tagInterracial LoveAdventure in Aruba

Adventure in Aruba


In August a few years back, Hubby and I went to the island of Aruba for a much needed vacation. We had never been to Aruba, but had heard that it was a nice place with a great beach. We had scheduled a week at the La Cabana condo resort area, and I was looking forward to some nice days just relaxing on the beach. Hubby and I enjoy the beach and laying out in the sun. Hubby especially loves me to wear skimpy bikini's, and in Atruba, the beaches were topless, so Hubby was hot to see me show off my big titties on the beach. I am short, 5' 3" to my Hubby's 6' 4" hight. I have medium lenght blonde hair, 38 double D titties with nipple rings. At this time I was about forty years old and though my titties were sagging a little, Hubby still thought they were hot!

Our first night there we had a very nice meal at one of the finer local restaurants. The owner sat us at our table and spent a few minutes chatting, telling us about the places to go and things to do while we were in Aruba. Hubby asked if there were any nude beaches on Aruba and our host said no 'official' nude beaches. Topless was okay but not totally nude. He said that the North side of Aruba was all national park, but because it was the unprotected side, the waves were very large and rough. Few people ventured to the North side as it was unsafe to swim. But...he told us how to get to a secluded area on the North side and said that we could go naked there, and probably not be disturbed. He said that he and his wife went there frequently, and rarely saw anyone, but on the rare occasions that they did, when the strangers saw that they were nude, would politely leave. He again warned us not to go out into the surf, not more than waist deep, as we could be swept out to sea with the vicious undertow.

After a couple of days relaxing in the sun on the tourist side of the island, Hubby wanted to have a day away from the crowds and try the more secluded North beach. We rented a four-wheel drive Geo Tracker and with an ice chest full of beer and food went off on our grand Aruba adventure. The beach our friend spoke of was rather difficult to find and it was a very good thing we took his advice and rented a four-wheel drive vehicle! After trudging across roads that were more goat trails than road we came to a beach that ws absolutely gorgeous! It was secluded and we were the only ones there. The waves were huge and a beautiful azure before crashing into white foam. The beach front was only about one-hundred yards long, bordered on each side by steep cliffs. The sand was tan and very pristine, no trash or signs of any human having been there.

Hubby and I stripped out of our clothes and ran to the surf. Hubby trailed behind as he loves to watch my round ass, and as I hit the warm water a huge wave crashed and water rose up to my bare breasts and I briefly bobbed losing my footing. I felt the very strong undertow trying to pull me out from shore, but fortunately Hubby had caught up with me and grabbed me around the waist. His 6' 4" frame never lost its footing! We frolicked along the waters edge for a while, Hubby grabbing my ass and big titties every chance he got. We stood at the edge of the surf and I reached my arms up and circled his neck, pressing my hard nipples into his chest and kissed him passionately. Being naked on the beach had me rather horny and I was wanting to find some shade and fuck!

When our kiss broke I said as much to Hubby and as we turned to look for some shade noticed we had company! There was a young man standing about fifty feet away. He was as tall as Hubby, a little heavier around the middle, very dark, really black, but his facial features were more Indian than negro. He was smiling in a friendly manner and just as naked as us! He may not have been negro but his cock was huge as it hung limply from his groin. I found myself wondering just how big that thing would get when it was hard!

This was new territory for Hubby and me. While I had danced topless at the swingers club a few times, and I enjoyed showing off my big titties and my nipple rings, I had never actually gotten completely nude in public, and here I was on a beach, naked while a man, equally naked stared at my breasts and pussy!

We introduced ourselves to him and he to us. His name was something like Gregus? He was heavily accented and spoke very little English. We tried to talk for a few minutes, then he wandered off toward the opposite cliff. I was very aroused, first from Hubby and being naked on the beach, now after talking to this complete stranger whose eyes roamed all over my naked body from my big titties with their nipple rings to my smooth shaven cunt. Hubby stood behind me as we walked up to talk to Greg as we called him, and stood behind me the whole time as we talked. I could feel Hubby's hard cock as he pressed it against my lower back, and his balls against my ass! Hubby always got aroused when other men saw me naked.

After Greg disappeared over to the other side, Hubby put our towels in a narrow sliver of shade and we laid down. Hubby was rubbing my titties and gently pulling on my nipple rings, then dropped his hand down to cup my bald pussy.

'You're wet' he said as he slipped his middle finger inside of me. I moaned a little and spread my legs wider giving him better access to my hot pussy.

'I think that big black cock got you all hot and bothered' he said. I just reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him very hard on the lips as my hips gently hunched his finger and hand.

My right hand grabbed my husband's very hard cock and I stroked and pulled him as he fingered my pussy. I moaned louder as his teeth pulled my nipple ring and he fingered me faster.

'Did you like that big black cock', he asked?

'Ummm, it was very nice.' I moaned.

Hubby always liked to get me hot by describing sex scenarios, and now he described how hot it would be to see those black hands on my big titties, to watch this stranger suck and bite my nipples, to finger my wet pussy. I was close to cumming and when Hubby said it would be hot to see me sucking that big black cock, to see me FUCKING that big black cock, I came very hard and very loudly!

After my pulse slowed to near normal I pushed Hubby on his back and straddled his lap, putting his hard cock at the entrance to my pussy. As I slid down impaling myself on his cock, Hubby began to fuck me very slowly. I leaned back and rested my hands on his knees feeling his hard cock thrusting into me. Hubby was squeezing my titties as we rocked together on the sand.

Hubby asked, 'Can you see him?' I looked around, but I was sure my groans and moans of pleasure were drowned out by the surf.

'No, I don't see him.'

'Too bad' Hubby said. 'I bet you would love to let him watch you fucking me.'

I smiled at Hubby and said, 'That's your thing isn't it? You like to watch.'

'Yeah,' he moaned as he began to fuck a little faster. 'I love to watch you.'

'With other men,' I said? 'Would you like to see me with Greg?'


'Would you like to see that big black cock in my mouth?'


'Would you like to see that big black cock in my pussy? Fucking me? Fucking your wife?' I was nearly gasping now as my second orgasm approached.

'Yes!, Yes!' Hubby shouted as he thrust up into my pussy and came deep inside me. I was moaning in my own ecstasy and collapsed on top of him. After several minutes we both walked down to the surf to clean up. Hubby had shared me with two other men in the past and we both We are swingers I guess, but don't really swing much. Just a couple of times. Mostly we like to go to the swing clubs so Hubby can watch me dance topless and flirt. But here was a very large black man with a very large cock. I wasn't sure how Hubby would react. Now we are not particularly prejudiced, but this was new territory.

After doing some more frolicking on the beach we went back to our towels to get some shade. It was now very hot at mid day, and I needed to get out of the sun for a while. We both stood staring at our towels, now only one was in shade. Hubby said he would go over to the other cliff and see if it were any better for shade.

After a few minutes Hubby came back and said it was a little better there, about a six foot wide area of shade. He grabbed up our towels and we started over.

As we walked he said, 'I saw our friend. He was laying on his towel....and masturbating!'

I looked at Hubby as we approached the cliff, 'Maybe we should go back, leave him alone.' "Naw, we'll make enough noise walking up I'm sure he will stop.;

I looked at Hubby as we walked, he smiled at me and said, 'It was big, very big.' I blushed but didn't say anything more.

As we walked up Greg was laying on his back, his hard cock rested on his stomach, I thought my eyes would pop out of my head! That thing had to be twelve inches long! It was by far and away the largest cock I had ever seen.

We placed our towels in the shade, about ten feet from Greg, and sat with our backs to the cliff wall. I was the closest to Greg and tried to keep from staring at his big dick. Hubby placed his arm around me and began to caress my right breast. Greg was staring right at us and watching as Hubby played with my breast. Then Greg started stroking his cock! Right in front of us! Hubby whispered in my ear that Greg was masturbating, I said 'I know!' Hubby then turned me towards Greg, and had me leaning against Hubby's chest so Greg could get a better look at my tits and pussy. Hubby was now cupping and squeezing both of my breasts. He told me to spread my legs to give Greg a better view. Then he told me to play with my pussy. I was very hot now, very aroused. I began rubbing my pussy, then fingering it, as I watched Greg stroke his big cock. It didn't take long and I was astonished at the amount of cum Greg shot all over his chest and abdomen. I then closed my eyes and came as Greg watched me.

Greg got up and walked right by us to the surf where he cleaned off all that cum. Hubby said I should have gone over to 'give Greg a hand', as it was me that got him so hot! Then he said it would have been hot to watch me stroking that big cock and to see me lick all that cum off of his belly.

When Greg came back he gathered up his towel and we thought he was going to leave, but he just moved it over to us and with body language asked if it was okay. We motioned approval, and Greg placed his towel next to ours and sat right next to me. Hubby was still playing with my titties and pussy, and soon Greg was hard and stroking himself. Hubby whispered to me to 'touch him'. Reluctantly I placed my hand in Greg's lap and he was all too eager to allow me to stroke that big cock for him. Greg turned slightly towards me and began to caress and squeeze my right breast. I was getting very hot, sitting between two naked men with a hard cock in each hand. I didn't know where this would lead, but Hubby did!

Leaning into my left ear Hubby whispered, 'I want you to get on your hands and knees and suck me.'

My eyes flew open, 'If...if I do that he'll fuck me!' I whisper back.

'Okay, then get on your hands and knees and suck him, and I'll fuck you. But I want you sucking a cock...mine or his, your choice.'

I slowly got up and knelt facing both men, looking at first one hard cock then the other. My mind made up I leaned forward, resting on my elbows, my but stuck up into the air, and took Hubby's cock into my mouth. It didn't take Greg long to get behind me, and I reached back and spread my pussy lips for him. Greg then pushed that monster cock into me and didn't stop until he was completely buried inside my pussy. Greg began to fuck me hard and fast. I loved that big cock in my pussy and I could feel Hubby's cock as it twitched and thrust in and out of my mouth.

I was moaning loudly from the hard fucking and Hubby's cock slipped from my mouth just as he came. His hot cum blasted the side of my cheek, then Hubby was stroking and pumping his cock, shooting his cum all over my face. Greg kept pounding my pussy from behind causing me to cum twice before he filled my pussy with his juice.

Afterwards the three of us went to the surf to wash up. Hubby and I held each other and kissed in the shallow part of the surf. Greg was heading back to the shade. Hubby said he wanted me to go back to the shade to join Greg, and he would be along in a moment. I asked him where he was going and he smiled and said to get the camera.

He held me and kissed me again. Then he said, 'When I get back I want to see you sucking that big cock. I want pictures of that big black cock in your mouth. Then when he is nice and hard I want to see you straddle it facing away from him so I can get some really good pictures of it in your pussy.' Then he turned and left.

I walked back to the shade and there was Greg, on his back, watching me walk up...playing with himself again! I just stood there with my hands on my hips smiling. When I heard the camera clicking I was laying on my stomach between Greg's legs, and like Hubby requested, my mouth was sliding up and down that big black pole. I did a few posed shots for Hubby, smiling as I sucked Greg's cock, putting that big monster between my titties, then I stood and straddled Greg's lap, facing away from Greg as Hubby requested. I sat on that black rod, and leaned back, resting my hands on his chest. Hubby took several pics of Greg fucking that big thing in and out of my pussy, while he grabbed and squeezed my titties.Hubby couldn't stand being left out and soon the camera was on the towel and his cock in my mouth. Hubby again splashed my face with his cum, then took pictures of me sitting on Greg's lap, Hubby's cum running down my face, Greg's cum running out of my pussy, that big black cock, still hard, still stuffed up inside of me.

We wanted to invite Greg back to our condo, but the language barrier was too great. Hubby wanted Greg to bring some friends, I think he wanted to take pictures of me getting gang banged. I must admit I was more than a little disappointed that we couldn't communicate that. Well, as they say, there would be other times.

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