tagMatureAddison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 04

Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 04


Letter from the author: This story is about an older woman who is unfaithful, promiscuous, loves sex and is not ashamed of it. So if you have any moral objections about this please move on.



Addison sat at her desk trying to get something done. Her mind wondered a bit to thoughts of last night at the hotel with Brock. She remembered how he made her lick his ass as he stroked his big, fat, young cock. She recalled the feel of that cock as it slid in and out of her ass, making her cum uncontrollably. Her pussy quivered a bit and she wanted to play with it. However, she was at work, and there were too many people around. So, she resumed her task, trying to shake the memories from her head long enough to get something accomplished.

Addie's life was pretty hectic these days. She was working hard and juggling three young men at the same time, Brock, Kyle and Trent. Trent was a friend of her son's and quite a good fuck. However, Trent was different. He wasn't one to call often and want to fuck all the time. He only called when he had nothing better on the hook. He ignored Addie sometimes for weeks if he was getting laid from some young hottie, or if he just wanted to be an ass. However, Addie never failed to act like an awestruck teenage school girl when he did call, doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted. She wished she could have a bit more control when it came to Trent, but then again, wasn't that half the excitement; to be controlled by him? As she was thinking this, she noticed Jared walk by her office. "There's a guy I could control." She giggled to herself.

She had never found submissive men attractive, or the idea of dominating a man exciting. She had read a few stories about it on that naughty website she visited quite often, and always was a bit intrigued as to why a man would find it exciting to be dominated.

Sure she loved being dominated, but her strict southern upbringing had instilled the idea that men were to be the alpha dogs and that women were to serve them. So, it was a foreign concept to her that it could be exciting for the man to reverse the rolls. If there were guys who liked that, she was sure Jared was one of them. He loved to stare at her body, but when she caught him, he would turn and run away like a child being scolded.

She shrugged it off and returned to working. Just before lunch the cell phone in her purse rang. It was vibrating, not ringing, so she knew it was her "Private" phone, not the one her husband knew about. That meant it was one of her young studs. She retrieved it from her purse, recognized the number as Kyle's and answered it.

"Hello Slut." His voice rang in her ear before she could say anything.

"Hi" she answered already knowing where this conversation would lead. Her pussy immediately tingled and the chill running through her body made her nipples begin to stiffen.

"I was just driving around with a hard-on thinking how much I would love to hear you tell me what a whore you are for it." He said back into the phone.

Addison got up from her chair and immediately walked out of the office. She knew this was just the start of a conversation she could not have inside the office. When she was safely outside she answered him.

"You know I love your cock." She told him.

"I didn't say I wanted to hear you say that." He replied sternly.

"I am a whore for your cock." She told him, her pussy getting wetter with each word.

"Yes you are." He quipped. "Only a total whore would do what you did for me yesterday."

Addie loved it when he talked to her that way. She punched the lock code on her car door and slipped inside for some privacy. She instantly lifted her skirt and moved her panties to the side to gain access to her slick pussy. Then she began to diddled her clit.

"What do you like most about my cock, you dirty slut." He asked.

"I like the way it feels when your stiff cock slides in and out of my warm hungry mouth." She told him, imagining exactly what she was describing. Her hand moved a bit faster between her legs.

"I love the feel of the bulging veins on my lips and tongue as it glides over them."

Kyle just listened as Addie continued. Addison slid two fingers into her slick, warm pussy.

"I like the way the mushroom shaped head makes a pop when you pull it out of my mouth. I like the way it feels as it hits the back of my throat." She said almost moaning. She could almost feel his cock in her mouth.

Kyle's cock was throbbing in his pants now. He rubbed it through his dress pants. He needed Addie there in his car as he drove, but she was not. He just drove on as Addison continued with her dirty talk.

"I love the way your rigid shaft slides down my throat when you grab the back of my head and force me all the way down on it." She further embellished as her pussy began to now soak the fingers she had buried in it. Her nipples were rock hard now, straining against the smooth, thin silky materials of her bra and blouse, and very visible. They ached and she wanted to pinch them and rub them in the worst way, but she had to be more discreet sitting in the parking lot at work.

"I love the way it feels when it explodes down my throat, and the way your hot thick cum tastes, and how it feels when it slides down my throat when I swallow it."

Kyle was so hard he was sure he would erupt in his pants if he continued doing what he was doing. Addie was no different. She was so hot; she could feel her orgasm climbing rapidly inside her. She needed a cock and she needed it now.

"Why don't you come by at lunch and I can do all that for you." She told him. She was finger fucking her pussy pretty hard by this point.

"I can't, I'm on my way to Memphis right now." He replied.

"You shit!" she snapped at him, stopping the finger stabbing of her pussy. "You get me all worked up and you can't take care of it?"

Kyle stopped rubbing his rock hard cock and just chuckled into the phone, "Have a nice day my naughty little whore." Then he hung up the phone.

Addie hung up the phone frustrated and returned to the office. As she walked down the hall to her office, Jared was walking the other way. She noticed him staring at her tits as he always did, but he seemed even more transfixed on them today. She looked down as she passed him and noticed that her nipples were still very hard and very visible. She giggled to herself and turned to see him leering at her legs as they disappeared into her short skirt and formed her tight, firm ass. When he noticed she was watching him, he lowered his head and scurried back to his office.

Jared sat at his desk with his dick throbbing in his pants. He couldn't believe how visible Addison's nipples had been. They must be really long. He imagined sucking them, nibbling them, pinching them. He wanted to see those babies. He wanted to worship them. He wanted to go to the bathroom and take care of his achingly hard dick. However, there were too many people in the office, and he was sure he would be caught. He just sat there trying to get it to go away as he began to work again.

Addison was so turned on, she tried desperately to get one of her boys to come take care of her needs, but none of them was available. She needed some relief, but she didn't know what to do. She wanted to masturbate, but that really never seemed to totally satisfy her. Then she recalled her thoughts from earlier and got a really naughty idea. She picked up the phone and dialed Jared's extension.

"This is Jared." He said as he put the phone to his ear.

"Jared, this is Addison." She said.

Jared's dick, which had just gone back to a flaccid state, immediately began to stiffen.

"I would like to see you before you leave tonight." She said in a stern voice.

"Oh ... OK." Jared replied timidly.

"Fine, see you then." She said and then hung up the phone.

Jared was terrified. He thought for sure he was in trouble for staring at her like he had been doing. During his lunch he began to formulate a list of excuses and apologies. When he returned to work, he wanted to go in to her office many times to clear the air, but each time he walked over there, her door was closed.

The whole afternoon, Addison kept her door closed to keep Jared from coming in when the rest of the staff was there, finally about 6:15, after everyone else had left, she called Jared and told him she was available. Jared had spent the last six hours fretting this moment. He walked into the office and waited to be reprimanded.

Addison saw this as opportunity to have a little fun at Jared's expense. She could tell he was enamored with her. She always caught him checking her out, especially her tits. She would never let such a timid nice guy like him fuck her, but she could use him a bit for her entertainment, and maybe even her pleasure. Jared stood in front of Addie's desk waiting for Addie to speak. As she rose from behind her desk and moved around it toward Jared, she began to slowly unbutton her blouse and she spoke.

"I see you staring at my tits all the time Jared." She told him. "Most women consider that rude." She said with a tone of authority.

Jared stood motionless, wondering if he was dreaming. He had fantasized about this moment so many times, but he couldn't comprehend that it was actually happening.

"You like looking at my big, round, fake tits?" She said as the last button was released leaving her sexy, red, satin and lace bra visible to him.

She opened her blouse wide giving him a wonderful view of her huge surgically enhanced tits straining to escape their confinement.

Addie walked around behind Jared and his eyes watched as she disappeared from his view. He didn't say a word. He couldn't. He just stood there as the sexiest woman he had ever personally encountered strode behind him and gently pressed those firm, mammoth mounds into his back.

Jared's cock, which had quickly been filling with blood now jumped to full erection. He stood there motionless as Addie slowly moved up and down pushing her tits into his back just below his shoulder blades. He could hear her quick shallow breathing in his ear, and his breath soon was mimicking hers.

"I asked you a question." She whispered seductively into his ear.

"Yes." He gasped feeling her tits press against his back.

"Yes what?" she teased, feeling her nipples getting harder from the stimulation she was providing.

"I like your ...... uh, breasts." Jared choked out.

"They're tits!" she corrected him.

"Tits." He returned. "I like your tits."

Addie walked back around him and into his view. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face forward until it was buried in her deep plentiful cleavage. She rocked his head back and forth, and then pushed him back away again.

"Get a good look that time?" she teased.

His eyes never left her tits. Addie looked down and saw his dick struggling to tent his slacks. He was just over 6 foot, and the thin, so the protrusion of his stiff shaft was pretty evident. She leaned against her desk and ordered him to pull his cock out.

He never hesitated. He never thought about his wife at home. He didn't think about the repercussions to his career if he was caught. He obeyed unconditionally.

"Oh, my gawd!" Addison snickered, as his thin 4 ½ inches came into view. "It's so cute, like a little teenage boys cock."

The comment only caused his dick to throb with excitement. His wife had conditioned him to enjoy the humiliation that came with those kind of comments.

"Do you think about me when you stroke that little thing?" she teased.

Jared nodded his head sheepishly as his eyes moved up from her tits to look her in the eye, recalling last evening in the company restroom when he had stroked it and exploded into the toilet after seeing Addie leave the office for her "Bible study". His hands were at his side and his dick bounced with every pulse of his heart.

"Show me." She demanded.

Jared grabbed hold of his throbbing dick and began to stroke it back and forth, obeying her as if he was in a trance. His eyes lowered again to her tits and he stared at them while pleasuring his sex organ. He gazed at her erect nipples as they poked through the thin material of her bra. He couldn't believe she was letting him see her huge perfect tits as they rested in her very sexy bra. He was so bewildered, he didn't think about what a mess he would make if he shot his load right there.

Before Addie could tease him anymore, he body stiffened and his balls tightened and cum shot from the end of his petite, little, rock hard dick. Shot after shot spewed forth and landed on the hardwood floor of Addison's office.

Addie yelped a bit when some landed on her nylon clad shin. Jared's body just continued to convulse as his orgasm settled and he stroked his cock through it. When he was finished he just stood there with his withering dick in his hand and stared down at the ground.

"That was quick." Addison quipped. "I feel sorry for your wife."

Jared just stood there a bit humiliated, but enjoying the satisfaction of his orgasm.

"You made quite a mess." She scolded him. Now get something to clean it up with."

Jared shoved his dick back in his pants and hurried to the bathroom. When he was gone, Addison noticed how turned on she was. Not like she was when her young men took advantage of her, but none the less, turned on. This domination thing was kind of fun. Jared returned with a hand full of paper towels. He dropped to his hands and knees and began to wipe up the mess. When he was done he remained on his knees and looked up at Addie.

She extended her leg toward him and spoke, "You got some on my leg."

Jared raised the paper towel to wipe her leg. She pulled it back.

"With your tongue." She demanded, remembering what she had read in those stories, then she extended it back to just under his chin.

Jared opened his mouth, stuck his tongue out and licked the dollop of cum from her nylon covered shin. The taste was familiar to him, since his wife quite often made him lick his own cum from her pussy, so he swallowed it down. Addie placed her index finger on the inside of her knee.

"Now here." She told him. There was nothing on her leg there, but Jared licked her knee as instructed.

The power was a bit enthralling, and Addison continued. Opening her legs a bit wider, she pointed to the inside of her thigh, just below the top of her thigh high stockings.

"And here." She coached him.

Jared moved his tongue and laid a long, slow lick where she pointed.

Addie lifted her short skirt up exposing her silky red panties. She pointed to the crotch of them, "And here."

Jared enthusiastically obliged, licking all the way from between her legs to the top seam of her panties. They were still wet from earlier, plus this little display was turning her on quite a bit too. They were wet enough that he could taste her. The flavor was the sweetest thing Jared could remember tasting in his life. The smell of female arousal filled his nostrils and he savored it.

"Again!" Addie said.

Jared obeyed.

"Again!" she said with a stronger voice.

He complied.

"Again, Again, again." She continued until Jared was lapping up her panties at a vigorous pace, soaking them with his saliva and her flowing female fluids.

The feeling was wonderful. Addie's younger men didn't eat her pussy; they were too worried about their own pleasure to ever think about pleasing her this way. Although they pleased her in many other ways, this was different, not better, but different.

She just kept commanding him, "Again, again......"

Jared was in heaven. He could never have imagined he would be licking Addison's pussy, and he aimed to please her. He was licking long and hard trying to make her feel good when her hand interrupted his efforts. She grabbed the crotch of her panties and moved them aside revealing her smooth shaved pussy. She sat on the front edge of her desk and placed one of her high heel covered feet on the desk. Her pussy lips parted and Jared could see her arousal.

"And here." She said, wiping her finger between her swollen pussy lips.

The folds of her pussy were beautiful, and he did not hesitate. He plunged his tongue deep into her snatch and began to lap up the juices that flowed from her. He found her clit and flicked it with his tongue.

Addison relished the feelings flowing through her body and she continued he verbal assault, "Lick my juicy cunt. Make me cum!" she demanded.

Jared sucked in her clit and flicked it with his tongue inside his mouth.

"Oh yes!" Addie moaned. "Eat me!"

Jared continued to pleasure her quivering pussy for a few minutes more, when suddenly Addison grabbed hold of his head and began to force his face hard into it.

"Yes! That's it, I'm gonna cum!" she shouted. "Lick my juicy cunt!"

A few minutes later, her orgasm began and she ground his face into her pussy the whole time it moved through her. Jared just did his best to continue his task while she humped his face, moving her hips against his efforts. Her juices flowed from her and covered his mouth and chin.

When it was over she pushed him back and rested back on the top of her desk, putting her hand behind to catch herself. Her climax subsided and she looked down on Jared as he knelt on the floor in front of him. His face was glistening with her essence, and he just smiled at her.

"You may go now." She told him as she stood, pulled down her skirt and walked back around her desk to sit in her chair.

Jared stood and walked from her office. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He looked at the clock, it was 7:05. "Oh shit." He thought to himself. "I am going to have some explaining to do when I get home. He didn't care; it was all worth it in his mind.

Addison sat in her chair during the after glow thinking about it all. It wasn't anywhere as good as her young studs, but it was exciting, and she did cum, so not a total loss. She couldn't see it being a regular thing, but the whole experience was kind of fun. Furthermore, she knew it was available anytime she needed it, or if she just wanted to have some fun with the poor little guy. She sat back and chuckled as she thought about how submissive and trainable Jared had been. It made her recall April, the tiny little receptionist/plaything she met some 13 years ago at the plastic surgeon's office. Oh the plastic surgeon, now that was a life altering experience.

to be continued...

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