tagHow ToAdd Some Real Power to Your Jacking

Add Some Real Power to Your Jacking

byDecayed Angel©

Now guys, how often has this happened to you? You have some free time on hand, you're wife, girlfriend, friend with benefits, significant or insignificant other is out of town, out shopping or just out of the picture for the next few hours (at least) and you decide to take in a good porn flick. Yeah, it happens sometimes, you have an afternoon of some pure, lowbrow, raw visual entertainment with absolutely no redeeming value except for popping off.

Well, you find the perfect flick, get it home without drawing too much attention to yourself, get yourself set up with a beverage, some clean up rags and the remote control and you're ready for an experience. You fire up the DVD player and fast forward though the warnings and notices, endure a bit of useless plot and then suddenly, the clothes are removed and you are watching some of hard-core's finest breasts, cocks, pussies and asses in all their enormous, gleaming and thrusting beauty.

Yeah, you know those flicks and three minutes into the feature you are wanking away and try as you might, with all that hot action on the screen you are coming right along with the actor onscreen. And there you are, not even five minutes into your ninety minute porn film and you've shot your wad. What do you do? What do you do?

Well sure, for you younger guys you just carry on, but then again, after you've popped your load for a second time and you're only ten minutes into the film, you're still stuck. You could go on watching hoping to work up another hard-on, but damn, unless you've got an ample supply of some good lube your gonna rub that sucker raw, trying to coax one last cum shot out of it. And damn, even if you've got calluses on your cock your arm's got to be aching after that extended jerking, and we haven't even mentioned carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now, you could try rummaging through some of the toys hidden deep in underwear drawers, but after coming once (or twice) those vibrations begin to feel a bit like "...the distant humming of some far-away bees," if you let me (mis)quote Laurie Anderson. Mind you, your head is in the right place, as long as you have batteries or electricity, these devices won't get tired and if you use some common sense, you'll not blister your twister reaching for that cum shot. The problem you face with these toys is simply, as Tim Taylor would say, "You need more power!"

More power: that is the answer. Don't go digging through your draws looking for those mild mannered girlie toys, step boldly into the garage, saunter up to the workbench and inject some real power into your sex life. That said gentlemen, let's use a bit of discretion here. Stay far away from any blades, hammers, drills, planes, scrapers, rippers, crow bars and screwdrivers. The secret here is to remember the concept of many of the toys we talked about earlier... think vibration. That's it, your good old vibratory sander.

Much like the toys described above, these vibratory sanders come in different shapes and sizes. Ryobi and several other manufacturers will make some fine specialty sanders and these may work for some kinky activity, but for just flat out, double, triple or even quadruple cum shots I recommend an old faithful. The Craftsman standard vibratory sander brings an earth shattering ¼ horsepower of jittering joy to even the deadest dick.

When using any of these sanders, it is important to remember to remove any sandpaper from the tool or you'll be raw for a month. Once you get rid of the sandpaper you are ready to experience power sex. Now, the Craftsman sander features a soft rubber padding with a smooth surface that, with a bit of courage can be applied directly against your skin, even the most sensitive areas around the glans and balls. If you are extra sensitive or are a bit nervous with the tool, you could use it through your clothing or use a towel to give you some extra padding. The towel is good to have on hand anyway, because using this tool, you'll have a lot of cleanup.

If you are having trouble picturing a scenario, I'll outline a possible agenda that takes full advantage the new features of your tool. Feel free to explore variations on this scenario that will satisfy your specific kinks or needs.

I choose a movie from my small collection of DVDs, not a compilation one that tosses the cum shots at you at fifty shots and hour, but one where I can experience at least a bit of build-up. I start up the DVD, move over to a comfortable chair, carefully placing the towel on one arm and leaning the vibratory sander on the other, making sure it is plugged in. I pull off my tee shirt, shorts and jockey shorts and, completely naked now, I settle back into the chair.

Fast forwarding through the start up screen and a bit of the superfluous dialogue, I kick back to normal speed as the clothes begin to come off onscreen. As the actor and actress undress each other and the woman's enormous breasts are sucked, licked, squeezed and tossed about, I slowly draw my palms up my chest, lightly circling over my stomach and then up onto my chest. By now my cock is hard, but I avoid any contact with it.

Finding my nipples, I gently circle them with my fingertips, feeling the tiny nubs harden to my touch. The tingling shoots though me so I can even feel some sensation in my balls, and I continue toying with my nipples as onscreen I watch the actor's tongue now slide up the actresses open pussy lips. He diddles her clit with his tongue as I start to reach for my cock.

At this point, I have a decision to make. I can go with the old fashion jack-off for my first orgasm, which will go pretty quickly considering the inspiration I receive from the onscreen images, or I can go with the sander and take advantage of a full load of cum when I come. Consider this, with your first orgasm, the intensity will be increased using the tool and often your come shot will be reminiscent of Ron Jeremy in his prime, before he gained all that weight and joined the cast of Real Life. Just be prepared for the cleanup because you'll be wiping cum from walls and ceilings.

Before I touch my cock, I pull my fingers along my thighs and gently brush over my balls, just to tease myself a bit more. On-screen the man and woman are now going doggie style, with an excellent camera angle showing the glistening cock slipping in and out of her pussy, her lips expanding and contracting around his cock. I reach for the sander and gently ease the soft rubber padding to just above my balls so that it gets just the base of my cock along with my balls. Leaning back in my chair I stare at the screen, where the actress has rolled onto her back and is playing with her nipples as the actor plunges his cock into her pussy.

Convincing myself her orgasm is real and not just acting, I turn on the sander and let the vibration ripple over my entire crotch. The onscreen intensity is building and I know the cum shot is not far away, so I press the sander harder against me, letting the massive vibration electrify my cock and balls. The noise from the sander grounds out the sound on the TV, and I know my neighbors are experiencing interference on their afternoon baseball game.

Varying the intensity of sensation riddling my balls and shaft by increasing or decreasing how hard I push the sander against me, I time my cum shot with the action on TV. Just as the actor pulls his cock out of the actress' pussy I let myself go, shooting my cum up on my chest, all the way up to my chin. On screen, white, glistening liquid arches over the woman, splashing on her breasts and running down the large curves.

The vibrations continue as my cock pulses again and again, shooting my come in descending rainbows onto my stomach and into my pubic hair. I finally shut down the sander and relax, savoring the faint sound of dialogue on TV as the lead up to another sex scene drags on. I grab the towel, wipe off my chin, chest and stomach and begin honing in on the action onscreen as the clothes are once again torn off.

I'll coast through the next scene, perhaps toying with my nipples and generally recovering from my orgasm. After a scene or two of teasing, I'll be ready for another power shot. Given the length of this movie, I figure I'll be good for two, perhaps three more shots. I feel my cock begin to harden some from the teasing on my nipples...

Depending upon your general health and the quality of porn you are watching, you could carry on for a number of cum shots. You might also consider having a piece of wood near your chair in case your significant other walks in on you, you can explain you were sanding the wood and well, just got carried away. Hey, she might believe it.

For the Ladies

Keep in mind fellows, the thought of more power can also be applied to the ladies in your life. I do urge you to introduce her to the idea slowly and don't come barging in from the garage, covered in sawdust, still wearing your safety goggles, with your sander screaming and shooting out sparks. You might want to get her a little drunk... well, get her hammered and then give it a shot. Be sure to have plenty of extra soft padding to reassure her. Of course you face the possibility that she'll really like the sander and then you'll never be able to find it when you have some sanding to do.

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