tagLoving WivesAdding to the Fun: Charlie's back

Adding to the Fun: Charlie's back


I groaned as I rolled over to face Lucy, who was already awake. My back was killing me. Pounding the pork to two lovely ladies yesterday, and then finishing with Lucy last night had left me a physical wreck. Despite the pain though, the sight of those beautiful boobs of hers, topped off with the ripest nipples set my libido back in motion. I couldn’t resist taking one in my mouth and savoring the richness of that sweet warm flesh was enough to raise the dead. And I wasn’t dead – yet. She welcomed me by sliding one long arm under my head and pulling me tighter to my reward with the other.

“Easy, baby, easy,” she said through smiling lips. “They’re a little tender this morning. I think George wanted to take them home with him the way he was pulling and sucking on them.”

I couldn’t blame George or Tim either, both of whom I knew had fed my lovely wife of a few years the thick meat stick she enjoyed so much. They, in turn had suckled this lovely set of breasts even as they filled her to perfection, then wanted more as soon as she recovered. Lucy had told me last night how much she had enjoyed the party and then asked me to provide the topping for her male sundae. That was no problem. I slid into her easily after thinking of how those other two guys had left my lady with her pussy full of their cum and her heart beating faster from more sexual exercise than we had enjoyed ever before.

“They want us to meet them again before we go down to see Mark and Adriane next weekend. I told them I would discuss it with you and see what we could arrange.”

“Aren’t you forgetting that we told Charlie that we would see him and Cindy Wednesday?” I asked, giving up my prize only long enough to murmur that reminder.

“Unh, unh,” she said, shaking her shoulder length hair and pulling me tighter to her chest. She stretched her arms over her head, looking down at my tousled hair to make sure I hadn’t lost my oral grip. Of course by this time I had that delightful morsel captured between my hands also. “There will be time unless Charlie comes over by himself and wants to spend the day with us. But if you remember, he said that Cindy was back in town and he wanted her to meet us also.”

I had forgotten that Cindy, my best buddy’s steady since college had promised to join us when we next got together. I didn’t know how much Charlie had told her about his getting with us in Lucy’s first threesome as a married lady, but knowing Charlie, he would have convinced her by now that anything the three of us had enjoyed together would just be that much better with a fourth. George and Tim would just have to wait until this coming weekend. I’d call them later and break the bad news.

“Why don’t we give him a call and invite him over?”

“With my poor tits still aching?” she asked rhetorically. I knew she wanted to screw Charlie again and this would be the perfect time to tell him and let him know that Wednesday would be the best chance. Lucy would have recovered completely by then with a little TLC on my part and horny besides because I didn’t intend to fuck her until Charlie was available or we left for our weekend of fun. “Sure,” she added just make sure that you tell him it’s for Wednesday and we want him to bring Cindy along.”

Lucy was hungry for cock by the time Wednesday afternoon arrived. I had finished work early and come home immediately to make sure everything was ready. I wasn’t ready for my horny wife when she met me at the door with an open mouthed kiss and a hand unzipping my fly.

“Charlie called. They’ll be over about six. How about a shower, an early supper, and then the main course,” she asked with a salacious grin that equaled my own.

“You’re on,” I told her. “Are you ready for Charlie? You remember that he likes to bury it pretty deep. How are the tits?”

“Everything is fine and ready to go,“ she told me. “He’s bringing Cindy,” she said, “and she knows all about it. I told him about our fun last weekend. He’s hot to trot. Are you up for a taste of Cindy?”

“Is a hog’s rear end pork? All I’ve heard from him is how hot Cindy is and how she loves to fuck. Coming from a guy who is perpetually horny, she must be one hot item.”

“I hope so,” Lucy smiled, dragging me toward the bathroom, “because I intend to have first dibs on him, and I’m not sure there will be a whole lot left for her to play with when I get through with him.”

I had stripped and was in the shower when I felt her step in behind me. Now that’s something we try to avoid because it almost invariably leads to me fucking her right there, and I know she would need all her feminine charms on high to accommodate Charlie.

We took turns soaping each other up and for the first time since we had been swinging, she wouldn’t let me touch her, despite my raging hormones and excited cock.

“Out, out,” she finally yelled at me in mock anger, pushing me from the shower,

“you sex fiend. How do you expect a girl to finish her ablutions with you trying to suck my tits and eat my pussy?”

I beat a hasty retreat as she snapped the towel at my bare butt before sitting down to do her toenails. I could hear her humming in the bath as I gathered our light supper. Time was pushing hard now, and I wanted no delays.

Lucy came down the stairs looking like a million dollars in nothing but her half-cup bra and crotchless panties. My reaction was immediate and foreseen by my wife who artfully dodged my reaching hands to get a sandwich. “Come on, chop chop, I still have to dress, fix my hair and do my makeup. No dawdling or hanky panky.”

I told her it was all her fault, but that got me nothing but a mischievous smile and a tongue protruding between her lips as she slapped at my groping hands and pushed me away. Regretfully, but with lots of anticipation, I turned away and prepared to dress for our evening myself.

“Larry, I’d like you to meet Cindy,” Charlie said as I opened the door for the couple to come inside. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t this. Cindy was a beautiful mocha color with the darkest eyes I had ever seen before. I felt like I was drowning in those dark depths –and loving every second of it. She only smiled when it appeared I would be holding both her hands all night.

I didn’t hear a thing she said, but I’ll never forget that voice. It was as angelic as her face - soft, almost purring. I fell immediately in lust. A diminutive five feet or so, with the whitest teeth and most beautiful complexion - she was a beauty! Her breasts were perhaps larger than fashion would dictate (maybe a 36C), but I sure wasn’t going to complain. The lady was built like a brick outhouse – and every brick was in perfect place! I almost didn’t hear Charlie when he turned to introduce her to Lucy. He had to take her away from me.

The two ladies hugged a kissed in the perfunctory manner women do who are just becoming acquainted with one another.

“Charlie has told me so much about you,” she said in that voice that turned my knees to jelly even when not directed to me. I knew I was staring, but I could no more turn away from her than I could turn off that voice. Lucy had to nudge me and remind me to close the door. “now that they’re finally here,” she giggled, “we can’t let them get away.”

I finally managed to do as I was told, just as Charlie picked my wife up as though she were light as a feather and kissed her again and again before setting her back down on her feet.

“M-m-m, you look good enough to eat!” he told her, taking her chin and pulling her close again for another kiss, “and you taste great too!”

“How would you know?” Lucy laughed. “You haven’t tasted me yet.”

“No, but I remember how you tasted before and, unless you’ve let your friends spoil you, you can only be better.” Lucy blushed, but I could see she was pleased.

“Well, I guess we’re all ready, “ I said. “Shall we go?” I had reservations at Las Palmas for a light evening meal and some dancing before we came home for the real fun. I knew that Lucy didn’t need the alcoholic reinforcement to enjoy Charlie, but it never hurt to keep her inhibitions as low as possible. I wanted it especially tonight, because I had great plans for Cindy and so having Charlie off in another room with my wife was going to add to it – at least so I thought.

We piled into our station wagon and got on the road for the short, fifteen minute ride to the restaurant and club. Knowing that the maitre de insured that the booth I wanted would be ready as soon as we arrived. With Cindy beside me it was a heady ride. Her perfume was a thin, wisp of delight circling my head as I pulled her close. She turned beneath my arm to check out Lucy and Charlie in the back seat.

“Is everyone comfortable?” she asked, noting that Charlie and Lucy were already in a clinch with his big arms wrapped around my wife. Lucy managed to assure her that “We’re getting that way,” with a little chuckle as Charlie’s hand found the opening to her dress and slid inside. It was one of Lucy’s favorite dresses with a surplice neckline that offered easy access to her breasts as Mark had found at the reunion. I glanced in the rear view mirror just as I saw his hand squeeze one gently as he delivered another long, passionate, open mouthed kiss to my bride.

“I guess they are,” Cindy laughed. I felt her come closer and her hand drop to my thigh as I drove through the night. She said very little, and it was quiet in the car as we neared our destination. Cindy’s hand had ridden high on my thigh and was now resting lightly over my engorged cock before she turned and looked at me. “Is this all for me?” she asked, giving me a little squeeze that roused the beast to new heights.

“Oh, yeah,” I managed to gurgle as I pulled into the parking lot of the club. I had to do some fast rearranging of my trousers to partially hide my erection as my date for the evening laughed.

I managed to get around to the other side and open the doors for Linda and Cindy while the valet took my keys.

“So soon?” Lucy sighed as I took her hand to help her from the car. “It was just getting interesting!”

Cindy tucked her arm under mine and Lucy did the same with Charlie as we walked to the entrance. The maitre de recognized me and with a nod, led us to our table, snapping his fingers at one of the waiters as he led us to the darkest portion of the club. It was a perfect spot. The booth was cozy and intimate, just large enough to seat perhaps six if they didn’t mind being close to each other, and with a tablecloth that hung to near the floor, blocking anyone’s view of what others might seek to see beneath the table.

Having already discussed our plans with Charlie, the waiter brought our drinks first, then took our order. It was a light, antipasto, with just enough to take any hunger pangs away and yet not divert the blood from where it would need to be in an hour or so.

In short order we had cleared the table and were on our second round of drinks. The orchestra sounded especially good tonight, playing the slow ‘belly rubbing’ music Lucy and I preferred. Charlie noticed Lucy’s foot keeping time to the music and invited her to dance, leaving Cindy and I alone for the moment. The floor was crowded and becoming increasingly more so. Charlie and my wife were lost to sight almost immediately. Despite my limited dancing skill, I asked Cindy if she was game to have her feet destroyed. With a smile, she nodded. I took her hand and led her to the edge of the floor. We were surrounded almost immediately, forced close together by the dense crowd. Unable to do much more than hold each other and sway along with the rest of the crowd, I was engrossed with my lady who was being pressed more and more closely to me – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Cindy caught a glimpse of Charlie’s brawny body through the crowd and steered us slightly closer. I could see that he was using the same excuse as I to hold Lucy close. I doubt that you could have slid a finger between any parts of their bodies as they circled in their own little group.

“It looks like they’re having a good time,” Cindy mused, looking up at me with a smile.

“They always do,” I smiled back. “I’m sure that Charlie told you how we were classmates in school, always hanging out with each other and Lucy was as much a part of it as he was.”

“Actually,” she said lowering her voice to the point I had to drop my head to hear her, “he told me that he never really got to know her until the three of you got together a few weeks ago. He said he had wanted to fuck Lucy ever since the three of you had known each other and that you finally asked him to do it in a threesome.”

I blushed, I’m sure. I didn’t know how much Charlie had told Cindy about us. Before I could stutter a reply, she laughed and told me that Charlie had admitted the same thing to her years before, but had never had the nerve to try to put himself between Lucy and I.’

“He told me he was going to fuck her,” she said with a smile, “and suggested that I should come over with him so we could get together as a foursome. I told him that I didn’t want to deprive him of getting a little from someone he had wanted to do for years. I was a little miffed about him wanting to put it to her, but then I got to thinking about some of the white guys I had enjoyed in school, and could understand his wanting Lucy. Now I’m curious about you. Do you think it would cause a problem with Lucy if you and I got together tonight?”

“Not at all,” I assured her with a smile. I was glad that Charlie had leveled with this lady so long ago, much earlier than I had with Lucy and I knew we were going to really enjoy each other. “In fact,” I continued,” I was hoping that we could do just that.” I pulled her closer almost intoxicated by the scent of her and the warmth of her body against mine. I felt her hand between us and then a squeeze of my cock which was pressed tightly against her belly.

“I suspected as much,” she said softly once more, “and I think I’m really going to enjoy this.”

Only the fact that the orchestra stopped playing for one of its periodic breaks allowed her to lead me from the floor. I was enjoying that closeness much more than I would have thought possible, perhaps even more than that night with Adriana. I wondered…..

We had no sooner arrived at our booth than Lucy stood and took her hand. “Time for a ladies’ break,” she announced and led her away toward the restrooms.

“Well, how’s it going?” Charlie asked me.

“If it were any better, I wouldn’t be able to handle it,” I admitted. “That is one lovely lady you have there.”

“I thought you’d like to meet her, and when I told her about fucking Lucy, she said that turn about was fair play. She wanted you.”

“Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you, Lucy sure wants to have your cock in her again. How do you think we should work this, together or apart.”

Charlie gave me a frown as he considered it, but I think he had already decided how he wanted my wife.

“I think it should be separate,” he said. “I don’t know how Cindy’s going to react. I know she’s fucked other white guys before, but I think she’s a little bashful about having me around when she’s getting some.”

“Fine,” I nodded, just finishing our discussion when I saw the girls returning, “Let’s play it that way.”

We both stood and allowed our ladies to slide in between Charlie and me, with Cindy at my side and Lucy next to Charlie. Another round of drinks was ready. With the band still out, we drank slowly reminiscing about our days in school.

I sat with my arm around Cindy’s waist until she pulled it back saying it was a little uncomfortable and put my hand on her thigh. “Now, isn’t that better?” she asked with a smile that lighted my life. “Much better,” I said, giving her thigh a slight squeeze. To my surprise I felt her pull the hem of her dress higher until my hand was resting on bare flesh. I glanced over at Lucy who was steering Charlie’s hand beneath her skirt and saw with delight that she had pulled it high enough that he would be enjoying those crotchless panties.

We barely had time for another drink and another dance before Lucy announced that she was ready to take this back home. I looked at Cindy, she nodded, and we all sidled out of that booth, with the ladies taking their time to push their skirts down.

We were two lucky guys going back home with our dates for the evening. I was already fumbling my way toward Nirvana, while Charlie was finding the opening in my wife’s panties once more. The whole car was beginning to smell like a French whorehouse by the time we pulled into our drive and chased the girls inside.

Lucy led Charlie to the kitchen and began preparing drinks to continue our fun while I got better acquainted with Cindy. I wasn’t concerned about Charlie and Lucy finding a place. After meeting with Adriana and Mark, we had bought another leather covered couch and placed it opposite the one on which Cindy and I were ensconced.

I pulled Cindy close and began kissing her, almost intoxicated by her scent. She met my efforts with her own subtle ways of showing me she was not offended, including taking my hand and placing it over her breast as we locked lips and tongues. I could hear giggling and the sound of shuffling feet in the kitchen. I knew that Charlie was probably performing the same actions in there.

Ten minutes or so later (who keeps track of time at a time like this), my wife came into the darkened living room. Her dress had been pulled down to the point just below her half cup bra, exposing her breasts to Charlie’s roaming hands as she tried to hold him off long enough to set the tray of drinks between our two couches. They were barely down before Charlie pulled my giggling wife into his lap, pressed the cup of her bra up until one breast was free and began sucking on a nipple that was as hard as my cock. She half turned in his lap, putting one leg over his, allowing him to once again explore her panties.

I had already reached my own intermediate target, unbuttoning the small fastenings at Cindy’s back to expose her black, silky bra. It only took a moment more to unfasten it and begin feasting on those beautiful orbs as she held one to my lips and cradled my head against that magnificent chest. My hand was sliding beneath her skirt once more. Her skin was like silk. I found the wetness at the crotch of her panties just as she lifted her hips allowing me to slide them down her legs and discard them after a whiff of her delightful juices. I probably would have sucked the crotch too, but rationale that I could go direct to the source caused me to discard that idea.

I was already kneeling, having pulled those filmy panties off her feet, so I began exploring her, kissing my way up the inside of her thigh, first one, then the other, skipping the delectable center while one hand retained it’s grip on her full breast. I lost my grip though when I realized I was so close to heaven and used both hands to pull her legs over my shoulders. I could feel her high heels locking behind my back as she used her own hands to try to pull me closer to that delightful core.

Her breath hissed between her teeth and her head arched back as my lips touched the sweet liquid coating her lips. I kissed my way around her beautiful center, and lapped the coarse hair above my eventual target, letting my tongue slowly go lower until he hips bucked and her hands pulled tightly against the back of my head. I flattened my tongue and then took the opposite course. Feeling the soft lips move aside and giving me the taste of her once more. So sweet, so juicy, and so delightfully soft and tender to the lingual touch. I pressed my face tighter to her and felt my nose enter that lovely valley, then dragged it higher as I bathed her crotch with my tongue. I felt the little bump at the head of the slit and let my tongue slide over it with just a slight bit of pressure. I felt her arch her back as both hands pulled at my head urgently. I could hear her soft murmurings encouraging me.

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