tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 12

Addicted to Attention Ch. 12


Kent's house was put on the market and sold, not unexpectedly, for a small fortune to another business leader who had been introduced to the property by Des. He suspected that one of his former clients would appreciate the unusual decor and amenities offered by the mansion and he paid the full price, asked by Kent

The commission for the deal was sufficient to freehold Lakeside and some other properties Des had acquired on our family's behalf. Kent willingly paid the commission that the other real estate agents had quoted him to us. We had always kept our individual finances on a separate footing and although we offered to handle the sale for less money, Kent insisted that we take the lowest commission offer that he had received from the professional agents in the city. All Kent's lovely personal artworks and possessions were stored in preparation for the move and he took all his vehicles to Maple Lake.

As I had counselled Kent over the winter months, I believed that the business profits would increase by the move. Most of his contract manufacturers were dotted around the country and Maple Lake was central to both his suppliers and his client base.

All our fashion shows would be held at Lakeside in future as we now had no further business in the old city. A smaller, more intimate showroom was fitted out at Lakeside under our skilled direction, specifically for the purpose of showing BDSM gear. It was in a separate and secure area of the building from the general public and decorated like a dungeon for additional dramatic effect. Of all Kent's clients, only those who bought specialist gear were to be invited into this showroom. It was more discrete and only Cat, myself and sometimes Monique did the modelling in there. It had been my idea, remembering the mutual pleasure of close contact with the spectators at Taylor's Ridge that first night. Any worthwhile clients were allowed to touch and occasionally caress us if they wished.

Margaret and Monique had mixed feelings about selling their beautiful mansion with all it's facilities and sculptured grounds, but Kent promised Margaret that he would allow them to pick any property at Maple Lake. He would duplicate and improve, a brand new replacement wherever they chose to live. Meanwhile they would continue to live in their current bungalow.

Margaret liked the spot across the lake from Rome that Des had bought for our family. Tony and David would construct the new building, able to employ as much additional labour as they needed. There was no road access, the property being part of a fifty acre block adjoining a larger farm owned still by an elderly couple. It had been a brilliant deal, also protecting the privacy we enjoyed at Rome. Des had secured the block because we had wanted to buy as much of the lake frontage as possible, knowing it would only become even more valuable in the future. I immediately offered in to Kent in return for an equal share in their business. So I obtained for my family a full partnership in Kent's Creations. It would give us equal control with Kent.

We celebrated the deal by all going out to the finest restaurant in town, spending the evening discussing all the possibilities for the location of the largest and most palatial private dwelling at Maple Lake.

"We'll both be Masters now, in every sense of the word." Kent toasted the deal with a smile on his face. "To you, Barbara."

Later, when we arrived home, I enjoyed submitting to him as I had always done, proving to him that nothing had changed in respect of our recreational activity. I enjoyed his control in that aspect of my life. Margaret was thrilled and looked forward to the move.

Des and Ken, as always, sorted out the legalities and fine tuned the minor details with Kent the following day and we transferred our land rights to Kent in exchange for fifty percent of the company shares.

Over the time that we had stayed in the city the opportunity for recreation had been severely curtailed. I looked forward to spending time at the Gentleman's Club at Taylor's Ridge. Kent had his private facilities at the mansion but the thrill of submission to strangers at the Club still excited me. I often thought about the first night we were there with Kent's family and I was now ready for even more challenging direction. I couldn't quite understand the unique thrill that I experienced from my submissiveness and humiliation in front of strangers. I loved the challenge of dangerous situations and trusted Kent to educate and guide me to, as yet, unknown limits.

I now sensed that Kent had much more to teach me about my developing sexual needs for domination. I had been close to curtailing the disgusting activities of that horrible old man at the city office and yet it was thrilling me at the same time. Only my determination to succeed in pleasing Kent forced me to comply with his demands. The pride and elation I felt afterward, as I showered, had confused me. I began to wonder at which point I would choose to use the safe word or gesture. There was no doubt that my compliance had pleased Kent, who I knew respected me even more. The only limit that I had told him earlier on was not to mark or disfigure my body permanently. I knew that he would never expose me to disease because I was a part of his family.

Four of our young friends were now married, a double wedding, as Darlene and David had moved their plans ahead to coincide with Tony's wedding to my dear friend Melissa. They still lived together in the lakeside property rented from us but I knew that with Kent's contract to build the new mansion it probably wouldn't be long before Tony could afford to build his own house. I talked to Melissa about her hopes for the future, assuring her that the property would be theirs to rent as long as they needed it. She asked me if I would have a more private discussion with her later as she needed my advice on a personal matter. I arranged a time when we could get together alone during the following day, suspecting that she and Tony were planning to build.

The following day, Melissa hesitantly asked what I thought about her and Tony sharing sex with David and Darlene. She had known, or at least suspected that my family was more intimate together than we let on. She was quick to point out that it didn't affect the way they all felt about our group, and all her friends respected our friendship with them. She had wanted to ask but been afraid of offending me before now. From the first day I met Melissa she had idolised me, often asking my advice regarding womanly matters among other things. I was amazed that after she had been married only months that she would even been considering the sort of relationship I had with my family but I explained all the potential pitfalls first, then the benefits if it worked out. I didn't mention anything about Kent's family or our other little unconventional interests. She was far to young to understand my growing submissive nature. I gathered that she must be considering wife swapping or group sex with Darlene and David. She began to cry, telling me that they had all been sleeping together since they rented our property and it was working out just fine. She and Darlene now had a clit piercing since her marriage to David and it had increased her need for more sexual excitement, as Darlene's parents had forewarned.

The real reason that she wanted my advice was that Tony had noticed the new showroom decorations. I put my arm around her and asked if she found it too embarrassing.

"No, that's not it either." She, smiled shyly. "David and Tony have always encouraged us to be naked, as you know. The trouble is that I enjoy it so much now, as I know you do. It makes me feel all tingly and sexy. No, I think I need your guidance on the other interests you seem to have."

I sighed, as I opened up to her.

"It is time I had a long talk to all of you together, Melissa. You could be in danger of all manner of problems if you go it alone without my advice. You must all tell me everything, honestly and without fear and I promise to explain everything you need to know. There are too many dangerous people out there who could hurt you and your family."

"We've all agreed to ask you some time ago." she told me, drying her eyes. "We respect you so much that we didn't want to offend you and it's too embarrassing to ask anybody else, even Harold. Darlene would just die if he knew. I knew we could trust you to tell us." She gushed, as she squeezed my hand.

I made arrangements to see all of them alone that evening after they had all finished work.

Melissa greeted me at the door, totally naked and displaying her new genital piercing, inviting me in to the room where they all sat at a table, also naked. I sat at the head of the table where Melissa was holding my chair.

They listened intently as I elaborated on the many risks associated with the lifestyle that I was now part of, extolling the virtues of cleanliness and trust that had to be paramount in associating with others.

This set the agenda for the rest of the meeting as for two hours I asked and answered questions that arose between them, determining that they were indeed serious and they had put intelligent thought into the health and other issues that concerned me. I had seen couples at the Gentleman's Club as young as these friends but it surprised me that in the time I had been so busy advancing my families business interests, our young friends had developed their sexual interests to such a profound degree.

I was proud of Melissa for having the respect in me, to allow her hesitant approach. I looked at her as I rose to leave and told her that I would tell my family, with her permission. I promised to discuss what we had spoken of and get back to them soon with an invitation to discuss their interests further.

Over the spring my plan was to make Maple Lake a Mecca for adventure with young adults, using outdoor as well as indoor events to promote nudity as normal around the town. One or two events like Naked Mile, Nude Water-skiing or other such events might be conducted regularly? This would attract publicity nation wide and the town would become more affluent as it attracted free spending tourists. Convention work would boom. Between Kent and ourselves, we now owned most of the best real estate for future development.

There was a core group of free spirited, relatively uninhibited inhabitants already living in the town. Interest in the town had already grown, just through the business conventions so far. Des and Ken had expanded the client base of Kent's Creations, making them valuable employees and well worth their large salaries.

From my conversation tonight, I gathered that Melissa and Darlene would love to be trained in the same way that Cat and I were.

Kent answered the phone and I asked him to call in to Lakeside for a meeting, briefly explaining the reason.

Kent listened intently as sat before him, explaining the potential to train our young friends, bearing in mind that they were eager to participate. I personally thought that they should be introduced and guided in their education by older and wiser people than myself. I wasn't so worried about their moral corruption as they seemed to have been discrete and mindful of the dangers already. After all, I had been amazed to discover they were already living communally without arousing suspicion. On the business front, the young ladies had turned the lingerie and swimwear outlet into a profitable outlet already, showing their business flair.

"Do they know about my special interests too?

Kent was deep in thought as he asked if Melissa knew about his own involvement in BDSM activity.

"They may suspect, but you weren't mentioned by me."

Kent was a highly discrete and strangely moral person, like myself, reluctant to involve others unless sure of their willingness to be trained and educated. He didn't doubt my assessment of the situation and agreed to speak to Melissa and Tony, offering the girls the chance to model his swimwear range and the lingerie too. He had been impressed with our employment of Caroline, as he was with the other young ladies, Jill and Sue. They had already proven their enthusiasm to model the more revealing lines faultlessly.

"Well, my little Dove." He sighed finally. "You have proven to be worthy of Mastering your young friends. As always, I will help and guide your interests. I would like you to guide their development, as you think fit and will be happy to assist you, when you believe the time is right."

After explaining the events to my family, Lakeside closed for the night. We visited Kent and his family, seeking their approval to train our new friends together at a later stage.

Meanwhile, we planned an evening at the Gentleman's Club. I wanted Kent to instruct me further and the entire family evidently felt the time was right for another session at the club. The events of the day had made me ready for the next step, whatever that may be.

Thursday night, Des drove Kent's limousine with Margaret and Rick in the front while the rest of us stayed in the back. There was no need for additional stock as we were all in costume, the front passengers discretely cloaked and the rest of us ready to walk into the club.

Cat and I were dressed similarly to before, but with newly designed corsets and garter belts. Tonight's creation was even more exciting to wear than the previous one that I had worn to the club. Monique, Cat and I sat opposite Kent and Ken in our normal way, but the sexual tension was almost overwhelming.

When we stopped outside the side entrance, prior to leaving the confines of the plush interior of the Limo, Kent inserted a device into my bottom, not unlike love beads, that dangled between my legs and lubricated my rear passage as I walked making my pubic region protrude abnormally. I could sense the device slipping out as I walked so I had to automatically clench my sphincter muscles to hold it in place. I had tried a similar device during sex play at home but never in front of strangers. It had the effect of keeping my clitoris engorged and more prominent and wet. I had expected to be blindfolded but tonight Kent walked us all in, taking a table at the far end of the room. I was keenly aware of the eyes on all of us as we made our way through the crowded room and we sat at the table. Although there were other women dressed in similarly outrageous gear I actually felt the humiliation factor even more acutely without the blindfold on.

I did note, with a degree of satisfaction, that there were many outfits at the gathering that bore Kent's Creations unmistakable design. Cat appeared flushed with her nipples enlarged and hard as her eyes shone with excitement and anticipation. Kent ordered some refreshments from the waitress and we sat in Kent's submissive way, opening our legs to display our vaginas for his pleasure or to anybody else that was passing by. We were allowed to talk quietly.

I found the beads uncomfortable and they reminded me constantly of my vulnerable lower body parts but I didn't complain.

Later, as the evening progressed, Kent took us to a separate room where we witnessed a group of people playing sex games and punishing the unfortunate slaves in their company. The kinky scenes that we saw horrified me as much as they excited my sense of adventure. Ken was placed in stocks and left to contemplate what may lie ahead. His erection seemed to grow as he waited, proclaiming his enjoyment of the nervous anticipation. After a suitable time period had passed, by which time Ken was fully erect, I was asked to take our long awaited revenge with a soft leather flail. I gave him several strokes with the flail, noting his soft moans as his throbbing penis quivered.

Cathy then took her turn, enthusiastically reddening his cheeks before he ejaculated with no other stimulation. I was surprised that the pain and humiliation that he must have felt during this treatment excited him sexually.

Kent was a true master at determining hidden sexual turn ons within his larger family. I really wouldn't have believed that after almost a year of intimate knowledge and frequent sexual activity, that this aspect of Ken's psyche had remained hidden from Cat and I.

He was then lubricated and taken by Des, anally, as he groaned with pleasure and then immediately afterward by Rick as well. Meanwhile Monique and Cat had been joined by Margaret in trying some of the other equipment in the room. Kent asked me to accompany him to a separate room, telling me to leave my corset, stockings and high heels on, after blindfolding me with a velvet mask. When I was ready he led me toward the room. My ears were straining to hear the sounds within the room as the door opened but all I could detect was that there were people inside. I had no knowledge of the layout within. The feelings of danger and vulnerability were overwhelming when Kent guided me into a most humiliating and submissive position and bound me in place, gagging my mouth with a round plastic ball. I was totally exposed in an ideal position for penetration and completely helpless once he stood back to survey his handiwork. I was bent back over what felt like a barrel with arms and legs stretched wide and securely restrained. My breasts felt like they were hanging down toward my neck I was totally helpless, unable to move or prevent my fate, not even able to make a sound. I could hear comments around me in quite crude terms as the men were eagerly discussing my body parts. The next thing I felt was the sensation of the anal beads being drawn from their position inside me. My sphincter muscles clenched to hold the device as it slowly pulled out of my bottom until I found myself unable to hold it any further.

I was shocked when I heard Kent's voice growing more distant and I felt strange hands exploring my body. It was the first time that Kent had allowed other club members to explore and stimulate my body whilst I was blindfolded and restrained in this way, unable to make a sound of protest or use the safe word. It was yet another test of my trust and the level of discipline that I would accept from him. I was determined that I would not let him down and yet, Where the HELL had he gone. My mind was racing with doubt.

By now the strangers were playing with my clitoris and probing my vacant anus with bare hands. I could feel them breathing heavily as they expertly stimulated me and I calculated that several people were involved in giving me pleasure. I wanted to scream as I orgasmed, trashing my body around against the secure bonds that held me in position. My body weight was resting on the small of my back and I could only feel hands. Some rough and large and others smaller and more delicate like a woman's, with short manicured fingernails. I not only felt, but was in fact totally vulnerable to the whims of these people that I couldn't see.

A small hand inserted three and then four fingers into my vagina, expertly stretching me further with each insertion. Tears of ecstasy, fear or frustration, I really couldn't tell, were now making my blindfold moist as wave after wave of orgasmic delight racked my body. The experience was transporting me to new levels of helpless pleasure as this continuous invasion progressed.

Suddenly, to my consternation I felt a penis probing around and then being inserted through my lubricated sphincter muscles and into my anus. The man didn't appear to be wearing a condom and he was beginning to stroke within me.

Now I was really alarmed by the turn of events. I couldn't speak and the penis inside my bottom, as far as I knew, was different to any other within our families. I hadn't heard Kent's voice for some time now and panic set in. Pleasant as it felt, I was helpless to object and the hand in my vagina was almost fully inserted now. The penis began to move more rapidly and I could feel the coarse pubic hair rubbing against my cheeks as the man plunged deeper within me.

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