want to do with another girl. The conversation here was more civil, but still heavily directed toward getting everything they could for free from Becky.

Aching with desire and thinking that she might get a better feel of her niece in private, Christine hovered her mouse pointer over the link for a private show. The chatters steadily asked — or demanded — more, no matter how much Becky showed off. Christine could see frustration beginning to emerge in the redhead's expression, and that pushed her over the line.

«Well, hello :),» Becky typed when the private show started. «U surprised me. Most girls don't take me pvt.»

«I'm not most girls,» Christine replied.

«Do u have a cam? I'd love to see/hear you. If u want 2?»

«Just a sec ;),» Christine answered, and then turned on her cam to adjust it.

«Do U know how 2... I guess so lol,» Becky typed, cutting off her question when Christine clicked the button to share her cam with her niece.

Becky let out a delighted moan and asked, "Can you hear me?"

Knowing there was a chance her niece might recognize her voice, Christine took the risk anyway, as she'd already decided to do anyway. "Mmm hmm. Your voice gives me goose bumps."

"So does yours. You have a great body. Maybe someday you'll let me see your face," Becky said, lying back to stroke her fingers over her nether lips in a tease.

"I'd love to show it to you in person," Christine hinted suggestively. "I thought you could use a break from the horndogs."

"Thanks — they were getting on my nerves. What I really need is a big O, though. I feel like I'm fit to burst."

"What really turns you on?" Christine asked.

"Besides your hot bod?" Becky laughed. "How open-minded are you?"

"I like being kinky."

"Mmm — how about incest?"

"Oh yeah," Christine groaned, liking the direction this conversation was going. "Have you ever thought about doing it for real?" She slipped two fingers into her wet heat as she asked.

"All the time," Becky replied, wriggling her finger faster between her visibly wet nether lips.

"It was the hottest thing I've ever done. I love being with my niece and nephew."

"Oh my," Becky moaned, plunging three fingers deep inside her. "I've done it too. My brother was my first."

Fortunately, Becky couldn't see her aunt's wide-eyed look of surprise. "Mmm — nice," she managed to gasp out.

Becky pulled her fingers from her depths to rub her clit. "Do you want to be my naughty aunt?"

"Oh, god yes," Christine answered, knowing that her niece had no idea just how much she really meant it.

"Do you want to lick my pussy, Aunt Crissy?"

"My mouth is watering, Cynthia," Christine answered. She nearly said her niece's real name in her excitement, as she brought her other hand down to rub her clit while she stroked two fingers into her depths.

"I want to get in a sixty-nine with you, so I can lick your pussy, too." Becky's fingers glimmered from the wetness coating them as she rubbed her bud in fast circles. She brought her fingers to her mouth for a second and sucked them clean. "My pussy tastes so good. I bet yours does too."

"Lick me," Christine moaned.

Becky actually flicked her tongue as she continued to masturbate, and Christine could almost feel her niece's tongue replacing her fingers between her legs. Both women moaned, their fingers moving faster in response to their growing need.

"Oh! It feels so good, Aunt Crissy. I'm going to come so hard."

"Me too," Christine gasped as a bubble of pleasure swelled within her. "Come for me."

"Oh — oh — yes — yes — YES! Oh god, I'm coming!"

Though her words, tone, and writhing were certainly part of a calculated pattern she used to attract return customers, Christine sensed that her niece actually was coming — and coming hard. Becky's chest and face were both flush with color, and the wetness between her legs and coating her fingers testified to her level of arousal.

Christine cried out as her orgasm gripped her, tightening her muscles and sending electric pulses racing up her spine.

Both women twitched and voiced their pleasure for well over a minute before they came down enough to pay attention to each other. They let out a simultaneous moan, followed by laughter at that shared reaction. On the screen, a stream of milky juices meandered from Becky's twitching labia. Christine looked down to see that she too had a generous flow of her juices trickling from her.

"Mmm, that was good. Thank you," Becky moaned, lying back with her legs spread wide.

"Thank you," Christine echoed. "You made your Aunt Crissy come so hard."

"I actually have an aunt named Christine. That made it really hot for me."

Christine saw a flash in the corner of her screen and said, "My credits are running out. Do you want me to get some more so you can clean up and relax?"

"If you want to. The guys always love to watch me after I come, though. I usually get another private not long after, when I come back to nude chat all creamy and breathless. Come back into chat after the show."

"I will."

Becky dipped her finger in her juices and brought it to her lips with a moan while Christine was speaking. She licked her lips and blew a kiss. "Bye bye."

Christine's credits ran out, and she fell back to the bed with a satisfied moan.


Adam's cock throbbed as he watched the show in voyeur mode. Somehow, he knew his aunt was on the other end. When it closed down, another message from Danbru came in. Before Adam could click on it, a second window opened from his aunt.

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