tagLoving WivesAdulterous Sneha Ch. 03

Adulterous Sneha Ch. 03


Sneha's sexual gratification continues....

Some sentences are in Marathi, our native language and have been translated for you all....

It was somewhere around 3 a.m. when I awoke with a start, Sneha was awake and her hands were roaming on my torso occasionally reaching down and caressing my semi erect penis. Her soft silken touch was slowly heightening the state of my arousal. Slowly she moved down cupping my balls and began licking my now erect member in slow upward strokes. The engorged bulbous head got the maximum attention and in no time I could feel her smallish mouth welcoming me. All during this she kept her hands roaming across my body and was squeezing my buttocks and pinching nipple's in between. She the slowly proceeded to rise and guide my throbbing tool into her warm folds. So aroused was Sneha that she climaxed the moment my dick was completely inside her. Her body was being wracked with convulsions and I had to hold her steady to prevent her from flopping like a doll. We settled into a steady rocking rhythm and I let her dictate the pace as she was visibly tired. In a matter of few minutes Sneha had one wild orgasm and her nails raked my back. We held each other in a tight embrace and Sneha lay on me panting, trying to recover her breath. But I was yet not finished and wanted to give Sneha the fuck of her life.

Without giving her a chance to recover further I turned her around into a doggy position and rammed my throbbing dick into her already leaking cunt. The rear entry was unexpected to her and Sneha was screaming in ecstasy. Her dusky bottom was so inviting that I began to spank it wantonly. Soon reddish welts were forming up on her ass while I continued pounding her pussy. I showed no remorse in the hard spanking I was giving her but surprisingly Sneha was asking for more... I slowly turned my attention to her dangling globes and started to pinch her nipples. Biting her earlobes and planting kisses on her smooth back brought Sneha to another climax; I was also about to cum and fell on her crushing her completely in the release.

Cuddling her like a baby we slept, thinking that Sneha would be satiated by the raw animal sex which we had over the day and night. In the morning the unsatisfied mother had my flaccid penis once again being sucked and rapidly gaining erection in her hot mouth. Slowly she started to lick me right from the tip of the penis to the arse hole and showed no compunctions dipping deep into my ass. Her smallish finger entered my ass and she continued licking me over and over again. This was something new from Sneha. Realizing that I was about to release another load Sneha took my tool in her mouth again and drank the entire load without wasting a drop. I picked her up and headed to our Jacuzzi and the warm waters relaxed both of us.S neha had not spoken a single word the entire night and was just smiling like a newly married girl.

I asked her how was she feeling after such a amazing fuck session.She replied "Ashu majhi tu pakki randi banwalis.. majhya pucchi cha bhosda jhala aahe. Sagla aanga dukhta aahe ani kullya war basayla hi hot nahi aahe. Aata kuthe hya garam panyachaya shekane bara watla....majhya manatli iccha purna jhali" ( Ashu you have made a whore out of me, my cunt has enlarged like one. the entire body is in pain and can't sit down coz of the spanking you gave me...this warm water bath is now helping me relax.. you have fulfilled me)

Ata yevdha jhavala aahes ki pudche don aathavde majhi chakuli dukhnaar ani saarkhi tuhji athwan yenar ( you have fucked me so hard that my pussy will pain for next 2 weeks and at each instance i will miss you).

I replied we have a full day to go and so don't think that I am going to leave you yet. We have another 6 hours before we leave for Mumbai. This is just the beginning and I promise you that by end of today you will not be able to walk properly. Saying that I kissed her pouting lips and her hand automatically began to reach to my throbbing member. She started to give me a hand job saying that she will not allow you to fuck me any more today but those lust filled eyes of hers told a different story. An able bodied athlete that I was I was ready for a fuck her once more. In few minutes I was hard as a rock and ready to pound her once again.

I turned her around and rammed up her ass, the warms twirling waters of the Jacuzzi, a wildly thrashing and moaning Sneha were turning me on. Massaging her boobies and pinching her nipples alternately reaching down to her twat and slapping it hard was keeping her in a highly aroused. She had lost her anal virginity the evening before so was in a bit of discomfort when I entered her but soon due to my constant ministrations to her boobs and nipples she forgot the pain , I kept ramming her like a bull for almost 30 minutes before filling her up with my jizz. Extracting my half erect member from her pussy, I forced it down her panting mouth for a frenetically paced blow job. In few moments she milked me dry and let go of herself. Drained by the sexual combat throughout the night Sneha begged me to stop from fucking her again.

Pulling her out of the bath I picked her up and took her to the pool outside. I slowly massaged her with aromatic oil and asked her to stay put .I then prepared breakfast and pulled up some cold beer cans. I fed her and the beer seemed like a recharge. It was almost for an hour we lay in the warm sun sipping beer. Sneha's petite body was belying the strain of sexual activity over the past day or so. As we walked back to the house I could see the obvious discomfort in her walk. I pulled her into the shower and gave her a vigorous rub down with a hot water bath. I had decided not to fuck her again as I could see her pussy lips also had turned a deep shade of pink and red due to our constant sex.

After the bath I was surprised to see Sneha sitting on the bed dressed as a traditional Marathi newlywed waiting for her husband on the first night. She was blushing as I took her face into my hand and started planting kisses all over her face. Slowly I undressed her saree and in now time had gone back to work at sucking and nibbling her pussy. Licking upwards as I reached her nipples, Sneha reached below and pushed my cock into her pussy. I could see the pain in her eyes and asked her if I should stop, she asked me to keep on screwing her as she wanted to make this birthday the most memorable of hers. Almost an hours pounding and we both climaxed together. Lying in each other's arms, Sneha was happy and content with the two days of pleasure we had. In mock anger was blaming me for fulfilling her wish of fucking her so hard that she should not be able to walk properly.

We dressed each other up while constantly stealing kisses and whispering sweet nothings to each other. We then left for Mumbai that afternoon with a promise of another wild sex filled session soon.

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