tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 02

Addicted to Attention Ch. 02


Burt drove into the property, around 3pm, apologising profusely for being delayed so long. He took his time showing us all through the house quite thoroughly. Cathy and I had still been wet when we put our dresses on so we were sure that the transparency of our clothing had not escaped his attention. However, he was business like and pleasant, as always, touring the place with us and pointing out the facilities.

Cathy and I were impressed with the view across the lake toward the township. It was possible to see the activities of the many various craft on the water as the holiday crowd enjoyed water skiing and fishing further out from the shore. There were many other sedate activities closer to shore, such as swimming and canoeing that could be seen in the distance.

"The town of Maple Lake has become more popular over the last few years." Burt explained.

Apparently, he had once lived in town but his old house had been needed for a recent redevelopment. He had then bought a similar property to the one we were looking at, half a mile further down the road, so it appeared that we would be neighbours if we bought this property. Cathy and I excused ourselves to allow the men to carry on their discussions while we had a talk about what we had seen. We were quite excited at the prospect of owning this house and discretely mentioned this to Des before we left them.

Both of us loved the interior layout of the main house. The living areas were spacious and open, ideally suited to our new relationship. It was situated far enough off the road to be tranquil and private, yet close enough to discourage vandalism or burglary. The best part was the idyllic setting. We lay on the grass, planning the sleeping arrangements for the night ahead. We discussed the only options for Cathy's sex life, for the next couple of weeks anyway, candidly and without reservation. I had already told her about the first anally induced orgasm that I had experienced, since being pierced, and she seemed excited by the prospect. She confided to me that she hadn't often experienced orgasms before without more direct stimulation to her clitoris.

We disrobed and went for another swim to pass the time while we waited for the men to finish their talk with Burt. They seemed to be taking a lot longer than we had expected but we took this as a good sign. We played in the water, chattering excitedly about planned renovation that we could do inside the house if the deal went well.

As Burt was about to leave Ken called us over to farewell him. We made no attempt to cover our nudity as we approached the men. I told Cathy that maybe we should give him a thrill to see him on his way. Burt was evidently impressed.

"You two are the luckiest guys I know." He said to our husbands, barely concealing his delight at the sight of the two naked young ladies before his eyes, before addressing us. "You ladies are beautiful, with or without clothes. I only wish I could stay awhile, but I have to work today. I hope you enjoy the property, as it was meant to be."

He drove back toward town with a cheery wave.

Ken and Des frustrated all our attempts to glean any information about the result of their discussions with Burt, deliberately teasing us by avoiding any direct answers until we returned to the motel.

They took photos of us, beside the car and with the empty house in the background, which I anticipated to be a good sign meanwhile.

Finally, back at the motel, over an hour later, they told us the outcome of their negotiations. We had an option to purchase at a very reasonable price, for only $2000-00, refundable in full on settlement, for three months. Des held up the keys with a wide smile.

Meanwhile, we could use the property as if we were renting it while we checked the buildings and valuation details with the lawyers. An agreement had been signed with Burt and the furniture inside the property was available to purchase with the house if we needed it, at only a little extra cost.

Cathy and I hugged and kissed them in a state of pure euphoria.

Des and I watched Cathy lead Ken into their room for the session of anal lovemaking that he had wanted earlier.

We discretely walked down to the shore of the lake to discuss the events of the afternoon in greater depth. It was the first time we had a chance to be alone with our respective husbands since we arrived. We reassured each other that we were both happy with the outcome, both of the property deal, as well as the changing relationship with Cathy and Ken. As much as I was thrilled with last night's sleeping arrangements, I needed to know that Des was equally comfortable to carry on in this way.

Des regarded Ken with the same sort of respect and mutual trust that I had felt with Cathy, it seemed. He told me that he could see the relationship as one of the most beneficial ways to strengthen and enhance our marriage, while allowing us to fulfil our carnal desires for variety without recrimination. We hugged and vowed that we would always make time to share our inner feelings this way. If ever either of us ever decided that we were unhappy with the new arrangements we resolved to talk it out together to see if we wanted to continue with the group relationship, or not.

Cathy and Ken were showering together when we went back to the unit, having had some intimate moments together. Ken was delighted, being somewhat younger than Des and I he seemed to have sex on his mind all the time. I thought this to be highly commendable, considering the evenings ahead. I enjoyed his company in the bedroom. We were all elated with the recent developments on our first holiday together. Des and I joined them for a quick freshen up and dry off.

We all agreed to dress and go out for another drive around the lake, intending to pick up a takeaway meal on the way through town and then have another early night back at the motel. We had so much to discuss between ourselves, both social and business, that it was felt that the distraction of going out for entertainment would be counter productive.

We arrived back at the unit, still in a buoyant mood. Cathy and Des went ahead while Ken and I attended to the convertible, locking it up and securing the top. We had brought groceries and drinks, feeling the need to economise our spending. We had liked the look of the surrounding districts of Maple Lake and we could all see the growing potential of the area as a new holiday destination for city dwellers such as ourselves. Investing in the area seemed as good financially as it was socially. We agreed to pool our resources jointly, into the venture of acquiring the house and land, sharing the expenses equally between the four of us.

Ken was frisky and ready for sex play as soon as we walked into the unit. He, like Des, had an increased sex drive this weekend as the variety of our new open relationship impacted on them. Not that Cathy and I were a lot different from them in that respect. In the course of that evening we enjoyed our new relationship to the fullest, still using the bedrooms separately at this stage but becoming a lot more adventurous.

I was riding on top of Ken at one point when Des came into the room and fulfilled my fantasy of having two men at the same moment.

I lay still while he lubricated me and I could sense Kens penis throbbing inside my vagina while Des had his finger inside my anus. The delicious anticipation was extremely sensual and I looked forward to being entered. I relaxed my muscles hoping that double penetration would be everything I had dreamed of in my fantasies.

The unusual sensation of being entered anally at the same time as having normal intercourse brought me to new peaks of satisfaction.

Unlike most fantasies, the sensation of two male organs moving inside me actually eclipsed the pleasure that I had anticipated. Understandably nervous at first, I let myself go as we all moved in unison to the longest, most satisfying orgasm of my life. Nothing could compare to the feeling of being held by four tender arms as I shuddered and shook uncontrollably. Both men ejaculated inside me within seconds of each other, filling my body with their hot semen. Ken kissed my breasts and nibbled on my nipples while Des hugged me tightly and kissed the sensitive area behind my ears. I moaned softly with pleasure, leaving them in no doubt that I was truly satisfied with the long anticipated experience that they had provided me.

When I had almost recovered, I noticed Cathy standing by the door, recording the event with Des's new video camera. She was smiling with tender approval as she stood there totally naked in the doorway, behind the camera.

I was flushed with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment as I looked at her. I had never done anything like this before in my life, let alone be watched by another female while I was making love. I had been too caught up in the moment to consider where Cathy might be or what she might be doing. An awkward silence followed. Cathy's body betrayed her enjoyment of what she had just witnessed, her nipples erect and quivering behind the tripod holding the camera steady. Des broke the silence first.

"My idea I'm afraid, sweetheart. I'm sorry if you're startled, but I really think you will enjoy watching this again later." He smiled wickedly. "I know I will anyway, for sure."

I recovered my wits and laughingly invited Cathy to join us all on the bed. She left the camera running and posed briefly in front of the lens.

"Oh goody, I get to join in." She told the camera.

We all laughed as she jumped onto the bed, affectionately kissing all of us and playfully squeezing the men's flaccid members. We had now become one happy family group.

I felt silly now as we sat talking and laughing together about my initial embarrassment. I told Cathy that I couldn't wait for the opportunity to surprise her in the same way, when she was able to enjoy our men in the same situation.

We went for a moonlight swim in the lake, running naked from the unit into the water. I didn't even check if the beach was empty at first. I just felt so happy and contented. The area was quite tranquil and deserted though, thankfully. It was a classy motel and it would have been embarrassing to be asked to leave because of lewd behaviour. The water was refreshing and we played around together quietly with one and other for twenty minutes or so.

A young couple passed by, arm in arm, walking slowly along the shore but if they noticed our nudity they discretely ignored it and merely waved to us as they continued along the shore.

It's hard to describe the feelings of love and trust we all felt for one and other by now. I loved Des more than ever and I realised that I also loved Ken now, and Cathy too. The difference was that I was in love with Des in a special exclusive way. I knew instinctively that Cathy felt the same way about Ken. It was a loving relationship that fulfilled me in ways that I could not have begun to imagine before now and I hoped to enjoy it for the rest of my life.

We didn't go back to the lake house until nearly 11am the following morning. As we drove past the rest area, where Des and I had met Melissa and her friends, I noticed one of their cars parked beside a tent. It was a distinctive station wagon with a roof rack. I asked Ken to pull off the road and stop for a moment. It was the same young group that we had met three weeks earlier.

I introduced our friends to the rest of the group while we chatted among ourselves. Melissa's boyfriend was a builder, as was another young guy with them. They came to the lake almost every weekend and often camped at this spot.

Des told Tony, Melissa's boyfriend, that we were thinking of buying a property further along the road and that we had been on our way there when I had noticed their vehicle. Tony offered to check the building over to see if it was sound. We made arrangements for the group to come over and spend some time with us, later in the morning. One of Tony's friends was out on the lake in a Jet Ski with his girlfriend. Tony said that as soon as they got back they would all join us at the house.

We carried on our journey, excited at the prospect of evaluating the buildings professionally so soon. This had been a concern of ours. We had been unsure about the way that we were going to organise this aspect of the property deal from so far away. Everything just seemed to be so perfect.

Ken and Des had already worked out the financial aspects easily enough, both being experienced merchant bankers. The state of the buildings, however, worried them slightly because they didn't want to have expensive problems to rectify. We went into the house and opened all the windows. Cathy and I continued to plan renovations to the interior. Although the furniture wasn't new, it had been well looked after and would be suitable until we could afford to replace it. The bathroom was old and the shower stall quite small but we thought that by knocking down the wall to the adjoining laundry area we could modernise it, like the one at the Lake View motel. The basic building improvements would be inexpensive and we believed that they could be done within our budget.

Tony and all his friends arrived not long after lunchtime and we showed them through the house and boatshed. Ideas were shared enthusiastically between all the men. The ladies went out to the lake to talk and socialise while the men evaluated the building work that might be needed.

Cathy and I were thrilled with the property and sat with the other girls talking among ourselves. We recalled the night at the bowling club and were soon chatting like old friends. Melissa had a new belly button piercing and Cathy showed her new ring to the others.

Before long we were all naked and swimming in the lake.

Melissa wasn't nervous about being nude anymore, actually being the first to strip off her bikini and waltz into the water. She had a lovely body with small firm breasts and now only a tiny tuft of hair above her cleanly shaven vagina. She was wearing a new engagement ring and appeared perfectly happy to be without her clothes. She had lost a lot of her earlier inhibitions and often swam naked now, she told me.

"We often think of you and Des and we were hoping to meet up with you again." She confided.

We were all cavorting about like teenagers when the boys joined us after stripping off all their gear. They were great company. The afternoon melted away quickly and we all had a fabulous time. During the course of the early afternoon all the men piled into the convertible to get some food from the shops. They intended to buy sausages and steak for a Bar-B-Que, leaving the ladies to organise cooking facilities.

Des took photos while we partied the afternoon away. We all took our turns riding on the Jet Ski. It was a particular thrill riding out on the lake, stark naked, behind the young guy that owned it. Des used his new video camera to record the event for us all to watch later. Cathy enjoyed her turn as much as I had, waving excitedly at us when they sped past us in a shower of spray. She later confessed having an orgasm during the ride, trying desperately to hide the fact from the driver by sitting further back in the seat.

Tony took over driving the Jet Ski for a while and he and Melissa were gone a bit longer than usual, disappearing at the far edge of the lake for a longer interval. We all agreed to meet later at the bowling club for an evening out.

The young group went back to their campsite and we had a chance to be alone at the house. Cathy wanted to take Ken into the bedroom for a while so Des and I went out to the boathouse for our own romantic interlude down by the lake. We re-lived our first outdoor experience that we had enjoyed on our first trip to Maple lake, oblivious to other activity on the lake.

Des told me that the house had been given the thumbs up by Tony and his friend who had offered to do all the renovations to our planned specifications, at a really affordable hourly rate if we wished.

They apparently worked together in another town, only a half-hour drive away. He and Ken were going to engage them as builders as soon as the financial dealings were complete and we owned the property.

It seemed to have been very convenient for us to have made friends with Melissa and her mates.

Des and I freshened up after our session by going into the lake for another dip, and walked slowly back to the house. I must say it was great to feel the sun dry our bodies as we strolled naked around the property. My tan lines were almost gone by now and the gold waist chain showed up against my skin much better now. My new clitoral ornament felt much better than the original gold ring, constantly keeping me semi-aroused sexually. Every now and then I found myself adjusting it, especially before any photo was taken, so that it displayed the stone in it's best light. Des loved to manipulate it with his tongue when we had oral sex, never failing to bring on a very satisfying climax. Far from being uncomfortable, the additional weight of the stone increased the pressure on my clitoris in a most delicious way.

Back in the house Ken and Cathy had been assessing the possibility of us all moving in tomorrow. We had no bed linen but at this time of the year blankets were totally unnecessary anyway. The biggest and most compelling problem was that there was no electricity on. We all loved the place and could hardly wait to move in but we realised that we would have to wait.

Once we returned to the motel, Cathy and I were left on our own while the men went into town to find Burt. They needed to know where to buy building materials at Maple Lake and arrange for the power supply to be connected. Burt had been so helpful with other information. I was glad to have the chance to talk to Cathy alone so we poured drinks and planned to cook some dinner. Cathy was more creative as a cook so I willingly let her take charge. I helped by cleaning up and tidying the unit. We worked well as a team, as we had discovered over the past month.

Cathy told me that she was now able to enjoy anal sex and had no more reservations about it. She loved the sensations of her piercing and had little pain in the area, glad that she had agreed to do it straight away instead of waiting. Cathy admired the nipple ornaments on the girls in the young group and was actually considering having at least one done. Definitely a belly button job, she confirmed as she sat down at the table.

We talked about our modelling business and how we were bringing in money more steadily. We had noticed the work beginning to increase now, over the previous weeks. It was mostly nude photography work initially but, remembering the call I had before we came to Maple Lake, I was hoping we would find work before a live audience as fashion models. I had got more of a charge out of watching reactions from spectators. It made me nervous at first but, if the atmosphere was ambient, the feeling of exhilaration was beyond mere description.

Cathy brought the photos, taken at the bowling alley the night that I stripped off and paraded nude on the catwalk and we looked at them again. She admired the one that I had been reluctant to show her, saying that I looked so vital and she could just imagine the audience cheering me on.

Evidently the time that Cathy had previously mentioned, when she had done a turn at a strip club, had given her a new confidence which had resulted in her wearing more daring clothing out in public. I quickly remembered the way she had drawn attention to herself during our first shopping trip.

It was as if fate had drawn us together.

Our partners were supportive to us, similar in their interests, and we were now embarking on a new relationship which appeared to suit us all very admirably. The purchase of the house on the lake could only further consolidate the new arrangements.

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