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Adele Undone


Note: A new story that came to mind. This story was actually meant to be something else, but as I started to think more about it, it started to change in my mind.

Thank you to silkstockinglover & Wayne for helping to edit the story and for plot suggestions. You guys have helped me bring this story to life.


It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning. Not unusual for spring day such as this. But it was a busy day today at NetComm. Adele sat at her desk as she looked at her monitor and tapped away at the keyboard. She had been at this job for a little over a year and loved her job. She was about to finish up her report when she heard her phone buzz.

"Adele," said a male voice.

"Yes Mr. Jones," said Adele.

"Is the report for this afternoon's meeting finished?" asked Mr. Jones.

"I am almost done, sir. I am just making sure that everything is in order." said Adele.

"Ok. Please make sure that you print out 5 copies of the report and have it ready in the conference room." said Mr. Jones.

"Will, do sir," said Adele.

The call ended and Adele went back to work. She went through the reports and made sure that there were no mistakes. Although Mr. Jones was a good man, he didn't like to see a lot of mistakes happen at work. He was forgiving to a point and believed that work is freedom under responsibility. Once she was done with the report, she pressed print.

Just as she was about to get up and walk over to the printer, she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Adele." said a female voice.

It was Monica. Monica was one of the first people in the office who had been friendly with Adele on her very first day. Tall, slim and petite, she was of African-American descent and had a certain tenacity about her.

Adele always considered Monica to be gorgeous. Not that she was bad looking herself. She was not as tall as Monica. But she was not short either. Adele had nice milky skin, silky hair and a gorgeous pair of tits. Adele had never been a big chested girl when she was in school, but as the years went on her tits got bigger and she started to get a lot of attention from the men around her.

"What are you doing?" asked Monica.

"Just finishing up some stuff for Mr. Jones for the VP meeting that's happening later today," she replied.

"Wow! You're still working on that stuff? I thought you were already done." said Monica.

"Yes I know, but Jonathan surprised me at work yesterday and he wanted to take me to dinner since I had been working so hard lately." replied Adele.

Jonathan was Adele's boyfriend of 5 years. They had met in college. He was tall, handsome and a great kisser.

"Mmmhmmm. I bet you worked real hard after the dinner." joked Monica.

"Monica!" said an embarrassed Adele.

"Haha. You know I'm kidding with you girl!" said Monica giggling like a school girl.

Adele burst out in giggles as well.

"So what brings you down here?" asked Adele.

"Just dropping off some paper work in HR," said Monica.

"Really? Just dropping off paper work? Or were you there to gawk at the new guy." giggled Adele.

"Hahah. You know me too well girl." said Monica. "So, listen a bunch of us are going out after work for drinks. You wanna join us?"

"Who all is going?" asked Adele.

"Me and some other girls from work." said Monica.

"Ok. Sure. Jonathan is out of town for work anyway. He gets back tomorrow afternoon. It would be fun to have a girl's night out." said Adele.

"Awesome! We gonna have some fun tonight!" said Monica enthusiastically.

The rest of the day was going by busy as usual. She began to really look forward to a night out with the girls from work. She had been working really hard and had needed a night out for a while. The last couple of weeks had been really strenuous. Jonathan's work schedule was also pretty hectic. They hadn't had a good night out for a while. He had to leave this morning for a conference with some work colleagues. So for a change Adele thought it was great to have some time alone to hang out with the girls.

At the end of the day, Adele began to put all her paperwork away. She was going to meet the girls outside the office building. Once she was done, she joined her friends as they were waiting for her.

Monica was chatting away with Marnie from accounting, Jill from Legal and Penny, the assistant to the CFO of the company.

"Hey girls!" said Adele excitedly.

"Hey!" said all the girls in unison.

"So where are we going tonight?" asked Adele.

"McGinty's. It's this pub a few blocks away from here." said Monica.

"Sounds good!" said Adele.

"Ok. Let's get a cab!" said Marnie.

The girls quickly hailed a cab and were soon on their way to the pub. Once they had arrived at their destination, the girls all quickly walked inside. The place looked lively. Although it wasn't filled with too many people, there was still quite a bit of hustle and bustle around the place. The girls all walked to the bar and each ordered their drinks.

They found an empty table close to the bar and they all sat down.

"Ah. I really needed this tonight!" said Adele as she sipped her rum and coke.

"I know, that's why we're here tonight. To check out the dudes and get a little lucky!" joked Monica.

"And they got some real good talent here tonight." said Jill as she looked on at a bunch of guys standing next to the bar.

"Oooh, they're hot!" said Marnie.

"And they're checking us out." said Penny.

"I could go for some lovin tonight!" said Monica as she laughed.

Just then a waitress walked over to their table and placed a drink in front of Adele.

"I didn't order this." said Adele.

"It's from the gentleman at the bar. The one in the leather jacket." said the waitress as she walked away.

She looked over and there was a man in a leather jacket who raised his glass at her as she looked over at him.

"Wow. He's gorgeous." said Jill.

"Why don't you go and talk to him?" said Marnie.

"No thanks." said Adele.

"Oh come on! Why not?" said Penny.

"Because, I have a boyfriend." said Adele.

"So what? You're just talking. It's not like you're gonna go back to his place and have sex." said Marnie.

"No! I just want to sit relax and unwind with you guys." said Adele.

"Well, if you're not going after him, I am!" said Marnie as she got up and walked up over to the guy.

"Slut!" called out Monica.

Marnie just looked back at the table and gave all the girls a sly smile and a wink.

I just watched as she went over to the guy and blatantly began to flirt with him. Just as I was about to return my gaze at the table, I saw a woman sitting at the bar. She was right next to Marnie who was touching the man's arm. As I looked at her, her gaze then turned to me. She was a beautiful woman who seemed like she was in her mid to late twenties. She had dark black hair and shining green eyes like a cat. She was sitting demurely on the stool as she gazed at me. Our eyes locked together.

Adele quickly averted her gaze and resumed talking to her friends. She quickly threw the thoughts of the woman out of her mind. Drinks were flowing and the ladies were having a wonderful time. They spoke about everything going on in their lives. From work to clothing to men & sex. Adele was one who would never openly talk about her sex life, saw that she was getting quite a bit more open as the drinks were flowing.

"I need another drink!" claimed Monica.

"Me too!" said Jill.

"Not me." said Penny. "I have to get going. I leave early in the morning to go visit my folks for the weekend."

"Oh come on. Stay a little while longer!" said Jill.

"I really have to go. But I had fun. We definitely have to do this again soon!" said Penny.

Penny then picked up her purse, bid the girls farewell and walked out of the pub.

"So who is buying the next round?" asked Jill.

"Next one is on me!" said Adele.

"I'll have a dry martini." said Monica.

"I'm still working on my beer." said Jill.

"Ok. Coming right up." said Adele.

She picked out some cash from her purse and then started to walk towards the bar. As soon as she got up and began to walk towards to the bar, she noticed the woman staring in her direction once again. This time the stare was different. As if this woman was staring right into her soul. As if she was probing and sizing her up as she was walking towards the bar. She got nervous and it was very obvious in her body language.

The pub was really packed now. She could see Marnie and the guy who had sent the drink over to her table making out in a corner next to the bar. There was no place empty for her to stand at the bar and order the drinks for her and her girlfriends. The only spot that looked open enough for her to approach the bar was the one next to the woman who had been staring at her.

She almost tripped as she walked nervously. Her heart began to beat hard and fast. Once she reached the bar she very politely tried to squeeze in between the woman and another man.

She stood at there and waited to be served by one of the bartenders.

The woman turned her head and began to look Adele up and down.

"Hi." said the woman.

"Um, hi." said Adele nervously.

"My name is Melanie." she said in a sweet voice.

"A-A-Adele." she stammered.

"That's a nice outfit. And I really like those shoes." asked Melanie as she looked down her Adele's feet.

"Thanks." said Adele.

"Your legs look really gorgeous in those heels." said Melanie.

"Pardon me?" said Adele.

"I said your legs look sexy in those heels." said Melanie seductively.

Adele didn't know how to respond. She just stood there. Her heart was fluttering and she didn't understand why.

"So, can I buy you a drink?" asked Melanie with a smile.

"Ummm, no thanks. I'm with my friends and I need to get back to them." said Adele nervously.

"Too bad." said Melanie.

If, Adele's heart was beating fast and hard before, it was almost ready to jump out of her chest. This woman was obviously coming onto her. And she most certainly didn't prefer women, but the constant thud of her heart beat confused Adele. Why was she feeling this way? Like a little school girl who was getting asked out by a boy for the first time. All she could do was stare into those deep green eyes.

The spell was quickly broken as the bartender came up.

"You want drinks?" asked the bartender.

"Uhh. Yeah. Rum and coke and a dry martini please." said Adele.

Melanie still kept looking at Adele as she stood there waiting for her drinks. Adele was beginning to get more nervous. The bartender came up soon and brought the drinks. Adele handed him the money. Just as she was picking up the drinks and was heading back to her table, Melanie moved her body. As she did this Adele could feel Melanie's arm brush against her leg.

As soon as it happened Adele felt a jolt of electricity in her body.

"Sorry." said Melanie with a wicked smile.

Even though Melanie pretended that it had happened by mistake, Adele felt that it happened on purpose. She quickly made her way back to her table and sat down. As soon as she landed on her chair, her friends noticed that her face was a little flushed.

"You ok?" asked Monica.

Adele didn't respond.

"Hello, earth to Adele." said Jill.

Adele snapped back to reality.

"What?" she said.

"I said are you ok? You look a little flushed." said Monica.

"Uhhhh, yeah I am fine." said Adele a little fluttered.

She then took her rum and coke and took a big sip from the glass.

"Woah! Slow down chica." said Jill.

"Are you sure you're ok?" asked Monica.

"Yeah." said Adele as the rum and coke was now kicking in hard.

She looked back at the bar and saw Melanie watching her and smiling.

"I need to go to the bathroom." said Adele.

Adele then got up and quickly began to move towards the bathroom. Although she wasn't really DRUNK drunk, she felt as if her head was spinning.

The bathroom was empty as she walked over to wash her hands and face. She looked at herself in the mirror. Drawing in deep breaths as her breathing became rapid. She turned on the tap and dabbed her face with water. She looked at herself once again in the mirror. She couldn't understand it, what was wrong with her.

Just then she heard the bathroom door open. She didn't look over to see who had walked in. She just bent down and dabbed some more water on her face and turned off the tap. She looked up and saw Melanie's reflection. She was standing right behind Adele. Adele looked back at Melanie, her breathing becoming rapid once again.

Melanie slowly walked up right behind Adele. She slowly put her hands around Adele's waist and began to caress her side. Adele's mind was going into overdrive as she felt Melanie's touch. Her senses going into overload. Her mind told her to push Melanie's hands off her but her body was betraying her. Melanie then moved in closer and her crotch was practically grinding into Adele's ass. Her hands moved from Adele's stomach and onto her breasts.

Adele's pussy began to tingle, as she felt Melanie grab her breasts from behind and began to slowly caress them. Why? Why was she feeling this way? Why was her body betraying her? So many questions in her mind and she had no answers.

Melanie really began to grind into Adele now.

Suddenly, Adele felt a bump against her ass.

"What was that?" she thought.

But her mind was too scattered to think.

Melanie then let go of Adele and turned her around. She leaned in and put her lips on Adele as she put her arms around her.

The kiss was passionate. Melanie's slipped her tongue inside Adele's mouth and began to dance. Adele began to slowly return the kiss back.

What was she doing? She couldn't fathom it. She had a boyfriend. Yet here she was in the bathroom with a strange woman's tongue down her throat. Her stomach was doing flips as she the kiss began to get more intense. Adele almost blacked out from all the sensations that were coursing through her body, when Melanie broke the kiss.

"Come here." whispered Melanie.

She dragged Adele into the nearest stall and pushed her down on the toilet seat.

"Do you want me?" asked Melanie in a sultry voice.

Adele just sat there and didn't answer.

"It's a simple question. Do you want me?" asked Melanie once again.

Adele nodded as she felt her body betraying her mind.

"Do you want to please me?" asked Melanie.

"Yes." said Adele.

"Will you do anything to please me?" asked Melaine in a sexy and commanding voice, stressing on the word 'anything'.

Adele gulped. "Y-Y-Yes." she stammered.

"Good." said Melanie.

Melanie then turned around with her ass right on Adele's face and pulled her skirt down to her ankles. She swayed her hips sexily as her butt was just inches away from Adele's face. She then very sexily put her thumbs around her panties and began to pull them down, slowly. Adele's mind began to race, but nothing could have prepared her for the next shock she received as Melanie turned around.

Dangling in between Melanie's legs was a cock!

A really big cock!

"Y-Y-Y-You h-have a c-c-cock!" said Adele in complete and utter shock.

"Do you like it baby?" cooed Melanie.

"I-I-I have to go." said Adele.

Just as Adele was about to get up, Melanie pushed her back down on the toilet seat.

"Not so fast." said Melanie as she put her hand on Adele's face and cupped her chin.

Adele was shaking now.

"Didn't you say you would do anything to please me." said Melanie

"P-p-please just let me go." said Adele weakly.

"Do you really want to go honey?" asked Melanie.

Adele just sat on the toilet like a zombie. Never had she dreamed that something like this would happen. Melanie's cock was big. Much bigger than any cock she ever had in her life. The cock was so hard it kept bobbing up and down, as if angry and asking Adele to make a choice.

"Come on sweetie, you know you want it," quipped Melanie.

"N-n-no, I don't!" Adele replied.

"You seemed pretty interested when I was grabbing you, when I was grinding my cock against your ass! Don't tell me you didn't feel it," said Melanie harshly.

"W-w-what do you want?" asked Adele fearfully.

"I want you to suck my cock." said Melanie.

"Someone might walk in." said Adele.

"So?" asked Melanie.

"Please!" said Adele.

"You either suck my cock right here right now or you can walk out that door and forget this whole thing." said Melanie.

Adele just looked up at Melanie as she stroked her cock. Her mind was screaming at her to get out of this situation, but her body just kept betraying her and wanted her to stay. Her pussy juices were flowing like a river watching Melanie stoke herself.

"Are you going to suck it or do I have to shove it down your throat?" said Melanie.

"Y-Yes." said Adele.

"Good girl." said Melanie with a big smile.

Adele than took a hold of the monster cock in front of her and began to slowly stroke it. She then got her tongue out and slowly licked the top of Melanie's cock.

"That's it." encouraged Melanie.

Adele then took the head of Melanie's cock and put it in her mouth. She slowly began to bob her head up and down as she began to take a little more of the giant cock in her mouth each time her head went down.

"Oh fuck. That's it. Just like that." said Melanie.

Adele slowly got into a rhythm and began to stroke and suck on Melanie's cock. She had never done something so lewd as she was doing now. She had never had sex in public. Although Jonathan had once tried to convince her into sucking him off in a movie theatre, Adele had simply told him that she was not that kind of girl and would never do something like that. But, here she was inside a bathroom stall sucking off a she-male.

"Oh baby you do that so nicely!" said Melanie.

Adele just continued to suck off Melanie as she heard the words of encouragement.

"Come on take it in further. Deep throat me." said Melanie.

Adele just nodded her head as if to say no. But Melanie just grabbed onto her head and shoved her cock in further into Adele's mouth.

"That's it!" said Melanie.

Adele began to gag on the giant cock that was being shoved down her throat. It was too big and tears were now coming out of her eyes as Melanie began to force fuck Adele's face.

"Oh yeah! You're just a fucking slut who loves to blow a strangers cock in a public place, aren't you?" said Melanie as she smiled.

Adele didn't respond instead she concentrated on taking Melanie's cock into her throat as far as she could. But it was too much. Adele then put her hand around Melanie's cock so that she could at least slow down the pace and try to take it in as much as she could.

"Fuck! I'm about to cum." said Melanie.

Adele continued to suck on her big meat as she could feel Melanie's cock twitch. Just as Adele was about to remove Melanie's cock and stroke her to orgasm, Melanie let loose and sprayed jets of cum inside her mouth. Spurt after spurt of jizz went down her throat. She tried to get the cock out of her mouth, but Melanie held her head firmly in place.

Within seconds, Melanie's orgasm had subsided and her cock was slowly going limp. Melanie then released Adele's face and took her cock out of her mouth.

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