Adult Swim


All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Adult Swim

by MrMaxLord

starring Anna Kendrick

(MFM, Oral, Anal, DP, Exhib, Cons)


Press tours suck. They suck bad. But it was something Anna Kendrick knew was part of the whole "professional actor" deal. Still she had to admit the perks were pretty sweet. Free posh hotels(when she could enjoy them), free food, and traveling the world(again, when she had time to enjoy that).

Today was one of the few times she ever had more than one day in a place during such a tour. She had a weekend at the poshest hotel she could remember seeing and she was planning on enjoying herself with all it's splendors.

She did the obvious stuff first. Room service, got blitzed on the best vodka she could get, and now, after recuperating from a serious hangover that was so totally worth it, it was time for her favorite part of the hotel experience, the pool. Even better for Anna, the hotel was in the off season, which meant if she picked her time just right, she'd have the pool area almost entirely to herself.

Choosing the right time was always easy. For every hotel she ever stayed in, promo or not, Anna asked to be given the the complete breakdown of security. She liked to know everything from security camera placements to maintenance times to security routes. Anna knew there were a lot of weirdos out there. Hell, she'd probably be considered one of them if not for the film career. Again, pretty sweet.

After enough cute badgering of the security staff, Anna had all the info she needed. At midnight, she made her way down to the pool, bikini clad with a bucket of ice and a bottle of Grey Goose and a glass chilling in it.

The moment she was near the pool the bucket was set down, her robe was off, and in the cool water she dove. To say this was something Anna liked to do would be underselling it. Yeah, she could go to the beach, she liked the beach. Well, mostly. The thing about the beach was the whole "public" aspect of it. She didn't want to come off as snobby, and honestly the people weren't as much of a problem as paparazzi tended to be. It's kind of hard to have fun in the sun and be carefree when you can feel hundreds of lenses on you all at once.

But at a nice indoor pool like this? No worries like that. She could have all the fun, and any fun she wanted with whoever. Or just have a nice chill in the pool and sip some nice cold vodka while taking the comforts of a jacuzzi. Tonight, that was the agenda.

After a few laps in the cool pool, Anna decided a nice soak in the jacuzzi would be a nice way to pass a bit of the time. She got out of the pool, grabbed the vodka and was soon in the warm, bubbly jacuzzi, a glass of cool, crystal clear inebriation to be in her hand.

Times like this, Anna began to actually like the press tour circuit. For all it's inane and all too similar questions, down times like this were a great pay off.

She breathed deep, content as she slowly sipped her cool drink as the hot water of the jacuzzi did their job of relaxation. Soon, the vodka and the warm water jets began to work in unison to stir a bit of something up in her. She wasn't drunk, not even close to being buzzed. Frisky, that's what Anna liked to call it. She was feeling frisky. And wouldn't you know it? Jacuzzi's are equipped to handle such an occasion.

The Pitch Perfect star maneuvered herself closer to the hot tub's water jets, putting her crotch is just the right position for...

"Mmmm that hit the fucking spot," she said, satisfaction mixing with snark. This was the other reason she loved being alone in the pool area. No matter how close the group of friends, she couldn't explain away masturbating with a hot tub in a public place the same way she could tweeting about masturbating to Ryan Gosling in a movie theater. She didn't do it all the time, not remotely that often. But when she did, it was something hard to top.

Fortunately for Anna, the night was not going to just leave her with a jacuzzi as her lone lover.

Right in the middle of her own private party, her face contorting in pleasure and her mouth releasing sounds to match, Anna was pretty ignorant to her surroundings. Which meant she didn't hear a thing when someone else came into the pool area.

"Holy shit!" she heard a male voice blurt out. Her eyes shot open and she saw a dumbfounded man, no more than twenty-five, standing right in front of the jacuzzi, utterly dumbfounded in his swim trunks.

"Um, hi?" she said, embarrassment slowly sinking in.

"Fuck, I'm sorry," he said, embarrassment hitting him like a freight truck. "I didn't think anyone would be in here, you know..."

"Masturbating with the jacuzzi."

"Yeah, that." Anna had to giggle a little at him being as embarrassed as she was. It was cute, and she loved the shit out of cute things. And that he was trying to be nice about it and avert his eyes like she was nude or something made it pug puppy x1000 levels of cute. She also noticed something that reignited all those suddenly cut off jacuzzi jet feels.

"No need to act too embarrassed," she said. "After all, he isn't."

"Who?" he asked. He looked around the room, seeing no one. It took the man a couple seconds to realize Anna was pointing at the tent pitched in his pants. "Oh, him."

"Yeah." Anna giggled. No need to waste what he's packing. "What's your name? I feel like we skipped the whole getting to know you step and went straight into watching each other masturbate, which frankly can be very awkward. I'm Anna."

"Yeah, I know. Anna Kendrick. Really big fan."

"I can see that."

"Oh! Yeah, ha. Thanks. My name's Zack."

"Nice to meet you Zack. Now, let's be honest, you kind of caught me in the middle of an intimate moment. Don't feel bad, or apologize. I kind of set myself up for it, and you handled it like a decent person would instead of whipping out your phone for Fappening 4: The Quickening."

"Oh, no problem."

"I bet." replied Anna, her smile wide. "But the surprise kind of kept me hanging, so...want to join me? One's fun, but two? Totally fucking better. I have all these charts and graphs proving it."

"You sure?"

"Yep. Drop trow, come here. This is not a drill. This is not a trap. This is just fun."

With the removal of his trunks, Anna took it Zack accepted the invitation. She got on her knees on the seat of the jacuzzi, positioning her crotch in front of another jet and took Zack's cock in her mouth, sensually working the hard meat in her mouth. And since the stimulation to her clit was hands free, they worked in unison with her mouth, one stroking the shaft as she suck while the other one cradled and massaged his balls.

"Oh wow," Zack said. He was making a mental catalog of everything that was happening as beyond a shadow of a doubt this night was going to be the highlight of his life, and it was just getting started. Sure, it was Anna Kendrick sucking his cock, but he wasn't going to blow his nut until he got to know her body a bit better.

That said, Anna had no intention of making it easy on him. Easy isn't fun, though Anna would admit to seeing the irony of that statement considering how easy it was for Zack to get his cock in her mouth.

Anna looked up at Zack, locking eyes on him whenever he we wasn't squinting them or throwing his head back in pleasure. To Anna's amusement, those moments were coming quicker and quicker. She deep-throated him, going hands free just long enough to take her bikini top off and toss it, a move which Zack clearly approved on every level.

The moments Anna's hands were free, the joined back in the fun. They took over work on Zack's cock while Anna took her mouth to his balls, sucking them and giving the orbs a good tongue bath. That was right when the second surprise of the night happened.

"Holy shit!" yet another new voice said. Obviously, the fun was interrupted as Anna and Zack turned toward yet another new male visitor to the party.

Anna was the first to break the silence. "Okay, you passed the phone test like Zack here. Name?"

"Um, Pete."

"Well Um Pete, you're welcome to join us. That fine with you Zack?" The dumbfounded man just nodded his head. "Step on up Um Pete."

Normally, doing something like this would be out of the question for Anna. She was no virgin, she wasn't even a saint when it came to the bed room. Threesomes though were a serious rarity. Right now, with the help of the hot tub and the fact she was already pretty worked up from just blowing Zack, the idea of another cock entering the mix didn't faze her.

It didn't seem to faze the guys either when Anna began the dual experience by stuffing them both in her mouth at the same time. It was something Anna got a kick out of and the guys rarely seemed to mind. Zack and Pete were among these Anna Kendrick is sucking me off, don't mind if i have to share the same space with another guy for a few seconds people.

Once she had her fill of being overstuffed at the mouth, Anna began to alternate between the two. She didn't want Pete to get anything less than her full attention, and of course didn't want Zack to feel left out. Judging from the reaction of her new friends, she was doing a more than adequate job.

Still, though the men were clearly enjoying themselves, a blowjob can only last so long before a point of no return. Anna just couldn't have that just yet. The air jet was really doing much but keeping her on edge, and with two nice, friendly cocks at her disposal, Anna saw no reason not to turn things up just a wee bit.

"Um Pete, how about you be a dear and grab that towel over there for me?" After one last, long suck, Pete did as he was commanded, returning to see Anna removing her bottoms, now totally nude. She took the towel from him with a smile and laid it down, then turned her back to Zack. "Now, since Zack here has seniority, I kind of think he deserves the first shot. But don't worry, you'll get your shot too."

Anna got on all fours, Zack behind her and Pete in front. "Oh hello!" Anna said when Zack entered her, his vocal response was a moan that could be defined as nothing less than extreme satisfaction. Pete watched, a wolf licking his chops while Zack grabbed Anna hips and built up a good and hard rhythm. He was so into the show he was almost shocked to feel Anna's hand grasp his cock and guide him back into her mouth.

"Mmmm, fucking suck that cock," Pete growled, his hands grasping her head. Anna took the cue and allowed him to start fucking her face as Zack took her cunt.

This night just keeps getting better and better,' Anna thought to herself from a nice solo swim, to a relaxing bit of jacuzzi time to being spit roasted, a list she didn't even know she had kept getting checked off, and if the amazing pleasure she was feeling was any indication, that list was from from being done.

Pete's eyes rolled in the back of the head with every moan that emanated from Anna's mouth that vibrated through his cock, which itself was caused my Zack's own increased pace into the quirky yet undeniably sexy Anna Kendrick.

Anna was lost the pleasure of it all, but not so lost she didn't feel the need for a slight change. She pushed Pete off of her and turned her head to Zack. "Not that you're not doing great back there, because A+ to be honest, but how about Um Pete here gets a try?"

"S-sure, no problem." Giving himself a few more pumps, Zack pulled out of the heavenly hole that was Anna's pussy. She directed Pete to lie down then promptly straddled him, reverse cowgirl style. Before too long he was in and Anna was riding fast and hard. It wasn't long after Zack's cock found it's way back into Anna's mouth, which wasn't too bad of a downgrade.

Pete and Zack were two very different woodsmen. Whereas Zack took his time in Anna, savoring her, rubbing her ass, and even leaned over a few times to kiss her neck, Pete was much harder, faster, urgent. Not that Anna minded. Variety was the spice of life, especially sex life. Besides, she wasn't done surprising her boytoys.

"Oh shit!" Zack moaned, Anna taking him deep and holding him there. At this point he couldn't even remember what brought him to the pool, and frankly when your nights been a blowjob from Anna Kendrick to being balls deep in her pussy then back in her mouth while she's being fucked by another guy, any plans he had before or after seemed null and void.

Pete was in a similar situation, his focus only on the fact that he was here double teaming Anna Kendrick. He was ramming her hot pussy with everything her hand, feeling her tits in his hands and watching her love every second of it.

Loving every second of it, as Anna certainly was. No point in that kind of denial. However, again, she hungered for something more. All it took was a look from her blue eyes and Zack was out of her mouth, but again, not without one last suck, this one soft and sensual compared to what she gave Pete, her tongue showing an unbelievable mastery.

"You, out. Time for a switch." Anna stood up and the two men switched places and Anna lowered herself back down, with one minor change up. She had grasped on to Zack's cock and placed it at her anus, shocking the both men.

"What?" she playfully asked. "Seniority, remember?" Zack gritted his teeth as Anna's ass slowly enveloped his rock hard dick, the petite actress breathing deep and fast, adjusting to the intrusion she wanted oh so bad. Pete stood and watched, grinning as he jacked his cock. The moment Anna was totally filled, Pete headed for her mouth, but was stopped by Anna. "Nope. There's another opening right next to the one he's using."

"No fucking way."

"Mmmm, come on, you going to spend the rest of the night being shocked by the invite or are you going to take it?" asked Anna. "Fuck my pussy while he stuffs my ass." The playful taunt did its job, and with a speed that Anna found both admirable and pleasurable, Pete was in her, her two lovers filling her up completely. "FUCK THAT'S RIGHT!" Anna yelled, echoing in the room. "God damn been too long...don't hold back boys."

They didn't. Zack even went a little harder with his thrusts, but his hands still were busy savoring Anna's form, roaming her now sweaty body, caressing her occupied ass and cupping her luscious breasts. Pete was as Pete as he had been earlier, pounding Anna hard and fast, which quite honestly at this point was just what the doctor ordered. Anna was being DPed, softness was way out the window.

Pete hungrily went to Anna's tits, sucking and nibbling on them as he and Zack pounded her holes. "Pretty little glamour girl being double stuffed," he growled, a lust-drunk sneer on his face. "This what movie stars like you do all the time? Huh? Fucking strangers like dirty whores?"

"Oh I bet you'd love that Captain Shittalker," she retorted, a grin on her face, her tongue licking her teeth in a taunting manner. "Probably mean you'd be experienced to know Anna wants more fucking, let's bullshit."

"That a fact?"

"You know it." Anna got what she wanted, yelling our in pleasure, eyes shut tight from all the sensations going through her. "Best...pool...night...EVER!"

"That's no lie," Zack said, kissing and licking her back.

Just when they were getting into another groove, it was time for another switch, one that Pete was only too happy to have. It seemed an instantaneous change, Zack now facing Anna, fucking her pussy while Pete all to happily plowed Anna's ass. Of course, Anna still had the best of both worlds. Pete, taking her ass for everything he could, enjoying the moment too much to savor it, and Zack, who had definitely increased his pace, was still a bit softer, taking time away from her tits to actually kiss Anna's lips, the two's tongues wrestling with each other as they moaned into each other's mouths. Despite the filth of the situation, Anna appreciated to the tinge of tenderness. It was a welcome surprise to something she was sure going to be pure debauchery, which honestly she wouldn't have minded either.

The three continued on, a sweaty, sex machine releasing sounds of animalistic lust and pleasure. Before long, everything caught to Anna, the small woman cumming, and cumming hard between her two playthings. Her orgasms triggered their own, both men pulling out and Anna, on her knees and mouth open, ready and eager to take the long built of loads of both men and they jerked their cocks

To the surprise of no one considering the fast pace he had kept, Pete unleashed first, filling her mouth and streaming her face with his jizz, Anna letting out a very satisfied moan as she swallowed and licked her face. Soon after, with one look from Anna, Zack came, firing straight in her mouth, not even getting to finish before Anna put her mouth around the head, sucking every drop out of him and nearly making his knees buckle.

The night had ended with a bang. Pete gathered his trunks and made an exit, thanking Anna for the good time. He walked out with a confident swagger while Zack put on his clothes.

"That was amazing Anna," he said, still kind of nervous after double penetrating the star. "This sounds kind of weird coming out considering but thanks." He kissed her cheek and began to head out.

"Hey Zack," Anna said. "Hold up, you dropped something."


"My phone number. Well, you didn't drop it. I had to get you back over her somehow, and as much as I may like another round, I think both the entrance and the exit are closed for maintenance until at least tomorrow." She scribbled her number down on a napkin she'd brought with her and handed it to Zack. "A little bit of affection during a bit of down and dirty fucking goes a long way. Not the most romantic thought, about you take that number and text me. Then I'll have your number. Next time I'm in town, or if you're ever in LA, we can have a little private round two of our own."

"Yeah...sure. That's great." The two surprised themselves when they instinctually went for a kiss to say goodbye. "I'll text, promise. I'd be an idiot not to."

"Well, I wouldn't be so harsh, but thanks for the compliment." Anna winked at him, and with one last wave, Zack was gone. Anna took a quick jump in the pool, rinsing off any residual semen from her face before putting her bikini back on and resuming her private jacuzzi time.

Sometimes this press tour racket had it's benefits. And after tonight, she could add "booty call" to that list.

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